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Family / Re: Hauwa, Adam Nuru Wife Is Not Planning To Divorce Him, Stands With Her Husband by Akinh: 2:13pm On Jan 16
Kai see as Nigerian turn back on their words...I could remember few week back when Nairaland said the woman is leaving and even planning to divorce him, and I saw how most of us praise her and even curse the man, now story don change ..and beside here u re entitle to what u say here oo..imagine how u guys go confront this administration that is doing shit...Nuru never carry police they look for una oo,still I wonder why we are just like BAT in this Con3...too much of hypocrisy.
Politics / Re: Is There Anything Left To Be Proud Of, In This Country by Akinh: 8:33am On Jan 13

Yeah, I am sick and tired of y'all complaining.
Tips are not bribes.
buhahahahaha...sir welcome.
Politics / Re: Is There Anything Left To Be Proud Of, In This Country by Akinh: 6:13am On Jan 13

You paid bribe?
You are the killers of Nigeria,
You keep spoiling the system,
Sir it seems u re sick,even people wey big pass me paid, and u re saying this because u haven't face the real challenges of this country, which sector in this country don't receive tips? Carry your pregnant wife go hospital and see what is happening,try get get admission in any institution, job seekers,even for examiner to bring your question paper oo,it seems u don't base here in Nigeria,despite me paying the bribe till now I never collect am, and a man I met there was telling me he has done his capturing since February and it January now him never collect.here is Nigeria Mr spoiler.
Politics / Is There Anything Left To Be Proud Of, In This Country by Akinh: 5:01pm On Jan 12
I will make my post short in other to pass across this message and I will be glad,if this message can reach front page and likewise the appropriate channels..
Imagine since November, I went for renewal of my international passport,I had to wait for almost 6hours before I did the capturing and after that, I went back to sit at the waiting hall the closing hour,I was so furious that I have to approach one of the staff and the lady was like man!,don't you know how things re going on here ok I pray bribe and still till today I haven't received it base on the fact that no booklet in the whole country.honestly why must Everything be retrogressive,my business is dying due to this lack of passport no white wanna work with us bcs of the scams issue..kai
Celebrities / Re: Stingy Men: Toke Makinwa Needs To Sign Up For Close Legs Association by Akinh: 2:49pm On Jan 12
Who they even enter this buttless fellow.... honestly aside from her money ....even shaggi no go wan shag her...mtcheeeew close the leg na, soon cucumber go scarce

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Romance / Re: "Stingy Women Association Of Nigeria" Launched To Counter The Men's Version by Akinh: 12:31pm On Jan 12
The only thing an average Nigerian girl can offer in a relationship is just sex.

The truth remains, sex is the cheapest commodity in town presently. Chat a random girl online, promise her lunch or dinner and watch her open legs like a fountain of river.
guy according to section 10001 of heaven constitutional act of 10000000000000Ad heaven no sure for u.

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: Zlatan Ibile Blocked Me On WhatsApp & Instagram For Over 10 Months Now by Akinh: 9:27am On Jan 08

The circumstances may differ but the hypothesis should not be rejected. DJ CUPPY is an idiot for even associating with a lowlife misfit like that Zlatan Ibile
I pity Otedola because ,to be frank, he has no child. Just useless pets spending his resources
buahahha...I can see transfer of aggression...people like you give wrong DNA despite the fact that na u disflower.otedola never complains, and I am street on it own,hustling seriously,so u re now telling rich kids not to associate with us,na their own palava bcs without us life no sweet..and we still kip on upgrading so what else...u re a big fool calling human being like you low life and am sure this guy go pay all ur family tution fee from GGGP to The next, it 2020 Oye cuppy

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Politics / Re: Between ENDSARS Looter And American Capitol Invasion Looter (Pictures) by Akinh: 11:18am On Jan 07
All those sarcastic comments up there does not exonerate this wicked, nepotistic,killer and irresponsible government of Buhari of blame of killing innocent and unarmed protesters. No matter how the real enemies of Nigeria(BMC) tries to paint it, Providence will judge all of you.

I am not a fan of Trump because we have said it countless times that he suffers some kind of mental disorder but many of you guys especially those calling for his head now where his adent supporters and didn't see what we saw long before now.
This mad man has brought shame to America's democracy and is still bent on distroying the once respected Nation just for his selfish interest.

We all in this Country owe Goodluck Jonathan eternal respect for conceeding defeat and allowed for a smooth transition, something Buhari will never ever have done....he is worse than the Trump you guys are calling out now.

Remember his comment....Dogs and Babboon will soak in blood if he is not allowed to rule.

we Africans and Nigerians to be precise re just like ladies,women that doesn't know what they want.
Romance / Re: Would You Reject Expensive Gift From An Admirer For Cheap One From Your Lover? by Akinh: 1:22pm On Jan 06
If i love a man, I wouldn't look at any rich person twice. No matter how rich the person is.

I guess u re speaking metaphorically just like Regina Daniel
Health / Re: Augustine, Ekene Dili Chukwu's Son Dies Of COVID-19 Disease by Akinh: 7:03pm On Jan 05
ask yourself why mad people that eat poisonous food every now and then hardly fall sick but once a normal person like you does that then it becomes problem, can you stay a week without bathing like mad people? How many poor people do die of heart attack, or cancer e.t.c like rich people? Despite how many years those sickness has been before coronavirus came out. Mention how many street guys that died of cancer, or heart attack or even Hiv despite many not using protections. , if you believe there is Hiv, polio, malaria, typhoid, e.t.c why doubting coronavirus as if there is some kind of tree planted in Nigeria that can prevent it from entering the country. Something that have ravaged the whole world and you are saying is not in Nigeria, even if it kills poor people you will still say na malaria killed them.
Wetin this one they talk...plz na how many people u know, wey them come carry and later died of it...it seems u don't know what this virus means..and how dreadly it is, they fool urself, anybody that die now in Nigeria na Covid-19 ...
Religion / Re: Osun Ushers In 2021 With Inter-Religious Prayer (Pictures) by Akinh: 12:12pm On Jan 05
Where re the traditionalist bcs am � sure most this African believe believe in them that those religion they showcase Above grin
Education / Re: My Teaching Experience As A Corper/pyschologist In A Public And Private School. by Akinh: 12:10pm On Jan 05

I really don't need a job, I have a pet project I want to launch using secondary schools... I have a thriving biz... If I have the opportunity to work part time in a school without pay, I will launch a lot of projects...
still same bro....
Crime / Re: Man Beheaded & Gouged Out The Eyes Of His Neighbour In Bauchi (Graphic Pics) by Akinh: 10:41am On Jan 05
All these native Doctors are very stupiiid n wicked

They just brainwash people into doing nonsense

This guy ehn, make them first naked am , use sledgehammer take bust e testes
sir/ma don't tell me u re looking at that skull and believe this news... practically a skull of 30days won't look like that Sir/ma, what is the difference between that skull and the dinosaur bones in which those people discover like 2000BC..or 300AD..? ...it high time we know the difference between fabricated shit and real one...HNY
Education / Re: My Teaching Experience As A Corper/pyschologist In A Public And Private School. by Akinh: 10:35am On Jan 05
This post details my experience and what i learnt teaching secondary school student in 2014 at a public and private secondary school in River state, This topic https://www.nairaland.com/6344616/pupils-almost-put-me-trouble/5#97717036, motivated me to write.

2012, I finished school, worked briefly in a factory to raise money before NYSC.

2013 June, i was posted to Umunya, Anambra state for NYSC, after camp, i redeployed to Rivers State.

2013 July, i was posted to a public secondary school in a village around ELELE, I was to take SS1 civic education. i had ample time, for a fact too much time. so i decided to look for a secondary place of assignment, I got a private school and was employed to teach commerce and also assist the house master as it was a boarding school, service year was good for me cos, my 19800 was resting, i relied on the 25000 i earned from the private school, i was also feed as assistant house master, i only spent my money on transportation and light drinking, i had no GF.

2013, i began teaching in the public school but discovered they were too playful, noisy etc, I told them i love to play as well, (Coming down to their level) they were amused, i gave the rules that we play hard and work hard, i explained to them that when its time for class, we concentrate as to learn and achieve fast, then when its time for play we play as well, deal or no deal, they agreed. My class was always very interactive and lively, for once this kids wanted me in their class, at free periods, they always came to call me when I'm around. I started working at the private school, but discovered it was a different ball game entirely, they weren't that Noisy, playful, they were always busy, no free periods they were most often reserved smart and intelligent.

2013, It was pretty easy penetrating the ranks of my students in the public school, however, the private school students were reserved, they hardly talk, just answer you and go. I decided to come to their level as well, i started talking with those who wanted to talk, sending them errands, soon other wanted to talk, at the boarding house, I decided to play ball with them, i taught them different games, the girls were just there looking, i decided to interact with them, ask them what sport they liked, i discovered they had long tennis, badminton racket and net in the hostels but weren't, using them, we fixed it, I began teaching them to play, soon they were playing, i discovered there were some girls always lurking around the football pitch, always ready to pick the ball etc, i asked them if they wanted to play, initially they were reluctant and the boys were surprised, they were like uncle, can this one play, uncle i will not mercy tis one o, i will park or fire this one, i told they to be considerate and lets mix them, take care of the girls in your team. to my greatest surprise, they guys were even protecting the girls playing for them, there were too many sporting activities going on simultaneously at the same time and the hostel became very lively, they kids at the hostel had too many to gist for their counterparts in the day school.

2013, i taught my kids in both the public and private secondary schools well, we play well and were very close, i also set what i called traps for flogging, this kept them at high alerts as they did not want to fall into those traps, some felt, uncle just flog me, this standards are too high abeg, i twisted questions to rattle their brains, they were quick to scramble it out and give me the answer, at this point, I tried to take note of those who weren't interested or active in this activities, and paid special attention to them, i helped them the little i could, making them believe in themselves.

2013 December, I organized an end of year party for kids in the public school, the school authorities weren't interested, other corpers weren't interested as well, so we bought cabin biscuits and bottled drinks did a small party and dancing competition and everyone went home for the year.
The private school had an elaborate end of year party, we did a lot of decorations, preparations rehearsals etc. It was an IT savvy school with all kids having Ipads and laptops, We did plenty of digital designs for presentation, i spiced it up with different dances, presentation engaging parents as well. I was very close to the students at this point. party ended and we all went home.

2014 January, school resumed however i was more at the private school doing plenty work as the director was always pressing, we took the students on tour, expos, excursions, competitions etc, we did a lot of marketing jobs to sell he school, i was made head of project 2000, it was a project to sell 2000 forms at 2000 Naira each, i was given the resources to achieve this target, in between this, i still had inter personal relationships with my students most especially the boarding house students, in the evening when we get home, i also organized some competitions with my kids at the public school during the second term.

2014 May, Third term, i was supposed to hand over to a junior corper, as i was leaving the following month, i still taught my student in the public school bringing them out of their shell, some of their parents brought plantain, garri, rice, beans, pepper, maggi, mango, banana etc God bless them all where ever they are today. i always dash the excess out as i was feeding from the private school i was working as well,

2014 June, this month was a month for retrospect, it was an emotional month as well, i left the public school at the middle of the term, i remember my students, both boys and girls were crying, i took time to hug all of the, took phone picture and boom, service was over, dumped my khaki, labour market, the director or the private school i worked reached agreement in principles to increase my salary to take up a permanent role in the school, I concentrated fully on the job at hand, doing aggressive marketing to sell the forms, at the end of third term, I and my team had sold 2004 forms smashing the target.

2014 August shortly after third term, I was made the head of another project, to conduct common entrance for over 2000 pupils and select the best 600 as that is what the school can handle at full capacity, we had to device a means of conducting the exams into different classes in batches in order to avoid over crowding, it was another success, however trouble started when some powerful parent influenced the admission, wetin concern me. The decisions taken afterwards was above my pay grade.

2014 August/September, we organized summer school, which went well, I was made head of another project, Creating and managing the school website, data base, synchronizing data, uploading student and staff data, uploading result and creating online project for each student, we had a limited time frame to achieve this as the developers came from Lagos, i selected my team, made up of vibrant staffs, we worked day and overnight for three (3) consecutive days to achieve this.

2014 October/November/December, First term began, however, the security situation had deteriorated in this community, this was during the days of Don Wanny and co, I had near death experience on three separate occasions, on a particular day, one of the driver refused to come pick the student bus very early in the morning around 5am, other drivers had gone, in order not to fail the parents, I decided to go pick the minder, then proceed to go pick the kids, on the way to the minders house around 5.15am i ran into some cultist, they sat in a circle, each with burning candles right in front of them, they all wore white singlet and tied a red rope round their heads, with a bamboo leave in their mouth, they all stood up in unison all holding cutlass, guns and dangerous weapons, they shouted park, park, i initially wanted to accelerate into a corner and try to escape, however it was as if God took charge, i took the turn then park and came down, they were in front so i would have ran into them, some of them began to say carpon make we run am, i was scared to the marrow, i began to beg moving backwards telling them i was going to pick school kids, i told them to look at the school logo on the bus, apparently they saw the school poster, one said lie down raised his machete, i ran close to one whose machete was still down, i knelt down and begged him, and he told the other about 6 to leave me alone. the guy gave me a serious warning and told me to go, while i was driving out, i saw many of them hidden in corners even flashing touch, how i entered the den of death and came out alive is only God. Another close shave with death i will never forget is a champions league match, Manchester United vs Chelsea i watched it in one hotel, a guy and a lady left just 3 min to the end of the game, on coming out, i saw them right in front, about five guys came out from the bush, held the girl down, the guy tried to fight, he was shot dead, i and my friend hid close to the bush but they saw us from afar and ran towards us, we dashed into he bush escaping to the other street.

2014 December, The security situation in Omoku had become too serious, after the end of year party, i danced and danced with my kids, I traveled for Christmas on the 24th December 2014, i have not return to the community since then. The security situation was so bad in 2015 many schools had to close.

I love teaching, I still fancy the opportunity I'm currently in Abuja.
lolx..I understand you , u re good but u also know the norms that average African not to talk of Nigerian don't read long Epistles abi shocked,now u re done but still looking for work and u don't mind teaching bcs during the service u have already diversify ....hmmm did u read the latest news about govt workers and pension Sir...i will rather advise you to build up yourself...I love you and I pray something positive happens to you this year....you can't see good in life until you embrace what u have inside,I was a bonfinade dropout with 3+ CGPA{2nd upper},those years but due to insufficient balance and none is willing to help...than wow this guy they try o..so I have to create things for myself and not still working hard by his grace..so plz never rely or give up.u re good ..God bless you and your hustle.
Celebrities / Re: Daniella Okeke Shares Hot Photo To Wish Her Fans A Happy New Year by Akinh: 10:24am On Jan 05
tongue kiss
I only see Pampers...nothing else
Health / Re: Augustine, Ekene Dili Chukwu's Son Dies Of COVID-19 Disease by Akinh: 10:23am On Jan 05


please I still don't get it,,why normal child of unknown market trader no die of this virus.....why is it that the son's and daughter's or or relatives of those important personnel died of this shit?...am just thinking loud ..and now they have been careful in telling u ..ur street guy or people died of it... grin
Health / Re: DNA Test: Don't Do It. Here Is Why by Akinh: 4:08am On Jan 04

Nonsense comment.

You want people to do dna test without thinking about data protection.

Nigerian dna market is unregulated.when you give your dna to companies, they have control over you.
control over u as in...remote control,change u from black to yellow,male to female, corrupt my blood plz elaborate.....una go just they talk trash
Nairaland / General / Re: What's Your New Year Resolution 2021? by Akinh: 1:12pm On Jan 01
New Year Resolution has become a ritual that many tends to forecast their plans on what to achieve within the year.

Many had plans on what to actually achieve last year 2020 but to some it was achieved, while some became unfortunate.

Planning makes us to be objective on achievement but fulfilling it most times are by the Grace.

So my dear Nairalanders what do intend to achieve this year which you were unable to achieve last year.

Is it marriage?

Is it getting a job?

Is it starting up a business?

Is it completing your academics?

Is it becoming a fraudster?

Is it buying car?

Is it building a house?

What's your Resolution, let's know and have faith because you can achieve it.

none of your business bcs am not in competition with anyone whether know or unknown...
Nairaland / General / Re: If You Wish To Have A Better 2021, Stay Away From These Five Things. by Akinh: 12:46pm On Jan 01
4. Excessiveness of everything: Try to be medium in all you do. When you drink, drink at least 1 to 2 bottles. Avoid being an extremist. Stay away from religious extremism as well.
mumu person I disagree...some people re brewery themselves...they can drink a whole carton and still behave normal,so my advise on this is drink and be responsible
Health / Re: January Will Be Tough, Spike In COVID-19 Infections Imminent – NCDC by Akinh: 11:53am On Dec 30, 2020

The aftermath of the festive season in foreign countries is so devastating.
Just watching the news on CNN rn that they recorded the highest cases of deaths in a single day since coronavirus started.

It is good no one is being forced,
He who has hears, save your life and that of your family members.

We Rise!
Pele o...during the first drama of it...what proof did they give u..aside from those Covid-19 ambassador? It did they come to pick anyone and give his or her family proof of been testing with the virus...in those civilized Con3..there are proof and likewise live videos...my state government made a mistake of telling people on state TV he discovered one in my street and till today we still never know the person...the house they show and mentioned...one of it occupance match what they said...it about to clock 2021..let be wise
Politics / Re: Aliyu Abdullahi, Aisha Buhari's Aide Refuses To Disclose Her Whereabouts (Video) by Akinh: 11:48am On Dec 30, 2020
How you go feel staying with a man not your husband free Aisha abeg, make Jubril dey him dey and Aisha dey her dey.
why behaving too irrational and stupid in this country...am sure this jubril of a person has a familyand the sweetest thing in the whole world is to have the highest secret and prrof against the no1 citizen of any con3..and we all know how blackmail works well in even civilized world not to talk of backward Con3..some mumu won't still Understand what I meant to say and they will end up typing shit.
Politics / Re: Aliyu Abdullahi, Aisha Buhari's Aide Refuses To Disclose Her Whereabouts (Video) by Akinh: 11:42am On Dec 30, 2020
As a matter of fact, Aisha's whereabouts is of no importance to us.
why will you be so Reckless to make such utterances...plz in the history or Nigeria...or any civilize country in which we emulate..which one of it has any of the 1st lady dissapear from the stronghold house for a month not to talk of several month...people like you mislead their generation..the best thing is to break this country am telling you
Health / Re: January Will Be Tough, Spike In COVID-19 Infections Imminent – NCDC by Akinh: 10:32am On Dec 30, 2020
But these bastards are still not being proactive.
Theyre yet to even place a ban on flights from UK and US when other serious nations have done that already.
These people ehn.

Vaccine by first quarter of 2021?

Omo these people are just fucking callous.
After budgeting 400M Naira (about a third of 2021 budget) for covid 19 vaccine, they still want to delay it's arrival from initially saying January to first quarter now.

Wahala dey ooo
Alaye it seems u base outside Nigeria bah?... believe all this shit at your own risk..I fear who no fear APC government...I fear who no fear Nigerian politicians


Nairaland / General / Re: Share Your Most Embarrassing Moments In 2020 by Akinh: 5:17pm On Dec 29, 2020
Hmmmm....mine was, before the lockdown....I went to where ATM machine was station and I meet huge queue.....and I was having a serious cattarh and dry throat... immediately I got there I first cough..and later sneezed,if u see the way people just japa for the queue eh..I was so embarrassed and those who still they proof been stubborn immediately wear their. � mask and and gloves some even spray themselves,that day ...come see how people are looking at me as if hawk wan carry rat.


Celebrities / Re: Mercy Ada Jesus: How I Arrange Fake Miracles In Odumeje's Church by Akinh: 10:09am On Dec 22, 2020
I knew that occultic man is a scammer...
Pele o..ode man..na people like you they carry religion for head... occultic man na scam in as much humanity benefited spirituality and physically from him more than they way they do from ur GO's... honestly I wanna migrate to muslim..how I wish I meet better emir.
Romance / Re: Man Dies In Ghana Guest House After Checking In With 25-Year-Old Side Chick by Akinh: 2:09pm On Dec 21, 2020
How una take know day na 25yrs old she be?...
Religion / Re: Very Soon Nobody Would Be Able To Buy Or Sell Anything Without The Chips by Akinh: 9:01am On Dec 20, 2020
that is it! The rapture is taking place any time soon, I believe God still allowed a little time to allow the church do soul winning before leaving.
sir if u re referring to church be more specific...I hope u re not referring to any in this Nigeria Sha..

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Politics / Re: Kankara: Garba Shehu Apologises For Saying Only 10 Students Were Kidnapped by Akinh: 12:25pm On Dec 19, 2020
Buahahahahahhahahahahaa....even those who they inside the administration ..are more confuse than we,wey they street..welicom to niajarian shocked
Politics / Re: Nofisat Ayinke Akinsanya Graduates With A Degree In Nursing In US (Photos) by Akinh: 4:20pm On Dec 17, 2020
Well congratulations to her...but she needed to draw closer to God..bcs Karnal is real.....Karnal do visit at the end of every hustle o
Travel / Re: Can You Believe This is Nigeria? Travelling As A Single Nigerian Lady (Pics) by Akinh: 2:42pm On Dec 17, 2020
Hello Nairaland; I am Destine with my instagram handle as https://www.instagram.com/o.l.a.e.d.o_
I am in my 20s and I reside in Portharcourt, Nigeria though I studied in Enugu. I took it upon myself to travel to every single state in Nigeria; and though I am yet to achieve this dream, I am getting closer to achieving my dream. I have been to these states;

Rivers (winks)

I have been to Benin Republic too! I look forward to travel to the far north; plans are still underway grin grin

I detail my journeys on my various experiences travelling across the breadth and length of Nigeria and one thing I have discovered is that though we are from various tribes in Nigeria, we are all pretty much the same. I have learnt to respect the opinions, belief and culture of the people I meet. Trust me, you have no idea how fun this country can be!

Check out my pictures and enjoy the scenery of the country we call home!

For more travel stories and pictures check out my Instagram. Thanks

plz let me know once u get to Ondo State..and if am not around lete.kmow once u get to borno..and Sambisa to be precise...


Politics / Re: Travails Of Mama Boko Haram: Why She Is Held In Prison Since February by Akinh: 6:42am On Dec 17, 2020
Let Sekeau...nominate two of his permanent secret from his sects na...or the guy no wan free him mama ni grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: "It Starts From The Womb" - Chimamnda Adichie Speaks On Gender-Based Violence by Akinh: 6:36am On Dec 17, 2020
The issue of domestic violence is getting out of hand..
Many people are not okay upstairs and need therapeutic help....
ma this is gender base violence oo not domestic....

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