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Foreign Affairs / Re: Rogozin, Former Russian Deputy PM Posts Racist Photo About Lloyd Austin by alexvic12: 9:07am On Feb 26
Russians calling Africans monkeys.

Ukranians refused African students to leave with the first trains out before the war reached them.

Israelis racists towards black.

Arabians mock blacks.

Blacks insult blacks.

Tribalism and nepotism within blacks.
Career / Re: I Want To Switch To Nursing, Help! by alexvic12: 1:49pm On Jan 30
Hi, Deemamadee

Hear these:

1. If that is your goal, then close your mind to other things that may take your time and attention. Of course, you can do online and even offline businesses, but know that you would be occupied for the next six years (allowing for ASUUstrike).

2. Your goal is valid and achievable. Don't let anyone tell you it is late or you can't do it.

3. I'll advise you to target a private institution if you have the funds, but a federal/state institution works just as fine.

4. You may not get Direct entry (DE), so register UTME and aim for high scores.

5. Nursing schools are great alternatives. You can do a SON and even move abroad to work (some countries accept the diploma). Nigeria has also rebranded SONs to become 4-year and 5-year diplomas.

Don't think of time or missed opportunities.

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Crime / Re: Christian Man In Mangu Killed By Fulani Islamists by alexvic12: 10:36pm On Jan 24
The Muslims on Twitter are either quiet or calling it a "religious riot," as if Christians are also attacking and killing them.

Sarrki and his demonic hordes of liars are there saying Mosques were burnt, and hundreds of Muslims killed, yet we haven't seen one video or picture of such. Instead, there are many pictures, videos, and live accounts of Muslims actively hunting, burning, maiming, and killing Christians in Mangu.

The CAN chairman even made a video accusing the military of only enforcing curfew in the Christian-dominated areas and allowing the Muslims to roam freely. As it is now, many of those evil people are out with weapons, hunting their Christian neighbors.

They've burnt churches, and families, and murdered innocent people.

It is a religious war on Christians and an ethnic cleansing to remove the original inhabitants of that peaceful state.

Why is the governor, who is from Mangu, so quiet and not taking any action?

Where is the promise of safety that the president made?

Are these bloody demons now stronger than our gallant army? Why are soldiers not protecting the lives of people as they should?



Romance / Re: How Did You Meet Your Foreign Partner by alexvic12: 12:04pm On Dec 15, 2023
Won't be a bad idea to create a forum where foreigners and Nigerians can meet; strictly interracial relationships with rules and regulations to prevent scams from both sides.

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Career / Re: Stop Criticizing Us; Female Police Officer Celebrates Her Colleagues. Photos by alexvic12: 11:13pm On Dec 08, 2023
2023 now.
Nothing changed, bro.

A country gets the police it deserves.

Police Constable salary –N43k/Month
Police Corporal salary – N44k/Month

Out of the insult of a salary, the policeman is supposed to buy his uniforms and kit, transport himself to his beat, fuel his patrol vehicle and treat himself when shot in the line of duty.

When a policeman dies in active duty, his family is ejected from the barracks and his entitlement are unpaid. When his wife goes to the office in charge of deceased officers entitlements, some randy officers demand sex from the widow of the deceased policeman before they can process the entitlements.

When you pay a man 44k to go and face bullets without protective clothing, medical or life insurance, no insurance for his family and worse still, insufficient training, what do you think you'll get?

If you're ready to collect 44k per month to go and face bullets, no problem. But for me, I think a lot more can be done for these policemen working under impossible conditions.
Investment / Re: See This Elevated 4 Bedroom Apartment Design by alexvic12: 10:51am On Nov 30, 2023

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Investment / Re: Doctors In Forex by alexvic12: 3:22am On Nov 08, 2023
Quick question

Does it work for prop firm accounts? Say a $5k account.
Career / Re: South African Transgender Pilot Grounded Due To Gender Identity (PICS) by alexvic12: 4:35pm On Oct 17, 2023
You can't decide what gnder you are but they should trust you with the lives of hundreds at a time?

What if, mid-air, you suddenly decide your are Hades/Pluto/Hel/Kali/Anubis/Ah Puch/Mictlantecuhtli and decide to kill everyone? grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Wallahi, I Will Do Only One Term & Retire To America - Governor Sule (Throwback) by alexvic12: 5:25pm On Oct 03, 2023
He learned well from his older brother, Buhari.
Crime / Re: 27 Killed As Explosion Rocks Nasarawa Community (Graphic Pictures) by alexvic12: 9:31am On Sep 18, 2023
It is well. Deaths everywhere in this country!
Education / Re: Mention A Course You Want To Do BSc/MSC/PHD & I’ll Reply You With A Funded Offer by alexvic12: 9:58am On Aug 20, 2023
Master's or PhD in Public Health
Master's in Environmental Biochemistry
Politics / Re: Asari-Dokubo: Tinubu Bars Niger Delta Ex-Agitators From Aso Rock by alexvic12: 8:43am On Aug 15, 2023
If Goodluck Jonathan had entertained a known terrorist.....

Heck, APC supporters constantly call Peter Obi names simply because he is Igbo, and Nnamdi Kanu is Igbo....

But here is the president of a nation battling terrorism, receiving and entertaining gun-wielding militants just because they support him.

Okay o!

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Romance / Re: Relationship Wise: What Does A God-fearing Man Mean? by alexvic12: 8:36am On Aug 15, 2023
There are several answers:

1. A man who honours and fears God and does right by his wife, children, and family members.

2. A man who loves the idea of loving God, but still a bad boy for her only.

3. A man that can keep up the pretence of going to church, but does all other things on weekdays.
Crime / Re: Usman Buda: Photos From The Burial Of Butcher Killed By Mob In Sokoto by alexvic12: 10:06pm On Jun 27, 2023
Some of those that stoned him are probably there attending the burial.

May God help Africans!

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Politics / Re: Insecurity Gave Me Sleepless Nights During My Tenure – Jonathan by alexvic12: 3:34am On May 21, 2023
I remember when Jonathan wanted to buy weapons and some misguided northern leaders wrote to the US to not sell Nigeria any weapons, accusing Jonathan of planning a genocide against the North.

Buhari said, then, that any war against BHT is a war against the north because they were their brothers.

Many northerners frustrated Jonathan's efforts to deal with BHT in its infancy.

The same Buhari called subsidy a scam and said anyone paying subsidy is a fraud.

What do we have today? Everything has gone from bad to worse and they are still blaming Jonathan.

Don't get me wrong - Jonathan was a weak president but at least he had human empathy and tried his best. But this Buhari-led APC is nothing short of inhumane!

In the third slide, you can understand how and why the current genocide against other tribes in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, and Nassarawa. The government went after BHT (who are mostly Fulanis and Kanuris) but Nyako felt it was a planned genocide against Fulanis... the same position that Buhari and others hold.

Now you see why armed Fulani bandits are killing communities that are mostly Christians and other tribes other than Fulanis? Do you see the game plan and how it was executed?

You can say anything, but those pastors that warned against the bloodshed that Buhari's government will bring have been vindicated. You can't make up these things.

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Politics / Re: I Will Be A Governor With The Fear Of God, Dino Melaye Meets Religious Leaders by alexvic12: 11:03am On May 02, 2023
OP too now doing the work of those APC handles here.

Where does it end?

Both PDP and APC brought Kogi to this sorry state where it is now.

May God give them good leaders in that state.
Religion / Re: Family Buries Pastor Siva Moodley After Waiting 579 Days For His Resurrection by alexvic12: 11:21pm On Mar 17, 2023
E dey like one fraud for Zambia or so wey say him be Jesus....

This year March, e go complain to police say him people want kill am during Easter grin grin grin

Shebi you be Jesus?
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Careless Attitudes by alexvic12: 9:50pm On Dec 10, 2022
I had to type.

Congratulations on discovering that side of her.

Call off the relationship and NEVER succumb to begging, tears, and other forms of emotional blackmail.

DON'T kid yourself that she will change when you marry her; she won't.

Congratulations, once again, for escaping.


Travel / Re: The Abuja-Kaduna Train Is Back With Full Speed (Video/Photos) by alexvic12: 5:04pm On Dec 06, 2022

But I hope the security is improved with real-time monitoring.

It's a shame that it took the avoidable loss of lives and assets to wake the government.


Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: Peter Obi Creates Jobs Abroad, Contributes To Rising Unemployment by alexvic12: 4:58pm On Nov 12, 2022
He really did say "You are a widow go and die!"

My God. Is this the same man that many people grew up praising for being a strong Labor union chairman and fighting for people's rights?

This short man devil that have been relegated to the back seat still have mouth to talk

Oshiomhole that destroyed a widow woman's business and still tell her to "Go and Die"

APC is a satanic party

See video below

Politics / Re: Ayu dares Wike: Nobody Will Sack Me As PDP Chairman by alexvic12: 6:58pm On Oct 29, 2022
Politics, a game of interest.

Watch these same people turn against Atiku and co if their interests no longer align.
Politics / Re: Asari DOKUBO Is On Nairaland by alexvic12: 7:34am On Oct 26, 2022
8 years later and things only got worse. APC boys are still insulting anyone and everyone.
Politics / Re: APC Slams Obaseki, Says Nigeria Safe Under Tinubu by alexvic12: 7:33am On Oct 26, 2022
Nigerians, don't be fooled by these wicked and evil politicians.

They will exchange hot words today but meet and shake hands with wide smiles tomorrow.

A clear example was Tinubu and Atiku last week.

Politicians are friends. They will divide us to rule us.

Let's be wiser in 2023!

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Politics / Re: 2023: APC Not A Party To Support, They’re Destroyers – Atiku Tells Nigerians by alexvic12: 10:30pm On Oct 22, 2022
But you joined those that insulted and pushed Jonathan out of power, formed the APC, and helped bring the evil party an. grin grin grin

So, its either you were and are still confused, or you were plain wicked and evil like them.

Either way, we shouldn't vote for you!

This is why I don't trust politicians.

When he loses this election, he may move back to APC and start insulting PDP again.

Wicked set of evil, greedy, and corrupt devils...most of them.
Crime / Re: Two Students Murdered By Fulani Herdsmen Today (graphic Pictures) by alexvic12: 4:11pm On Oct 02, 2022
7 years later and people are still dying anyhow in this country.

It is well.
Crime / Re: Man's Penis Bitten Off For Stealing In Bakassi Peninsula (Graphic) by alexvic12: 3:12pm On Sep 30, 2022
I'm not talking about the people defending this action, but the people involved in the killing. We shouldn't have barbaric people like these in the North or South. It is well.


Deborah killers where defended by
80% of Muslims, Imams, police even Atiku are in support of what happened to Deborah.
Crime / Re: Man's Penis Bitten Off For Stealing In Bakassi Peninsula (Graphic) by alexvic12: 2:04pm On Sep 29, 2022
What a barbaric animal!

Tell me what differentiates you from the killers of Deborah!

Everyone there should be arrested and made to face the law. We can't keep animals like these in society.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Join Shettima And I As We Share Our Vision Of Renewed Hope For Nigeria by alexvic12: 10:20pm On Sep 28, 2022
Yeah, sure.

Let's vote for YOU to save us from the MISTAKE of a government that YOU FOSTERED on us in 2015!

Let's vote for YOU to save us from YOUR MISTAKES.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran’s All-female Police Squad Units Dragging Hijab Protestors To Death Row Pris by alexvic12: 4:13pm On Sep 24, 2022
See what they turned beautiful Iran into.

Pre-Islamic Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East had a huge, lively, and independent culture that they used Islam to stifle. Niqab and Hijab are not compulsory in Islam, but the evil State won't hear of it.

Even in Saudi, the seat of Islam, the hijab is not compulsory. See what these evil guys are doing.

Killed a girl cos she didn't wear a hijab and now dragging others. Haba!
Romance / Re: Lady Rejects Boyfriend's Proposal On Their Graduation Day, Throws Ring Away by alexvic12: 4:07pm On Sep 24, 2022
As una no dey hear word, anything una eye see, make una manage am grin

Stop kneeling to propose to these girls in public!
Make it private if you must!

Besides, you just graduated. Go find how your life go set.

Thank God for him, this one go spur am to greatness. grin grin grin

DJ play me
where my kala by Boogeyman

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