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Politics / Re: You Can’t Succeed Outside Your Educational Qualification - Buhari by Asiseeit: 11:14am On Jul 30
Just imagine this statement from the unparalleled failure of a president. Some people didn't go to school but they succeeded so much in life than those who did.The FB man and Bill Gates were dropouts but they succeeded

Probably we are misunderstanding the dunce. What he's trying to say is that his collosal failure is because his highest educational qualification is PHCN certificate.

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Politics / Re: FBI Indictment Of Abba Kyari, Hushpuppi (US Court Documents) by Asiseeit: 4:23pm On Jul 29
Abba Kayari should have taken his time to say something reasonable than to tell the whole public that he only sold native clothes to huspuppi.
He really messed up with such dirty and local lies coming from a matured man and high rank police officer like him. .

You overestimate Nigerian policeman and politicians. They tell stupendous lies that even a kid can't come up with. They are dumb.

Have you forgotten how they said the girl that died from the Lagos rally was stabbed with a knife, only for autopsy to say it was a gun wound. They still unashamedly names someone among the protesters (the prominent person) that he shot the girl. undecided


Politics / Re: FBI Indictment Of Abba Kyari, Hushpuppi (US Court Documents) by Asiseeit: 4:14pm On Jul 29
What then is the job of DSS, NIA, DMI, SSS and even the NPF IU.

How can a fraudulent thief send funds to a Police officer who has been in the national spotlight for half a decade.

Do we even have a credible intelligence agency that acts preventively on people. Is there any thing as surveillance on security personnel.

Or, has this government invested only in the silence of dissenting voices and contrary opinions and ethnic witch hunt and assassinations.


Your last 2 questions are rhetorical. No any intelligence (tactical or even natural) in the force - military or police.
They are there to fight the defenseless - civilians.


Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Female Basketball: Nigeria Loses To The USA 72 - 81 by Asiseeit: 6:11am On Jul 27
Naomi Osaka just crashed out of women tennis singles to Marketa Vondrousova
angry angry angry

Nah wa. Read an article hyping her yesterday and today she's followed Barty out. Face of the Olympics don comot. undecided
Sports / Re: Teams SA & Liberia Named Forbes' Most Stylish Kits At Tokyo Olympics (PIX) by Asiseeit: 4:01pm On Jul 24
SA are all white?

The blacks are busy protesting Zuma's imprisonment and looting blood banks.
Just kidding, I believe those selected were deemed the better athletes.

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Sports / Re: Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony by Asiseeit: 7:30pm On Jul 23

cry Really !

Yep. They stopped using pure gold.
Sports / Re: Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony by Asiseeit: 1:21pm On Jul 23
Olympic games are just Amazing,

Imagining joy of winning a pure gold medal....

Only games I love spending time watching.

Yeah. That would be beautiful.
Unfortunately, gold medals at the Olympics are not pure gold. They are made from recycled metals.
Literature / Re: Juju Man by Asiseeit: 8:59pm On Jul 22
Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to the next
Sports / Re: Everton Suspends Player After Being Linked To Child Sex Abuse by Asiseeit: 11:55pm On Jul 20

U think it's your stupid country
Lol. Where dem for don do media trial and sentenced to death, abi?
It's guilty until proven innocent in Nigeria. Chai!
Sports / Re: Ahmed Musa To Complete Turkish Move From Kano Pillars This Week by Asiseeit: 10:36pm On Jul 18
Happy for Him,
Another wife loading.

By the way, somewhere in Akure..

Where in Akure is this? So beautiful
Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen Scores Four Goals In Napoli Pre-Season Win by Asiseeit: 8:17pm On Jul 18
Opor...but if only they could play and score goals like this in the national team.

Not under Rohr and this administration. Not sure there's been a worse period in Nigeria football than the current one. No Olympics, no quality performances in friendly, no age grade glory. Nothing.


Family / Re: Another Marriage About To Crash. by Asiseeit: 10:49am On Jul 17

Well he can't take her abusive ways anymore and have decided to divorce for his Sanity

He should always put his Sanity and peace of mind first, and if divorce will lead to it then he should go ahead with the divorce

Perhaps he should try separation first.
The best bet to all these issues is to shine eyes well before marriage

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Bad Experience With Palm Credit (Transsnet Financial Nigeria Limited) by Asiseeit: 6:30pm On Jul 15

1. go to the loan app settings and disable all permissions previously allowed immediately.
2. delete the loan app immediately.
3. Block your ATM card immediately
4. Request for a new ATM card.

Forget their threats, it holds nothing!

Nah so! Done!

Anyways update on the loan. They've reached out to me and another agent that appears more sensible and I have provide proof. Waiting for them to respond. I've told them that ano get shishi for overdue charges o

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Bad Experience With Palm Credit (Transsnet Financial Nigeria Limited) by Asiseeit: 8:39pm On Jul 14
if you can, report them with your statement of account to consumer protection department of CBN and NDIC , THEY WILL BE WELL SANCTIONED WITH YOUR FUNDS REVERSED

We are currently dragging it. I will do this
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Bad Experience With Palm Credit (Transsnet Financial Nigeria Limited) by Asiseeit: 1:23pm On Jul 14
If you can, avoid those loan sharks, they are not well regulated and operate like fascists,if you like your sanity, avoid them

Swears! Problem is desperation is what drove many people to them. They are really mad. I'm trying to extricate myself from them patapata.

There's one I took from, when it was repayment time I was debited twice. I told their customer agent, she said it's not their problem that I should go to my bank.
My bank confirmed the double deduction and directed me to the loan company's bank. I got there and was told that the account is dedicated to me and though the money went there 2ce, the account is empty as the money has been remitted to the larger parent account.

I called their customer care again, they told me to get lost. What will I do? Me wey no get money just let my 14k go to waste?
I took another loan from them, cleared my bank account and I'm waiting for them to call me to ask me to pay for the new loan. They will see crazy.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Did You Receive Interview Invitation From Fupre? by Asiseeit: 5:55pm On Jul 10
Wish you guys due process.

Because Luck left this country long ago.

Due process left first
Travel / Re: Deniz Saypinar Stopped From Boarding A Plane For Wearing This (Photo) by Asiseeit: 10:54am On Jul 10

You will be surprised men are defective copy of women.

Lol. The person you quoted believes it's the other way round. This is the reason we have problem in the world - the desire to be superior than the other person. Why can't we all accept that we're all equal.


That is why their breast and other parts serve no purpose.
Lol. The male breast isn't useless at least it is believed to have erotic function smiley
I dunno what other parts men have that you think are useless but supposedly vestigial parts like wisdom teeth and appendix are present in both gender.

My point?
Behavioral/moral defects is not a result of nature(gender), it is more of nuture(environment and life choices).
Travel / Re: Deniz Saypinar Stopped From Boarding A Plane For Wearing This (Photo) by Asiseeit: 10:28am On Jul 10

Lol. Who boards a plane bare feet? These guys never cease to amaze me with stupidity

Fit be a white garment church person in their religious attire. I've seen them in public places and buses with their bare feet
Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Asiseeit: 2:53pm On Jul 09

Na you sabi o

Lol. Nah adjustable hair sef! You don shift am come front! Choi! Your barber good o
Politics / Re: New Improved NIN Charges: What Is The Government's Endgame? by Asiseeit: 2:51pm On Jul 09
Can't even get past otp it keeps saying wrong user ID please advice thanks

Not sure why, all these underdeveloped government sites. Do you have another email address? Try it.

I only reserved the name online while I completed the process with offline agents. I read few stories of people who paid online and lost their money and I was wary of the scam happening again when I want to pay for the cert.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Jacob Zuma In Prison by Asiseeit: 2:34pm On Jul 09
My brothers Mandela people people and prison are like 5&6

grin grin Chai. Una too get bad mouth for this country.


Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Asiseeit: 2:25pm On Jul 09
I think the barbers are taking advantage of us, knowing that we can't do without them.... Haircut no suppose pass N300.
Wetin dem dey cut??

Well, it's not necessarily about the hair. It's about the cost of them rendering the service to you. They'll buy fuel, pay rent(which is now high) pay PHCN (increased rate) and still make enough to care for themselves and family. When cost of living increases, it touches everything


Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Asiseeit: 2:22pm On Jul 09
Still N400 here

Wahala for hairy guys like us wey need to shave every week oo

Shaving? Every 3 days for me. I got a clipper and shave myself. I only visit the barber when the hair has lost shape.
Everything don cost. I used to buy bread daily N250. Now N400, smaller and less delicious. I don turn am to 3 times weekly.
Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Asiseeit: 2:13pm On Jul 09

Lol. And that nah because say nah half hair you barb o(abi nobi you dey the pishur) grin cheesy grin
Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Asiseeit: 2:09pm On Jul 09
I don't have a particular barber. I barb all over the place

grin grin
I find this very funny

On the subject.
They now charge N500. My preferred hairstyle was afro/punk...those type with 2 steps. As my hairline loses shape easily(the front grows down towards the nose) I had to touch it up weekly - and eventually cut again after 2 weeks. Based on that I'll be spending N1400 monthly.

Not anymore. I'm on low cut now. So low that it takes 3 weeks to grow and I touch up just once in-between cuts. That's N700. Cost halved!
Politics / Re: New Improved NIN Charges: What Is The Government's Endgame? by Asiseeit: 1:49pm On Jul 09
I just paid #578.13 in total through remita to pay NIMC so as to download my NIN slip. When I first saw the 400 naira payment for print out enable ment, my heart was as if it was struck by a sword. I can't believe my government will do that to me. Anyway, na 578 I pay finally before them give me access to download.
God save Nigeria.

Let me tell you one that is still shocking me. Few months ago, I tried to pay for business name reservations with Corporate Affairs Commission, N600 using remita. Made payment, was debited with details clearly stated in the transaction details - so clearly the money got to the commission's account.

However, CAC portal didn't acknowledge my payment and the business name wasn't reserved. I managed to call them and the lady that answered asked me how much. I told her, she paused then said I should send a mail. I did but til today, nothing.
If that is not scam, I don't know what is. Government dey scam citizens! Chai!


Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Denies Competing With Wizkid, Says Wizkid Only Sings About Women by Asiseeit: 11:40am On Jul 09

And the girls go dey happy

As in ehn. Being called a bitch suppose be insult, but the girls go dey happy... And what about the Burna boy wey dey waka with Bitches? He must be a dog then.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Demand Rice, Beans To Feed 121 Kidnapped Kaduna Baptist School Students by Asiseeit: 6:05pm On Jul 07
Where is Pantami?
He should coman use the NIN of the number used in calling the school to trace them
Romance / Re: Am I Normal ?... Am Too Shy by Asiseeit: 5:59pm On Jul 07
There're too much cooked up stories on nairaland. I have stumbled on 2 already today. The other one was saying he mistakenly impregnated someone and he's a young boy in 300l when he has another thread where he boasted of being HIV negative after 16 years of raw sex.

Now this one says he'll be 24 years old soon, while in the thread below dated June 13,he was 22.
Do Ya'll think only teenagers use nairaland. If this is a traffic generation gimmick, you guys will end up driving people outta nairaland same way people abandoned Linda ikeji blog.

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Romance / Re: I Impregnated My Coursemate By Mistake, What Should I Do? by Asiseeit: 5:53pm On Jul 07

I'm still in 300lvl bro, how I wan take Cather for pikin.

This your post does not follow the one below

One or both must be a lie.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Storm NASS To Protest Removal Of Electronic Votes Transmission in Bill by Asiseeit: 1:03pm On Jul 06
Have the electronic voters registration been hacked?

Please ask those shouting hackers upandan. If Nigeria is tech savvy enough to produce hackers, I see no reason why they can't produce people and tech smart enough to prevent hacking. Rubbish.


Politics / Re: Police Officers Push Patrol Van At Venue Of Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos by Asiseeit: 10:27pm On Jul 03
How did Nigeria manage to elect that dead man as there president....it still baffles me

The power of marketing! The clamor for change! He was presented as the messiah Nigerians needed wanted. People forgot that 'the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know'. GEJ administration was bad, but it's heaven compared to what Nigeria has atm.

I remember vividly 2015 election week and collation day in my room in ilorin, we were preparing for our Msc defense. My friend and colleague then was gallantly defending GMB and he had his supporters in the compound. They said I was defending GEJ cos I am from Niger Delta. I told him "if we can be complaining with the intellects in power(the cabinet was filled with academic scholars), how do you think it will be when semi-literates take over?"

As it is now, it's either genuine restructuring or de-amalgamation. The northerners have tasted what it means to be in power, they will not want to let go. And even if they do, they will frustrate a non-northern government.

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