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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Austinpee4: 3:00am On Jul 02
Greetings people! I see a lot has been happening and the thread is still very much serving it's purpose!

Here's wishing everyone in various and different stages the very best! To all the old and new members contributing and helping out, more grace to you! Your effort will never be forgotten.

@Frankrobbn1,@mcobex and other long time serving gurus,i see you guys! Massive respect for your relentless effort till now! Again, i wish everyone well.

Cheers guys!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 11:05pm On Feb 14


My TRV got denied exactly 1 month 1 applied (Jan 12)

Profile and Docs Submitted

All CIC forms
Birth Certificates of siblings
Bsc. Academic Transcript
Studied Computer Engineering. Graduated in 2010 but done several certifications in my field lately(Comptia A+,CCNA,CCNP and Java)
CAC Certificate of my Businesses
Self Sponsor
Police Character Certificate

Financial Status

Fixed Deposit of N5m
Closing balance on my 2 Personal SOA 7.5m
Inflow & Outflow in between 6 months was more than 100m
4 months Business Acct statements with an inflow and outflow of over 150m and balance of over 5m

Real Estate
Have Properties worth 400m in my Name
Contract of sale for all the Properties
Surveys in my Name
Copy of Recent Land use Charge on my name
CAC Certificate of my Real Estate
4 years Acct Statement showing annual Rents and receipts. Renewable October every year

Travel History
Been Traveling since 2009
Been to Dubai 3 times
Lost count on European Trip(UK,France and Italy) with average stay less than 30days. Travel once or twice in a year

Job Description

I’m a Network Engineer with Salary less than 500k and I’ve been working since 2012. I’m Business Oriented but have passion to study more. Could have done my Msc. here but distraction and calls will be too much. So my Business is on auto-pilot. Can be managed by my husband which I included in my application.

Reason for Refusal: 1. Purpose of Visit. VO wasn’t sure I will return. I’m married with 2 kids but traveling alone while husband and kids will stay here

2. Personal assets and Financial Status. I beg to disagree on this but willing to learn from everyone here.

I must say I’m not soo good keeping money in the bank. I invest every little penny I have but I was able to fix 5m and annual Rent from Tenants(4m) were what I used as POF. I have requested for gcms note though but before then what could be wrong with my application?
Are they expecting the money to be in the bank for a certain period of time? School resume in april, thinking I can reapply on time but waiting for gcms note before I will reapply. I’ve also been denied visiting visa with family 2yrs ago. Purpose of Visit that we won’t return back to Nigeria. I later got to know it was the period so many families who got US Visa were crossing to Canada declaring asylum. So that application was wrongly timed

With your profile, i think you made a good move by ordering for your GCMS file first before you bother about what next and how to tackle your next application. This will enable you critically look at the detailed inferred reason(s) by the officer who handled your file especially on the purpose of visit refusal. This is the main thing in this refusal.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 12:10pm On Jan 24
Hi guys! I can see we all are keeping the thread moving! Weldone!

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 12:36am On Nov 18, 2018

I'm happy for you and your family. Massive congratulations to you and yours.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 4:30pm On Nov 07, 2018
Hello guys.

So I submitted my passport on 22nd of September and I was already getting worried cause it’s over a month but I got a message in my mail today

Does this mean I can’t get a study permit until 2020? Please someone explain �
It means you have between when your got the letter to 17/07/2020 to travel to Canada to obtain your study permit. Meaning your Visa(for travelling) has a validity of two years. Your study permit will count from when it is issued at the point of entry in Canada.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 5:06pm On Oct 17, 2018
Frankrobbn1, Happy birthday brother! Keep soaring!
Looking forward to the good news.

Regards bro.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 4:58pm On Oct 17, 2018
Thank you for a detailed explanation and a good manner of approach. But sincerely, I still feel your whole explanation still equate GCMS Note is a detailed version of White refusal paper because the applicant got to know the reason why both Purpose of Visa and Travel History were ticked. And I feel it's here that almost everyone has concluded that most if not all Purpose of Visit refusal is relating to only Program of Study.

At the end, we will still say that GCMS Note and White paper both highlight the same reason(s) for refusal ONLY that GCMS Note is more detailed in terms of explanation has to how the reasons were derived. Unlike what @Vibrant99 was saying that there can be different reasons stated which is totally wrong.

All in all, if refused please get your GCMS Note. Goodluck to us all.
Well, i may agree with you in terms of the GCMS note being a detailed version of the generic letter of refusal. However, the ambiguity of the details sometimes can negate the reason(s) as ticked on the refusal letter. But be rest assured the officer would have documented how he/she reached the decision.

This is so because there are different circumstance in reaching a decision and the generic letter may not precisely capture it and a vague reason(closest in meaning) would be ticked. Purpose of visit even though most often than non concerns your intended program/visit,it may be other reasons aside that. Do not forget the main essence of questioning your purpose of visit is the inability to satisfy the VO that you the applicant would leave at the end of your study.

So @Vibrant99 submission is not out of place. He probably meant the details contained in the GCMS note appears different from the refusal letter in content and meaning. To add, say an applicant has shown very strong will of travelling to study in Canada and probably been rejected previously and suddenly reapplied with an account statement showing multiple lodgements of huge funds with uncleared source within the short period of the previous refusal and the reapplication, such application may be refused for 'purpose of visit' too as

1. It would be clear you are trying hard to get the visa without properly considering reasons for your previous refusal as well as the requirements of the study permit.

2. You likely will not return after study(This is the base point of purpose of visit).

So yes, you may be refused for purpose of visit on the generic letter and your GCMS notes are funds related. The overall circumstances of applicants is key in considering their purpose of visit, funds availability as well as their likelyhood to leave Canada at the end of study. So don't be surprised when the GCMS note is summarised from a different stance point from the generic letter of refusal. A lot would have been considered. Again, it is good to get the GCMS note after a refusal.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 12:56pm On Oct 17, 2018
GCMNOTES is completely different from that papers that you are given.
"I see people saying it is the same thing but more detailed", Big lie....

Lets assume you got a white letter ticked for Purpose of Visit and Travel history!

Don' be surprised to see in your GCM notes that the "sponsor doesn't have enough or steady flow of funds"........

Oya tell me if Purpose of Visit and Travel history have anything to do with Funds?

Most people here make comments on what they read on here, Most of them not have a direct experience.
I couldn't agree more. Very valid point bro. The GCMS file note is the officer's report on the conclusion of the application and actually not meant to be written as to the applicant. It is for their records and hence will be well detailed than the letter of refusal given to the applicant. Thankfully, applicants can access the GCMS note through the access of information act which eventually would help one prepare better and tackle reason(s) for a previous refusal.

The generic letter of refusal is vague and would not give the full underlying reasons for a refusal.

From an experience here:

Applicant was refused for 1.purpose of visit 2. Travel history 3.All reasons for insufficient funds.

GCMS note: PA had travel to Canada once for visit and overstayed by a single day( reason for purpose of visit and travel history), Source of funds not provided(reason for insufficient funds). The officer doubted the genuineness of funds available.

In this case above, one would think it's the program of study or question why travel history is ticked when there is extensive travel or that funds were not sufficient and would proceed to add more money to the account. The applicant could surmise these without the note and reapply and the application would have resulted to yet another refusal. The GCMS note helped. Reason for overstaying was explained and evidence was included. Business contract execution documents were also included to show how funds were gotten. Reapplication was approved. These and many more are some of the reasons the GCMS note is encouraged.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 12:49am On Oct 16, 2018
Let me describe a scenario to you....

A friend applied with 16M bank balance(Real money, not lump sum).... Got Reject

Reapplied 40days later but at the bank he tried to print statement, he needed to transfer fund to someone, so he was told to just go ahead and use it like that, He had just 300k as account balance ......... He got the Visa in 12 days.

Let me explain again, The reason for the denial in the first stage was Insufficient FUNd!!!. it took 60 days and was rejected.

I have a conclusion, If you have 1 naira and you feel comfortable with submitting ur application, Please go ahead.

You just need to baffle them, amd you get your Visa, alot of people are Just trying to Impress this V.O with their application.

There was a testimony i read somewhere, i cant remember the episode,....

Dad's bank balance...200M
Domiciliary account of Daddy.....$20k
Her own savings..........13M


If you listen to people that are Rejected for Visa application sometimes, You will even lose hope.
Be yourself, apply as you are.

Well, i had to quote this post as it can be misleading. While i agree with your that available balance of a statement of account does not guarantee a study permit approval, this "If you have 1 naira and you feel comfortable with submitting ur application,please go ahead" should not be the case. This being that there is a requirement that each applicant MUST meet when applying for a study permit and one being that applicants MUST have equivalent of their tuition fees and 10,000CAD available and accessible by them for the first year of study. This requirement completely has nothing to do with the VO or trying to impress. It is a stipulation in the study permit regulation. The VO simply enforces it so that at any point after the application may have been approved, it would have been established that at the time of application, there was sufficient and required funds for both tuition and living expenses. This information is usually documented in the officer's GCMS note for future references.

Also, it is important to note that how funds are accumulated is as important as the available balance. So having huge amount of funds may not equal funds sufficiency. Sources of funds, ability for either applicant or sponsor to generate funds for subsequent year(s) of study are also considered.

There are areas in a study permit application that falls under the stipulations and provisions of the Immigrations and refugees protection act and are backed by the Immigration laws. Available funds for tuition and living expenses in the tune of 10,000CAD is one that does and there is no discretionary considerations on the part of the VOs when processing. They simply ensure it is met.

So using your "scenario", the applicant MOST certainly met the funds requirements for the application to be approved. Either through his/her sponsor or other liquid form unencumbered.

I just had to respond to this to avoid an intending applicant feeling he/she can submit a SOA devoid of funds for tuition and living expenses for the first year of study.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 2:18am On Oct 12, 2018
@galala123, Your perseverance and resilience all through the years pursuing your desire is really commendable. I'm glad it has eventually turned out well. All the best as you begin your studies.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 2:11am On Oct 12, 2018
My people I just got passport request
I still can't believe it
I'll send my details later, my battery is low
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 2:11am On Oct 12, 2018
Good day ladies and gentlemen!
Miss this lovely forum.... rich & powerful...!!!
Thanks to guys who have never relented in dishing out useful resources... thanks for your help.
May God crown our effort!

Greetings from the other side shocked
Hey buddy! Been a long while!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 15 by Austinpee4: 12:12pm On Oct 08, 2018
Wow! Part 15 already! Greetings to everyone(both old and new members) and especially @justwise for keeping this thread going. Hopefully, this part brings to us our desires in the Canadian study quest.

All the best guys!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 6:28pm On Sep 17, 2018

i am shaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ekwueme, Ekwueme, Ekwueme has done it..................................................

Whilst i was typing this..............
i just got 3 emails.

Original passport request for me and my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ekueme has done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


still shaking

pardon my typing anyhow.....

That's how i feellll


Big congratulations to you and your family. I was really looking forward to this news.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 9:09pm On Sep 10, 2018
This is quite an old post................dated September 2017...............however some realities stated there may still be applicable.
Yeah, possibly.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 9:08pm On Sep 10, 2018

That question is pointing to other CIC application not really student's study Visa
I don't think so. The question was relative to the general "slow" nature of processing applications. No particular application process was directly asked even though different responses were given on various application types. Meanwhile, the was a response given about study permit applications in the latter part of the first response.

That being said, it is also important to note that all Canadian immigration path be it permanent or temporary(study permit)understandably go through same bureaucracy, GCMS structure, Security and criminality checks etc. Every individual applying to enter Canada(TR/PR)will always undergo a standard procedure for admissibility and eligibility as enshrined in their laws and provisions of the immigration and refugees protection act. I think the respondents especially the first supplied information on the workability and challenges surrounding the modus operandi of IRCC visa applications which is significant to the question asked.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 2:45pm On Sep 10, 2018
This is quite insightful regarding delays and the processes of IRCC.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 4:44pm On Aug 29, 2018

Page 451 of Part 13 if I may post with authors (Jpandjp1) permission since it is already in the public domain.

As you rightly stated, they were other reasons before capping it up with the EE issue. He was confused with regards to overcoming that statement hence his request for opinions.
Yeah, i get. If he was able to meet and satisfy the officer, i doubt he/she would have mentioned the EE in the file note.

All the same, you gave a good advise.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 4:39pm On Aug 29, 2018
Thanks @austinpee4 for your response.

I think its better to wait for one to pull through before applying for the other. But in this case can same applicant who applied for Study permit after theI Study TRV has been received and whilst now studying also apply for PR or would it be the spouse that can that can only do so?

If the study applicant can apply for PR in this case the visa officer will then cancel the study permit and issue PR right?


Yeah, i think it is better to go one step at a time being that it will be a mountainous task convincing and convincing but then, if an idividual feels he/she can match up the requirements, there is absolutely nothing wrong applying for both at the same time. The law allows for it and they are reviewed separately.

An applicant who has received his or her study permit and now studying can absolutely apply for PR provided they meet the requirements.
Understandably, there are two classes or route for an inland international student applying for PR.

1. Applying through the FSW(Federal skill worker) program if they already had work experience prior to study, evaluate their highest academic qualification using the ECA, have all other requirements(lang,funds).
This will also mean the student would be applying for PR as though he/she is applying as others applying from outside Canada even though present in Canada.
@Osemigho did same and has his PR now.

2. Canadian Experience Class. This would require the student to have achieved a Canadian work experience and possibly a Canadian education. Your job in Canada will have to be in skill type/level A, B or O of atleast one year and of 30hours/week same as the FSW only that there is no required settlement funds required in this class.

Lastly, when you obtain your COPR(Confirmation of permanent residence), you only document and change status on various places you declared as student earlier before you became a PR. The officers will proceed on your change of status. Also, both the PR and SP visa are mainly issued to people outside Canada to enable them board an aircraft, clear immigration and be admitted into Canada. The visa foil on a passport is neither a study permit or a permanent resident card. These documents are only issued once in Canada but if the study permit visa was issued for multiple entry into Canada, they will be cancelled by the immigration Authorities when you go to change your status and collect your PR card. This is because you will not be needing a visa to travel in and out of Canada anymore. You will need just your PR card as you would have become a permanent resident.

Hope this brings clarity to you and others in need of this info.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 4:04pm On Aug 29, 2018
Thanks @austinpee4 for your response.

I think its better to wait for one to pull through before applying for the other. But in this case can same applicant who applied for Study permit after the Study TRV has been received and whilst now studying also apply for PR or would it be the spouse that can that can only do so?

If the study applicant can apply for PR in this case the visa officer will then cancel the study permit and issue PR right?


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 3:27pm On Aug 29, 2018

It is possible but a friend here had an issue. His study visa was refused and one of the issues upon receipt of Case Notes was that he had multiple EE applications which presupposes that he does not intend to stay in Canada temporarily!

I hope this helps

Emmm, the bold actually wouldn't be the main reason for that refusal since the law allows dual intent. Apparently, the applicant was not able to convince the Visa officer that he/she would meet the requirement of a temporary visa(Study permit) while having a PR application simultaneously. The problem most applicants would have is convincing the VO and meeting the separate requirements of each category of residency hence it is advisable to proceed with one.

From a nairalander experience: He was very well established in Nigeria. Had a functional company, business and investments worth millions and, immediate family was in Nigeria. He wanted to upgrade himself academically and also relocate his family members to Canada. Well, He applied for his SP and without a decision, he also applied for PR for himself and dependants. His SP visa was approved and visa issued, PR application approved too later on. However, on request of his passport, the SP visa was cancelled and the PR visa issued as expected.

Note: He was well established in Nigeria which i believe the officer was convinced he would return to the investments he had in Nigeria and he also met other requirements of a study permit hence it was approved even before considering the PR application as they are reviewed separately. So the problem is majority of folks applying do not have strong evidence to meet both requirements at the same time.

Best advise for people would be to apply for the one they can substantiate well enough and are able to meet the requirements.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 11:43pm On Aug 11, 2018

I wrote WAEC last year
Wish to study political science
You really should take down this post of your very vital information/details.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 11:55pm On Aug 09, 2018
I honestly do not like to involve myself into arguments like this, but I must point this out. In my GCMS note, the only documents that the visa officer mentioned that he reviewed were, my wife,s school enrollment, our bank statements, her Canada lease agreement, letter from host personal pysician, copy of marriage certificate, children's birth certificates, no apparent criminality (copy of Nigeria police report). Medical not done yet.
What ever this means! These were not the only documents I submitted in vfs! Then I asked myself, what happened to all the documents that I submitted?
I think those were the only documents that they scanned to the visa officer that was in charge of my paper application in Shanghai! At the end of the day, my visa was refused citing several reasons, including lump sum, which I explained and even added documents to back it up, unfortunately, the visa officer did not see that. God bless you as you draw your conclusion.
VFS scan documents to a visa office in shanghai?
Na wa o bros! Think no further, nothing like that happened.

It is certainly not possible for VFS to do anything close to that let alone decide which visa office to send submitted documents to.
Meanwhile, the GCMS is actually not meant to have in a listed form all you submitted. It is simply for the VO to document his/her conclusion on an application for reference. An officer most likely is compelled to input key information especially from the application form, medical, eligibility, admissibility, procedure taken as well as correspondence with the applicant. Every other details will be at the discretion of the officer. He/she can decided to give a full detail or not( as frequently seen in GCMS note here) to make a point or two. In your case, the entire details of your supporting documents wasn't given and this doesn't mean the officer did not review all you submitted. Your application went through the same process and handling others did as i remember you towed the SOWP way.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 5:54pm On Aug 09, 2018

I posted something sometimes ago, some know-it-all were condemning me. Any information I post here is from the in-house. I disn't argue th because they are classical.
Only the required docs go to NAIROBI. Other optional docs that support your application stay back here. This is coupled with the strict nature of NAIROBI VOs who are majorly Indian-Canadians.

Your statement in bold actually is not accurate and may be misleading. All documents in support of an application are usually forwarded and reviewed by the appropriate visa office and by extension the officer in charge. The officials at VFS are not employees of the Canadian Government neither are they privy to any information as regards the processing of an application so they do not have any obligation whatsoever to withhold documents that is in support of an application. VFS is an outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments.

They do not always have their client government's classified information during visa processing as this would require security clearance usually given to consular officers as they are the face of their government overseas. So VFS officials would presumably follow instructions from the Canadian embassy to guide applicants as they submit their applications and all that would increase their chances of a visa approval.

Assuming you know already, Canada has one of the most meticulous and probably one of the most highly sequestered visa processes in the world. So your "in-house" information most likely would be from what is within the public domain or atleast those of VFS officials but certainly not from the consular's office.

Lastly and just as being stated on IRCC's website, the idea of an online application or a paper application is basically for CONVENIENCE. Non weigh more or less against the other. Applicants on both platform undergo same scrutiny, review and processing. However, the only significant difference could be that an online application can be processed anywhere around the world where there is a Canadian embassy but mostly not always the case. Majority of online applications are still processed within the applicant's region or in visa offices that have previously processed applications of citizens of same country as these offices apparently would have better understand of documentation and information from that region. Irrespective of processing office, they still use the same processing time, scrutiny, review and importantly the provisions of the law used to adjudicate study permit applications.

I have read your post a couple of times and usually find it informative and insightful. I don't think you were condemned, probably some folks did not agree with what your surmised. All the same, we all should work together for the good of all.

Regards bro.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 11:38pm On Aug 04, 2018

VFS workers are not trained to issue visas. Their work is more of an intermediary paper work marche. The job of issuing visas is relegated to a trained Canadian consular Officer.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 11:35pm On Aug 04, 2018
Pls can someone tell me the meaning of this mail from the immigration office

I was not called for Medicals
If you were have not been called for medicals,I'm afraid it isn't looking good. Your application most likely is refused. You will need to get your returned passport as well as the letter attached to know the reason(s) for the refusal.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 4 by Austinpee4: 5:44pm On Aug 01, 2018
Big congratulations to you @Newmum0615. I'm happy for you and your family.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 5:30pm On Jul 30, 2018

Lucky? Leniency? For such a highly delicate process as immigration? Please say what you know! I have read many posts where people send their medical results via email post visa application submission and their status got updated! I have even read posts where people still submitted supporting documents via email to visa offices and it was acknowledged! There is no absolute to this application thing. For instance, many June applicants here haven't gotten any update yet from CIC, which almost 9weeks for the early June applicants, whereas some others have already received refusal mails! That doesn't guarantee that all those who haven't received a refusal within the 3 to 4weeks period will be successful in their application! Even the supposed gurus can put in a visa application and still get rejected even after dotting all I's and crossing all T's.. There is no absolute! I personally know a Pharmacist who got admitted to UBC in his same course path, Pharmacy, submitted mother's SOA with over 100m in it, no SOP and he still got rejected whereas some folks on this thread submitted applications without SOP's and got approved!
This post actually got my attention. Permit me to indulge as i think you raised some vital points.

I quite agree with you that there is no "absolute" using the examples you gave but they all point to one thing, the modus operandi on the part of officers which is not completely open to the public. Also, applications are concluded based on it's merit, circumstances or uniqueness.

That an applicant sent upfront medical results, documentation etc and they were acknowledged or updated doesn't also mean the application will be approved or rejected. The officer in-charge of the application has the power to reject or accept such additional documents(when not requested) especially when it goes against the instructions on IRCC's website or the IRP act and regulations which brings us to the case of leniency.

Would this same officer be able to use these documents submitted against the applicant in case of a refusal and a judicial review in the federal court of Canada? Absolutely! The court looks at documents that were submitted at the time of application and acknowledgement by IRCC as complete and not additional documents that were not requested for.

Nobody can stop anybody from sending documents to IRCC but in so doing, i'd rather explain why i couldn't send it initially and also would take responsibility of any outcome be it good or bad. IRCC would not put up instructions on their website for the fun of having a website. They are also fortifying themselves legally in an event of legal proceeding same as the fact that their decisions are based on a stipulated law, provisions of the Acts and regulations and also discretions( leniency here again).

Lastly, about the pharmacist who submitted an SOA of 100m and no SOP.
One vital thing to note is that how an available balance was accumulated and the source of said funds is as important as the available balance itself. Closing balance alone has not always been the yardstick to financial sufficiency. Also, the idea of an SOP to me should be to serve a purpose of conveying something to a VO. If there is nothing to point out or an applicant feels his or her application is self explanatory, i see no reason to bother about it as it is not a requirement. Each documentation should serve a purpose and not because other persons added same to theirs. I personally did not add SOP when i applied and my application was approved. I guess the supporting documents were enough for the officer to reach a decision. So yes, i agree with you largely that there is no 'one size fit' but one thing we all must always encourage and advise is for us to follow the instructions, read for changes to the process on IRCC's website and importantly do our best to ensure we put in a good application and be hopeful.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 2:59pm On Jul 30, 2018


Are you sure of this? I think I have seen a number of persons here who confirmed that they didn't undergo an upfront medicals during their application submission, but later went for it and send it to CIC through the webform/email, which was updated as "MEDICAL PASSED" on their MyCIC Account.

Please if you did this, signify by quoting this post.

Thank you!
My able guru, errmm, In as much as some people were able to undergo "upfront medicals"(I don't think it is upfront anymore grin)after submitting their application and forwarded it to IRCC shouldn't mean they did the right thing or it is a norm. IRCC has provided information for medical examinations as seen in the shots below. The emboldened words in the shots i assume would be them laying emphasis on important thing(s) to note. Applicants are to follow either of the two ways to get their medical examinations completed. Remember, an IME code is usually queried during the initial stages of an application or in the later part which signifies there is a procedure followed either using an upfront medicals or instructing an applicant to proceed for one. So the best advise should be that applicants either do an upfront medical or wait for an instruction from IRCC same way @mcobex advised.

Meanwhile, great job here buddy!

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 14 by Austinpee4: 9:23pm On Jul 27, 2018

@kylexy61, i think you did justice to this.

Another point to add is that, we all don't know how these guys work. For instance, on a scale of ten (10), Medical can be on number 8. So you send a mail to a VO, to jump nos 1-7, just to update your medical which is on number 8? I think we all need to be patient. There is a processing time, wait. If nothing happens, you are free to send a mail. My profile was not updated until the 8th week (the processing time as at then), although i applied when it was 6 weeks. We all need to be calm and focus on other things. What i see these days are applicants that will apply and get a notification, they won't take time to read and understand the message, the next thing is "please i got this message ---------, can anyone interpret". You applied Jun 24th and you are desperate for approval/ update, can't you see that the recent approvals are for people that applied in May? Except you want the kind of responses some June applicants have gotten which is a refusal, Just keep calm and pray that the outcome of your application is positive. Everyone will get a response before the end of August and i pray we all get a positive one.
Oya go back to work and get busy.

Success to all
Very valid points bro. One important thing to note also about sending unnecessary emails to CIC when an application has not exceeded the stipulated processing time is that it is noted in the applicant's GCMS file which is detrimental during a case review. I believe nobody would want a file note with any instance of desperation recorded especially when they have provided all that is to be expected and processing time has not been exceeded. Folks with applications within the stipulated processing time need to be patient and be positive about the outcome.

The routine and processing of an application is more to what we all assume and predict. The could be delay for various reasons but one thing is always certain, as long as you applied, they will revert back to you.

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