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Religion / Re: Have You Noticed All The Women Accusing Suleiman Are Into Acting/showbiz? by BlackFlamefromP: 7:22am On Jan 24
At least, one of these ladies accusing the man should bring the pant and clothe they wore on the day they claim Apostle Suleman slept with them for forensic investigation. Let's settle this matter once and for all. Hopefully, the man"s semen and fingerprint is still on the pant and clothe one of the ladies wore during the sex romp with the 'man of God'.

As far as I am concern, untill the accuser is able to prove is accusation with concrete verifiable evidence, I don't bloody care about the sheer number of the accusers or their social status. EVIDENCE, OR NO CASE is my motto when it comes to handling accusation.

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Mocks Obi At Chatham House: I Am A PhD Holder, Not A Trader by BlackFlamefromP: 7:06pm On Jan 18
Shmmm! PhD holder with empty soul and empty brain. My friend go and sit down. That 'trader' has best qualities of a leader Nigeria needs now.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghanistan: Taliban Ban Women From Working In National & International NGOs by BlackFlamefromP: 5:44pm On Dec 24, 2022
It's a crime to be a woman in Afghanistan. My condolences to all the women there

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Family / Re: Wise Woman Richer Than Her Husband Will Secretly Give Him Money At Home - Pastor by BlackFlamefromP: 7:58am On Dec 22, 2022
I don't support fake life. As a man, if my wife happens to be richer than me and she is kind enough to help out financially, why should I want to act like I am the provider when I am not? That's fake life and taking glory that belongs to my wife.

If I want to be seen as a provider it is my duty to work hard to provide and be truly seen as a provider instead of being fake.

We must learn to tame our ego


Celebrities / Re: Portable Welcomes Newborn Baby From Another Baby Mama (Photos) by BlackFlamefromP: 8:18pm On Dec 12, 2022
Yes, impregnate them all.
Politics / Re: Labour Party Hints At Increasing Minimum Wage To ₦‎80,000-₦‎100,000 by BlackFlamefromP: 1:29pm On Dec 09, 2022
You need to tell us where you will get the money to pay the salary first

Beware of promising the moon just to win an election!
Politics / Re: Notorious Terrorist Bello Turji To Military: Why Have You Not Killed Me? by BlackFlamefromP: 2:11pm On Dec 03, 2022
The Nigeria Armed Forces are cowaeds.

Why always bombing?

Don't we have Special Forces in Nigeria that can go in to that his house and get him?
With all these bombardment, there may be human casualties, and there is no assurance they'll get him

...'there may be?' Human casualties and some other collateral damage are inevitable whenever the military engage in bombing.

Well trained special forces that can track him down and either arrest or neutralize him remain the best.

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Politics / Re: MURIC Accuses Governor Adeleke Of Marginalizing Christians In Osun by BlackFlamefromP: 1:44pm On Dec 03, 2022
I would have respected MURIC for this statement; but the fact that they openly supported Tinubu's Muslim/Muslim ticket make me see this as mere hypocrisy!
Politics / Re: Ned Nwoko Slams Wike, Says ‘you Will Go To Jail For Your Atrocities’ by BlackFlamefromP: 10:29pm On Nov 26, 2022
For you fools insulting Ned Nwoko here, I know you are all envious of Ned's privileged positions, wealth and success. You are also bitter that Ned has succeeded in marrying many young, beautiful ladies while no lady has your time despite your 'handsomness'!

Ned Nwoko clearly stated in the writeup that the fee he is laying claim to was duly 'approved by the Federal government following various federal high courts, court of appeal and supreme court judgements, federal government and presidential approvals and 3 separate EFCC reports supporting the payments.'. If this is true, my question is what is the man's crime here?

You idiots also call the man 'paedophile'. Do you even know the meaning of paedophile? Mr. Ned may have married women he is far older than but can you idiots calling him paedophile proof that he married any of those women when they were below 18 years?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kanye West Asks Donald Trump To Be His Running Mate In 2024 by BlackFlamefromP: 8:53pm On Nov 23, 2022
I advise him to choose Portable as his running mate.

Na Portable fit am

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Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Receives N10M From Husband For Campaigning For Him (Photo) by BlackFlamefromP: 3:29pm On Nov 22, 2022
A man is a baby irrespective of age when he's a lover.
Well done Regina. Enjoy your marriage, step on the neck of haters and let them choke.
If they beg, stand on the mouth with just one leg. You v tried!

Religion / Re: I Don't Need Any Religion - Wole Soyinka by BlackFlamefromP: 5:19pm On Nov 21, 2022
Wole Soyinka is an evolved SOUL.

Souls who are highly evolved have no need for religion and no need to worship any deity because they intuitively know that 'I and my FATHER are one'. They feel a sense of ONENESS with ALL THAT IS

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Politics / Re: Wike Pledges ‘Logistics Support’ For Kwankwaso's Campaign by BlackFlamefromP: 3:50pm On Nov 21, 2022
Wike has become a political prostitute; neither here nor there. His eyes will clear after the election. For now let him keep wasting River State's money on any political party he fancies.
Politics / Re: I Regret Not Forming Alliance With Peter Obi – Kwankwaso by BlackFlamefromP: 3:44pm On Nov 21, 2022
You must be high on Tinubu's urine to think that Tinubu is the best candidate.

Did you just say Wike is your best bet? I am now convinced you are high.

God forbid Wike or Tinubu ruling the most powerful black nation on earth called Nigeria!

I believe Obi should have considered the offer and chosen the best among them to be president rather than declaring that the presidency must go to the South...

Nothing will change in this country until we stop seeing ourselves as South, North, Muslim, Christians, and so on.

I am actually supporting Tinubu because I have admired him since 2008, and I may reconsider if wike is on the ballot.

Wike is our best bet, but Tinubu is now the best candidate on the ballot for 2023
Celebrities / Re: Benz Are Taxis In Germany - Portable Mocks Nigerians Bragging With Benz (Video) by BlackFlamefromP: 12:35am On Oct 30, 2022

Lol. Not a big deal na. Even Tesla and Porsch are used as Taxis

You just said my mind. What's the big deal in using Benz for taxi? You see, the problem we have as human beings is always the way we perceive things.

Portable and most Nigerians underate taxi business and believe only inferior low quality cars should be used for it. So, they are often surprised when they go to advance countries and see exotic cars being used for such business.

Baba, the fact that you just discovered Benz is being used as taxi in Germany doesn't mean owning it is not an achievement for those who work hard to get one

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approved Naira Redesign, CBN Replies Finance Minister by BlackFlamefromP: 10:56am On Oct 29, 2022
Just look at the shit you are typing!

If you attended a University or any higher institution beyond secondary school such schools need to be shut down as you are a disgrace to our educational system with your level of reasoning.

The guy you are mention and insulted merely stated some economic fact concering different roles of CBN and Finance Ministry which even a secondary school economic student should know. And you are attacking him for that without caring to offer any logical argument to counter his point!


Shut up your dirty mouth clueless zombie. I wonder the kind of senseless person you will be in real life. I know for sure that people around you will be avoiding you for your wickedness. You are such a pathetic and a sadist that derive joy in seeing people suffering. May God have mercy on your wretched soul

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Three Security Guards Needed by BlackFlamefromP: 4:09pm On Jul 04, 2022
All positions filled. Thanks guys
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Three Security Guards Needed by BlackFlamefromP: 9:58pm On Jul 02, 2022
Good luck guys!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Massive Recruitment @ Farmbucks by BlackFlamefromP: 9:54pm On Jul 02, 2022

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Be Job Ready by BlackFlamefromP: 9:48pm On Jul 02, 2022
Okay. Noted

Jobs/Vacancies / Three Security Guards Needed by BlackFlamefromP: 9:37pm On Jul 02, 2022
Three experienced Security Guards are urgently needed.

Location is Akoka, Lagos. Applicants must reside around Akoka, Yaba, Bariga area.

Salary: N30,000 for a start.

If interested send your CV to realjobsonline17@gmail.com.

Please note that we are not an 'employment agent'. So, you are not going to pay a dime in order to get the job.
Politics / Re: Atiku Mocks Tinubu, Obi Over Inability To Pick A Running Mate by BlackFlamefromP: 8:10am On Jun 20, 2022
PDP actually seems to be the most organized and well-prepared of all the so-called major party.

APC as a ruling party, which suppose to be a role model that other parties should be copying has been a nothing but a disappointment. They seems confused.

Labour party is unserious and not yet ready to rule.
Politics / Re: What Happens If Tinubu’s VP Placeholder, Masari, Goes Rogue? by BlackFlamefromP: 12:11pm On Jun 19, 2022
The issue I raised is not about comparing the two parties. it's about strategic thinking. I see Labour Party's choice of Doyin Okupe as a VP placeholder as lack of strategic thinking.

What if they are unable to replace him for some reasons. Which northerner will vote 2 southerners as president and vice president?


So you're comparing a ruling party with a minority opposition? Wonderful!
Politics / Re: What Happens If Tinubu’s VP Placeholder, Masari, Goes Rogue? by BlackFlamefromP: 8:48am On Jun 19, 2022
APC's choice of a Northerner from one of the key Northern states as a VP placeholder is even better than Labour Party's choice of a fellow southerner like Obi. Doyin Okupe of all people!

If the APC's VP placeholder decides to go 'rogue' APC can still win. But I doubt if that can be said of Labour Party.
Celebrities / Re: Davido 'Buys' His 2-Year-Old Son, Ifeanyi, A $320k Luxury Watch (Photos, Video) by BlackFlamefromP: 3:25pm On Jun 18, 2022
I'm happy for the little boy. But on a more serious note, although Davido is one of the most generous celebrity we have in this country, with the kind of money he waste and throws away on frivolities I strongly believe he could do more for humanity and charity.

Just my opinion.

Wealthy African celebrities should learn from Senegalese footballer - Sadio Mane and see how the young man is using his money to uplift his people instead of indulging in self-aggrandizement.

If 10% of wealthy African celebrities were like Sadio Mane poverty would have been wiped out of the continent a long time ago.
Religion / Re: Catholic Diocese Of Enugu Shuts Down Father Mbaka's Adoration Ministry by BlackFlamefromP: 11:31am On Jun 18, 2022
I will advise you to study dispassionately the nature, import and intent of the comments the Alfa made and compare it with the one Mbaka made you will see that the two comments are as different as light and darkness.

Whereas the Alfa you are referring to made the comments he made out of genuine love and concern for the suffering masses, and out of righteous anger at the impotency of Buhari's government to secure the lives of Nigerians. The Alfa clearly displayed qualities of selflessness judging from the nature and content of the comment he made.

Mbaka is only concerned about his pocket and ego. He is interested in ANY politician who will donate money to him and bow to him.. That Mbaka's outburst against Peter Obi was evil, disgusting and distasteful. Mbaka is too full of ego and spiritual pride. He is also too materialistic, and reckless in his utterances. The man obviously needs to be tamed.

At a mosque in Abuja, an Alfa was suspended for criticising Buhari, people wailed bitterly about it. They said there is freedom of speech, and the Alfa shouldn't have been suspended indefinitely for castigating Buhari.

I hope those set of people wey wail against the removal of the Alfa will also wail bitterly about the removal of Father Ejike Mbaka for expressing his opinion.
Politics / Re: Labour Party In A Last-minute Search For VP Candidate by BlackFlamefromP: 7:59pm On Jun 17, 2022
Shmmm! These people are not serious.

If I vex I will give my vote to Atiku. I can't waste my vote on unserious people
Politics / Re: Labour Party Names Doyin Okupe As VP Candidate by BlackFlamefromP: 7:48pm On Jun 17, 2022
What kind of joke is this one?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi And The Egyptian Trip (photos and video) by BlackFlamefromP: 7:39pm On Jun 16, 2022
Fellow Nigerians let's come out and support and vote Obong Peter Okon Obi as President Federal Republic of Nigeria
Politics / Re: A Stingy Man Will Never Become The President Of Nigeria - Fr Mbaka blasts Obi by BlackFlamefromP: 11:30am On Jun 16, 2022
Baba, drag him to court or go and report him to EFCC with your evidence if you have any or forever keep your mouth shut!


grin grin grin grin grin

What about the atrocities he committed while he was governor? He invested the state's fund is his family business. Who does that? How can you help yourself and your family with the state fund and you want to say you are helping the state? Roads are in terrible state across the state. He didnt see the need to put them in good condition for the benefit of the people.

We are voting en masse for Tinubu for his leadership acumen and the vision which has brought Lagos this far and making it enviable to even Tinubu's enemies. He increased the IGR profile of the state from N600m to N60B. He didn't take the money and invest it in his family business. He used the money to begin the infrastructural revitalization and rehabilitation in the state. Subsequent governors who are his boys have followed in his footsteps. This is what makes Lagos enviable to many of you.

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