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TV/Movies / Re: Ajmoney, Tega’s Husband: I Cheated On Her In Our Matrimonial Home by blues234: 11:23am On Sep 01, 2021
You're a fucking simp, man angry


Romance / Re: Nigerian Doctor In UK Mocks Nigerian Women After His Gift From UK Woman (Pix) by blues234: 10:30am On Aug 30, 2021
yeah! With too dragging and nagging even when I try talked her off with videos and pictures of Nigeria. She still insisted.

What I did was to find a good hotel at Lagos and we stay for a week but she didn't find it funny with mosquitoes and police pullover all the time undecided

Just try to avoid major hotline places in Nigeria if she still insist on coming
Thanks bro... one love

Na East I dey o. May be I have to start sending her pictures of the East, if she go like am.
She is familiar with Lagos sha, but yet to visit.
Pets / Re: My Dog Kept Barking At Me Don't Know Until I Goggled This by blues234: 10:28am On Aug 30, 2021
I remembered how captain saved me from snake bite, back in the days. This was in the 90s. Our restroom was bad, and so for days we couldn't use it but had to help ourselves with alternatives. I had to wait until night cover to use the bush. On this particular night, I was relieving myself, when captain appeared from no where and started barking.
Captain, a very friendly dog, barking at me. That was strange. After a while, it moved to my angle and sat down, facing the other side of the bush, and kept on barking occasionally. Well, after everything, I stood up, pointed my torchlight to the direction he was backing at, and behold this huge black cobra, with hoods spread out to attack. I froze at the moment, not knowing what to do. I had to hurriedly, but quietly retreated. Captain stayed behind, barking for several minutes before he finally joined me.
That wonderful dog mysteriously disappeared one night, till date.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Doctor In UK Mocks Nigerian Women After His Gift From UK Woman (Pix) by blues234: 9:06pm On Aug 28, 2021
Good he left those piece of shiit called naija women undecided

Very useless set of black species who got no economical value. angry

I always advise you date a foreigner and forget those piece of shiit.

Naija women are useless..... All of them.

I remember when I was dating to black shegoat (naija women) The highest gift I ever received was perfume of 1k naira, and that was the day I was enlightened that those piece of shiit ain't worth it. undecided

Presently I'm dating a foreigner, and I most tell you, the experience is worth it. grin
Bross, we dey the same league. Currently I'm dating one sweet angel from New Zealand, but my fear say she wan touch Nija.
I dey try talk am off, but she dey insist to visit. Have you ever hosted your date in Nija? how you manage? Drop me some clues, if any bro. grin

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Politics / Re: Open Grazing Ban: Southern States Set To Miss Sept 1 Deadline by blues234: 3:45pm On Aug 28, 2021
The South East states are scared to sign the bill into law,typical Biafran people.
Biafra people are always making noise on Nairaland but when it's time for action they disappear.
This same Biafrans set up ESN, what has your useless dog eating tribe done to curtail herdsmen killing. Stupid Ekpaiton. Ogbun nkita angry
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode In Green White Green With Yerima In Zamfara (Pictures) by blues234: 3:26pm On Aug 28, 2021
This is the guy that deceived Kanu with that rubbish conspiracy of Buhari replacement with Jubril. See him frolicking with people he once tagged enemies. When we say most of those propaganda is politically sponsored, especially by the opposition, them call us efulefu.

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Politics / Re: Onitsha A Model For Nigerian Cities by blues234: 8:41am On Aug 28, 2021
These guys from a particular region has made it a mission to attack anything igbo on this forum. Enemies comes in different shades and hues
Politics / Re: Imo’s Uzodinma Breaks From Southern Governors On Anti-Open Grazing by blues234: 2:12pm On Aug 26, 2021
this man and Umahi is the problem we have in the South East. I saw a video the slaughter in Plateau, and I had a preview of what will befall any state that accommodates these blood thirsty barbarians.
Open grazing is archaic. Buy/rent land for ranching, except you guys really want to set the nation on fire.

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Crime / Re: Graphic Photos Of The 30 Yelwa Zangam Residents Killed In Fresh Attack In Jos by blues234: 6:04pm On Aug 25, 2021
[s]Add graphics to that picture. Me wey mistakenly click now. I no fit swallow my garri in peace
Modified: this country is something else. Dem don leave the road for the poor masses, they now make use of private jets. Non of them leaves in their local community. Everyone of them governs their states from Abuja.

You know during the service year, any oga house wey you enter. The gate man will tell you oga Ina Abuja government house. At a point I was wondering if all the big men here works with the Nigeria government.

Just get this guys out of the government and see all of them carry plate they waka for road they sing bambilala nyetum Kobo
Proudly Igbo Amaka
[/s] angry
You just end up saying nothing.
Politics / Re: Enough Is Enough: Why Ariaria Market Must Be Demolished Now by blues234: 3:49pm On Aug 25, 2021
Yorubas are fanatically obsessed with Igbos. See how they have already invaded this thread to spew trash as usual. Tufiakwa!
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Commissions 132/33 KVA Power Injection Substitution In Awka Anambra by blues234: 9:48pm On Aug 24, 2021
If only Nigerians, especially the youths, can rally round him. He possessed every qualification to be the next president.
Politics / Re: The Igbos Are Not Landlocked by blues234: 1:22pm On Aug 23, 2021
Thunder fire otu nne gi.
Ewu Biafra.
Adiok ano itit uka.
Ino mkpo.
Ituruka nmowu nmowu
Ezi nmowo
Ozu udene
Politics / Re: The Igbos Are Not Landlocked by blues234: 11:32am On Aug 23, 2021
These noise makers will never shut up,I can't wait for you to start the war again so you will be made to shut up once and for all.
Useless people.
Thunder fire you, Ekpaiton. God punish your generation. Touch an Igbo man any-day, as a result of your hate and die a thousand times. Anu mpam
Politics / Re: There’s Nothing Like Mainstream Igbo, We’re All Igbos’: Chike Ogeah by blues234: 5:55pm On Aug 22, 2021
Pazianza and Bikkay, whatever the Bleep is his name, are doing Igbos great disservice with your emotional stand on national issue.
I have an Ika guy that is currently touring the south east, with the sole objective of research and the way forward to Igbo unity.
What you guys do is to sit with your phone and emotionally pour out treaties that will derail or destory the effort of genuine igbos working for our unity. I wonder why you don't do this on Facebook. Pazianza and Bikay, you guys should gba brake biko.
Politics / Re: The Igbos Are Not Landlocked by blues234: 11:49pm On Aug 21, 2021
Even Ariani, the famed Pazianza is towing this stupid path of antagonism with that troll of a Bkay, nawao!
Politics / Re: The Igbos Are Not Landlocked by blues234: 11:46pm On Aug 21, 2021
Know that your plan will never work.
We use the same strategy in Business where we sell the first for far below the price so as to get the customers to come back where we will finish him.
So you can't beat us in the game we invented.
Your plan is to praise or fake brotherhood with Ndigbo after which you will deal the finishing blow, catching us off guard.
You want your Aboh to enter limelight like the Ikwerre and Ika people did with Ndigbo being the Firewood for it but you will fail.

We don't know you, your Aboh, Ukwuani or Udoka or whatever your call it, Ndoka or Udoka. Try something else
Go back to your fellow Bini people
You are on every thread with the sole purpose of derailing it with your usual diatribe. Nna zukwani ike! Tufia
Crime / Re: Man Caught Sleeping With His Sister In Benue (Photos) by blues234: 10:18pm On Aug 19, 2021
They have done nothing wrong, as far as they are consenting adults I don't see any problems
It is wrong by all standard.
Politics / Re: ANIOMA Should Be Seeded To The South East As The Sixth South East State by blues234: 9:53am On Aug 17, 2021

That portion of land people settled in belonged to the Benin Empire. Why would they cede it to South East?
You people come online and type rubbish just so you sound woke. What nonsense empire? In this 21st century?
You are yet to even lay hold on Gelegele from the Ijaws and you are here yapping rubbish.
Politics / Re: ANIOMA Should Be Seeded To The South East As The Sixth South East State by blues234: 9:50am On Aug 17, 2021
An Anioma state will be a justice done to the Igbo nation, whether she is ceded to South East or not. The important thing is they belong to the Igbo nation. Recently, an Anioma woman was elected Ohaneze Women Leader, even though most folks here attacked and abused her for nothing.
That should tell you the average Nigerian is dead scared of the unity of Ndi Igbo. If the Igbo unites, regardless the geopolitical zone, She will end up a very strong political block you don't mess with in Nigeria, or post Nigeria. This is the pure truth.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Announces ‘amnesty,’ Urges Women To Join Government by blues234: 9:38am On Aug 17, 2021
This is part of the deal with the American government. They cannot operate in isolation and thus need some legitimacy.
Ironically, Taliban is the only group that possess the capacity to maintain stability in Afghanistan.
Everything was staged managed, forget the media hype.


Politics / Re: Death, A Transition Or Termination To Existence by blues234: 10:46am On Aug 15, 2021
God pass man

No mortal being can actually explain the mystery mystery of death
We can only assume and draw conclusions
My brother, thinking about death humbles any living soul. I have been so sober since this incidence occurred in my hood.
A healthy soul just gone. The ultimate end of every living soul.
Politics / Re: Death, A Transition Or Termination To Existence by blues234: 10:44am On Aug 15, 2021
What happens after death? Does one seize to exist after death or is it a transition point to another form of existence?
Please, those of us knowledgeable in this area should enlighten us.

Let's look at both scientific and spiritual angle to this question
Politics / Death, A Transition Or Termination To Existence by blues234: 10:35am On Aug 15, 2021
Hello Guys -

What do you think about death? Is it a portal to a transition path or absolute termination?
I just lost a neighbor, healthy and fit, and it got me thinking.
Please let's discuss.

Celebrities / Re: Rita Daniels Elected Ohanaeze Ndigbo National Women Leader (Video) by blues234: 10:13pm On Aug 14, 2021
[s]Power of kpekus
Is she even from one of the five Igbo states?
National women leader without a husband.
Ohaneze ndigbo is a joke.
Nnamdi kanu was right after all.[/s]
Since you have been giving out your own kpekus what have you achieved? Abi no be the same kpekus?
Igboland is not just the five state, so don't delve into what you don't know. Busybody
Politics / Re: Effium Killings: Umahi To Rebuild Ebonyi Community Destroyed By Communual Clash by blues234: 3:07pm On Aug 14, 2021
Bros get sense in Jesus name Amen
Effium is d name of d community while uffiom or offia is d name of those people that migrated from cross river to Ebonyi, for over hundred years we have been living together but we are unable to speak or hear their language so their language is completely different from igbo language don't say what u don't know, every other igbo tribe says "Bia" as in come including Ezza but uffiumites says different thing while telling someone to come
I'm from Ebonyi state and currently live in Ebonyi. I know what I'm saying. The assimilation is not hundred percent, but do you know other Igbos have to strained their ears to understand an Ezza man? Effium People have made it public that they are Igbos, why should it be only Ezza people countering them? Please, let us allow peace to reign. We cannot develop as a state if we keep hating and fighting among ourselves.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Pere Waiting For Barbecue From Whitemoney by blues234: 11:10am On Aug 14, 2021
This is just a game, and I think Pere is playing his part to make the game interesting.
Pere should create more poler region for more drama. cheesy

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Politics / Re: Effium Killings: Umahi To Rebuild Ebonyi Community Destroyed By Communual Clash by blues234: 10:58am On Aug 14, 2021
thunder fire u!!
Between Ezza and Uffium which one is igbo?
Uffiumites are migrants from cross river which their language is completely different from igbo language, uffiumites migrated all d way from ukelle cross river and come to claim indigenous in my own state, they even say that we should leave ebonyi state, we captured five Fulani herdsmen,3 kogi,2benue machineries hired by uffiumites to come and kill our people in ohaukwu
So don't bite d hand dat feeds u
Both Effium and Ezza are Igbos. But Effium has some migrants from Cross River, but have been assimilated into Igbo. Effium speaks Igbo, with a tonal dialect, same as Ezza. Ezza surprisingly, sounds like Ekpeye in Rivers state.

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Politics / Re: Ikoro Ijaws Attack Binis In Obazuwa by blues234: 3:06pm On Aug 13, 2021

Una nor dey bury cow alive to increase membership of una church?

Answer me.
You're a complete fool without control. wetin concern me with cow and burial? No be you dey brag how Ika do juju pass Bini here?
Nna get out! angry
Politics / Re: Ikoro Ijaws Attack Binis In Obazuwa by blues234: 2:47pm On Aug 13, 2021

Both.Try find out Esan people too sabi church business especially small church.

But you see Igboman,very greedy before you know he don dey bury cattle s alive to increase his membership and the church will become rich and he becomes rich.

One of my sec sch friend in benin then,who hails from Imo state is now a pastor in benin there.I understand his business well and he nor dey hide am from me.
You talk too much boy. Chochocho. Everything wey you see, you chook mouth. Make you no die troway because of your running tap mouth.
And please, desist from dragging Igbos into your miseries. Very stupid boy.
Politics / Re: 6 IPOB/ESN Members Killed, 13 Arrested, 19 AK 47 Rifles Recovered In Enugu by blues234: 10:14am On Aug 13, 2021

Continue blaming Buhari when igbos are now the ones killing their own brothers just because they wear security uniform.
Below are some of the ESN targeted killings:
I never supported ESN/UGM attacking security forces, but get my point, in order to be on the part of justice, the same
measure of energy that is used on ESN should be the same on killer herdsmen. The genesis of this crisis is the killer herdsmen...
Self Defense is a universal human right.

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