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Romance / Re: Can You Marry An Illiterate? by bonetalk(m): 6:52am On Jan 17, 2015

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin SO MANY ERRORS..LMAO

it would have been better if those errors can be pointed out and corrected, so others can learn from it, mere criticism is not enough

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Crime / Re: Ikare Bank Robbery: The Real Story & Photos (Viewers Discretion) by bonetalk(m): 7:51pm On Jan 15, 2015
But i believe those robbers were not operating ordinarily, there was some spiritual back ups
Romance / Re: Ladies : Can You Do This On Your Wedding Day? (pics) by bonetalk(m): 5:42pm On Jan 11, 2015

lol! 1 bag of cement ke...haba, guys dont weigh that much o.
the weight of a cement bag is 50kg and an adult's weight is more than that
Romance / Re: Reasons Why You Should Try Online Dating by bonetalk(m): 5:32pm On Jan 06, 2015
lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Life itself is a risk,
Religion / Re: 42 Prayer Points To Tackle This Year 2015 By Dr D.k Olukoya by bonetalk(m): 11:36am On Jan 01, 2015
Good one, year of positive change for me. Happy new year

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Pets / Re: Malinois Puppies Available For Experience Hands. by bonetalk(m): 8:15am On Dec 26, 2014
I just like the attention u gives to them
Pets / Re: Which Breed Of Dog Can I Get For 5k by bonetalk(m): 7:25am On Dec 26, 2014
15k nko

15k? Congrats u just bought the dogs feed.
Now talk of buying d dog gangan

15k? Congrats u just bought the dogs feed.
Now talk of buying d dog gangan
lol, but seriously i wish he can get enough money to purchase a better dog, he seems to have much interest in it but, ego/kudi/owo remains the constraint for him
Pets / Re: My Dog Is Over Active ! What Should I Do by bonetalk(m): 7:11pm On Dec 23, 2014
I think i need a dog like that, coz i like it that way
Religion / Nepal's Slaughter Festival by bonetalk(m): 7:43am On Nov 29, 2014
Amid worldwide protests, online campaigns and petitions by animal rights groups, the town of Bariyarpur in southeastern Nepal witnessed one of the goriest festivals in the world - the Gadhimai festival.
Celebrated every five years, this festival is considered to be one of the largest animal sacrifices in the world. In 2009, according to reports, more than 250,000 animals including goats, sheep, water buffaloes, chickens, rats, pigeons, and pigs were slaughtered during the festival celebrated by some Hindu communities, with the belief that these sacrifices will appease the goddess of power, Gadhimai.
But this year, the Indian government did not allow buffaloes to be taken across the border for this festival, leading to smaller numbers of buffaloes seen on the slaughter ground this year.
"The Indian government should not stop buffaloes, they are interfering in our religion and it is very bad, but let me tell you we will never stop, we will continue. This year we are seeing more participation of people than previous years," said Dihrender Singh, 41, one of the organisers of the Gadhimai festival.
Around five million devotees have flocked from the Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and many parts of Nepal to take part in this festival at the temple of Gadhimai in Bariyarpur,145km from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.
Silent protests were held by animal rights groups outside the venue of sacrifice at Bariyarpur temple, as they tried to stop the sacrifice of animals.
"This festival should stop. God doesn’t want the blood of these innocent animals. We have been petitioning and campaigning to ban this festival but all in vain. This is sad and the appalling cruelty cannot be imagined. All this is done in the name of pleasing a Goddess," said Manoj Gautam, an animal rights activist who travelled from Kathmandu to protest.
While the activists staged protests outside the temple, the main festival began at dawn with a ceremonial sacrifice at the main temple with people chanting "Long live Gadhimai".
"Despite all the protests, the festival continued and this shows the divine power of Gadhimai. She solves all the problems. If you don’t have a son or you don't have enough money, an offering to her will solve all these issues," said Naveen Tiwari, a priest.
More than 300 men with the license to slaughter and armed with big knives, locally known as khukri, entered the enclosure where thousands of animals were kept and started hacking the animals to death. They are paid 25 Nepali rupees ($0.26) to sacrifice one big animal. The beliefs associated with the festival ensures participation by non-professional butchers as well.
"I don’t feel guilty about slaughtering the animals because it will make Gadhimai very happy. She has given my family a very good life and this is my way of saying thank you to her. People make money by slaughtering animals, but for me, this is also spiritual satisfaction. I have beheaded around 59 buffaloes till now," said Samu Patel, 52, a brick-kiln labourer from a nearby village who obtained a license to slaughter animals at the festival.

Phones / Re: Z30 Or S4? by bonetalk(m): 7:31pm On Nov 24, 2014
Short description
16 GB, 2 GB RAM
8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
1080p@30fps, video stabilization
OS BlackBerry 10.2 OS
Qualcomm MSM8960T Pro Snapdragon
Dual-core 1.7 GHz Krait
Product details
All-touch screen, 25hrs1 battery life 16GB Storage H ready Features Get more out of every conversation Chat face-to-face with BBM Video, and even share what's on your screen, while enjoying better sound quality. BlackBerry Natural Sound technology enables you to hear nuances and variations in tone, giving your BBM Voice2 and Video3 calls a clearer, more natural quality. Hear the difference Learn how to use BBM Video, Stay in the flow Connecting in BBM has never been easier. The beautiful screen brings BBM Video chats to life and with BBM Now in any app, you can receive and respond to your BBM messages from within any app.
Whether browsing the web or watching a video, you can always remain connected and responsive. Learn how to use BBM Now in any app Learn more about BBM Effortlessly responsive typing, Type faster and more accurately on a touchscreen keyboard that learns how you write. The BlackBerry Keyboard provides an effortless typing experience with personalised next-word suggestions, which you can simply flick into your messages. Learn how to use the BlackBerry Keyboard, A camera that captures the right moment Capture your photo, then adjust the image to get that perfect moment. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photoso you can adjust elements to get the shot you want. Perfect for when you catch someone blinking or looking away.
When you're happy, share with the world in an instant. Learn how to use Time Shift mode Keep your conversations close BlackBerry Hub lets you peek into all your messages from wherever you are with just one swipe. Then choose whether to dip into them or simply return to what you were doing. Learn how to use the BlackBerry Hub Battery life that keeps up with you Powering the BlackBerry Z30 is a truly hardworking battery. With up to 25 hours1 of battery life, you can keep going for longer. Faster downloads and fewer dropped calls Stay tuned in with optimised BlackBerry Paratek Antenna technology.
*.Size (L x W x H cm):140.7 x 72 x 9.4
*.Weight (kg):0.1
Phones / Re: Top 5 Reason Why Tecno Is Still The Worst Android Phone Ever by bonetalk(m): 9:11pm On Nov 20, 2014
All i know is that i can never buy tecno phone again after d ugly experience on their l3
Romance / Re: She Wakes Up At Night And Stares At ME!!!! by bonetalk(m): 6:06pm On Nov 12, 2014
O ti lari mo
Pets / Re: 15 Pets With Guinness World Record (Pictures) by bonetalk(m): 7:37am On Oct 03, 2014
I've saved the page for future reference, that dog with highest lifespan of 29yo is amazing
Education / Re: Angry Students Stone Afe Babalola Over One Month Power Outage by bonetalk(m): 5:29pm On Sep 19, 2014


Waiting for the pic...

I'm curious, when you post it, can you also tell me if the staff quarters had(or has) light this evening (tuesday)...I want to confirm something.
sorry for the delay, i've snapped it but the phone is having problem due to some newly installed applications in it, i'm using another phone to browse now,
now to ur question, the apartment(afe) still has power supply till now, i will still try to share d pictures with, please bear with me.
Education / Re: Angry Students Stone Afe Babalola Over One Month Power Outage by bonetalk(m): 9:32pm On Sep 14, 2014

Hi Bonetalk, it's possible(and surprisingly very easy) to restrict supply to the community but it wont be at the transformer, there would have to be isolators installed.

I'm curious, what's your stand on the matter? Do you think attacking Afe was warranted?
ok, i will back it up with picture(s) tommorrow, coz i may not be able to explain to u well,
they both(afe staff building and the community) shares thesame transformer using different cables(concealed with rubber, making it impossible for others to tap from it) , i will snap it and share it with u tommorrow, for u to understand it more.
Education / Re: Angry Students Stone Afe Babalola Over One Month Power Outage by bonetalk(m): 5:11pm On Sep 14, 2014

did you read the part where the school said the hostel was being run by generator?
that's a big lie, both the community and the Afe building uses thesame transformer but there is a manipulation that was done on the transformer, that makes afe building and a block industry belonging to ex-director(Engineer Olateju) of works and maintenance dept of abuad(belonging to afe babalola) to be enjoying the power supply at the expense of the host community , my house is just few metres to the afe building,

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Education / Re: Angry Students Stone Afe Babalola Over One Month Power Outage by bonetalk(m): 4:59pm On Sep 14, 2014
Most of u dont know what really happened,, it's my street
Romance / Re: How I Allowed A Good Man To Slip Away From My Grasp. *in Tears* by bonetalk(m): 7:50pm On Aug 14, 2014
I hope u have learnt ur lesson. Dont forget to change that ur signature


Culture / Re: Pls I Need Advice On How To Go For My Marriage Introduction In Igboland by bonetalk(m): 6:10pm On Aug 11, 2014
I'm really following this thread
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Buy & Customize Your Authentic 2014/2015 JERSEYS (female,male & Kids)...PICTURES by bonetalk(m): 2:52pm On Aug 09, 2014
I need chelseafc 2014/2015 season, male and female Jersey, size = large for the male and smaller and fitted size for the female, customised. How much can the two cost me?
Pets / Re: How Do I Make My Dog Ferocious? by bonetalk(m): 11:02am On Jul 19, 2014
mind you not all dogs have that courage or willingness to bite, some are just alert dogs,

Just like my Dog but she get scared easily, I wish she can be fierce.

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Pets / Re: Lets Share Pictures Of Our Dogs by bonetalk(m): 6:50am On Jul 18, 2014
Mr Osewa seems to like Dogs a lot,
i'm also getting one exotic dog soon. But i want a ferocious one.
Pets / Re: Names You Call Your Pet? by bonetalk(m): 3:01am On Jul 18, 2014
Mine is Fiesta
Pets / Re: How Do I Make My Dog Ferocious? by bonetalk(m): 2:40am On Jul 18, 2014
I think i also have interest in this topic. Coz my Dog also get scared easily, though she barks a lot but she can not attack any stranger
Pets / Re: Caucasian,rot,alsetian,neopletan For Sale by bonetalk(m): 2:06am On Jul 18, 2014
He that has ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.
A word is enough for a wiseman.
Beware, dont be duped!!!
Travel / Re: Nigeria Airways Air Hostess In 1973 - What Do You Think? by bonetalk(m): 8:03pm On Jul 17, 2014
Who is this?
Pets / Re: Family Dog Kills Owner Injures Wife by bonetalk(m): 7:31am On Jan 05, 2014
saintjoel: Baby of the house (teddy).

Picture A shows teddy has a puppy and what he'll become in like 9months.
good, but how much do u sell ur GSD pup?
Romance / Re: Dear Ladies, We Do Not Appreciate It When You Do These In Our Presence by bonetalk(m): 6:35pm On Dec 31, 2013
Dyt: Mtchewwwwwwwwww
i also hate it when a lady does that in my presence, it's a bad habit
Pets / Re: Family Dog Kills Owner Injures Wife by bonetalk(m): 5:47pm On Dec 31, 2013

not every dog is vicious..pit bulls are very dangerous and people who keep them as pets are a bunch of stupid people who get these dogs so as to show off that they can tame them and the funny thing is when it comes to protecting the owner,these dogs are really not up there with some of the best.I have 2 dogs....an Siberian husky and an Anatolian/Siberian husky mix and i have seen my mix dog actually defend me against 2 pit bulls who broke out in my alley while walking my dogs.my dog stood his ground when these dogs came charging at me and after a few minutes of staring down each other(i was close to passing out) the dogs whimpered and ran from my dog,was so proud and surprised and made me appreciate my dog more.now he lives like a king
what youjust wrote extremely makes me happy, i wish to get one Dog like that of yours in the nearest future
Pets / Re: Family Dog Kills Owner Injures Wife by bonetalk(m): 3:45pm On Dec 31, 2013
yusufogrin: since d day my dog(skippy) turned me to a mad man for street. . .GOD. i will alway adore u. . .she gave birth to puppies,i loved d colour of the last puppy so i went there to check out d puppy cuz d mother aint around. . .i was playin wit d puppy wen d mother showed up. . .i heard my friend whispering that ''yusuf,skippy dn dey cum 4 ur back''. . .instanta,i knew end time dn near. . . .dat was d day i knew my initial velocity is very high. . .cum see f1 formula race 4 street. . . . .thank God 4 d nearest barbing salon wen i jumped in nd close d sliding door. . .afta an hour,my leg still dey shake. . .oboy dog no be gud pet at all
u just succeeded in making me to LMAO

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