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Education / Re: Riot In Afe Babalola University, Ekiti (Photos) by bonetalk(m): 9:44pm On Feb 08, 2016
OLALEKANBANKY1... firstly you should investigate thoroughly before you start typing dumbly here. they shot someone ,which iam very sure of. the soldiers came to the school after the whole riot thing which was by past 1 yesterday n we only kept quiet cz they used teargas to chase us back inside. you weren't dere wen it happened so just shut your mouth n let the eye witness talk. mtcheww
i can clearly sense your bias opinion. What was d guy trying to do that lead to him being bruised? Actually he wasn't hit by any bullet, the gun was only fired to the air. There is no justification for what happened last night.

No responsibile and serious student will partake in what happened lastnight.

Those students has been planning it for so long even one security guard told me that, they usually says 'one day we will box this school' and they only took advantage of that lastnight lil disagreement to carry it out. There are some students that are having poor result and about being rusticated couple with some students with bad behaviour like use of hard drugs.

Why they were able to succeed to that extent was that, they believe that those security personnel there will never harm them regardless of any attitude they display.
So when the issue was heating up, the security guards ran away to prevent mishaps. They were capable to stop them but if anything happens to any of those students they will face the consequence.

They destroyed about 5 cars, burnt 2 motorcycles, destroyed 5 motorcycles, stole many items, stole money, went major shops to steal items worth millions of naira , Destroyed many facilities including one expensive machine in college of engineering.
Education / Re: Riot In Afe Babalola University, Ekiti (Photos) by bonetalk(m): 10:59am On Feb 08, 2016
[quote author=INTROVERT post=42722241]Lies.... it was never ND students.
who told u that, Niger Delta students of Abuad have been the major problem of the school, they are so disobedient, arrogant, taking drugs and stealing. they wore army camouflage to lead other gullible students to destroy school facilities.
Politics / Re: Major Jack Wears Slippers To Church - Photos by bonetalk(m): 9:20pm On Jan 28, 2016
that's too appalling
Pets / Re: Mountain Goats: Amazing Goats Climbers. Photos by bonetalk(m): 8:11am On Jan 10, 2016
those pictures will be good for wall paper
Pets / How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Poo by bonetalk(m): 7:22am On Jan 09, 2016
copied from DOG PANORAMA on Facebook.

(COPROPHAGIA)Simply implies dogs habit of eating up their faeces. Let’s face it, dogs can be pretty disgusting when it comes to that and 10% of dogs does it But,there is one particular behavior that goes above and beyond the rest – the eating of faeces,especially as puppies. This behavior called coprophagy is easy to change with the right nutritional supplements and modifications to behaviorbut before then,Why Dogs Eat PooTo start with,you should know the accusative factor.It’s a good idea to take your dog to the vet if this is a common:
1. persistent behavior,such oftenlly a sign of a deficiency in their diet,there are actually quite a few deficiencies a dog might have that can lead to eating poo – a quick blood test or stool test can often identify if it is anything significant.Many times, supplementing whatever they’re missing from their diet can help with this problem.
2.GLUTTONY,this is an habit Of eating everything and anything with no ceasation,this applicable in cases of dogs that being subjected to starvation mostly,the moment they finish up availability they bounce on faces to further help their bowel.
3. INDIGESTION-this is when food intake doesn't totally pass through process that break it down and covert to energy and other nutrients,such food's aroma is expected to be figure out in faces by their sense of sniffing & lunch dog to eating d faces.This is applicable to breeders/owner that feed their dogs with home made food that contains stew/soup,party/eatery remnants and those thatfeed late in the night as there won't be activities to aid the digestion of such food.
4. NON-CONDUSIVE breeding environment-a dirty raised dog is expected to exhibit dirty behaviors like COPROPHAGIA.
GETTING YOUR DOG TO STOP;Now that you’ve identified if there is a physical problem, you can work toward fixing it.If your dog has a deficiency, that should be your first target. However,if it is simply a behavior they have learned somehow, you can use behavior modification to remove the desire to eat poo and reduce the Opportunity – Start by cutting out how many opportunities a dog actually has to eat the poop.You do this by collecting any poop and getting rid of it immediately,Especially if you let your dog out into the yard to poo,clean it up daily. When you walk your dog, make sure you personally take him to wherever he normally defecate and keep him away fromany other poo that may be on the walk.
1. Keep extremely clean and conducive kennel/environment,fumigate and. Bath ur dogs as @ when due.
2. Work on ur dogs nutritional table by giving good affordable food e.g Binggo and others.
3. Feed ur dog rightly and timely.
4. Increase the calcium content of ur dogs food to solidified d facesas dog only perform such act on watery faces. Other correctional methods are;
1-using based paforated cages.
2-adoptionof electrical collar.
3-Medication,such as potty mouth and other local methods. The important thing here is to remember that immediate action is needed,not delayed or verbal actions.poo eating behavior should be eradicated in a few short days.

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Science/Technology / Re: Lion Escapes From Cage At Jos Wildlife Park by bonetalk(m): 2:42pm On Dec 02, 2015
Run for your life ooo

Meanwhile we need moringa seed worth 10,000kg,interested seller can call me on 08036534549.We will pick it up and its cash and carry.

Pls WhatsApp for now my line is temporarily blocked.
u can contact Abuad farm, they have it in abundance
Pets / Re: Coconut Oil Works Wonders For Your Pets by bonetalk(m): 2:23pm On Dec 02, 2015
I need that coconut oil for personal use but is it the same as 'adin Agbon'?
Pets / Re: Rotweiller Health Issues by bonetalk(m): 8:28am On Dec 01, 2015
quite informative, those sickness in Rottweiler is my major turn off in the breed but it's still one of my favourites
Pets / Re: Russia Sends France Puppy After Police Dog Dies In Paris - NY Daily News by bonetalk(m): 2:23pm On Nov 25, 2015
most people in Nigeria takes Belgian Shepherd puppy for mongrel puppy because that breed is not common in Nigeria.
Pets / Russia Sends France Puppy After Police Dog Dies In Paris - NY Daily News by bonetalk(m): 12:44am On Nov 21, 2015
Russian authorities have gifted France with an adorable police dog in a show of support following the massive terror attack that killed 130 people and a Shepherd named Diesel that was blown to pieces by a suicide bomber.Diesel, a Belgian Malinois, died ina hail of gunfire by female suicide bomber, Hansa Aitboulahcen,during an anti-terror raid in suburban Saint-Denison Wednesday, according to France’s National Police. Now, the Russian government is sending over Dobrynia, a furry new companion named after a Russian folklore hero to help “in the fight against terrorism,” Russian government officials said. eialeks/via Instagram Russian police sent a service dog named Dobrynya to France after a 7-year-old shepherd was killed during a raid in Paris.“This dog will be handed to France in a testament of solidarity with the French people,” the Russian Interior Ministry tweeted on Friday morning. Dobrynia “is the personification of force, of goodness, of bravery and altruism,” officials wrote on the Russian Interior Ministry Facebook page, adding that the legendary hero defended Russia against foreign invasion. interior Minister Vladimir Kolokolstsev also sent France a letter expressing Russia’s support and readiness to fight against crime and terrorism, according to an Instagram post of the letter by ministry spoke person Elena Alekseyeva.eialeks/via Instagram Russian authorities also sent French officials a letter expressing support in the fight against terrorism. Police nation ale diesel was killed during a raid in the northern Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Russian officials captioned the picture with “#JeSuisDiesel,” a trending hashtag social media users have shared in tribute with the 7-year-old dog. The canine was part of the country’s Research, Assistance Intervention and Deterrence (RAID) and was sent to sniff out booby traps in the apartment of Aitboulahcen. The 26-year-old bomber blew herself up by detonating a suicide vest,killing her cousin and mastermind of the terror spree, Abdelhamid Abaaoud,along with Diesel. Peter Dejong/APThe shepherd was blown up during an anti-terrorism raid on Wednesday.The ministry hopes the Russian puppy “will be able to replace Diesel the police dog killed in the line of duty,”Alekseyeva said in her Instagram post.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Mali's Hotel Attack; Terrorist Freeing Those Who Could Recite The Quran. by bonetalk(m): 2:46pm On Nov 20, 2015
Nawa o
Romance / Re: Help!!! Need Advice On How To Break Up; by bonetalk(m): 3:08pm On Nov 15, 2015
tell her u have repented and cant fornicate anymore coz its end time.
That's what my former girl told me , menhhh, I hated myself then but now better


Properties / Re: Is It Possible To Build A 3 Bedroom Flat With N2million? by bonetalk(m): 7:09pm On Nov 13, 2015
it depends on the location but in Ekiti, it will go a long way but additional money would be needed for finishing
Pets / Re: ARRIVAL OF MY PUP FROM PSK JOS - M U R P H Y IS D E A D ! ! ! by bonetalk(m): 5:32am On Oct 27, 2015
I paid for this puppy on Friday 23rd and it got to me (in Lagos from Jos via YSG Motors night bus) the following day being Saturday courtesy of Pet Solution and Kennel (PSK) in Jos. We call the pup Murphy and he's exactly 2 months old today and well settled into his new home.

To say that the whole of my family is delighted is an understatement.

Thanks again PSK (and BSquared).

smiley cheesy grin
that's the real Nigga, looking cool!
how much did u pay for it?
Pets / Re: Diary Of My Boy "Bullet" by bonetalk(m): 7:35pm On Oct 21, 2015
garri just like that
Pets / Re: Breed Of This Dog by bonetalk(m): 4:38am On Oct 15, 2015
in okun aba, saala ni se?
ala ni o

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Phones / Re: The Tecno Phantom 5 & The LED TV + Multitasking / Battery Test by bonetalk(m): 4:37am On Oct 15, 2015
With tubemate
Pets / Re: Excessive Barking - I Need Help. Urgent!! by bonetalk(m): 6:40am On Oct 06, 2015
U sef, oya I trained her not to bark, ehn she don grab since say barking na sin for where I dey.
Nobody dey even know say dog dey inside my flat, she dey act like Basenji now.
Pets / Re: Super Pet Sundays: What Does Your Dog Eat? by bonetalk(m): 4:34am On Sep 29, 2015
Pets / Re: My Boy Bill Gate Courtesy Prodeegee by bonetalk(m): 8:38pm On Sep 26, 2015
Good, it looks so healthy
Phones / Re: The Tecno Phantom 5 & The LED TV + Multitasking / Battery Test by bonetalk(m): 8:56am On Sep 26, 2015
First video not available to watch so i downloaded it instead. As for the review, you did great but seem shy on camera. Well phantom 5 is way to expensive for 70k in my opinion.. Oh you are beauriful too...
how did u download it?
Pets / Re: Breed Of This Dog by bonetalk(m): 8:46pm On Sep 21, 2015
we call it kiligba in Ekiti
lol, o ra awe, erin re pami, kiligba
Pets / Re: Why Dogs Nudge by bonetalk(m): 7:23am On Sep 20, 2015
Good one.
Gaming / Re: Which Among These Android Games Is Your Most Favorite? (Graphic Photos) by bonetalk(m): 2:38am On Aug 29, 2015
Pes no dey there, then count me out
Pets / Re: Pet Section Losing It Glory Day By Day by bonetalk(m): 9:10pm On Aug 20, 2015
Family / Re: I Saw Her Through School; Now I'm No More Qualified To Marry Her by bonetalk(m): 7:40am On Aug 17, 2015
You paid her tuition once. (Which I assume is cheap) and you give her some change every now and then. Ok.

Is that enough for you to say you laboured for her, you sent her to school?

Did she not give companionship in return all those 4years?
Was she not cooking, cleaning and washing for you?

Men and lies.
She's not leaving you cos you're an OND cert holder (that can still further) with a lucrative business.

She's leaving you cos you're an a$$hoole.
a comment like this should be enough for any reasonable guy that they are the same, while in relationship except marriage, being selfish, not relying upon, being sensitive is not a crime.
Pets / Re: My Boy (kongo) ! by bonetalk(m): 9:55pm On Aug 16, 2015

I always keep my dogs lean.
by reducing their meal or by exercising them to burn calories?
Pets / Re: f by bonetalk(m): 8:26pm On Aug 15, 2015
How is coliver oil applied?
What is d effect on dog?
How much is it?
What is the local name of the oil?
Pets / Re: Top 10 Strongest Animals On Land by bonetalk(m): 6:35pm On Aug 15, 2015
I'm surprised not to see crocodile there. Btw good one
Pets / Re: Does Your Dog Kill Rats, Birds And Other Animals? (Pictures) by bonetalk(m): 6:01pm On Aug 15, 2015

What do you think almost killed him?
- It could have been that the rat was poisoned, which made it easy for your dog to catch it. The poison could have caused the symptoms.
- It could also be that your dog was simply not used to eating lots of meat & bones all at once. Perhaps you'd been feeding him rice, indomie, etc. Perhaps you rarely gave him edible bones to chew on. In that case, if he ate the whole bushrat at once, and especially if he didn't chew the bones properly, then the bones simply would not digest in his stomach, and could go on to perforate his intestines. This would explain why he refused to eat and why he was stooling stinking blood (which is basically blood from the perforation mixed with partially digested poo).

There was a time I fed my dog a catfish from the supermarket. Sometime later, he started yellow liquid with drops of blood. I was really worried but I kept observing him and feeding him normal dog food. Finally he pooped what looked like the skull of a catfish, with yellow liquid, blood, and some blades of grass which he probably ate to cure his discomfort. After that, he was fine, and I'd learnt not to feed catfish to my dog.
obviously i'm really learning through all these
Pets / Re: My Boy (kongo) ! by bonetalk(m): 3:29pm On Aug 15, 2015
I guess he got leaned due to ur trip
my love for this breed and u is increasing daily, i cherish his agility, i've watched the breed in so many videos, it's indeed a working dog.

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