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Crime / Re: Kidnappers Riddle A Car With Bullet At Umunneochi LGA Abia State by Cetacean419: 4:07pm On Aug 05, 2022
How will the east vote now?
They may not even vote on election day because of fear. Obi isn't concerned. Okay
Family / Re: Physiotherapy Or Optometry(not A Competition) by Cetacean419: 5:10pm On Apr 30, 2021
I studied optometry for two years before I switched to chemistry. So let me say the little I know about optometry. An optometrist is more of a technician. He does not conduct any major surgical operation on the eye. After school he can work in government hospitals, government or private eye clinics, he can also open his own clinic. One of the problem facing the profession is that they have untrained and unlicensed artisans who steal their jobs as they can prescribe glasses, cut glasses and fix it to frames for people with eye problem, and they even have apprentices. These artisans even go as far as conducting eye check and prescribing drugs for patients. The national body (NOA) is not fighting hard to checkmate these quacks and that makes the profession look like child's play
Guy I don't think people do switch from Optometry to Chemistry. It's 6years and you did just two naw. I can't rely on this from somebody that did not study it fully. The reason is because I know how much eye drugs, eye tests,glasses cost. I can't take your word even though I am not in support of him doing Optometry

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Family / Physiotherapy Or Optometry(not A Competition) by Cetacean419: 2:47pm On Apr 30, 2021
Good day everyone, my Nephew is about to undergo registration. He wants something in Health Field that he can start up from somewhere or hustle with the degree. I told him Pharmacy and the advantages with also disadvantages he said NO.
His parents want him to study Medicine because in our family. My sister his mother is a Lawyer, my elderl brother a Medical Doctor turned a Physician Assistant in the US, my father an Engineer,my younger brother, currently studying Dentistry and I myself am Engineer turned a big time Agriculurist His mother said he must study Medicine his father also the same. I told him Nursing he said NO, Radiography he said NO. I told him about Vet med and the money they're currently making untop of my head. He still refused he even said NO for Medicine and Dentistry.
So this young man gave us two options
My father his Grandfather supported this idea that he could start up his practice, doing hustle with NGO's and also make money for Optometry and continue it as a family business.
My brother a PA who is making serious money there, less legal issues and over 122K plus adds on bonuses said he should go for Physiotherapy that he could come to the US that people with stroke, Accidents and pain issues pay heavily for Physiotherapy. He even said in Nigeria Physiotherapist are making money that many Hospitals can't employ them but seek their help like contract (How true this is I don't know).
I told him Optometry and Physiotherapyis 6years and 5years respectively he said it doesn't matter. I told him that you won't get respect like Medical Doctors, he said it doesn't matter he's after something great.
So my people is he on the right path? He sees business in everything. He gave me a business Idea that I am cashing out from daily. He makes his money oo and he's just 17. His parents are threatening him that they won't pay his fees, he doesn't even care. He just want votes and I felt like to use this platform.
Celebrities / Re: Osita Iheme 'Pawpaw' Celebrates His 39th Birthday Today (Photo) by Cetacean419: 11:04am On Feb 21, 2021
Lie ooo
Education / Re: Why Is Dentistry With Medical Council In Nigeria by Cetacean419: 11:21pm On Feb 19, 2021

We don't study with podiatrists but you're entitled to your opinion.
I mean podiatry is a specialise kind of Medicine of the feet which has been carved like dentistry over the years but Both are in separate associations independent of Medicine but here in Nigeria Dentistry depends so much on medicine. Ok ma please answer my question on number of admitted. In my Bro class there are only 36
Education / Re: Why Is Dentistry With Medical Council In Nigeria by Cetacean419: 7:54pm On Feb 19, 2021

I'm aware but it's all formalities. Essentially, we do all basic courses together here and only separate for clinicals. Even then, we still have many shared courses.
I could say that of podiatry but guess Dentistry in Nigeria is just so dependent on medicine. The profession in Nigeria can't live up to expectations like other climes.
Education / Re: Why Is Dentistry With Medical Council In Nigeria by Cetacean419: 6:57pm On Feb 19, 2021

I just explained that we are all doctors despite the difference in names. Dentists, Paediatricians, Surgeons, Gynaecologists, etc, are all doctors despite the different names so we are all one body.
But it is not Same in the us,uk, canada,ghana,egypt,south africa. Those countries have separate councils unlike Nigeria .
Education / Re: Why Is Dentistry With Medical Council In Nigeria by Cetacean419: 4:07pm On Feb 19, 2021
We train together and we are all medical doctors. A dentist is a doctor of the structures of the oral cavity including the teeth and jaws. They are not necessarily paid less as some dentists are extremely successful. It's just that people are less interested in preventive health here and are often unwilling to part with money for their teeth unless they are in pain.
But why are you people in the same association?
Education / Why Is Dentistry With Medical Council In Nigeria by Cetacean419: 3:44pm On Feb 19, 2021
I was talking to my younger brother who's currently in 200 level in Dentistry. The kid Insulted me by saying that I studied engineering but now I am an Agriculturist.
I laughed but deep down I was upset. So I asked him why they admit very little in the course. I even noticed it is only Nigeria that have the two professions as a council together. He just lashed out at me.
I for give am slap I swear because I no be im mate at all.
To learned people in Nairaland my question is
1. Is it that the course will not thrive if government is not the larger employer?
2. I don't know how true it is but do they receive the same salary as medics in Nigeria considering it is less risky?
3. Why are they together as an association?
Moderator move to front page since you know too like to publicise education .

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Politics / Re: Rear-Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Dies Of COVID-19 Disease (Ex-Imo Military Governor) by Cetacean419: 2:05pm On Jan 13, 2021
Corona virus Again? I can never trust Nigeria government because of their lies and NMA and ASUU has helped sell their lies.
I go to bank,market,church and someone is talking of social distancing? The 774000 job recruitment where people gathered was not law abiding.
I believed covid for too long in Nigeria but never again. Aba kyari And Ajimobi burial ceremony didn't observe the protocol. Then they will give me laws.
I am just sad some health workers died.
Our leaders call us cynical but they are the most cynical people ever.
Fu*k this country
Romance / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: I Have Never Been Married At 56 Because I Won't Submit To A Man by Cetacean419: 1:42pm On Dec 30, 2020
Women don't really get that they are"HELP MEET" and not "EQUALS" to men

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Health / Re: Nurse Who Fainted On Live TV After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine Is Dead by Cetacean419: 9:17pm On Dec 29, 2020

We know una

BMGF shill

See when you registered
So because I opened a new account sept, Means I don't have any other account?
Some NLANDERS can be damn silly and funnygrin. Slawomir ,Manna,Zzor and many others have other accounts. If I give you my other account you will cow under your roof
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's Administration Is "Irresponsible" - Joe Biden by Cetacean419: 6:33pm On Dec 29, 2020
Well Trump has always wanted to be in the lime light and he will be in years to come. He is very entertaining I must say and I have been following since 2011.
What Biden should consider is doing the needful but is messing up already. Fine he is pro-diversity and pro-sex difference. What he should consider is how to promote Good living by investing a lot in Transport and Agriculture hopefully he will get the Rural community heart.
What will crumble his administration
*Black Lives Matter Movement: They are at Logger heads with Both Hispanics,Asians and Native Americans saying they got Biden the vote. He should know he can never satisfy this people.
* He should not rush into Green energy because Workers will lose jobs instantly and he will cause unforgivable damages for Democrats in the mid terms come 2022
*Anti-Immigration policy. He shouldn't relax the Border control because it will limit the people coming from other part of the world genuinely. If he does this in a jiffy Dems will lose 2024. He should also ban extremist muslims from the country because their damages are everywhere in Europe and not ease it.
* LGBTQ community: If he prioritizes them he will bring policies to help them, thereby creating unnecessary funds for them and this will embitter the normal people.
Education / Re: Quitting Mbbs For Computer Programming. Way Forward? by Cetacean419: 6:17pm On Dec 29, 2020
As much as I won't advice him abadon medicine, Computer science Diploma in big tech companies is hot cake I swear. I wish I knew I would have done Computer sci instead of Engineering. I don't regret it though since I make a lot of cash from Agriculture. If he does computer science and decides to go into programming he can definitely work with Artificial Intelligence to help human health if he eventually leaves. If he decides to go for Cybersecurity he will rake 10times Medical salary in Nigeria. In the US Docs earn more than computer Scientist. In the UK Docs earn 25% less or even least than US docs. So a computer scientist is Likelier to earn more than Doc in the UK.
I can't do any sort of programming but basic typing,editing,Graphic design and publishing since I am a contract staff for UNICEF I earn 300k plus my Agric which is 5times greater than this monthly.
My younger bro is a Dentistry student and he will eventually leave this sick hole to the UK where Dentist earn more than Medical Doctors.
My brother who was an Obstretician and Gynaecologist in Nigeria is a Physician Assistant-OB/GYN in the US and earning cool cash. If he comes back he will have a big Maternity clinic since he was a Doctor here.
Leaving here to the US or Canada is harder as a Doctor than a Decade ago. Some require new schooling which costs Hundreds of thousands of Dollars or if you are lucky give you one of these speciality
*Family Medicine
*Infectious disease
I am not saying you can't get better than those above but it is a lot difficult.

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Health / Re: Nurse Who Fainted On Live TV After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine Is Dead by Cetacean419: 5:57pm On Dec 29, 2020
Lies!Lies!Lies! In History there was a similar propaganda for anti-polio and BCG. This wouldn't be the First.
Nairaland / General / Re: Send A Shoutout To Nairalanders That Made You Smile This Year by Cetacean419: 6:24am On Dec 29, 2020
@ILegend @Zzor @Zimri The first two being in Romance and the last science and technology


Health / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Donates Hospital To UNIZIK Awka (Pictures & Video) by Cetacean419: 5:49pm On Dec 28, 2020
They might call it A teaching hospital since their Present one is deplorable. Well done Ifeanyi Ubah hope this is Not a private Political stunt.
Religion / I Am Becoming A Lot Skeptic About Pastors by Cetacean419: 1:10pm On Dec 27, 2020
I don't feel comfortable about many Pastors. I was in church today. Barely 30secs into worship the chorister has Started speaking in tongues then after some few seconds she was joined by other.
It was deliverance today and many people were falling and 99.9% are women and 1% men. It got to my turn, this Pastor pressed my neck and I didn't fall at all. There are many more things which I still doubt it.
The Pastor said If I didn't pay tithe God will not bless me. What is this?

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Education / Re: Professions With Intelligent People by Cetacean419: 12:58pm On Dec 27, 2020

wrong wrong wrong!!!
This people adapted based on what their profession requires. Intelligence is an individual thing not determined by profession.
Yes intelligence is different from knowledgeable and been brilliant but no one can judge intelligence with profession.

Were you expecting medicine? There are a lot of noble prize winners of Medicine and a lot of them aren't Doctors. So just chill.
Education / Re: Women In History Who Clearly Had More Balls Than Men by Cetacean419: 12:34am On Dec 21, 2020
Marie Currie is the most impressive so far
Education / Re: Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto Released Approved Cut Off Point For 2020/2021 by Cetacean419: 12:30am On Dec 21, 2020
Catchment medicine 230?
Education / Re: From Arts To Medicine by Cetacean419: 12:26am On Dec 21, 2020
If you are not emotionally strong forget it
Politics / Re: President Buhari Meets Kankara Schoolboys by Cetacean419: 8:37pm On Dec 18, 2020
Politics / Re: Nofisat Ayinke Akinsanya Graduates With A Degree In Nursing In US (Photos) by Cetacean419: 10:03am On Dec 18, 2020
Mc oluomo is really investing well. Those lambasting him of being a tout should go find a job, In Nigeria of today education is no longer the key,and no longer a base for a successful life... due to dependency on certificate and entitlement mentality that government is supposed to employ you. The employed few are enslaved by some states with a meager monthly salary of 50k which cannot afford a good apartment let alone saving for marriage and other responsibilities as a man. After using your strength for 35years, you are retired to nothing. An uncle of mine who is a driver is currently building his 3rd house in the state capital. I inquired to know how he makes his money and he opened up thus..... 'I carry passengers every working day of the week to Ariaria market in Aba and earn at least 15k daily after all expenses'. Let's do the maths together to know how much he makes in a week, then multiply that by 4weeks in a month. With a good saving culture this man would take home at least 250k in a month, equivalent of a level 16 civil servant. Oluomo may be a tout but with brain.
How dare you say education is not the Key. You should have not gone to primary school,learn how to add,subtract and divide. Learn and write alphabets,Proceed to secondary then tertiary institution. It is not because Nigeria failed you means you will fail yourself. Education doesn't means you must have money when you're done but opens doors to get money. I never regretted going to school.
Politics / Re: Nofisat Ayinke Akinsanya Graduates With A Degree In Nursing In US (Photos) by Cetacean419: 7:33pm On Dec 17, 2020
To sum up everything in one sentence"Everybody dey answer im papa name". Fela------>"Dem go turn air-condition and close dem country away"
Politics / Re: Nofisat Ayinke Akinsanya Graduates With A Degree In Nursing In US (Photos) by Cetacean419: 7:32pm On Dec 17, 2020
To sum up everything in one sentence"Everybody dey answer im papa name". Fela------>"Dem go turn air-condition and close dem country away"
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by Cetacean419: 7:26pm On Dec 17, 2020
Kids are too hasty. JAMB registration hasn't started and won't even in three months time. A member in my Church who is a lecturer says they must first fufill all semester transition before new intakes. Common sense ought to tell you School hasn't resumed except in polytechnics, Private Institutions and other institutions who are not under the ASUU umbrella. Will they be a double First semester? Some haven't written basic tests not to talk more of exams.
Anyways God will see you all through and you'll all pass exceptionally


Romance / Re: My Neighbor Is Chasing My Wife Behind My Back by Cetacean419: 7:18pm On Dec 17, 2020

There is nothing like "Mistress" in the legal relationship of two adults.
It is not a matter of having 'right over a woman', even if you pay the whole CBN on a Woman, if she does not love you and does not want to be with you, your so-called RIGHT amounts to NOTHING.
Just because they are not legally/ traditionally married, does not remove the DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES and RIGHTS of married Couple, from both of them.

The RIGHT he has NOW, is her VOLUNTARILY wanting to LIVE with HIM, in a relationship akin to Husband and Wife, and the Law recognises that (In law, they call it (Co-habitation)
You don't call a woman who is not recognised by law as your wife to be your wife. Thank God you know anybody who's not legally married or given out by Rite to be a wife IS NOT CALLED YOUR WIFE.
The woman owes him nothing and he owes nothing as well.
Read what marriage is all about before you start saying nonsense.
Romance / Re: My Neighbor Is Chasing My Wife Behind My Back by Cetacean419: 11:41pm On Dec 16, 2020
We should call a spade a spade many of you didn't rebuke this Guy. "My wife,but we are not married". Who is a wife?
a married woman considered in relation to her spouse. She is not your wife but mistress because you haven't paid her bride price. If I was the Neighbour I would have hit your mistress hardcore(Sarcasm Intended)
You pay her bride price then you can have right over her. Big Hypocrite!!


Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Tinubu Visits Zulum, Wants Military To Change Strategy by Cetacean419: 8:29pm On Dec 15, 2020
Anybody expecting hope from this government is in for a hopeless ride
Religion / Re: Nigerian Pastors Needs Psychology Classes by Cetacean419: 8:23pm On Dec 15, 2020

I have been unemployed since July this year. Company downsized cos of COVID'19. So bro yes! We (I and wifey) are praying for another job cos the whole weight can't be in her. I have also been engaging in series of job interviews. I am talking from experience. Marriage is a spiritual union
I know that it is difficult but I am not talking about the Couple's part but the Pastors. Communion in couples is SPIRITUAL but going to meet your Pastor every time and still gives you the Prayer antidote is not always right.
You see a couple are obese and always complaining of Health issue, Will you tell them to pray knowing fully well a majority of their problem is tied to their weight or tell them to exercise to drop their weight?
Religion / Re: Nigerian Pastors Needs Psychology Classes by Cetacean419: 7:59pm On Dec 15, 2020

Marriage is more spiritual than physical bro. I am married and I know. I was once ranting like you when I was single until I enter. Haven't you asked yourself, why do people Change as soon as they are married
I am married bro just chill. A couple will not start complaining about financial issues and all you do is prayer?

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