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Romance / Re: My Husband Banned Me From Acting With My Ex Lover. ...regina Daniels Cries Out by Chidonc(m): 8:17pm On Aug 26
I thought NED said he married her a virgin grin grin grin.
What's he scared of now. grin grin grin
Abi na audio virgin or 2nd degree virgin him been marry grin grin angry

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Properties / Re: House Of Architect Who Demolished Enugu Airport Fence Destroyed By Government by Chidonc(m): 8:31am On Aug 15
This is the most stupid thing to do. Demolishing the government’s property, claiming encroachment into your land/property.

The property he claims to have is not his, he is only occupying the land cos the Land Use Act of 1978 has placed all land within a state in the hand of the State Government (apart from the mining site). His Certificate of Occupancy can be withdrawn, revoking his right to the land.

His stupidity can make him lose his property and even go to jail, cos the state government can be compelled by the federal government to revoke his CofO.
It is always good to apply wisdom in all we do. He could have find a way to resolve the issue by demanding for compensation for the land encroached or litigate and resign to fate on any outcome from the court.
My problem is the idiot is an architect that is supposed to have known even better.

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Business / Re: Naira Plunges To N472/$ As Forex Scarcity Worsens by Chidonc(m): 12:40pm On Jul 29

Please whatsapp me

+44 75 916 839 24
Sir can I connect to you, so you can teach me how to trade, I know is only right I ask you before picking your contact.
Business / Re: Naira Plunges To N472/$ As Forex Scarcity Worsens by Chidonc(m): 12:38pm On Jul 29

Imagine the number of people purchasing crypto daily which is valued in dollars. Imagine the immense wealth leaving our country daily. What do you think attributed to the continues rise in the value of bitcoin and other crypto if not the demand? To many Nigerians and world at large today, the surest and quickest way to financial freedom is crypto.

Monthly limit isn't the issue but the population diving into it. As at today, I'm 95% sure that 15m people has at least a few dollars worth of bitcoin or any other crypto. If we assume each has $10 crypto worth, that whooping $150m gone to western world and this grows daily.

My view...

The western world are exploiting us big time now than ever. They tried to find an explanation to this crypto thing but the more you study, the more confused you are. They say it's decentralized but someone/some sets of people started it. Hmmmmmm.... Shey this thing no be ponzi like this? Do you still remember egold, ebullion etc. Where are they today?

We need to think deep.... And wake up in Africa
OG, we fit connect make you teach me how to trade. Local man has tried.
Romance / Re: Nigerians Are Hypocrites When It Comes To Sex. My Experience At Shoprite by Chidonc(m): 7:19am On Jul 29
my husband don't like wearing it and I am tired of using drugs to prevent pregnancy, it's very good d one my sis sent mi from u.k is finished I need another packs Cox me ND my husband have sex everyday
Why not go in family planing so you can both enjoy it raw
Crime / Re: #JusticeForIzu: Izu Madubueze Commits Suicide After False Rape Accusation by Chidonc(m): 3:29pm On Jul 20

Then why did he take his life? The stigma? He's such a cowardly man.
Pikin wey want cry no dey wait until person beat am.
Crime / Re: #JusticeForIzu: Izu Madubueze Commits Suicide After False Rape Accusation by Chidonc(m): 9:38am On Jul 20
Does his suicide prove his innocence? No. I know because he's late people will now side against me but the fact remains that suicide is never an option; he could have manned up and defended himself.
From the chats up there, the guy never raped her. Both of them has been banging each other in the name of hanging out. The lady wanted more, izu wanted less and wasn't interested in a relationship. That's all.


Family / Re: Please Help: How Do You Find A Mother You Have Never Met by Chidonc(m): 10:35am On Jul 19
I type this with so much pain and sense of loss. I found out about two years ago that my step mum is not my real mum (everyone keeps wondering why am just waking up to the obvious).

I grew up being hated by my mum's (now step mum) family, usually beaten, overworked and deprived; but I was told that I was being trained to be strong since I was the first daughter by my mum (now step mum). At age seven I cooked all the meals except my (dads soups) and did all the cleaning. By age ten I cook every single meal at home, wash all the cloths and Iron, clean the house and run all the errands while my siblings both older and younger play and watch TV. I always felt my mum (step mum) will love me just a little bit more if I worked harder; she always told me I was special (and different) and that she loves me so much but does not know how to show it. cry . It hurt me deeply then that I was different so much so that its expression translated to pain; but that's in my past now and I have no regrets.

Fast forward, am all grown up and fully independent, then a distant relative I helped told me two years ago that my mum is not my real mum with facts. For me it was a relief (I thought there was something wrong with me that made me unloveable and to be treated different and given less, but I know better now). I am more confident knowing she never loved me and that it was no fault of mine.

Now, I just can't move on knowing I have a mother and I want to meet her and ask her questions (why she would dump her child for another woman to raise? Why she never came back to take me? Etc). And also if we could catch-up and be friends maybe.

The problem is that no one wants to tell me anything since most of my family members fear my dad and keep referring me back to my dad; I visited my dad and begged him to tell me who she is (I cried so much that he had to beg me to stop), he asked me to go so he can discuss it with my mum (step mum) but now shouts me down each time I bring up the topic.

I want to find my real mother cry cry cry cry . l don't know why I can't sleep or think about anything else. I need closure. I have been advised to sue my dad and am considering it. Please help me, I can't bear knowing I have a mother out there and not know who she is. Please help!
Favour(gifts) open doors. Don't take it in a biblical way please. Find one of those your relatives that's really struggling, come to his/her aids a couple of times, support their children in any little way, sooner than later he/she will open up. Humans always prefer where there is something to gain.
Additional tip, remember, the enemy if your enemy is your friend. Preferably find the relative that has fallen out in good terms with your father or stepmum. It works fastest.


Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Transferred To California For Trial by Chidonc(m): 12:44am On Jul 19
I don be for the guy be that... You hired a government lawyer in a case against the government... The case will be as easy as snatching candle from a baby... Especially in a biased America of 2020.
It's sad that no one will be motivating us on Instagram with designer wears for a very long time.
It's a smart move brother. You are not wiser than him.
Programming / Re: High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked By Bitcoin Scammers by Chidonc(m): 12:24am On Jul 16
Massive cashout definitely. grin grin grin.
Untill people stop looking for money they did not loss, they won't stop falling victims to hacked accounts.

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Crime / Re: Fahim Saleh's Body Evacuated From His Home In New York (video) by Chidonc(m): 2:51pm On Jul 15

Who be we?

Say 'you' not 'we'
Sorry, you will join him some day too
Crime / Re: Fahim Saleh's Body Evacuated From His Home In New York (video) by Chidonc(m): 2:39pm On Jul 15
It's bad. Rest in peace man. We will all join you some day, both your killers too.

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Crime / Re: Police Rescue American ‘detained For A Year After Visiting Facebook Lover’ (pic) by Chidonc(m): 7:43pm On Jul 12
I feel it is high time the business of private investigation opens up fully in Nigeria. Imagine opening a private investigation company that does background search on so called lovers, business partners and other people foreigners will like to see in Nigeria. This will be a great business idea, and will save a lot of scams in return. Can this be feasible? Just an idea though.
I have the same thing on mind.

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Crime / Re: False Rape Allegation Should Also Be Punishable (opinion) by Chidonc(m): 10:08pm On Jul 11
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Remember, when this lockdown is over and you've not learnt a new skill or massively improve on the existing one, you do not lack time, you lack discipline.

Whatsapp me on 234 806 494 397 for more details.
How much Brother
Crime / Re: FBI ‘Kidnapped” Hushpuppi From Dubai - Pissetzky, Lawyer by Chidonc(m): 5:04pm On Jul 11

because you're a lawyer doesn't in anyway nullify my opinion or assertion. even if your client killed a whole family with pictorial evidence, of course you will still claimed your client is not guilty until proven by another fellow corrupt justice that might manipulate justice

you people are liar I repeat and which thinking people do you belong to? what did you came out with in your university Grade and School of law ?

even this third class lawyer dey talk about thinking people. I thought you lair lawyer do make your stand on rights and opinions? why is my own opinion making you cry
Shut up And stop been stupid. Fool, is not your fault, because it's a faceless forum, you feel you can talk to anybody anyhow. Even If he graduated with 3rd class, he can still defend your stupid ass any day in court.
Crime / Re: Court Jail’s Airtel Customer Service Representative For Facilitating N2.2m Fraud by Chidonc(m): 7:01pm On Jun 30
5 years for 2.2 million kiss
It's one year ma. The whole sentence is running concurrently. Meaning you are serving each the same time you are serving the others.
Programming / Re: Why Do Self Taught Programmers Over Exaggerate by Chidonc(m): 8:05am On Jun 28

Greetings Sir !

Please recommend a user-friendly online platform where I can learn Python for free.

I used codecademy but the free version is limited to only the intro and basics.

PS: I am presently doing my NYSC and eagerly want to learn programming.

Pm me, have some materials I can share with you, PDF but you are good to start if you follow it.

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Fashion / Re: Why Do Ladies Wear Waist Beads? by Chidonc(m): 12:27am On Jun 28
After listening to the genuine reason what next.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-Power Registration 2020: Share Your Experience by Chidonc(m): 10:37am On Jun 27
Your cheap tactics to instigate hate won't work. Those forms are data collection forms for free registration at Cafes sponsored by those politicians instead of paying Cafe fees.
Nothing but the truth.
Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Lose My Wife by Chidonc(m): 7:51pm On Jun 25
na big stout broder.
Extra bottle for you. I see no reason that message will come in and he ignored. Na that moment password for end.
Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Lose My Wife by Chidonc(m): 7:34pm On Jun 25
You are right.quote author=fykes post=90903620]Dude... U saw such a text and u are asking questions
What other nonsense answers u need? I am confiscating her phone there and then... The only way she touches it without me going through it is that I drop dead.
Everybody gets just one chance to mess with me but my wife has just one such text or msg 2 become my baby mama.
Since I was born... Now that I got grey hairs on my sacs, I have never seen a cheating wife change. They only change tactics.
Nwanne what's your favorite brand please
Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:30am On Jun 25

Behave like working class is by having 50# or 100# to make phone call. In your tiny little mind, a working class behavior for a young woman is by having #100 to call a man she's dating?
Lack of comprehension is actually a big problem.
Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 9:50am On Jun 25

See this one... She's just building the trust.

But get ready for a SHOCKER mahn! A SHOCKER that'll end in TEARS cheesy

You think you got her figured out? Wait and see...
grin grin grin
It's over two years now. Bells are already ringing
Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 7:01am On Jun 25


Crazy wannabe alpha males....
grin grin grin
Just imagine. Na you carry your leg go meet person wey dey manage him life, you come dey expect just maybe one week into the relationship, make she start to use all her salary dey buy card just to talk to you. Some people funny sha. One even get mouth say some na sex object only, I don ask am about him mama and sisters for house, him no fit take grin


Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 6:57am On Jun 25

for real maturity....I guess you don't see where he insulted someone mother and sister over just an argument.
he is not near what you wrote.....no mature man insult anyone mother
It's obvious you are trying to turn the tables. How you treat others is a product of how your family looks. If you believe a woman is a sex tool and can only offer sex, what about your mom and sisters. Are those ones male. Let be realistic

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Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 6:53am On Jun 25

so because you did that and it worked for you ....you think that will work for him??
He should clear her debt ....like seriously.
you think every lady is like your babe.....wat worked for you might not work for him bro.
Then he should let her be. You can go over to someone and decide they should change their way of life immidiately you came. If he can't afford to clear her debts and she is not ready to clear it herself probably due to some issues, he should continue calling or end it. The fact that she's working doesn't mean she has enough. He's the person seeking for a relationship with her not vice versa.


Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 6:40am On Jun 25

Chidonc I like the fact that you don’t let toxic masculinity rule over your relationships. You will have a happy marriage. We don’t have many men who are leaders. Your response to that question shows maturity, leadership and provision. You are not a simp as the other commentator stated. Not many good men are left
Thank you. I actually don't take their comments to heart. Do I blame them, NO. When you are raised by healthy parents you turn out great. When you are raised in a toxic family you most times turn out toxic. If your father always beats up your mum, it won't be a surprise if you do same to your wife and vice versa. From most of the comments, you can deduce the kind of family they are coming out from.


Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:46pm On Jun 24

On the other note bro, am not broke. A guy who is planning on settling down and owns his car and even lives in a two bedroom apartment in Amuwo Odofin Festac Lagos State isn't broke. No hard feelings
grin grin grin
If you think planning to settle down and own a car makes you rich. You are still upcoming. Besides been broke is bijective. If the only asset you can boast of is a car probably less than a million naira, living in a rented apartment paying probably #200k and planning to settle down. You are still broke, no hard feeling.


Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:42pm On Jun 24

I noticed that the way u begin a relationship tells how it may be. She works and has been working for years. That's y am worried.
Ask her how much she's owing and clear it. Atmost is 1k. Add #200 card then observe if she calls you or not. From there, draw your conclusion, remember different people and different experiences. The current lady am dating, when we started, she was working. But she do flash and most times her phone is on minus. I cleared her debt, and started sending her airtime occasionally, I realize, if for instance I sent MTN #200, she do call me over 30mins, which u know that she used all the card on me. Gradually her confidence came back and she started recharging just to talk to me. The day I lie I don't have card, she recharges me. Don't be in a haste to call her broke. Let her fall for you also.

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Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:33pm On Jun 24

You are a very big idiot.
Relationship should be a thing of mutual benefits to both man and woman, not send card to me today recharge for me tomorrow. it is girls like this that have nothing but sex to offer in a relationship
but what do i expect from A female asslicking simp
It's obvious you are more stupid. Do I blame you, no, since the only thing your mother contributed to your Dad's life is sex and the reason why your sisters are still at home is because the only thing they can offer to a man is sex. Why should I be surprised at your frustrations.


Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:24pm On Jun 24

Stupidity is when you ask a jobless young girl out yet you expect her to behave like a working class lady. Fool.

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Romance / Re: Help Me Decide If Am Safe From Her (photos) by Chidonc(m): 11:18pm On Jun 24
Is she a student, is she working or totally dependent on her parents? You can't be expecting a girl totally dependent on her parents and not really milking men to always have call card to call you. If she is owing, why not clear the bill first then add her more card to see how long she calls you with it. The fact you are bothered shows that you yourself is broke. Enough of all those stories of if she truly love you ,she will find a way to call you. The only woman that will do that just weeks into a relationship is your mother.

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