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Family / Re: See The Pictures Of A Simple Wedding That Got Everyone Talking by CoolJul: 9:49am On Jan 15
My style of dream wedding. No time for stress. Where one, two or three are gathered the Lord is in their midst.

Happy married life!


Nairaland / General / Re: Transparent Toilet For Those Who Fear Snakes (Photo) by CoolJul: 1:16pm On Dec 09, 2021
Still not enough, you see that grey color pipe, they should make it transparent too Biko. #rolls eyes...
Religion / Re: Evelyn Joshua Donates Bags Of Rice, Clothes & Cash To The Elderly (Photos) by CoolJul: 11:13pm On Dec 08, 2021
I fear that fair apostle standing at her back on the first picture..... Still surrounded by the enemies.
he is her daughter's husband.
Celebrities / Re: Georgina Onuoha Slams Prince Kpokpogri Over Tonto Dikeh's Leaked Voice Clip by CoolJul: 10:27am On Sep 08, 2021
Kiss and tell man,vile and wicked man,unfaithful and stupid man,I know Tonto get wahala but this man is the worst thing that can ever happen to any woman

Tonto is a kiss and tell woman too (Churchill's case), so karma too has come for Tonto.

Somebody should tell Georgina this.


Health / Re: 2 Children Survived Fire Explosion That Killed Bride-To-Be, 8 Kids In Ebonyi by CoolJul: 1:04pm On Jul 20, 2021
Jesus!!! I'm speechless!
Travel / Re: Heavy Flooding In Marina Lagos Drowns Cars (Picture) by CoolJul: 5:25pm On Jul 16, 2021
Overated state

They should please convert the whole Lagos to a beach

So we can go there to have a nice time...

The so called Lagos that won't let one hear word

Mumu talk. So the global warming nor reach ur side n who says it won't reach there. So the flooding is now 'the lagos thing' while the one of Germany is the real climate change. Okoro use ur brain biko.


Religion / Re: Burial Of Pastor Dare Adeboye: Thanksgiving Songs And Tribute (Photos) by CoolJul: 11:03pm On May 10, 2021
Rest in peace beloveth.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Obituary: Iniubong Umoren To Be Buried On Friday 14th May, 2021 (Photo) by CoolJul: 10:37pm On May 10, 2021
Rest in peace beloveth. Adieu!
Health / Re: I've Been Diagnosed With Stage 1 Colon Cancer by CoolJul: 2:42pm On Apr 25, 2021
At this early stage,get sour sop leaves,boil for few minutes and take it as tea.
Avoid sugary stuffs completely.
Starve the cancer of glucose.

davonlee please see this, I endorse it.

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Religion / Re: Apostle Joshua Selman Meets Pastor Adeboye (Photos) by CoolJul: 8:40am On Apr 23, 2021
op come..which one is selman again..

Suleiman we know..

or u didn't spell it well
well spelt sir. try to get his messages online and you will glad u did. Apostle is anointed.
Religion / Re: Apostle Joshua Selman Meets Pastor Adeboye (Photos) by CoolJul: 8:38am On Apr 23, 2021

Apostles humility is epic... My love for that man knows no bounds...
If you wan get issue with me just talk bad about AJS. He has changed my life

yes oh I admire his humility and he words are so impactful ! ...one of my best preachers. May God continue to shine his light on you sir! smiley
Family / Re: To Whoever Out There Contemplating Suicide, Before You Do, Please Read This: by CoolJul: 11:00pm On Apr 07, 2021
I have been fighting mine but I don't think I can overcome it because I know sooner it will surely overcome me.... I now do something unusual ever since I have been fighting depression; the unknown fear, my speech no longer correlate, speaking in absence of myself and so on and so forth but just preparing for the day it will finally come. But till then, I am trying to enjoy life as little as I can enjoy.
kudos Mr. Kay!

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Family / Re: To Whoever Out There Contemplating Suicide, Before You Do, Please Read This: by CoolJul: 10:57pm On Apr 07, 2021

I hadn't seen this reply till this very moment. Thanks for allowing me to help. I don't know to what extent my advice to you might have helped but i wish with my heart of hearts that it contained things that will enable you be free completely-- to live happily ever after. Thats my wish for you. I hope you do not ignore the things I said via the email. I hope you can just give them a try if you haven't. I hope you'll be free forever.
...and I say amen to this. smiley


Travel / Re: Dispatch Rider Killed By BRT Bus In Ojuelegba, Lagos (Graphic Photos) by CoolJul: 10:28am On Mar 19, 2021
It is well. May his soul rest in peace.
Crime / Re: Woman Raped And Shot By Armed Robbers Narrates Her Experience (Photos) by CoolJul: 11:16pm On Mar 18, 2021
Family / Re: Childless For 9 Years: Help! I'm Losing My Mind To Depression! by CoolJul: 11:18pm On Mar 13, 2021

Please don't go there. Thanks.

Your miracle may just lie there (adoption).
Celebrities / Re: 'E Choke': Davido And Drake Pose For The Camera (Video) by CoolJul: 10:24pm On Mar 13, 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, fathers and mothers, boys and girls, men and women, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, friends and enemies am here to let you know that this news doesn't concern me because am still inside my neighbours toilet since an hour ago the poo refused to flush and I don't know if I should put it inside my pocket or leave it like that...thank you.
buahahahahahaaa...lwkmd!!! cheesy u're a clown!
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo: An Armed Robber Raped Me In My Husband’s House by CoolJul: 8:43pm On Mar 13, 2021
Very sad that this is happening to ladies , most guys definitely will rip this on their daughters lives

No! Their daughters are innocent. Don't tell me she's ripping from her dad's past deeds. May the evil doers rip their own reward.
Religion / Re: Man Donates His Family House To Christ Embassy, Family About To Be Thrown Out by CoolJul: 8:55am On Mar 03, 2021

Don't count too much on that. Christ Embassy as an entity has been embroiled in too many issues regarding 'donations' and sometimes outright arm twisting.

Several years ago there was a story that made the rounds which a senior Christian Police top brass (A DIG at that time) corroborated. It revolved around donations made to abtune ofb32/34 Billion made by a staff of Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja.

The man was eventually arrested and when interrogated he revealed with evidences that he made consistent donations to Christ Embassy as a church. As a matter of fact he produced a letter of commendation presented to him in recognition of his support to the ministry.

What beat my imagination then was when the church was asked to refund the money and it is reported that Pastor Chris said he wouldn't as the money now belonged to the Almighty.

I was shocked to my marrows. To worsen it wall the church never issued a statement on that matter till this day.

A second incident was when they encroached on land belongin to a friend of mine in Ogun State and then when the owner accosted them they threatened him with fire and brimstones swearing theta the land was for God. The church assured the owner that they had the best lawyers and if course public sympathy and only offered him a pittance for the land.

As would be expected the matter went as far as the supreme court before they had some sense and begged for an out of court settlement. Your guess is as good as mine. My friend took them to the cleaners.
Christ Embassy has bad repute for hijacking people's properties. I don't like that organization.

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Crime / Re: How Churches Are Defrauding Our Old Mother's In The Village by CoolJul: 2:10pm On Mar 02, 2021
My heart is heavy and I'm totally disappointed with some of the churches especially the ones they call ministries. I reside in Lagos and I am a business man, most of my siblings are in different parts of the world and my mother is in the village with our last born who is also doing business and also taking care of her.
Yesterday my brother called me on the phone and told me that he just discovered the people that use to defrauds our mother and I ask how do you mean? He told me that mum just horridly came in now and collected #20,000 and was asking for more and he asked her what do you need more money for and she said our pastor told me in the church ministry that they saw a vision upon my head and my family, that death is hovering over my family that i should go and bring #50,000 so that they can buy goat and use as a sacrifice.
My younger brother was very angry and he told my mom that she is going nowhere.when he was complaining to me he said that he has been wondering where the money we use to send to mom to take care of herself is. Everytime he ask her, she will say they are contributing one thing or the other in the ministry or that they are buying holy oil and blessed water.
He told me that that's how these church ministries use to take advantage of our vulnerable mother's and pregnant ladies including single ladies who are looking for husbands. To our mothers they will tell them that death is hovering around her family and she will give them all the money her children gave her to take care of herself.
To pregnant women they will tell them that they saw her giving birth with CS (caesarean section).
To young ladies looking for a child, they will tell them that they saw a child sitting beside them that they should claim it with #10,000.
To single Ladies claim your husband with #5000 etc.
Who did we offend in this country? These people are so dubious that they do this act on weekdays when men has gone to work so that they will get away with it.
I told my mum any day you go to that ministry again I will never send money to you again and I will tell all my siblings. Christ has sacrificed with his blood we don't need any other sacrifices.
Anybody who have old woman at home please make findings on how she spends the money you send to her for her upkeeps because this church ministries are very dubious and mean. All the whole pick pockets and one chance people have gone into church ministries to defraud our vulnerable mother's and ladies. The society should look into this matter it needs urgent attentions. enough is enough
op na the kind church wey ur Mama branch enter na . There are churches in the village(and other places) that are helping the poor n aged so don't sound it like it a general thing.

Mama no look church enter.
Music/Radio / Re: Daft Punk Splits After 28 Years by CoolJul: 8:27am On Feb 23, 2021


As a full grown adult female with kids, i was in attendance of the Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers concert at Charing Cross Road (Go figure out when that happened son undecided)

like i said, YOU ARE STILL A BABY

Just so you know, the song - Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers has about half a billion views on Youtube!

If you never came across DAFT PUNK in your entire life, YOU ARE STILL A BABY....

A fool at 40 is a fool for ever!

So not knowing DAFT PUNK has made him a f00l ...just listen to your self MRS. KNOW-IT-ALLLL! What happened to enlightening him without the insults( atleast it didnt make the guy that did that here any less of a human).

All for knowing some Robots! Im disappointed in you.

Please apologise to him if you still have some manners left in u.

(I anticipate my own insult from you).
Family / Re: How a friend Wedding Was Called OFF On his Weeding Day by CoolJul: 10:25am On Feb 09, 2021
that pastor normal so?
Family / Re: I Finally Took My Children For DNA Test by CoolJul: 5:21pm On Feb 07, 2021
Stop running after fake shape and painted faces, but you guys will not hear....

Omo the girl get shape!!!! Please how will that shape your future?

When the Holy Bible says seek the Lord with all diligence, you guys think na child's play!!!

Those curve and shapes you run after to make a wife, will eventually reshape your destiny.

Ahhh my girlfriend, the guy get cash and six packs....hmmmm, could you say that again in the next 10 Years?

All these sudden heart attacks about DNA don't just start today, it started right from the day you fixed your agbalomo eye on aesthetic beauty.

There are still wonderful women out there, who will never break your trust, but they may not come in those frivolous shapes you guys run after. Do you know why?

Because the devil knows you more than yourself, and will use those foolish things you seek to truncate your future.

Am not a pastor or whatever, but an ordinary guy who had been there, seen it, and got saved on the verge of making that mistake.

Thank you Lord Jesus.
This is the best comment so far on NL this year, If only more men will see this and agree to it.

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Celebrities / Re: Ifu Ennada Calls Out Her Extended Family For Being Selfish by CoolJul: 1:57pm On Feb 02, 2021
so you have to SM to rant it! We now live on and for SM!
Romance / Re: Could She Be The Bad Luck In My Life. by CoolJul: 11:25pm On Jan 24, 2021
Lol I'm tempted to insult you op. That girl didn't bring you bad luck, it was your own carelessness. How does one drive around Lagos at night with windows down? Do you leave your car doors unlocked too? Moving around without paying attention to safety measures, na so dem go soon thief your car.
Imagine trying to manipulate the girl into having sex with you. Someone who hasn't even known you for that long. She should fúck you because you said you'll marry her. Stupid man. Sorry about your phones sha. Once again na your carelessness cause am. No dey blame other people for your rubbish mistakes

Op and u had to even tell her to her face that she'd the cause of ur misfortune! a girl u claim u like n want to make ur wify. na wa oh!
Crime / Re: 17-Year-Old Girl From Delta, Trafficked To Mali For Prostitution Is Stranded by CoolJul: 10:29pm On Jan 24, 2021
Na was oo
Family / Re: Your Advice Could Save A Life Because I'm Dying by CoolJul: 2:27pm On Jan 21, 2021
na waaa o but op u bad oo

but wait o how can someone abort 1,2,3...6 TIMES for one niggar... na so love dey sweet?!!!
Family / Re: Your Advice Could Save A Life Because I'm Dying by CoolJul: 2:21pm On Jan 21, 2021
The person whe come up with that line say life no balance truly get oil for him head.

Life truly is not fair.

Only you get two.
Me like this na just one I de find, yet I never see, even though I fit afford urgent 2k.

Tell me, is life balanced?

hahahahaaa I dey tell u. imagine two good gifts that he can't have both and choosing one n leaving the other may cost him his happiness if not life. -:/ op I nor envy u oo.

Op ur story is choking me!
Education / Re: Winifred Hyacinth: UNIZIK Medical Graduate Gets 12 Awards At Induction by CoolJul: 11:18am On Jan 20, 2021
I must join in this awesome celebration smiley
congrat*infinitet*ations !!!
Health / Re: Missing Dele Bandele Commits Suicide Over Depression (Suicide Note) by CoolJul: 11:49pm On Jan 13, 2021

Thanks bro….
Would appreciate that… really….
You are welcome! I will pm you so we can chat but it can only be on Whatsapps if u don't mind please. smiley

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Health / Re: Missing Dele Bandele Commits Suicide Over Depression (Suicide Note) by CoolJul: 11:42pm On Jan 13, 2021

You are lucky to have never been in that shoe of depression
Thank your God

You are lucky to have never been in that shoe of depression
Thank your God

You are lucky to have never been in that shoe of depression
Thank your God

Are you sure of that, hey I don't know how to type long post so lemme keep my story for now. Putting it simply, I have known depression.

2017 could have been the year...but I am too strongwilled to give in. plus I thought of my mother, I loved her too much to put her through that pain losing a child again ( through such horrible act of suicide for that matter). God forbid!

Suicide is a stigma that can never be forgotten in generations. It's so painful and hurtful to the loved ones u will leave behind, most especially to your mother. If one dies by taking ones own life, the way it will get to ur loved ones cannot be compared to when one die by external factor. mehn! I don't pray for any of my family members or friends to go through that.

see, them say "e nor get wetin eye go see wey e go fit cry blood" Whatever you think you are passing through in life today, there's some1 somewhere that has passed through or is passing through worst of it! e nor get who life treat nicely pass the other. If na so nor be everybody too for taste dealth.

Only Jesus can save! Try Him!
Health / Re: Missing Dele Bandele Commits Suicide Over Depression (Suicide Note) by CoolJul: 8:03pm On Jan 13, 2021

I will keep in touch. Wishing u the best!!!

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