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Politics / Re: Tinubu Endorses Sanwo-Olu For Second Term by Daboomb: 12:19am On Mar 21, 2022

As the God Almighty?

I thought the approval is by voters through casting of votes.

Can't voters choose without his approval?

Does winning depend on votes or on his approval?

These questions are plain. No tribal or hate speech in any of these questions. But fools are using sentiment to misinterpret the questions as hatred.

I just noticed that the poster has edited the post and the caption, maybe to distort the relevance of my questions. The poster has replaced approves with endorses. Take note of how I made the word approves bold. If I did not see the word in the post, I would not have used the word at all in my comment. I repeatedly used the word because the poster used it.

Nothing New here and that is Why a Tinubu Presidency will be a bigger Disaster for Nigeria, than we currently have now.

We all know that Sanwo Olu cannot even decide which Color of Pant to wear in the morning, without the APPROVAL of Tinubu. grin grin
As long as the Rubber-Stamp Governor ensures that a large chunk of the Revenue of Lagos, goes into Tinubu's Bullion Van, he will be approved for a 2nd term.

In 2015, a lot of People warned us (mostly for partisan politics though), that Buhari as President will be a Disaster.
We did not listen and we elected him, now we are suffering the consequences.
Those "consequences" have killed Hundreds of Thousands of Nigerians, in almost Eight year!

Today, we are warning Nigerians, especially Yorubas that if you make the mistake of electing Tinubu as President, the Disaster under Buhari will be Child's Play, infact, it will be like "Paradise".
For Yorubas who want a Yoruba President, the current Vice President, Prof Osibanjo is your best alternative.

Please dont foist Tinubu on Nigerians, the "consequences" will be brunt by all Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Ebele Obiano: I Went To Greet Bianca Ojukwu & She Slapped Me by Daboomb: 12:02am On Mar 21, 2022

A man should not raise a hand against a woman no matter what she says to him.
Now, bianca raised a hand against another woman in public.
Feminists and women advocates against domestic violence are needed now to speak out.This one was done in public and not just at home.A woman could not control her emotion in public, how much more at home

Please, dont look for Vagina Trouble o! grin
LAWS dont apply, when it is a Woman doing the damage.
Same as when a Woman slaps a man, they would make jest of the Man but if the situation were to be reveresed, they would invoke Amadioha to come and fight for Women. grin grin grin

Very Cunning, Deceitful and Manipulative Creatures.
Crime / Re: Increasing Rape, Ritual Killings Making Women ‘Endangered Species' by Daboomb: 11:53pm On Mar 20, 2022
These days if a journalist wants to get attention, they either say women are being maltreated or the write some rubbish about racism. People want to be victims so much that these writers take advantage of it to get attention.

99% of people killed in the Russian-Ukraine war are probably men, but nobody cares so much about males deaths, it doesn’t attract attention to anybody. Once a building that inhabits women and children is bombed it will be all over the news.

I don’t support violence on anybody but the media is very biased against men. Men are the endangered species.
vantage of, will not be there.

Not just the Media, everyone is biased against men.
Right from the family set-up where Boys are made to do the hardwork while girls chew meat with Mummy, in the kitchen!
Every time, all you hear is "Girl Child", as if the BOY Child" does not exist or is not suffering, even more!

Even God was biased against men otherwise, He should have created Eve separately, not from Adam's Ribs o that "the Attraction" that Women have for Men, which is what Women take advantage of, will not exist.
Just imagine if Women have No Pointing Breast (k am not talking about some washed-out Feminist here, with woor-woor breast grin ) and nothing interesting between their legs, Men would just treat them like "an Object" and move on, no emotions involved.

But l guess, just as one cant win everything, you also cant loose everything.
The Bias against the Male gender has made them SMARTER, STRONGER and MORE EFFICIENT in surviving and dominating their environment.
That is why Women think that the only way they can measure up, is by protesting for "affirmative action", which means "dash us what we don't deserve and cant get for ourselves".

For example, Women want 35% of ALL Elective Offices RESERVED for them! Just imagine, such Criminal Effrontery!
They cant work for it because they cant compete with men, due to their "Natural Inferiority" to men, as l mentioned above.

The World is a Jungle, only the Strong can Survive.

There are very tiny fraction of Women who have learnt from Men and have climbed the ladder of Success/Survival, such Women hate anything like 'Affirmatve Action'.
Women should stop whaling, they MUST accept their place in the pecking Order.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Returns To Abuja From London (photos) by Daboomb: 10:24pm On Mar 18, 2022
And So? ..
Phones / Re: Google Maps App Crashes Globally, Leaves Users Frustrated by Daboomb: 10:24pm On Mar 18, 2022
Hm. Hackers should zukwanuike.

Google is trying to help Ukraine win the War, by ensuring that Russian Armored Tanks wont know their way in Ukraine and hopefully get lost, if they try to use Google Maps to navigate in Ukraine. grin grin

If some Russian Tanks might miss their way to Nigeria, just tell them that we are not part of the criminal sanctions on Russia, before they unleash their salvo on your Village. grin grin

Ukraine keeps saying the Whole World is fighting Russia, help me ask them whether na we send them make them go find Russian Bear trouble?
Wahala siddon jejely, Yanga go poke am for eye.
Business / Re: Are We In Famine Period In Nigeria? by Daboomb: 9:05pm On Mar 18, 2022
God just hate Nigeria i swear they give them bad leaders, with the whole creative mind e come be like say everyone in Nigeria is dumb just because of bad leaders undecided

It is Nigerians that hate themselves and God is actually disappointed with them.
If you doubt, just watch as they will elect another Sick, Looting Grandfather in 2023, instead of young , intellectually sound and vibrant leasers.
Do we blame God for our bad Choice, borne out of Greed?
Give them #5000 and they will elect the killer of their Mother, as President!
#Tinubu, etc
Politics / Re: Deletion Of Section 84(12): Malami Effects Judgement In Line With The Law by Daboomb: 8:59pm On Mar 18, 2022
So quick to effect the changes because it favours them, this minister of Justice is not just it at all. It's like he is working against anything good

Malami sponsored the Lawyer that took the case to Court
Malami ensured it was brought before an Owerri Judge (we all know what those sort of Judges can do,for money)
So, no one should be surprised that Malami will give effect to this Judgement even before hi has his morning birth. grin grin

I have been wondering why Nigeria, since after the Cicero Bola Ige that was killed in office, has been blessed with Criminals, as AGF.
Its like each govt ensures it employs a Criminal as the countries AGF?
angry angry
Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 8:50pm On Mar 18, 2022

Chuchuchu. Veteran Parrot!!

This thread was created in February.

This was the OP just last week https://www.nairaland.com/7028893/marriage-10-months-gradually-crashing

His wife ran into hiding! He can enjoy his shop now!

Agadi Nwanyi, it is obvious you do not pray they resolve their issues angry

The message l quoted from the @Op was not last week, it was on this thread and a few minutes before your LIE!
Why do you take joy in destroying other people's marriage?
Must everybody at 50yrs, still be Single like you? grin grin

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Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 8:31pm On Mar 18, 2022

Don’t stress yourself. The lady in question fled for her life, leaving the shop and everything he has to offer.

Liar!!! Liar! Liar Alert!

Read what the @Op said below:

I and my wife just settled our fight.
Thanks all for contribution and suggestion

You just wake up and start lying to members of the forum!
What do you gain from such behaviour?
Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 8:14pm On Mar 18, 2022

Why must you collect the shop back? Let her have something doing even if you can't reconcile with her. No need to act out of bitterness.

Who else will act out of BITTERNESS, if not an estranged Husband? grin grin grin

You think say Na Joke, when Wise people said "Hell has No Fury, like a Woman Scorned". undecided undecided
Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 8:00pm On Mar 18, 2022
oga i dont understand u..i work in a court..after her marrige where u expecting her to still be bearing her father names as her surname or husbands name..its her name oga..final..after the divorce she goes back to her fathers name but u cant take the shop.if u like employ one million SANs u will still lose

Which Court employed you, and as What? shocked shocked
Thank God you did not claim to be a Judge or Lawyer, l for laugh die. grin grin

BTW: A lot of women still retain and bear their father's name after marriage.
They just add the husband's name at the back undecided

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Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 7:57pm On Mar 18, 2022
Why bother about the shop? It was a gift so leave it at that.

No where in his Post did he say it was a gift, why impinge that into it?

In most cases, a Man will open a Shop for is wife, to ensure she is busy and she contributes financially to the family.
It is different from say, dashing her an iphone or some material things.

I would say dont collect the Shop back, ..... just dont renew the Lease on it, after it expires.
Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 7:50pm On Mar 18, 2022

You want to leave your wife high and dry after one year of marriage? Consider the cost of setting up the business for her as the price you have to pay for the divorce.

Why should he have to pay "A Price" for Divorcing a "stranger"?
He paid a Price for marrying her, he paid a Price for Housing and feeding her, now he has to pay a price for Divorcing her?
Which kain advise be that? What Price is the Woman paying?

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Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 7:48pm On Mar 18, 2022
Taking the shop back from her is a sign of weakness and frustration. Leave the shop for her, divorce her and walk away like a real niggar.

For the sake of love you both shared in the past, you don't need to frustrate her and turn her to a beggar before you divorce her.

Do this and she will always remember you.

I am curious as to why it is important that an Ex-Wife should be required to remember the Ex-husband?
Divorce is meant to finally split the two people (if that is their choice) so that each person can move on with their lives.

Going back to an Ex., is one of the things that can kill a man quickly and easily.

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Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Daboomb: 7:42pm On Mar 18, 2022
I bring greetings to you all. I want to make this brief as possible.

I and my wife are married for a year now and since incception of the marriage it looks like the person I married is not the person I dated for two years, now due to series of issues that shows clearly that we are not compatible for marriage, and I have decided to end the marriage.

While the marriage was going on I set up a shop for her and I want to retrieve it from her but my problem is. She is with the shop receipt which I gave her after paying for it.

My name is Mike osundu and my wife name is Theresa though not real name. On the receipt it was written Theresa Mike Osundu.
I want to ask is it possible for my wife to lay claim on the shop.

No insult pls, only matured responds. Thanks

You set up a Shop for her, meaning:
You Rented a Shop for her.
You put wares for sale, in the Shop or you paid for such wares
Both your names are on the Receipt of the Shop/

Now, the Shop was rented for 2yrs, most likely. Maybe you have One year or One and Half years left on the Shop.

Your problem is not much though, some of you SIMPS allow "love" to determine your decisions otherwise, the Shop should have been in your Name, until she has delivered at least Two Boys (after that, she don become proper Naija-used Tokunbo. grin grin

My Suggestion:
Dont take the Shop from her, just allow the Rent to run out anf allow the owner to decide to either collect the next Rent from her or allow her to use it for free, it is non of your headache.

Also, you should start Eating /Drinking from whatever it is you bought, to equip the Shop, till everything runs out.
If you furnished it with Beer, bring your friends like me around and we will drink the Shop "empty", within a few weeks
. grin
If it is a Provision Shop, you should be dashing everybody you know, one thing or the other from the Shop afteral, na your Money kill am.

So, my friend, stop dragging trouble with Women when you can just apply simple, simple solutions.
I wish you the best, in your next encounter with Women. grin grin

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Politics / Re: Court Orders AGF To Remove Section 84(12) From Electoral Act by Daboomb: 5:35pm On Mar 18, 2022
The National Assembly makes laws, the court interpret it. I didn't read law anyway. So dis kain judgement still exist

But you are right!
That Judge is going beyond her bounds, her Job does not go beyond INTERPRETING the Law, she can abrogate a Law.
She cant even order the Attorney General to abrogate a Law because the AGF is a member of the Executive and the Executive Arm does not Make or Abrogate Laws for the country.

All these Yahoo-Yahoo Judges are part of the problem of Nigeria and the NJC needs to sanction erring Judges.
Politics / Re: Court Vacates Order Stopping APC Convention by Daboomb: 5:22pm On Mar 18, 2022
In a multi ethnic country like nigeria, for what actually is the turn of another southern tribe about the size of the yorubas, your people are celebrating and praising what appears to be a Grand act of tribal supremacism, tribal bigotism. Killing any chance this nation has at breeding citizens that are truly nationalistic or patriotic. Allowing these selfish and greedy politicians to set yoruba people up for legitimate generational hatred by other southern nigerian tribes while yet again doubling down on the already known belief that this country is more or less a jungle where nothing counts or matters.

We already know that having a Yoruba president does not and will not change the life of the average yoruba man, rather his friends and immediate family only enrich themselves. However we all as nigerians lose when we miss an opportunity to bring us together, an opportunity at nation building, at making steps towards true nationalism and having citizens that truly feel that they matter and we are going somewhere.

I hope learned and high IQ yorubas start speaking out now, silence is culpability. Truly no one nigerian tribe is better than the other. We are all fxcked within these walls. We have to be making steps towards the right direction, dont let these greedy politicians fool you by invoking tribal sentiments, we all know they honestly dont care about tribe, they are only after their selfish interest.

Atleast the hausas were honest and good enough to rotate the presidency down south. Nothing good can come off taking or bullying yourself off another tribes turn.

Modified Response:
To those quoting me and talking about mistakes of certain tribes of the past as a reason why we should respond with more mistakes please understand this: I am not from the South East and I am speaking as a Nigerian> And I want to tell you that the future of Nigerians and our well being is greater than any single person's Emotional Judgement or Ambition.

Life itself is supposed to be about positive Evolution, why should we allow a mistake to happen now simply because a similar mistake happened in the past. Where is the positive growth in that?

This country is supposed to be a working progress of a coalition of African tribes to build something that someday we can proud of. We may not have chosen to all be in this box but the reality is that we are, and we have gotten used to surviving on each others trust and co-operation. The way forward is not allowing selfish politicians to set us up to making a Fundamental mistake and setting us a generation backwards on this our Nigerian Project.

Regardless of what you have convinced yourself to belief, the average Nigerian Yoruba or not needs the support of every other nigerian tribe to thrive either as an employer or an employee. For almost 8years I have had a northerner as an investor in my company and also as my gateman - my life would change for the worse if either of them chooses to leave. Thanks to Nairaland and APC, bigots have become emboldened in this country in the last 10years. If APC believes they did not get enough support from the south East, sidelining the region as a response is the dumbest reaction, because the south east is part of nigeria. How can you then claim to be a national party if they are ok with sideling a region.

If you are not planning on running away from this country in the nearest future, if you want your children and grandchildren to not go through the same amount of poverty and suffering as our parents and this generation is going through then you have a civic duty to stand up now and speak your truth. We may not be able to control the stealing of every public official but something as basic as equity and fairness we should not be toying with so we can continue to hope and dream about the destination we want this country to get to and everyone watching from the outside can see that we are serious about becoming a great nation.

You have quoted out of what Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC) Said, without giving them credit for it, that is PLAGIARISM!

To the part that you added (Modified Response), you were just dilly-dallying about, too afraid to hit the nail on the head. grin grin
And the reason people like you do that is because you know, ab initio, that your position is not only faulty, your wish is unreasonable.

You go around threatening other tribes, just because you want something from them, how about appealing to them?
How about convincing them with superior arguments?
How about lobbying them?
How about building bridges with them?
How about even sacrificing for them first, so you can reap from such sacrifices, in the future?

Granted that Igbos have not produced a Nigerian President in the last 50yrs, (which is no one's fault but Igbos) and other tribes think Igbos should be supported to achieve this aim, does that mean it will be dropped on your laps?
This country does not operate a "fixed" Rotational Presidency by FIAT, what we have is a "Democracy by Consensus", that moves the Presidency between the North and South.

At the end of the day, Nigerians still have to VOTE, to elect their President.
What that means is that the Igbo Presidential Nominee can only become President, if he can convince majority of Nigerians to vote for him in a General Election.
Thus, can you convince other tribes to Vote for an Igbo Presidential Nominee, by THREATENING THEM or INSULTING THEM?

Some years back, we were shouting that Igbos need to "play their Politics wisely" and not put all their Eggs in One basket, during their rabid support for PDP over the years. They made enemies of other tribes just because Goodluck Jonathan was kicked out of Office.
They all vote in Bloc for PDP, irrespective of who PDP puts on the Ballot.
Essentially, the South East became a PDP stronghold, they will Vote for only PDP (and APGA in Anambara), they dont even want to hear anything called APC/ACN/AD. We told them that even if you are angry about PDP losing the 2015 elections, dont take it personal or take it out on Yorubas or Northerners but they wont hear.

Unfortunately, the PDP where they sowed Sweat and Blood, is treating them like a Pariah, it will not even one its Presidential Ticket to the East! What a Shame!! Imagine, a Northerner has just finished Eight years as President and the PDP is selling Forms to Atiku, a Northerner, again.
Even more shameful is the rationale of Igbos that if Yorubas dont "give them" APC Presidential Ticket, they would vote for Atiku to become President!
The problem with such mentality of "We or the Highway", is that it shows that Igbos are not really convinced that they deserve to be President of Nigeria, what they are actually more interested in, is that a Yoruba person should not be the next President!
That is what we call Politics of Hate and Envy
. If l cant have it, then l wont allow you to have it.
What a Shame.

If you cant display Loyalty, dont expect anyone to be Loyal to you.
If you cant sacrifice for others, dont expect Others to sacrifice for you, when your time of need for such sacrifice comes.
If you wont vote for a tribe or Party, dont expect that Tribe or Party to hand over its Presidential ticket to you, on a Platter of Gold, No matter how deserving of it you think you are. Such sense of entitlement is delusional and wishful-thinking

Igbos can decide to do what is right, it may take some time to yield the desired result but yield it will will or they can continue to threaten others, cry and whinge all day or try to intimidate others, hoping some miracle will happen and they will suddenly become President of "the Zoo".
It is not too late to start doing the right thing, where there is a Will, there should be a way but voting for Atiku, just to Spite Yorubas, will NEVER get any Igbo, anywhere near Aso Rock and History has shown that the Yorubas somehow, even without Igbo support, still manage to Sit as President in Aso Rock.

Igbos need to reflect deeply.
Romance / Re: A Submissive Spouse Or A Partner With Great IQ by Daboomb: 4:32pm On Mar 18, 2022
It takes a lady with Great IQ to be submissive.

Have you seen a feminist with an IQ above 2 before?

Dont mind the @Poster that is asking a really dumb question!

Women who are intelligent, who have high I.Q, who are successful and have self dignity, have No Prolemo respecting their Husbands or any man for that matter and they also get respect in return.

It is the Woorwor-Face, empty head, No future ambition types who have nothing to show, that are always trying to instigate a gender-fight against men, to make-up for their lack of intellect and internal ugliness.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Stop Planting Seed Of Hate Among Igbos And Yorubas - Ohaneze To Tinubu by Daboomb: 10:10pm On Mar 17, 2022
Last time i checked, no one stop any tribe from contesting for the goddamn office so OYC must stop this blackmail and start working for the interest of the igbo nation by mobilizing for their preferred candidate

No matter who become the president, fuel is not going back to #97 .. they are all thieves

I think OYC is being very dishonest here!
No right thinking person will vote for Bola Tinubu to be President, now that Prof Osinbajo has declared his interest in the Presidency, since they are both from the South West.
So, hatred of Yorubas by Igbos did not start with Bola Tinubu, the seed of that hatred was sowed by the Igbo Fathers and Mothers who witnessed the Civil War but turned around to LIE to their Igbos Sons and Daughters, by telling them a manipulative version of the war.
It is Igbo Parents who passed on this hatred, to their offsprings, telling them that it was Yorubas who made them lose the War instead of telling them the Truth about how Ojukwu unilaterally declared the War, despite good advice from Awolowo that the SW is already surrounded by Fulani Soldiers as all the Garrison Commanders in the SW ar Northerners and the SW has no stach of Amunition to prosecute a War at that moment. Awolowo advised Ojukwu to hold-on a bit but Ojukwu ignored this advise and declared war on Nigeria.
Despite the war being predominantly a Northerner Vs Easterner (Igbo) affair, Ojukwu was directing all his war efforts to destroying Southern Nigeria, instead of facing Northern Nigeria. His calculation was that he would FORCE Southern Nigeria into the War and he bombed as close as Ijebu Ode (Ogun State), after capturing Asaba (today's Delta), destroyed Benin (today's Edo State) and burnt down the Central bank in Benin, but not before robbing the place of all the money!

It was not until Yorubas saw that Ojukwu was intent on destroying Yoruba land, while those fighting him from the North were left untouched, that the Yorubas started resisting and pushing him back, until they defeated in in the battle of Ore (Ondo State), fro where they drove him back across the Niger bridge, before finishing him off.

But Igbo Mothers and fathers blame Yoruba for hteir defeat!
the question l ask my Igbo friends is that: If Yorubas and Northerners are at War and the Yoruba Army starts bombing Onitsha, then Enugu, Awka,while leaving Kaduna, kano, Jigawa untouched, will Igbos welcome them with open hands or fight them back and reclaim their territory?
I ask you too, for a Honest answer to that question.

Igbos hated Awolowo, not because of Tinubu, Igbos hated Yorubas even before Tinubu became known in 1999, though Igbos cant stop spreading into every nook and cranny of Ypruba land, to eek out a living and Yorubas welcome them with open hands but their hatred of Yorubas, as l mentioned, has becoem hereditary and genetical, it is in-born and transfered from generation to generation.

It is left for the present generation of Igbos to use their brain and analyse issue critically and decide whether they want to act on current situation or they want to keep living on the lies they were told by thei parents..

On the issue of Presidency, Igbos deserve to produce a President of Nigeria (never mind the bad appellation they call the same country they want to rule, it just shows that they are misdirected. Or Do Igbos want to be President of a Zoo?) but they must also appreciate that in a Democracy, it is "goodwill" that gets you a Political Position, NOT RIGHT.
Uless Presidency is being "micro-zoned" to each Geo-Political Zones (which is not the case), then Igbos cannot BY RIGHT, say it is our turn and other Nationalities must Withdraw for us.
At present, the Presidency is being Zoned between the REGIONS (South and North).
It is the turn of the Southern Region of Nigeria, which comprises of the SS, SE and SW.

But in the South, the SS and especially the SE (Igbos) have, in their good wisdom, placed all their Eggs in PDP, in the last 23years.
So, it is common sense that the PDP should give them the PDP Presidential Ticket, so they can REAP, where they have been SOWING all these years. That is where it should start from.
The next thing is now for Igbos to MOBILISE support for their Igbo candidate, to win the Election. No matter what we say, it is still going to be an ELECTION, Nigerians still have to Vote and Elect their President. There wont be any Consensus or Waiver on that.

It is not a secret that the SW have mostly invested in the APC, from the days of AD, ACN, etc, till it became APC (which by the way, is a product of Alliances, lobbying, trade-offs, scratch my back, l scratch your back, etc, as espected in a Democracy).
The SW even supported a Buhari, who is a perenial, no-good looser, to win the Presidency, just because they wanted an Alliance that goes beyond the SW and they were willing to wait for 8years, so they can get back the same support.
Now, tell me, since 2023 is around the corner and the SW is saying ti the APC, we have supported a Northern Candidate in this Alliance called the APC,it is time you also support us, in the spirit of the "Alliance" that we made, how reasonable is it thenthat the Igbos just raise their head and say: APC should gove them the Party's Ticket?
What is their investment in APC (apart from the last minute, desperate defectiosn of some of them who are hoping to "cash-in" on what others worked for? When did the Igbos Vote massively for PC, as they have been voting in bloc, for the PDP?

As a matter of fact, the Igbos consider the "Yorubas and APC" as their "Political Enemy" because, according to them, they did not Vote for their anointed candidate, Goodluck Jonathan, for his second term in 2015 (which would have made Jonathan to be President for 10yrs, far above any other person in Nigeria!).
How then and wht should such a Party hand over its Presidential Ticket to the Igbos, all in th ename of "it is our turn"?
Yes, the Igbos deserve to have the PDP Presidential Ticket and that is where they should focus on an dmobise to win the election proper.
The Yorubas deserve to have the APC Ticket and should not drag the PDP Ticket with them.

Everything should now boil down to who can mobilise the most afteral, Igbos and Yorubas are both Southerners

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Politics / Re: North-East Business Community Picks PDP Nomination Forms For Atiku Abubakar by Daboomb: 9:29pm On Mar 17, 2022
the time has finally come. even satan will say some devils buy nomination form for me. just to show he's relevant

All these DESPERATE POLITICIANS should stop deceiving themselves that somebody or a group of people bought Nomination Forms for them,
Once it is time for Election, Atiku that is living in Dubai willcome to Nigeria to be eating Corn or riding keke Napep, Tinubu that has been quiet in the South West when Fulani Herdsmen are killing Yorubas will start visiting everybody in the South West, pretending to pay homage!

I just hope Nigerians will be smart this time around and reject all these Sick, Desperate Looters otherwise, the poverty and suffering under Buhari, will be Child's play for them.

The most annoying part is that it is the Youths, who suffered the Most, whether as student (with ASUU always on Strike because Govt will not hono rits agreement with them) or as Unemployed Youths because Governors and the President have no vision but are rather using some white-elephant Projects to loot their future into Debts, etc... are the same people who will vote these clueless, sick and thieving vampires into office.
Romance / Re: I Think I Am Loving My Male Best Friend by Daboomb: 9:20pm On Mar 17, 2022
This is the same way I met my wife. She had issues with a guy friend and I intervened, we bonded and we got married. We are happily married with 4 kids today. So, is not kinda bad if you tell him how you feel. It may lead to a life partner affair...

Beware, FRENEMIES at Work!
Some of you have No Shame at all!
You were intervening, on the pretext of "settling their dispute", meanwhile the OPPORTUNIST in you has another plan in your heart.
God help any Man who has a "friend" like you, ...... such person does not need an Enemy.
Romance / Re: I Think I Am Loving My Male Best Friend by Daboomb: 9:00pm On Mar 17, 2022
I met this best friend of mine early December last year, since then we have bonded very well.

The truth is that I am already loving this guy, but it looks like he is interested in another woman out there...

I don't want to come out desperate or a "do or die affair" he watches me get closer to another guy, but he speaks ill of the new guy I want to date. Right inside my heart, he is the guy I love. Since this guy isn't reciprocating my feelings, should I discard our friendship and move on with my life? Or reduce our closeness? I don't want to be hurt or look desperate.

If you don't Have anything reasonable to say don't comment.......

Some people make extra effort, to make their FAKE STORY appear REAL and that is a good thing.
In your own case, you are telling your story, like a confused amateur!

Maybe, just maybe you dont know what a "best friend" is, otherwise you wont characterise a "best friend" the way you did, in the highlighted areas.
Assuming the person was even your best friend "in the past" (as in some years ago), you should know that you were already "well-bonded" in the past, for you to describe that person as your "best friend".

And why will anyone in their right senses, discard a "best friend", just because he/she is not responding to their infatuation?
Please, make effort to think and plan the story properly, we love fictions but not this sort of hogwash.

Now, that is something reasonable to say. grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lady Denied Employment Because Of Leg Chain. by Daboomb: 10:54pm On Mar 14, 2022
You had the opportunity to show that you are responsible but you missed that big league. First, sympathize with the girl and show some humanity. Your write up shows how haughty and exuberant you are.
Leg chains are African culture. If you know nothing about culture, learn. Having a leg chain is not a sign of irresponsibility. It is fashion and culture. The lady who denied her a job may be sleeping with someone's husband or be involved in some form of fraudulence.

Leg Chain is not an African Culture.
Maybe you want to say it is used (Cymbals) to accentuate the Rhythm and Feet Sound", during cultural dances but that is Ceremonial Dressing, not everyday DressCode.

Which African Culture?
Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani? Or Which Country in Africa?

Anyway, kindly provide the "academic source" of your hypothesis
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lady Denied Employment Because Of Leg Chain. by Daboomb: 10:44pm On Mar 14, 2022
Between wearing nose ring and leg chain to an interview which is worse?

Nose Ring will not get you beyond the Gate, Leg Chain will get you thrown out of the compound, over the Gate. grin grin
Which one do you prefer?

dont ask about #Malians. grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lady Denied Employment Because Of Leg Chain. by Daboomb: 10:36pm On Mar 14, 2022

Okay... I now understand your personal distaste. But, that doesn't make their choice of dressing wrong.

That we dislike certain dress codes doesn't make them wrong... Let's keep things in proper perspective.

I personally don't fancy excessive body adornments, especially in formal work settings. But, there is a thin line between distaste and insensitivity or abusing a person's rights.

As long as a person's dressing or adornments don't interfere with his or her job delivery, or doesn't negate the company's principles, then it should be overlooked.

There is Culture, Norms and Codes in everything we do.
It is a Dress code to put on a Socks, when you put on a Tie, itis an English Dress code but l see a lot of Nigerians not put on a Socks, when putting on a Tie and it is irritating because it offends the Dress Code.

It is a Food etiquette to not make "sounds" with your mouth when chewing but sometimes, l just hear people chewing pasham-pasham like a Dog and it is very irritating, because it shows lack of finesse and god home training.

I know, we are now living in a very permissive era pf "No Rules" but Rules are there for a reason!
I see some Governors put on face cap, on a Traditional Dress, as if they are Touts and Thugs or Street Urchins! WTF
Some even out on Canverse / Sneakers on a Babanriga or Agbada! How more stoopid can it get?

A 'CODE' is a 'Rule' that one should follow, you cannot just say l will do it as l like! Why then is it a "Code"?

People should learn to dress properly, dress properly for the particular occasion and be mindful of their appearance because it says a lot about you.. FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS.

You can only exercise your "personal right" within your own confines, not in public space or in other people's space. Your Right ends, where theirs, starts.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lady Denied Employment Because Of Leg Chain. by Daboomb: 10:23pm On Mar 14, 2022
What could be wrong disqualifying a lady in a job interview for wearing a leg chain?


Is She a Dog or what is it with the Leg chain?
Except the job was as a Call Girl or Bar Tender, no sane Person should wear a Leg Chain to a Job interview.
Serves her right
and hope this serves as a lesson to those who dont care about their appearance, when going for an official function.
Health / Re: Nigerian Man Slumps, Dies In Italy After Returning From Hospital (Photos) by Daboomb: 10:17pm On Mar 14, 2022
Nigerians know how to blame witchcraft on any incident. The case here is very common to black men especially Africans living abroad. They love to give you pain-killers and tell you that there is nothing wrong with you, then watch you die. They will not run thorough check on you. This man might be having a serious health problem but the doctor who attended to him was very callous if not racist.

Your head dey there, l swear. kiss

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Health / Re: Nigerian Man Slumps, Dies In Italy After Returning From Hospital (Photos) by Daboomb: 10:16pm On Mar 14, 2022
which country you lived in?? Cause this ur story is just to make USA /UK look like a bad place. If they're recist how come many goto USA or UK to solve their health issue

Stop misleading people with your lies

Dont display your ignorance openly!

Economic or Social advancement benefits is not the same with Racism and are not mutually exclusive.

For most people, ANYWHERE is better than this god forsaken Nigeria.
grin grin
Health / Re: Nigerian Man Slumps, Dies In Italy After Returning From Hospital (Photos) by Daboomb: 10:13pm On Mar 14, 2022
One Isiokponye Onuodafin from Owa-Alizomor Community in Ika Northeast Local Government Area of Delta State, has died in Italy.

According to the younger brother to the deceased, Mr. Uzoma Onuodafin, h[b]e was called on the phone that his brother was complaining of headache.

He was said to have later slumped and died in his house after returning from the hospital, where the doctor had told him that nothing was wrong with him.[/b]

Uzoma, who spoke to Ika Newspaper Who Notified , described his brother as a jovial, loving and caring person.

The remains of late Onuodafin was laid to rest four days ago in Italy.
See Photos As Obtained By Below:

This is very common with European Doctors, w[b]hen attending to immigrants.[/b]
If the dead Person were a Caucasian, that Doctor will face a Panel of Inquiry and may have his License revoked, for incompetence and negligence but since the dead person is a Nigerian, that is the end of the story.

How can a Doctor tell a Patient who came to the Hospital to complain of an Ailment, told to go home and then die immediately after?

Is it that the Stoopid Doctor does not even know how to do routine checks, like Blood Pressure, Sugar test, Heartbeat rate, ENT routine tests, Pulse checking, etc?

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Family / Re: Chimerism & DNA: How True Is This Condition? by Daboomb: 9:56pm On Mar 14, 2022
I was going through the internet like I do every night when I came across this write up.
Is this phenomenon true?
To what extent can it be proven?
How common is it?

'DNA is really so crazy. Have y'all heard that story about the woman who had a baby with her husband? When he got a DNA test done, the results determined he wasn't the father.
The mother insisted he was the dad so much so that they repeated the test numerous times. The results remained the same, so the couple got divorced and the man refused to be in the child's life.

It later came out that based off the DNA results, he wasn't the father but the uncle of the child. Which was impossible because he was an only child. After a more extensive DNA test, they found out the husband was actually a chimera, which essentially means he had a twin brother that he ate in utero, essentially absorbing his DNA.
So basically the unborn twin brother was the father, even though the husband bore the child.'

No be only Chimera, na Primera.
I guess Women have been desperate;y looking for a means to discredit DNA Tests, so they can keep getting away with their Sexual Escapade.

DNA that has solved a lot of Cold, Criminal Cases, once it enter Woman case, it has suddenly become Invalid.
grin grin

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