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Family / Re: Guidelines For Unemployed Husbands With Working Wives by Daeylar(f): 8:12pm On May 22, 2020
Jobless husband diaries!!

Here are some guidelines for unemployed husbands with working wives.

Lol. Hilarious thread.grin grin grin

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Religion / Re: How We Can Curb Sexual Immorality In Our Society by Daeylar(f): 9:53am On May 03, 2020
Love this.
I completely disagree. In Sharia countries where women are completely covered- men are vibrating from seeing a girls shoulder. In nigeria, men vibrate when they see thighs. In Europe where dressing is scandalous, men vibrate only for naked women. It shows that its not what the woman is wearing that is the issue, otherwise all men would behave the same to the same amount of exposure.

Remember that int he beginning, both were naked.

This immorality is WITHIN us. let us stop with the original sin of Adam and Eve with blaming outside influences for our internal lack of faith.

I'm not saying social media and outside things like porn are good- they make things worse for sure. But please stop putting the responsibility of your own holiness on someone else's dressing or TV. Vow within your own heart that you will not look at another woman lustfully

And for heavens sake - stop blaming women for your own problems. It is not dressing that is worrying you. otherwise all men would behave the same way to the same dress. You have trained yourself not to shake when you see a girls ankle in nigeria but in saudi- a man would be vibrating. meanswhile in Europe, what makes you vibrate in nigeria will not even turn an eyelid there. its all training. STOP BLAMING other people for your own problems.

Adam said...It is the woman you gave me....

You men havent changed


Travel / Re: COVID-19: Multiple Auto Crash As Residents Rush To Beat Curfew In Edo (Video) by Daeylar(f): 6:13am On Apr 29, 2020
With the exception of protests in a few places other countries implemented the lockdown policy without incident.
But in Nigeria:
1. Multiple accidents because nobody wants to be late for curfew.
2. Government will dash states spoilt food and states will do back to sender.
3. Almajiri will be used to play table tennis.
4. Police and army will brutalize citizens.
5. Criminals will write letter that they want to come and steal.
3. Pastors will ask permission to heal patients.
4. Pastors will climb lonely mountain with video crew.
5. States will do verbal autopsy which also means "audio".
6. Government will beg Elon Musk for ventilators and buy new cars the next day.
7. President will give "live" broadcast but the speech is already out before the broadcast has started.

This country is a perfect example of How Not To Fight Covid19.

8. The President will Lockdown the country for a month, only to test 10,000 people. This country sad
Family / Re: Deadbeat Father: How A Nairanlander's Quote Ended My Family's Rift. (photos) by Daeylar(f): 9:27am On Dec 13, 2019
All your posts on this thread. Especially this. Perfect.

Men only love their fathers because of red pill movements and because they usually become the monster of their childhood in later life.
So you think mother's only nag? Do you know if fathers nag? With the way men complain about almost everything about women from coming to cleaning, who do you think nags most? Even when mother's are bread winners, at the end of the day comes underserved love and respect for a man who prioritized other things over his family. Because people need to recognize fathers. Whatever that means.
I've noticed a lot of hatred for dead beat mother's and love for dead beat fathers. Why? Sexual bigotry. Nothing less. Nothing more. All I see are ungrateful kids. They always think their mothers are evil when they've grown up and swallowed the pills, and that they need to see things from his side, even when he abandoned them or abused them. Men don't suck in emotions; they are downright bitchy too. That is why they take it out on their families by being absentee fathers. If women dared to try this...! And yet, the children always look for them. Not because they are good. But because society has made even evil men have a side. Even murderous men have a side. As if evil is justified simply by fatherhood because if you don't apologize to him you will suffer. Fear.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Embassy Shuts Door On Nigerians Attacked In South Africa! by Daeylar(f): 10:24am On Sep 03, 2019
Do you know why SA can confidently do the sh*t they do, it's because they've seen a country so divided among themselves internally that they can barely stay united and speak with one voice against foreign attacks.

And to think some retards here on nairaland are saying the Nigerians there are just from a particular tribe, shows how low we've gone as a country. As a matter of fact, Nigeria can no longer be called a country if a fellow countryman can say sh*t about his own countryman in the full view of other nationals.

Nigeria will continue to be volatile to foreign attacks in other countries if we continue to be disunited. The world is watching, let the retards, tribalists and olodos take note of that

Very true. Not just how we treat ourselves. They are also watching how our Government continues to mistreat us. Our government treats us terribly, so why should they do better? And better yet. They know no one will challenge them because the same government that should challenge them is the same government treating us so bad.

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Crime / Re: Rivers State University Student Killed (Graphic Photos) by Daeylar(f): 9:45pm On Jul 31, 2019
Look at Torture embarassed
Politics / Re: Senetor Elisha Abbo Bags An Award 'Icon Of Democracy' by Daeylar(f): 2:18pm On Jul 29, 2019
So he hasn't been arrested?
A clear case of assault that Is caught on tape? Imagine if there is no video?

No wonder this country is among the 10 most dangerous countries for woman. This country is terrible. Assualt caught in camera rewarded with an award?

I can't believe it.

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Family / Re: Dad Catches 12-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex, Beats Her Mercilessly by Daeylar(f): 12:01pm On Jul 17, 2019
This is why i don't want to have girl children
If it was a boy caught having sex. I guess your answer would still be the same right? People who say this usually raise their sons anyhow.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Daeylar(f): 2:22pm On Jul 15, 2019
When you really want to show some love, keep the flowers and say it with spaghetti kiss

My brother Hustle oh!!! make you nor get that time to dey monitor another man child and turn investigator over night for inside faceless forum
OMG grin grin grin
You came back ready for them. Love it grin

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Woman Was Not God's Original Idea (video) by Daeylar(f): 9:07am On Jul 12, 2019
Useless man. He won't stop trying to shade his ex wife through these useless messages.

She has gone, she won't be your slave. Stupid master.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Robert Foster Insists On Chaperone For Interview With Larrison Campbell by Daeylar(f): 8:57am On Jul 12, 2019
It's funny when you read stuffs like "fear women", "daughters of Jezebel", etc. It's even more unfortunate seeing how guys try hard to envelop rape cases as "mere accusations".

The truth is, a good deal of the rape cases we've had in the past eventually came out as the man being guilty. If that statistics is anything to go by, I guess it's safe to say that men have higher tendencies of carrying out rape crimes than women accusing men falsely. So who should be feared more here?


I understand and respect the man's position but that's his personal decision and shouldn't be a norm cause it'll have a serious damaging effect if allowed to fester.

Same way I feel. That's how discrimination starts. It starts with chaperons now because it's an enclosed space, Next thing, he won't bother to allow female reporters because " why manage the problem when you can avoid it completely" then you can see how it spirals out of control from then on.

Women are raped everyday; you do not even get to hear about a good deal of the cases cause they happen in societies where women as seen as "helpers". Iimagine if they all say "fear men, sons of whoever" and refuse to work with men...

They'll call women misandrists, bash feminism, Blame feminism for it saying it's turning women into man haters who want to subdue men. Tell women that why they are bitter and can't have a man. Tell women that they end up in Shiloh.
You know the drill

Let me guess, they'll lose cause it's a man's world, right?

That is chauvinism for you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Robert Foster Insists On Chaperone For Interview With Larrison Campbell by Daeylar(f): 8:15am On Jul 12, 2019
Discrimination. I hope he doesn't win.
And she's right.. It's his responsibility to provide a chaperone to chaperone him and not her providing one.
Romance / Re: Cult Guys Are After My Girlfriend, Should I Break Up With Her Or Not? by Daeylar(f): 1:26pm On Jul 11, 2019
Those two bolded above is also given me a great concern cos i'm starting to feel that she's been used as a bargaining chip to make me belong in their nonsense group.

Since you know what are you waiting for. I wish you all the best. You know what to do
Romance / Re: Cult Guys Are After My Girlfriend, Should I Break Up With Her Or Not? by Daeylar(f): 1:17pm On Jul 11, 2019
Timil let her go.

The fact that she's going around showing you multiple cult members interested in her, and the number keeps growing the more you hang out with her. Why does she keep telling you? Is she proud of it? Is she boasting about it?
I find it weird, before you know the number will reach 20 cult guys all asking her out. undecided only her. undecided
Ask yourself if they are just asking her out or she has something more with them. Think.

According to your story,
A girl been pursued by 4 known cultists, ( what of unknown and other innocent rivalries?)

A girl (not guy o) that mistakenly invited to cultists anniversary not christian or Muslim gathering

A girl mistakenly found herself among cultists and those that have been disturbing her (potential rapists n killers) yet was comfortable enough to stay there . *What you don't want to eat do not smell it*. An adage!

An innocent girl that can identify sooooo many cultists on campus (she was the one pointing to you the other guys whc are also cultists. From conversations, joke or serious. One can easily says what the other party has passed through or doing at present.)

All the points listed above say a lot about her personality
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 9:50pm On Jul 10, 2019
Yes Eagles yessss


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 9:45pm On Jul 10, 2019

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 9:28pm On Jul 10, 2019
If he awards this goal we'll look for him oh undecided
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 9:27pm On Jul 10, 2019
It's outside sa grin grin
Take it like that grin
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 8:27pm On Jul 10, 2019


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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Quarter Final (2 - 1) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 8:10pm On Jul 10, 2019
Where is the red card for that sa player? Referee? undecided
Crime / Re: My experience with kidnappers in government uniform by Daeylar(f): 8:20am On Jul 09, 2019
Wow. This was terrible and scary, sorry about your experience. sad

But This made me laugh though grin grin Aren't you an atheist? grin
A son of Lucifer at most? thatt makes it even funnier


He asked me to step out, then unlocked the handcuffs.

"Bring your laptop bag, and open your laptop"

My fucking laptop (fondly called Theresa btw) decided that was a good moment to not come on.

"Oh boy, this one dey thief laptop join sef, criminal" said First Officer

After much "chukwu mere m'ebere", my laptop came on and i saw the smiling pig that is my lock screen. I logged in and luckily there was no porn on the screen. It was just my lesson notes and slides, showing my activities just before my adventure with the Naija police.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Daeylar(f): 10:30pm On Jul 08, 2019
Welcome backkkkkkkkkkkk Prestonn cheesy

Glad you came back cheesy kiss kiss


Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Replies Fan Who Told Her To Get Married Before It Is Too Late by Daeylar(f): 10:13am On Jul 08, 2019

Thank you. kiss kiss
I must have forgotten na the quote own you teach me. I remember that one.

As per the bold, It should be confidential wink I nor want too much traffic grin cheesy so I jejely went back to old jerusalem grin grin

You're welcome. That's what I'm saying. Using the quote method I told you. Instead of pressing the message button press the globe button that's all.

Lol, grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: AFCON (3 - 2) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 6:23pm On Jul 06, 2019
Go Nigeria!!!!!

Iwobi kiss kiss

Ighalo kiss kiss


Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Replies Fan Who Told Her To Get Married Before It Is Too Late by Daeylar(f): 6:03pm On Jul 06, 2019

Sorry for disturbing you again. grin
Please can you explain to me how I can share a link on this forum cry cry and also share from this forum to another site
For the first, Just click the world globe button on your link in the same manner I taught you before.
Don't know how to do the second. When you find out let me know.

You went into the archives to find a post you wanted to quote and ask me this question? grin why?
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: AFCON (3 - 2) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 5:44pm On Jul 06, 2019
What's going on cry
Politics / Re: Senator Abbo Promises 'Robust Response' Over Sex-Toy Shop Assault. See Reactions by Daeylar(f): 2:16pm On Jul 03, 2019
Robust response?
Clear case of assault with EVIDENCE and this fool is still walking around freely and even giving interviews?
Someone that should be cooling off in jail?

This country.

This animal needs to be behind bars.


Politics / Re: Senator Elisha Abbo Slaps, Beats Up Woman At intimacy gadget Shop [PHOTOS] by Daeylar(f): 7:20pm On Jul 02, 2019
This man is mad. He needs to be in jail. What kind of utter nonsense is that?.

He needs people to beat him the hell up, then be thrown in jail.
What rubbish. angry
Family / Re: My Uncle Said I Betrayed Him by Daeylar(f): 12:05am On Jul 02, 2019
Love this advice in general
Your uncle packaged insults, bullying and maltreatment and gave it to you as a job. Bro, he was aware of the pit he drove you into thus I see no wrong in what you did.

Do you know such a toxic working environment actually drove countless others to depression and then sucide?

And when you came crying, he did nothing...
At that point your only choice was to fight or leave?

So don't entertain the thought you betrayed your uncle.

You didn't. You only made a bold move and now it made you appear larger and more powerful than you are. Bro, I can only applaud you. Please don't quit your job!!

Going forward, assume formlessness at work. Don't offend anyone. Just keep trying to make peace with him.

Family / Re: Why Women Should Stay At Home... by Daeylar(f): 7:42am On Jul 01, 2019
Good. You and the men you just described should pack your load and drop yourselves in a deserted island. Why the f-ck are you wasting your talent struggling for limited resources (with women) in civilization when you are built to survive in deserted island.

This is what is called K.O.


Sports / Re: Madagascar Vs Nigeria: AFCON 2019 (2 - 0) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 6:46pm On Jun 30, 2019
Because we truly are. He has to commentate about the game as it is truly going.

Lol grin grin
It pained me when he said Nigeria With big name players playing for different leagues is being beaten by a team without big name players


The commentator is stylishly supporting us, he himself dey dissapointed with the result he is seeing on the scoreline

Not only him.

I'm no longer watching though

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Sports / Re: Madagascar Vs Nigeria: AFCON 2019 (2 - 0) Full Time by Daeylar(f): 6:26pm On Jun 30, 2019
I don't know why this commentator is just rubbing it in that we are losing to Madagascar.

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