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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by damilola15: 6:42pm On Jul 24, 2015
Hello to the house and excellent evening to you all,

I am currently preparing for my visa interview, on the 11th of August, and I would like some tips from those that just concluded their visa interviews recently. I know learning German is a must even if one is doing a 100% English program.

But, for the purposes of the visa interview alone, Does the VO place much on language ish?

No. Although you may be asked if you speak/understand.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by damilola15: 4:58pm On Jul 24, 2015
Wow, Part 2 page 141 already. smiley smiley things must be going well.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 8:59pm On Sep 28, 2014
Obtained my 3 months travel health insurance (with IGI) outside Lagos on Friday. I was given the certificate (a paper) and the receipts (only).
Just wondering if that's all.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 9:59pm On Sep 25, 2014
Another question, people.
Is it only the Lagos branch of IGI (for instance) that can issue a travel health insurance. For example, with Betty55, can't she get it done at the Benin office or someone in Kogi state do it at Lokoja.
betty55: please can any one help me out with any travel insurance adress in lagos,l live in benin and don,t know my way around in lagos verry well.thanks
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 8:13pm On Sep 25, 2014
segadebayo: Congrats, lucky you I did mine on the 9th funded my account a week earlier, still yet to get response from the embassy. all the best
Sorry to hear about your situation. But as someone mentioned on the forum some time ago, destinations also count. Mine seems to be under little pressure as observed on the thread.

All the same, I pray and hope for your breakthrough too.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 12:38pm On Sep 25, 2014
geemana: congrats. Which city are you going?
Wow 14days! Congrats bro..where are you heading to?
Thanks, Jena.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 8:31am On Sep 25, 2014
Good morning peeps.
Before anything, join me in thanking the most high God to whom all thanks is due.

I had my interview on Wednesday, the 10th of September. I had transferred the funds on Friday the 5th and got a conformation on the 9th, a day before the interview.
And sorry I didn't post my interview questions as others, the questions were just as those on the forum. Because I was almost the only one in the house at Lagos, I almost killed myself with worry, (did I do well, what could go wrong and etc), I decided to leave Lagos and head to my cousins' for a cheer. They didn't fail to deliver but it still doesn't exclude the fact that the waiting period is never easy.

Long story short, yesterday (two weeks after the interview), the mail came that I should come with 3 months travelling insurance and my passport.

By God's grace, I should pick it up on Monday.

Thanks guys, every contribution on this forum is always useful even those questions we think are ridiculous and unnecessary.
To those still expecting, I leave Numbers 6 : 24 - 26 for you:

“The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

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Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 7:52pm On Sep 07, 2014

It is the DB Block Account form that you should filled on PC, the Visa form can be filled using pen
Thought as much.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 11:37pm On Sep 06, 2014
Staple the VISA form together n ensure u fill it properly.fill the form on the PC and print.suxes bro

The PDF file (application form) actually has no "form field" although I know I can use the insert text option.
Thanks though.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 4:24pm On Sep 06, 2014
Should the visa form be stapled? I stapled the blocked account form but that Nigerian woman was annoyed and yanked it off.

Also should the form be hand written (with a black pen, I suppose)?
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 8:03pm On Sep 03, 2014
Hello people, sworn affidavit for change of name takes a few minutes at the high court right? I want to do another one.

It took 2 - 3 days when I did it about 2 years ago, although it was through one of those lawyers/notaries, I was even surcharged.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 10:05pm On Aug 19, 2014
ohimai83: I have sent a request for student visa interview for six days now but no reply. what should I do? is it normal? I am getting quite concerned. thanks for the responses.
My dear, did you follow the right channel
Blocked acct oppning slip - scanned docs (passport and admission letter) to rk-201@lago.diplo.de
If you didn't do the above, i suggest you do it now!

If you really sent your request to rk-201@lago.diplo.de (instead of rk-visa201@lago.diplo.de), then you are waiting in vain.
You were told last time that you emailed a wrong address. Why have you not remedied it?
Re-send to the second address above, asap!
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 5:15pm On Aug 19, 2014
naijaobi: Good day house my interview is on 16th september and enrollment starts on 22nd to 26th september inmy school.
Do I contact the embassy to shift my date forward? Or do i leave it that way?
This may not be related to your plight, but I'm asking out of curiosity.
Are you using blocked account? If yes, when did you submit the form and have you received the account info?
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 9:28am On Aug 15, 2014
? Wie bitte?
Referring to the bolded statement.

Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 1:20pm On Aug 14, 2014
Does Deutsche Bank have any application form online, I mean apart from the downloaded one?
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 2:55pm On Aug 11, 2014
It helped, I was referring to certification (of copy). Thank you.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 1:56pm On Aug 11, 2014
Hello good people, here's one that giving me headache: Officially certified copy of WAEC certificate. I need to send it to the school. Please how have you been going by this.

I somehow found myself at Ibadan, so used that opportunity to go to the waec office there. I was asked to go to the state I where I sat for the exams. I couldn't, it's far from Ibadan and I was on my way to Lagos anyway. Meanwhile I had been to a local court where I was told they stopped doing that about 3 years ago, even said I should go to my school.

This is the closest to it I've read on waec's website. That's not even what I want to do.
(19) Q, How does one process a confirmation of result ?
A. A confirmation of result can be processed by submitting to WAEC the following:
— One plain foolscap envelope
— One stamped, addressed envelope for each confirmation of results
— =N=250 postage stamp for local mails
— =N=350 postage stamp for international mails
— An affidavit sworn to in a court of law which should contain the following details:
Candidate's Name (in full)
Name of Examination
Year of Examination
— Two copies of candidates's passport photograph per result
— Fee for confirmation of resultis:
=N=10,000.00 per result for overseas institutions
=N=5,000.00 per result for institutions within Nigeria
Confirmed results are not handed over to candidates. They are sent direct to the institutions/
establishments which candidates want to provide with the information.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 9:16am On Jul 31, 2014
which of the schools are you opting for? (FSU and ASP)

ASP is a school/faculty in FSU.

oh I guess thats y u got a fast reply. I applied April. Did u apply for their scholarship? is this ur first time of applyin to ASP?

It's my first time applying. I didn't apply for scholarship because I think I forgot. Yes, at that time, I had sent applications to more than 12 schools (try your luck kinda thing), I was keeping record until I had to travel.
Still in dilemma as to where to go though?
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 5:41am On Jul 31, 2014
Are you serious? did you apply before March 31?
Yes I did, I think it early January.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 1:02pm On Jul 30, 2014
In other news grin Has anyone received admission notification from FSU Jena? Our bosses in germo, @Godson20133 n co. how is Jena as par study, jobs and the people?....tanx...one love

Yes, a little more than 2 months ago I received admission notification(s) from FSU, ASP precisely.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 10:24am On Jul 30, 2014

Let me use my situation then as a case study.

Bissiejoe, your response was more than helpful. Thank you.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 9:53am On Jul 30, 2014
Thank you for the quick response

1. proof of financial means is always needed.

2. when you open your blocked account, you will be given a slip...... you can use that slip to book for your visa interview appointment......but know that your visa will not be giiven to u, even if it has been approved, until you have funded the account.

If I go by the bolded, would I still include the proof of financial means. I asking because it would take me some time to get my 'proof of financial means' so if I can use the slip alone, I could save myself some time; probably use that time to start the process of funding.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by damilola15: 8:57am On Jul 30, 2014
I spent the night reading from page 296 (recovery point) to 338, I would use my next free time to read some more of the older pages.
Anyway I was able to make some deductions and I would be glad to get responses but please go easy on me if these are repeated questions.

1. The German Embassy's website states that "In order to obtain an appointment for submission of your visa application, you are requested to send scans of your admission letter, proof of financial means as well as your passport data page", but after partially going through the thread, I discovered that people first apply for the blocked account and then use it to book an appointment (I'm guessing) thereby not needing the 'proof of financial means'. Is my assumption right?

2. After sending the form to Deutsche Bank, which I've read takes about 4 weeks for the account to be opened, which information do you use to book an appointment (if 1. is right). As in, do you get any confirmation page when you fill the online form which you can then use to book the appointment whilst your account is being processed?

3. Do pick the 'Visa Application Forms (Application for a Residence Permit)' from the embassy?

Thanks guys.
Jokes Etc / Re: Donkey Arrested In kano For Violating Traffic (Picture) by damilola15: 1:56pm On Nov 21, 2013
What shows it was arrested?
One could have thought they're using it as a patrol vehicle.
Celebrities / Re: Prince Uzoegwu Sues Blogger N100M For Calling Him Gay by damilola15: 12:22pm On Nov 18, 2013
Geez, people are still on this guy?
Ok my print screen now works.
Case dismissed.

Sports / Re: Oliseh Prays For Golden Eaglets by damilola15: 12:41pm On Nov 04, 2013
Interesting. I didn't know you could be dancing and looking at your buttocks.
New task.
Food / Re: Nigerian Foods And Their Calorie Contents by damilola15: 3:18pm On Oct 26, 2013

something must kill a man, if ur own is calories, so be it. Am not ready to be calculating calories b4 i eat anytin.

Yeah something will definitely kill you. undecided undecided undecided Reducing the chances of one of those things actually killing you is not a bad idea.

Professor D.:

Did your grandfather deep fry, did he drink soda or soft drink, did he work in an office(sit down all day) did he eat fast junk snacks, the probable anwser is no, except you intentionally or unintetionally work out a lot then you should control what you eat I was just sharing info that if you use properly you wont be looking for pills to reduce obesity and other life style ailments

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Food / Re: Nigerian Foods And Their Calorie Contents by damilola15: 7:53pm On Oct 25, 2013
chidyhels: story!
Food way my grandpa chop til he died @ 108,na im u say make i no chop. Calories ko.
Hope you also compared the life expectancy in your grandfather's days with today.
Oh, he also didn't watch much TV if not at all. He probably did a lot of walking (unintentional exercised).

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Swansea Vs Liverpool 2 - 2 On 16th September 2013 by damilola15: 9:07pm On Sep 16, 2013
honeydion: Welldone guys. YWNA YNWA
Sports / Re: Kwara Utd Fc Vs Enugu Rangers - Match Pictures by damilola15: 6:12pm On Aug 16, 2013
strangest: Bros, which camera, you use?
Emmysteve: Which camera be this? Damn clean

Picture "properties" says NIKON D7000. ...must be a good camera but I think Tochi Kingley Ani (like I know him) is equally good.
Celebrities / Re: Prince Uzoegwu Sues Blogger N100M For Calling Him Gay by damilola15: 4:47pm On Aug 06, 2013
It's none of my business if he's gay or not.
Mine is that his lawsuit has no credibility. Some of his "likes" and "groups" he's in, kinda betrays him.
My "print screen" refuses to work.

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Culture / Re: Crazy But True Facts About Culture by damilola15: 8:30am On Jul 16, 2013

its not wall gecko, its a specie of the monitor lizard (ala nbere) that the Yorubas sing " alanbere mori ó, ti o ba dejo, ma di abere, eje mi koro bi ewuro "

wall gecko are those lizards that are found inside people's homes and the Yorubas call it omo onile meaning the house owner's child... they prefer not to kill it anyways ...
That specie of lizard is called SKINK

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