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Health / Re: Anyone Experiencing Occipital Neuralgia (persistent Headaches) ? by doctokwus: 5:58pm On Jul 23
I’ve been experiencing persistent headaches, neck pain, eye pains, pressure and pain behind the eyes(especially left eye), tingling in the face and pressure in the temple. Basically, it feels like my head is in a vice grip. I was diagnosed by a neurologist as Occipital neuralgia. I was given some medications but it’s not doing much. It basically just takes the edge off but doesn’t take the pains away. I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced something like this and how did they cope ? I’ve been dealing with this for a year now. Everyday is a struggle.
At least count yourself lucky you now have a credible diagnosis.
Every headache,body pain or cold in Nigeria to mqny Nigerians,even the ones that claim they are educated is malaria.
When the headache now persists when the pain and cold have resolved,it automatically becomes typhoid.Just to confirm,there is surely one lab there that would either get a 1:160 titre,or if the lab person is not so wicked,he would put a 1:80 and still tell you it's significant for typhoid!
It's in Nigeria someone would take 3 antimalarial drugs within a span of 1month and still believes he/she has malaria and would get at least a + or even ++ malaria parasite result!!
Be patient,take your drugs because many properly diagnosed medical ailments take some time before they either subside or totally resolve.Medical ailments sometimes don't act like surgical cases where u see an immediate improvement after the surgery.
Just saw it's a 2019 thread.
Did you finally get resolution?
Politics / Re: Facebook Deletes Buhari’s Civil War Statement For Violating Policy by doctokwus: 6:25pm On Jun 15
We never had it this bad. Buhari unenviable records will be hard to beat even by a goat
I have said it severally,that a statue would do better than Buhari because at least with a statue,your only problem is no decision being taken.
But with Buhari decisions are being taken that are taking us back several years and leading to loss of lives,means and livelihood.
Health / Re: My Sister Suffers Excruciating Leg Pain Occasionally by doctokwus: 6:22pm On Jun 15
Let her go and do a genotype test because it sounds like she is a SS.
Then take her to be seen by a Dr for proper treatment.
You don't know your sister's diagnosis and yet want to go sourcing for pain relief drugs.
Health / Re: Help With This Test Result(pictures) by doctokwus: 9:06pm On Jun 12
Unless you are referring to another result you didn't post here but this result you posted has nothing to do with prostate cancer.
It shows how well the kidney is functioning and aside from the slightly low K+,the kidneys are doing fine.
Which test was conducted to arrive at a prostate Cancer?


Politics / Re: Facebook Deletes Buhari’s Civil War Statement For Violating Policy by doctokwus: 5:53pm On Jun 04
Once they ban Facebook,I am pretty sure nairaland will be next.
In 2015,these same scallywags used television,radio talkshows,print and online media against the GEJ government,to the applomb of majority of Nigerians.
Now with no dissenting voices on TV,radio,with minimal on print and with just some determined dissenting voices online,this government cannot stand just the online heat.
I guess if the same virulent opposition in all 4 media during GEJ's regime was still vibrant today every person in Nigeria would either now be in prison or asylum.
Politics / Re: Facebook Deletes Buhari’s Civil War Statement For Violating Policy by doctokwus: 5:36pm On Jun 04
Millions of Facebook lovers in Nigeria get ready to lose your friends, family and lovers contacts,banter and picture stories because the demonic government will also soon ban Facebook.
Politics / Re: FG Twitter Ban Update - Reno Omokri Responds - Taunts Lai Mohammed by doctokwus: 5:25pm On Jun 04
I like this!
Very big public relations coup for IPOB.
Who bans twitter? North korea, China, Iran etc..
Slowly but surely,......
The pressure is getting too much for them to bear.
Imagine everyday your family members read how your incompetence, corruption and lies are laid bare on an hourly basis.
I thought their crazy behaviours would start 2022 when the cattle rearer would enter into his lameduck presidency year.Didnt know it would come far earlier


Politics / Re: Shock: Malami Tells Buhari To Suspend Constitution, Declare Martial Law- Gazette by doctokwus: 6:54pm On Jun 02
This one is moi moi matter.
OBJ that is 100 times more brilliant,less than 1/1000th as hated as this semi-literate,nepotic bigot tried it and he failed.
If Buhari even attempts to tamper with his leaving office in 2023,he would only have his Fulani herders to rule.
The only reason the country has not erupted in nationwide flames and insurrection is because sane people know 2023,for the worst president to ever rule Nigeria,to leave office,though looks far,is still bearable and assured.
Let him make any attempt to stay beyond May 2023 and see if any sane person would allow him to rule him/her beyond then.
Imagine the effrontery of a dunce attempting to suspend the constitution!Just imagine the nerve!!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Disables The Reply Button After Millions Report His Genocide Tweets by doctokwus: 10:57pm On Jun 01
Everytime I mistakenly see this man's picture or comments I just feel nauseated, wanting to throw up.
How can such a horrible,senile,congenitally below average IQ human being still be the president of Nigeria,I ask myself.


Politics / Re: I Have Never Engaged In Extramarital Sex - Reno Omokri Dismisses Cheating Story by doctokwus: 7:33pm On May 17

Imagine the joy in most parts of the country should that halfwit dunce not return back to Nigeria from France or wherever his useless ass is right now
Unfortunately Buhari has done so much damage in all facets of Nigeria's life that if Nigeria still remains one,it would take about 32 years of an uninterrupted Mandela or Gandhi like presidency,which is tantamount to an impossibility in Nigeria,to undo his damage.
Infact,anyone above 50 is not likely to enjoy Nigeria anymore before his/death with the monumental destruction Buhari has caused.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Of These Online Skills Would You Recommend For Me To Learn by doctokwus: 3:38pm On May 08
Damnnn niggarrrr
That's d only thing you know how to type.
Even when a young man is seeking serious advice on how to legitimately make a way out for himself.

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Crime / Re: BREAKING: Gunmen Kill Two Policemen In Rivers by doctokwus: 9:14am On May 08
Maybe Wike will now lock all airports,planes and airtravel to Rivers state since his land border closure has failed.
While he is at it,he may also make the curfew 24hours now.
Let no one move out of his/her house,even if they starve to death.
When Wike comes to realize the insecurity now gradually pervading rivers state is more of a pent up grievance against him particularly how he handled the Obigbo issue,he would come to terms with the fact his gangster way of handling issues may not succeed this time.
I hope he doesn't come to eat the humble pie later and call for peace and even peace meeting with those whose kindred he ordered the massacre of,even when IPOB was carrying out peaceful,even if disruptive rallies.


Politics / Re: Mohammed Koko Replaces Hadiza Bala Usman As NPA MD by doctokwus: 8:21pm On May 06
Say what you want but Yaradua was Nigeria's best President

A retrospective look into his political appointments showed he recruited from all the 6 geopolitical zones with no sentiments or bottle neck bureaucracy

The current guy we have there didn't even pass Waec
Asides that,amnesty was his initiative.
He gave the anti corruption agencies free hand to fight corruption.
First and only president to have ever publicly declared his assets.
His economic policies were driven by a balance btw free market economy and social protection programs,like a social-capitalism,that even core capitalist countries in the West,even d chief capitalist of them all,the U.S,are practising now.
First president to publicly admit a flaw in the election that brought him and started a genuine electoral reform that GEJ inherited and followed through to some extent.
He also reversed many of the fraudulent privatisation schemes carried out by Obasanjo.
His sickness made him impotent to charlatans and dubious characters,but if that man had ruled in full healthfor 4 years, Nigeria would have been a far better place today.
Lest I forget,despite being a core Moslem,the man was far from being a bigot or was a chief spokesman and defender of fellow Muslim killer herdsmen.Unlike the first class Muslim bigot now ruling that even went to Oyo to protest and warn the then governor about reining in of killer herdsmen.
He also had a verified tertiary education certificate and was indeed a lecturer before becoming a governor.Unlike the one ruling now that cannot produce a verified ordinary secondary school certificate.
His death and the emergence of Buhari down the line is like a curse by God for our collective,grievous sins.
It's like God felt d death of Yaradua was not penance enough for the level of sins we committed.He had to show us how angry he still was by inflicting us with the worst of them all:Buhari.

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Politics / Re: Celebration In Enugu As Father Mbaka Reappears (Video) by doctokwus: 3:49pm On May 05
Mbaka ran a quick scam to redeem his battered image as a result of dining with this failed administration.
Only a fool will believe that a cunning man like him can just disappear without a trace.
He likely told his aides to raise a false alarm of "abduction.
It shows you that despite the wonders of the internet, information age and technology to easily sieve out some phoney schemes,you just can't take out the caveman way of thinking from some people.
The man is playing on the poor intellect and indoctrination of many people.


Politics / Re: Nairalander Sees Country Flags Hung On Poles Moving Except The Nigerian Flag by doctokwus: 3:45pm On May 05
The serial government contractor
Politics / Re: Nairalander Sees Country Flags Hung On Poles Moving Except The Nigerian Flag by doctokwus: 3:38pm On May 05
He should tell us where he went to hide himself.
How can people be so gullible in this age?
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Fr Mbaka Is Back After 4 Days Of Disappearance by doctokwus: 3:36pm On May 05
He should tell us where he went to hide himself.
How can people be so gullible in this age?

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Politics / Re: Protest In Enugu As Missing Mbaka Is 'Whisked Away By Unknown Gunmen' by doctokwus: 2:45pm On May 05
Same thing will happen to you some day. Terrorist
An educated person,I assume u are,@ least one with a certificate,being deceived by another man,using the name of God.
It makes your education waisted and you s tupid before the eyes of God.
Politics / Re: 15 Out Of 17 Governors Present In Southern Governors Forum Meeting by doctokwus: 2:37pm On May 05
If they didn't call for Buhari's stepping down,they are clowning and wasting everyone's time.
Everyone should continue playing the ostrich till the ostrich can't find any hole to hide it's head any longer.
I hope I am wrong,but I have this feeling the Rubicon may have been crossed and there is no longer any way back for Nigeria under Buhari's rule.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Mbaka Reportedly Missing – Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Warns FG by doctokwus: 1:07pm On May 05
Another amateur publicity stunt to garner sympathy.
The man has gone to hide somewhere to evoke sympathy after his chronic contract scheming was laid bare.
This one should have been derobed long ago.
He either went into hiding himself or got some people to fake a kidnap.
Politics / Re: Protest In Enugu As Missing Mbaka Is 'Whisked Away By Unknown Gunmen' by doctokwus: 1:06pm On May 05
Another amateur publicity stunt to garner sympathy.
The man has gone to hide somewhere to evoke sympathy after his chronic contract chasing/scheming and racketeering was laid bare.
This one should have been derobed as a priest long ago.
He either went into hiding himself or got some people to fake a kidnap.

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Politics / Re: Father Mbaka Is Missing: Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Gives FG 48 Hours To Produce Him by doctokwus: 1:04pm On May 05
Another amateur publicity stunt to garner sympathy.
The man has gone to hide somewhere to evoke sympathy after his chronic contract scheming was laid bare.
This one should have been derobed long ago.
He either went into hiding himself or got some people to fake a kidnap.


Celebrities / Re: Self-Medication: Opeyemi Aiyeola Escapes Death. Lands In Hospital (Video) by doctokwus: 12:43pm On May 05
Hypogylcaemia. Has occurred to me before. It's not the malaria drug that is the issue. It's the garri.

Please don't drink Garri before, during or after malaria medication abeg. A friend almost died in February from it.
See the way you posted this rubbish with confidence and some people even liked the post.
It's posts like this that made some white people believe blacks were born with a deficient brain capacity.
What in God's name is the link between hypoglycemia and garri?
Do u even have an idea of what hypoglycemia is or you just heard about it and it sounded pleasant to your ears?
Rushing to post pure unadulterated rubbish!

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Politics / Re: Residents Flee Villages, Communities In South-east As Killings, Unrest Rise by doctokwus: 4:55pm On May 04
Says who kwanu?? Journalism in Nigeria is a charade...it was a great time on 1st May for my friends wedding in Enugwu ukwu in the same Njikoka local govt area they are reporting that people are moving away in their numbers.. there was so many people in that wedding that rice no reach everybody and here you are writing what you feel like. You will sit in washington in far away america and make a phone call to one or two persons and draw a conclusion then boooom...it has become a news
Is Sowore and his Sahara outfit an actual press medium or a blackmail and beer parlor tool?
If you understand that,then you would understand a story that dealth mainly with Imo state,being linked to people deserting Anambra.
The man has never practiced true journalism for one day.Even in the days of GEJ,the number of fake stories they published,with sometimes even photoshopped images,were so numerous,but since majority wanted GEJ out due to his incompetence(now a child's play compared to the cattle rearer now occupying the office),many overlooked the lies SR peddled on a daily basis.
SR is more of a blackmailing outfit, understand that and you understand the context of their stories and you will have peace.

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Politics / Re: Opponents plotting illegal confab to overthrow Buhari ― Presidency by doctokwus: 2:39pm On May 04
I didn't know there are still many influential people concerned and willing to take action on the path of ignominy the cattle rearer has set the nation on.
Unless you are mentally slow,you would know Nigerian is being utterly mismanaged and that even a donkey can do better than the way the man is doing.
Something needs to give soon in Nigeria,otherwise the country is not likely to survive another 2 years of this monumental incompetence.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Abduct Miyetti Allah Chairman In Kogi by doctokwus: 2:27pm On May 04
Hope it's not a PR stunt.
This thing happened on the 30th April and the news is just breaking on the 4th of May.
A whole state chairman of Miyetti allah,kidnapped and only being publicly known after 4days.
Not everyone has cow brain as they think.

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Politics / Re: Weeping Parents Upset Over Abducted Afaka Students Storm Abuja by doctokwus: 12:48pm On May 04
If we all want to salvage anything left of this country, people should match to Aso rock to demand Buhari steps down!
If he finishes his term,there won't be anything to salvage by then.
Let's set aside ethnic group,religion,party or any other bias,the harm he is doing is affecting everyone,even his own fellow Katsina community,not just Katsina state;unless they want to satanically deny it.
I ask for the upteeth time:is it till all families in Nigeria are affected by this wanton insecurity and crass incompetence of his before everyone will realize he is the problem and needs to go?

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Politics / Re: Insecurity : Sen. Anyim Writes Open Letter To President Buhari, Makes Suggestion by doctokwus: 7:18pm On May 03
Anyim like some Nigerians, especially the politicians and prominent members of the society are still playing the ostrich,deliberately or indeliberately,by failing to recognise the problems we face of recent are caused by the actions, inactions,nepotism and bigotry of one man,the current president.
Even if 20 Wilkins were to come today and write the best of reports and solutions,as long as Buhari remains head of government,Nigeria is doomed.
The boldness that is required of all statesmen is not citing one beautiful colonial report,or their own well articulated and researched solutions;it is to look Buhari in the eye and tell him he is the problem and should go.
NOTHING ELSE would work.
Celebrities / Re: Timaya To Eedris Abdulkareem: Dirty Looking Igbo Smoker, Stop Blames, Go & Work by doctokwus: 3:31pm On May 03
You disregard people, how many people don blow through you”,

But he "blew" through Idris na.

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Politics / Re: Security Forces Uncover Insurgents’ Plot To Infiltrate Abuja by doctokwus: 10:53am On May 03
This is an embarrassing report.
Is this intelligence?
So this is the best combined arms of the security apparatus could come up with.
Majority if not all tinted vehicles in Abuja are ridden by politicians and government officials.
So how many have you caught or is it a bh member that would drive into Abuja with tinted cars?

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Politics / Re: Fr. Ejike Mbaka Admits Discussing Contract With Buhari by doctokwus: 9:59am On May 03
More of an entrepreneur than a reverend father.
The same thing played out during the second term bid of GEJ when he was accused of changing from GEJ to supporting Buhari because he was refused oil fields contract or something like that.
You went to Aso rock with 3 security consultants and u want imps to believe you wouldn't benefit from the contracts, directly or indirectly?
When did a reverend father even start involving himself in any link to contracts.
Deceive your ultra gullible fellows,not sensible people.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Dying, Buhari Should Go – PFN President, Kukah, Ighodalo by doctokwus: 6:19am On May 02
Been shouting myself hoarse about Buhari resigning or being impeached,if he refuses resigning or being forced by mass protests to do so,for sometime now.
Only the deaf,blind or mentally challenged would not realizeBuhari leaving office in one way or the other would be the only way for charting a solution to the nationwide crises of insecurity, deaths, economic misery and nepotism he has put Nigeria into.
I have also asked if it's when every single family in Nigeria comes to experience the insecurity his competence has put us before we all come to realize his leaving is the only way.

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