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Politics / Re: Umahi Predicts Tinubu Victory, Picks Obi As Second Favorite by DonHummer(m): 7:03am On Sep 10
In Peter obis voice, why is umahi building a governors lodge in Abuja? Does he stay in abuja?


Politics / Re: APC Supporters In Ebonyi Declare Support For Tinubu (Pictures) by DonHummer(m): 3:06pm On Aug 08
I can see how happy they are by the look on their faces grin grin grin grin. You guys should chop the money

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Politics / Re: Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu Is Healthier And Stronger Than Peter Obi (pics) by DonHummer(m): 3:51pm On Aug 07
I'm actually not a Yoruba but I've lived in Yoruba land, Lagos precisely for long

Any Yoruba, Hausa or fulani man and woman campaigning for Obi should have a rethink and retrace their step back. Though this isn't supposed to be so but you see those IGBOS have turned this election to tribalistic one. They have even turn it to religious one

I will support and vote for Tinubu. He has more achievements, antecedents and legacies to point at as a governor and when he left government than EVERY other contestants

Tinubu is very much accommodating and tolerance than other contestants. IGBOS are taking political position in Lagos. IGBOS are civil servants in Lagos and other South western states. IGBOS are doing businesses freely in Lagos and other south western region

Please go to any eastern state to see if you'd see any Yoruba or Hausa man as ordinary councillor. It is a TABOO to the Igbo

To them their igbo president in form of Obi is the best after bread and butter while others are nothing to write home about. Support Tinubu or Atiku and watch them curse, bash or threaten you. They accused you of being paid for supporting Tinubu or Atiku while them are doing it freely. They always insult the Fulani and Hausas and call them all sorts of names. They even call them cow, almajiri etc. They insult the Yorubas calling them fulani slaves. They condemned Nigeria as a country. Claiming Nigeria is a ZOO


For the northerners who reside in the north you can ask any of your family or friends living in Lagos and other South western states they will tell you how Yoruba are so friendly, loving and accommodating. Go to the state headquarter at Alausa ikeja you'll see igbos holding top position without any discrimination

Go to east and see how all positions are occupied completely by all igbos.

An average IGBOS are resentful, spiteful, hateful, bittered et al. They literally see themselves better, superior and more sophisticated than other tribes.

PLEASE verify this my claim if you aren't aware of it and make a decision on who to campaign and vote for

I leave you to your conscience

You are senseless.
Igbos supported Obasanjo against their own tribes man
Igbos supported yaradua against their own tribesman
Now that Igbos have seen another good candidate and conincidentally he is Igbo this time, you now want to bring in tribalism. You are a lunatic

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Crime / Re: SOS!!! Someone Is Blackmailing My Female Friend With Her Nudes by DonHummer(m): 3:30am On Jul 15
Don't negotiate with a black mailer.
Just block them,
If he says hi using another contact, block am, don't even read any message from them , just block am. If they call with another number, block it the moment you realise he is the one.
Temporary unfriend and deactivate your face book for a while.
Black mailers key into your fears, don't give them the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

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Religion / Re: Prophet Odumeje Was Slapped & Beaten By Security During His Church Demolition by DonHummer(m): 3:54pm On Jul 07
If dem see bandits now dem go jakpa,
Though I understand the reason for his aggression, but you can't be fighting men with weapons using bear hands.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Fix All Npower Physical Verification Venue Issues by DonHummer(m): 6:50am On Jun 17

Check your verification page on nasims portal for your physical verification venue.
Some one who was shortlisted and not a beneficiary, what could be the problem. The person did the capturing.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Effect: APC And PDP Must Throw VP Slot To Young People by DonHummer(m): 5:14pm On Jun 13
People's love for Peter obi is not necessary cause of his age, but because he is the most reasonable
and sincere person by far amongst the rest

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Politics / Re: Reverend Yinka Yusuf: How Peter Obi Bruised My Ego & I Felt Embarrassed by DonHummer(m): 8:43am On Jun 07

With Peter Obi, Nigeria may be in for the highest unemployment rate. Why, because he wants to SAVE COST.

Nigeria is not looking for who want to save cost ALONE but someone who will increase our INTERNALLY GENERATED REVENUE (IGR) thereby creating more jobs for people.

With the way Peter Obi is being painted, he might be the type that will BUY FROM CHINA instead of BUYING ORIGINAL FROM GERMANY OR USA and he will claim he is SAVING COST.

Peter will prioritise quantity over quality. This I have seen.
Lol, private investment is what drives an economy bro.
A stable economy will bring in thousands of investment thereby creating jobs for the masses. People will happily invest there funds in an economy with a reasonable leader with encouraging policies.
No need to explain further cause every reasonable person knows Peter obi is far far far ahead of any other candidate. Only tribal sentiment or personal interest will make anyone not look in the direction of Peter obi at this time...

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I Will Fix Nigeria In Less Than Four Years by DonHummer(m): 4:29am On Apr 21
Many people here are dumb. He said he will "reposition". I never saw the word fix in the write up. We all know fixing Nigeria will take time and it must involve a combination of continuous good governance over time.
Crime / Re: Andrew Nice Raped Me Inside A Bus, Says Victim, Presents Evidence by DonHummer(m): 5:45am On Mar 11
It was very obvious that man was guilty and was involved in bamise's death. His story had so many loop holes. Only God knows how many people had died in the hands of this man and his crew.

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Sports / Re: Westham Enter Top Three Spot After Defeating Liverpool 3 - 0 by DonHummer(m): 6:02am On Nov 08, 2021
Op 6 never reach you don de take something. ...which one be 3nil

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Police Release Phone Numbers Of 12 Senior Officers (Photo) by DonHummer(m): 10:34pm On Nov 05, 2021
Why are you guys trying to call the number when you don't have a reasonable issue. Why won't they switch it off when trolls will be calling for just fun. Please if you have no issue on ground don't prevent those who have from having access to those cases contact.


Politics / Re: BUHARI: My Enemy Is Now My Best Friend. by DonHummer(m): 7:53am On Sep 25, 2021
Op you are obviously mentally poor, a government comes in, destroys the economy, makes you very broke, rendering the naira useless. But because you were given 30,000 you will end up voting him again. People like you are the problem of this country. You don't have a mind of your own, you are only moved by money. Money that cant afford you anything now sef.
Suffer a Nigerian very well for long then give him a small stipend at the end, he will end up forgetting all his pain and sing u praise.
Celebrities / Re: The Money Gathered At Obi Cubana's Mother's Burial (Video, Photos) by DonHummer(m): 8:44pm On Jul 17, 2021
This is not from Cubana's event biko haba....verify things before posting. Dem no spray 100bucks for dere, and this is not even up to 1% of what was sprayed


Politics / Re: "BAKASSI BOYS" Return To Awka, Anambra State (Video) by DonHummer(m): 8:18pm On Jun 16, 2021
They are not bakassi boys, just local vigiante group contracted by a community in awka for protection against criminal activities and cultism. Their modus operandi resembles that of the real bakassi boys.


Politics / Re: FG Declares Monday Work-Free For The Armed Forces In Honour Of Late COAS by DonHummer(m): 10:37pm On May 23, 2021
Face saving move, but it's too late

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Crime / Re: Iniubong Umoren's killer,Frank Akpan allegedly commits suicide in Police custody by DonHummer(m): 1:21pm On May 13, 2021
Lool, I wanted to be shocked but I remembered this is Nigeria. But I doubt the story
Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by DonHummer(m): 6:26pm On May 08, 2021

Exactly what I just said in my comment. The dad knows something from the way he's calm about the whole thing. It's not just genetical like she's claiming. I mean, what man would sit comfortably and watch his household being consumed in madness and not seek for solution?
I'm not saying he has a hand in it but he prolly knows something nobody knows.
Nawa oo, you people should stop this kind of insinuation. If you have never experienced this kind of things it's better you don't say anything. How did you know he is sitting comfortably and watching his family go mad. I repeat don't make insinuations in this kind of matter if you have never been there.

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Education / Re: Afe Babalola University Student Beats Up Female Lecturer (Video) by DonHummer(m): 5:46pm On May 08, 2021
Bye bye to university

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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by DonHummer(m): 10:21am On May 07, 2021

My elder brother admits his fault whenever he's calm. He apologises.
He knows something is wrong but still will put up a fight when the nurse comes with the injection. So knowing something is wrong is not enough because when the issue starts, he usually won't know something is wrong again instead he becomes defensive.
My true concern is our future.
They are young and can't remain like this.
They have to fend for themselves but not with this condition and dependence on drugs.
So, I just want the root of the matter sorted out.
it will take time for him to accept, even years but just makes sure he always takes the injection when due. I understand your fears about their future, but for now the surest thing is for them to accept their condition and take the medications themselves. They can still live their normal lives. I totally understand what you are going through, it's not easy. Taking care of a schizophrenic relation is one of the most challenging thing ever. But in your search for the root cause, be careful cause 97% of people you will meet will collect your money and do nothing for you

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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by DonHummer(m): 9:23am On May 07, 2021
After reading your first paragraph, I already knew the problem was schizophrenia. Don't stress your self going from one place to the other, many people will tell you they have got the cure but they are all out to dupe and scam you. You are even lucky you found out it was schizophrenia on time. Though I understand those medications can be very expensive especially now inflation is high, but just place them on medication for now don't slack cause once they look stabilized and you stop the medication they will relapse. That sickness don't have any cure medically. Even if you are looking for spiritual cure don't ever stop with the medication especially that injection. The biggest challenge you will be having is for them to accept they have a problem.. Once they can accept this fact and take the medication on their own then the problem will become insignificant to a reasonable extent.


Politics / Re: Buhari: NIN-SIM Linkage Will Help Us Identify Crooks by DonHummer(m): 3:10pm On May 06, 2021
Pantami must not be the one to over see it.....fire him and get another replacement. Terrorist sympathizers

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Phones / Re: USSD War: Banks Unblock MTN, Reconnect Telco To Banking Channels by DonHummer(m): 5:48pm On Apr 04, 2021

Those of you supporting the banks, are you guys doing so because of sentiments or what exactly? Few days ago, this same news outlet published a report that banks are owing telcos over #42billion naira. I think that's why mtn reduced their commission so that they can recover their own money, so what's the fuss about? You want the banks to continue enjoying with their crook ways while mtn sit and watch because they're not indigenously owned?

I've come to realise that the average Nigerian is illogical and sentimental/emotional in his/her judgements. Sighs
Oga mi you are the one emotional and illogical here. where in my write up did i support or go against either of the party involved? I was just stating the obvious.
Phones / Re: USSD War: Banks Unblock MTN, Reconnect Telco To Banking Channels by DonHummer(m): 2:47pm On Apr 04, 2021
Those banks do meeting untop MTN head, they know how much MTN is making from ussd recharges, and yet MTN wants to pay less. Truth be told if banks should stop MTN from recharging through USSD, MTN will lose alot because people do over spend on airtime since it became very convenient to recharge through USSD.


Romance / Re: I'm In Love With A Mad Woman : Am I Mad? by DonHummer(m): 7:41pm On Mar 18, 2021
complete this one oo
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Does This Everytime by DonHummer(m): 7:50am On Mar 08, 2021
No fear some ladies are like that, they like to be open about those kinda of things especially aquarius ladies. But the problem is they won't give you gist about the ones they like only the ones they don't really fancy.

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Business / Re: Oil Price Hits $71.28 On OPEC's Decision by DonHummer(m): 7:29am On Mar 08, 2021
I swear this buhari government is useless, oil price has been increasing, yet there is no significant positive effect on dollar exchange rate.
Crime / Re: Video Shows How Okorocha Was Attacked By Uzodimma's Men by DonHummer(m): 7:11pm On Feb 24, 2021
power is transient use it wisely.
I don't pity for okorocha, he was well loved by everyone before entering politics, he tasted power and abused it to the fullest. Now the supreme leader has continued from where he stopped, let us keep watching as he unfolds gradually.


Crime / Re: Video Shows How Okorocha Was Attacked By Uzodimma's Men by DonHummer(m): 7:07pm On Feb 24, 2021
power is transient use it wisely

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Family / Re: Does My Brother's Wife Have The Right To Walk Me Out Of My Brother's House ? by DonHummer(m): 10:53pm On Feb 16, 2021
Many of you here are saying nonsense.
Why will she throw out her husband brothers things without her husband consent. If it was her own brother that went to the kitchen will she throw him out?...


Crime / Re: Woman Boiled Water 3 Times And Poured On Her Niece (Disturbing Photos) by DonHummer(m): 9:10pm On Jan 31, 2021
please they should not overlook what she did no matter how sorry she is, she is a mental patient. they should take her to the psychia and lock her up there

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Spends $2 Billion On Generators In 20 Years by DonHummer(m): 7:38am On Jan 30, 2021
it's much more than that, I still wonder what the problem is. why can't we have steady power supply. is this nation cursed or what?

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