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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 3:22am On Apr 23
Based on experience which one is better?
New 100ah battery
Fairly used 200ah battery

For goodness seek how will you compare the two?
There so many pros and cons.
I am not going to waste my time on sort.

I just want you to apply 50% DOD rule on both
Batteries and you will know which is better in terms
Juice they contain.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 11:27am On Apr 22
Remember I said 50.1v minimum overnight voltage
Yes - 200ah x 20 or 48kwh as my bank

By Manual air condition i mean old power guzzling shinco ac running @ 1400w

Meanwhile my bank is properly circled on daily basis and leave the rest to my balancers.


@Bolded. Do you mean 20 (twenty) pcs of 200ah?

Now I understand your position that you can't afford lithium at a go. grin What is the voltage of your system?

The lithium that will replace 20 units of 200 ah at a go, well maybe Buhari will lend you the money sha.

Bro which type is manual air conditioner? Is it power saving? cheesy

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 5:12pm On Apr 21
#Aliexpress NGN 7,794.07 16%OFF | Battery Active voltage Equalizer 1S 2V 6V 12V Balancer Lead acid battery for Energy storage system ESS Solar Battery with LED

Anybody using these balancers for leadacid smf batts.
HA02 doesnt seem to be doing much to keep my batts balanced. 8 x 12v x 200ah 48v inverter.

Or suggest a known functional balancer

Am pretty sure you did not depoly the batteries same time.
If you did not then we are in the same boat. But
I will differ from you cause I believe my balancers are doing a great job.
With 2 Taico balancers and 3 HAO2 attached to my 20 x 200ah batteries purchased at almost 6months intervals. Some of whigh are already 2yrs old but never experienced 50% DOD.

Though I acknowledge lithium is is the new template for us but
For some of us who can't afford lithium at a go will have to make renewable work at our pace using lead acid. It still serves me well with my manual Air conditioner working till day break and a resting voltage around 50.1v

So my brother.

Don't loose faith in balancers.
I only hope you did not allow the terminals touch
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 2:59am On Mar 02


Msg replied with whatapp contact
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 2:26am On Mar 02

If you don't mind, can you drop the solution here?

I can guide you through the annoying problem.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 8:50pm On Feb 27
Oga truthbetold22 I get your gist as it relates to optimizing ones’ energy need vis-à-vis generation to make an economic sense. I also know you do not intend image harm to Comrade Niyi. However, you seems to MISS one important fact and that is the fact that many of us here (at least for better half of a decade) are solar hobbyist or Solar DIY addict.
To me, I can tell you straightaway that the points you are weighing or canversing do not apply when you are a Solar Hobbyist or DIY addict. The mid-point between economics and actual energy needs becomes oblivious, what becomes obvious is your inner quest to achieve your grand innate desire being brought afore from your sub-consciousness.
I have garnered a lot from Niyi’s design particularly having 38,400KWH Battery Bank Lead Acid self balancing loops theory which empirically helped the bank despite 2yrs counting in spite thorough regular use. If I apply your cautious observation to my battery bank I will probably just need 9,600KWH since I always get away with overnight voltage of 48.2v at that level then. Perhaps being an addict made me markup more batteries to 38,400KWH, at this set point, I rarely deplete it beyond 52.1v or 50.6v with intermittent Air Conditioning.
My point now Oga truthbetold22, I think Niyi’s investments in renewables goes beyond your cautious observation, it has become an obsession that is familiar with us as a solar addicts. Some will even buy battleborn lithium battery and teardown I have done that before with a 2 months old Microteck Inverter as well as other ones. The last one I did failed coming on and it is receiving attention from a guru on this forum. This do not necessarily mean one has endless resources to play with but I know you understand the word ADDICT.
Therefore, Lets Jawjaw and press reset button.…Nigeria needs us in the coming months of darkness from Electricity sector…


Chest beating afonja.. empty vessel.. Because we are on Nairaland, some people will be claiming all what not.

Because it is Niyi now, none of u want to think with your brains, only with ur anus.. my opinion hasn’t changed. 3 inverter air conditioners, an inverter washing machine, an inverter microwave, TVs on energy saving mode, all bulbs as leds and u are down to 3000-5000 watts instantaneous at most..

Why then does anyone need 19k watts??

Uninformed fools


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 5:41pm On Feb 01
If you know, you know!
You have said it all. Atleast from practical end of it.

OP can proof us otherwise.


Do 48v if you can afford it. It is less stressful for your system compared to 12v or 24v. It also allows you to use more solar panels on the same charge controller. Your wires will not be as hot and your contacts will not suffer so much burns from arc current. The only disadvantage is the minimum number of batteries required which is 4. You can minimize the cost by going for lower capacity batteries like 100AH.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 11:15pm On Jan 14

If someone refuses to pick my calls again, i see no reason why i should hide his/her identity.
There is a seller on this platform whose after sales service is minus zero. I learnt he will even insult you if you disturb him too much. I read about him on another forun on nairaland. His name is promininent on this platform as well. Only thing is you have been transacting business with him for years without problem. What now happened?

One reason why this thread still enjoys continuous survival is that we have near zero tolerance cheating particularly supplying wrong items not specifically demanded for (usually items beneath price paid for despite paying over bloated prices all the same).

However, I will advice you contact another installer to check your PV. There could be many reasons why your PV is still outputing 2 amps inspite of SunDay. You could even have a full battery sef.

When you have exhausted all your checks and possibly redemption. Nothing STOP YOU from letting the house know the dubious person SO THAT WE CAN OSTENTATIOUSLY ACT and blacklist him before he tarnishes other honest marketers or innocent hobbyist/diy who may fall victim on daily basis to such devilish cheating acts he calls business.

Letz get value for money before Nigerians loose faith in renewable sources due to these act wickedness!


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 2:25am On Dec 17, 2019
Check your mail. Feed me back with your results!
Welcome to flexmax family.

I sent you an email. Thanks for your concern.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 6:40am On Dec 15, 2019
Yes! It is a setting problem

No! Not battery related. But snoozing means not charguing thus user may continually drain battery.
He can always equalise them later.


Change ur settings
It's shows ur batteries are getting weak

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 6:35am On Dec 15, 2019
How can I control the frequent tripping flexmax80 even when there is sun sometimes. It is always going to snoozing mood. Why?

I will talk you through it, If you want.
DM for guide... to renew your faith in the flexmax family.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 6:39pm On Dec 08, 2019
It appears as practicing diy in solar, we have similar and sometimes varied experiences acruing from being a diy.

To me battery balancers have performed great and had delayed purchase of new set of batteries for my 48v few months ago. Even though am yet wondering why you consider it culprit. Perhaps you're right in my view that it covers up the weaker links in your bank. It also point to the fact that you had no time to tend yourbanks always in order to detect bad battery in series early enough. Nevertheless I will encourage you to plug in your balancers back from the beginning of your new bank.

If you have more than 48v200AH bank I will recommend the grid or loop structure (not NEPA) ss expanded by NiyiOmoIyunade few months back if you don't want to use balancers.

Hi bigrovar, welcome to Lagos....

I believe lead acid batteries are not suitable for Nigerian market due to regular power outage that can last for days/weeks forcing one to heavily discharge and re-charge the batteries
I Hope this helps...………
PS: Battery balancers appears to be the culprit in the untimely death of my previous bank. story for another day...... grin
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 3:32pm On Nov 20, 2019
Oga Frankie how business?

I beg change this your computer fellow.
I bet you these adverts are same template from same computer guy utilising your specs.
It tracks off potential buyers who understands what he wants to buy.

Furthermore, when are you releasing your usual Xmas guddies?


High quality solar panels now available for order;

Era 280W .... N42,000
Era 340W ..... N47,500
Era 370W ..... N56,000

Amerisolar 350w...N50,000

Smartcell global services
WHATSAPP::: https:///2348170385620

Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 3:28pm On Nov 16, 2019
I thought you're one of the old members here.

The issue of wind turbine had been dealth with long long time ago when many of us were finding it hard to maintain healthy over nite voltage. But nowadays lithium brands have been helpful.
Pls Check out may be you may find it helpful.


Just out of curiosity why hasn't anyone experimented with Wind Turbines.

These past few weeks Sun shine was a huge luxury here in Port Harcourt.

In the month of Sept and October some days it rained or was cloudy for 6 straight days
With very poor solar yield. Even today 16th of Nov its still raining in ph.

I had to improvise and maneuver to make sure my batteries don't fall below 12.3v but even at that on 3 occasions the batteries fell to 11.9v and 12.1v before sunrise.

My battery bank is 48v 600amps (12nr) with a solar array of 7350w (15nr 250w & 12nr 300w) and 2nr Outback Charge Controller FM80

These has necessitated my research on wind turbines but it seems to have very poor reviews.

I want buy 2nr 1000w FuSystems wind turbine paralleled to give 2,000w.

Please those who have used wind turbines please what is experience.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 2:53pm On Jul 23, 2019
Kai !

did you say 1.5hp?
you're lucky my guy

wait till you see my shinco draws 1.4kw on full blast if not for my 5kw pv and 38,400wh ba3 bank @48v.
I have been enjoying being off grid for some weeks now due to over zealousness of AEDC staff atleast my minimum over night voltage is 50v without AC.
thanks to niyi recommendations of looping 10mm wire to aid balancers.

As for the binatone. it's a great device.
everything seems working well my dear. worry less.

Had this Binatone appliance connected to my 1.5HP Polystar AC. The readings have been strange. When plugged on it reads zero watts and as the compressor kicks in, the reading starts from around 600w and then ramps it up to about 900w

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 11:44pm On Jul 17, 2019
Any news?
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 11:01pm On Apr 08, 2019
Kai Oga Niyi don't fall for the thrills of 12v pv.

I don't intend to start another debate here.
But my views are:

1. Those days I use to love 12v (in series ) for the simple reason that it pushes a little bit more steady amps than 24v pv. And also had empirical discuss with many on this platform on the issue.
2. I also got scared of losing money on large PVs in case of damages or burnt pv bus. It is better to lose 150w to any form of damage Instead of loss 300w

However, someone mentioned here sometimes in the last 2yrs or so that the larger the pv the better (particularly with mppt). Today, I can confirm to you that it is true. My 5s3p of 150w constantly harvest less than 3s3p of 300w on prorata basis. Both arrays on individual flexmax mppt with similar feature and cable gauges.

So bros. Do not spoil your enjoyment ooo acquiring 12v PVs. It is not worth the pain at the long run.

It will be interesting to hear otherwise.

Please I am looking for quality 12v Solar Panel recommendations - any solid Tier1 brand names and sources from 130w to 200w. I am open to suggestions from the house as I realize I have never actually used a 12v panel before

Anyone who has these in stock can also PM me 08081144442.

I need 30 pieces/units.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 12:49am On Apr 06, 2019

can you revive a dead 45amp morning star mppt cc? - likely cause of failure is high Voc
am not so sure again, but i faintly recall someone claiming to be able to


Reviving trickware is just for flexmax brands. And it works instead of another hammer. grin
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 1:46am On Apr 03, 2019
Hehehehe... I had the Outback Flexmax 60 several moons ago. The unit worked for some months, then one day it refused to wake up.
I checked, double checked, triple checked! angry
Blazing sun, yet the unit refused to wake up. I went online, no luck.
In frustration, i took a hammer to put it out of it's misery...

Long story short, i bought it's Chinese clone. Fangpusun 60A.
That one was reading 62A max current instead of clamping at 60A grin grin

I got rid of it and purchased the Midnite Classic, now Victron SmartSolar grin grin

I remember you've expressed that anger several months back. But you have already hammered it.

Anyone with the above flexmax symptoms can PM. For its' trick-to-wake diy twick.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 6:29pm On Mar 18, 2019
We have this rugged 200AH, 12V INVA TUBULAR GSR POWER battery in stock.

Made in India.


1½ years warranty.

Ca.ll/Whats.App: 0803*334*3911


Nice price my oga.

You forgot your watermark on the pix too

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 7:46pm On Mar 13, 2019
Good day dear friends,
Please I need your urgent help.
Months back posted an issue about my solar system and got solution here. Thanks.
Today having a similar challenge.
On my epever charge controller the panel is showing BUT there is no arrow sign to show that power is flowing from the panels to the battery.
Unlike before where the panels sign was not showing so now I don't know what the problem could be please. Please advice me
Batteries may be due for change since more than 2 years but want to be sure before changing.

I also need contacts of good technician around Mowe ogun state.

Pm Dmerciful, am sure you will smile soon


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 6:18pm On Mar 13, 2019
12 -300w pv is quite an investment, dont sweat too much. Just get a professional to handle your job if you're not a diy. certainly a lot of things are not right with your setup. Most Deka controllers I know are worthless pwm am surprised it has survived up till now. Pix of ur setup can get you more advise.


the initial 6mm cable is dual( both negative and positive in it).
so now he wanted to merger this dual cable together as 1 core for the positive and we buy another similar dual 6mm cable and us for the negative.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 8:14pm On Mar 12, 2019
Sweet 27.1kWh harvest on 11/3/2019 from 6.3kW "B grade" array.

See attached images for detail.

My bros

Last year when I checked your harvest, I was amazed by the quantum
In MEGAWATTS you've generated. You have been a sort of
Motivation to us. Thus I say a big thank you and numerous big guns here
Most of whom have remained silent for months even though their previous
Insights have remained inestimable in giving hope to yearning & enthusiastic Nigerians in attaining freedom from discos through RE/AE.

Oga no be only you ooo, farming the sun has been good. I remembered i could not hold my joy the first day I crossed 1kw generation. Nowadays I farm 20.4kw from 4950w grade B panels giving me freedom from discos during the day. I know this is laughable to icons like NiyiOmoIyunade & co. At least you guys are wonderful.

Wishing us all more juice to our banks while farming the sun.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 7:40pm On Mar 12, 2019

What’s there to speak on ? ..... that was the first shipment that was sold out. Our clients complained they wanted a better design but with same high standard and we listened and gave them what they desired. I don’t know if I have answerd your question

Well!. Different stake to different folks.

At least you listened to your customers, a sign that you
Have studied the market and intend to have a lasting impact.
Anyway that is what we want -"good quality products" and value for money
Particularly In RE/AE stuff.

I hope to patronize you soon!
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 5:16am On Mar 11, 2019

Sincerely speaking it’s manufactured by PATTERN BATTERY CHINA with a specific high standard of our taste because we wish to build a resounding reputation in deep cycle battery market and renewable energy at large

Pls speak on this.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by efuro(m): 5:07am On Mar 11, 2019
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 2:14pm On Mar 08, 2019
Hello good people of this forum, please, I urgently need a link to buy Tesla power wall here in Nigeria.

I've tried some companies including PSC solar, they don't have in stock.

I would really appreciate a link to buy it here or to get it directly from the company abroad.

Any help is highly appreciated.

PS: if there is any other alternative of comparable quality to the power wall, I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance

Telsa powerwall - I had someone complaining to the fact that you may need to book or "order-on-queue", not off the shelf thing. Anyway I wait to be guided on that!

However, Try AWPS, I thinks he has launched to the realm you desire.


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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 3:24pm On Mar 07, 2019

Available in stock
7ah @ 2700
12ah @4800
18ah @6000
100ah @30000
200ah @70000 (60kg)

1yr warranty with terms and conditions

Thanks Bros!

That what we want.

Anyone in tubular form
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 5:05am On Mar 03, 2019
Solar water heater efficiency on a hazy day.
See infrare thermometer reading in the short video clip below smiley

WHATSAPP::: https:///2348170385620


Yeah! This is Frankie
We love product review from market leader like you.

Nice !


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 10:06am On Feb 25, 2019

USA Magnum inverter 4124 ..... 930,000
USA Deka 210a battery .............190,000

Felicity 200a battery ...................90,000
Ritar 200a battery .......................115,000
Motoma 200a battery ................115,000
Cinemax 200a battery ................115,000
Cinemax 210a battery ................120,000

Morningstar 60a mppt ...............200,000
Morningstar 45a mppt................190,000
Tsm2 display ...............................60,000
Schneider 60a mppt ....................240,000

Battery equaliser 6-48v... 35,000 30,000

Epsolar Epever solar charge controllers
MT50 display ..................................15,000
Epever 12-24v 30a mppt ................50,000
Epever 12-24v 40a 4210N mppt ...........65,000
Epever 12-48v 60a itracer mppt....135,000

Epsolar PWM
30a 12-24v VS3024A .........30,000
45a 12-48v VS4548BN .......70,000
60a 12-48v VS6048AU .......80,000

Fangpusun MPPT
30a 12-24v .............................55,000
60a 12-48v mppt TR victron clone series ..125,000
60a 12-48v outback clone with display.......145,000
80a 12-48v mppt outback clone .................155,000

Must Power Star Light inverters with LCD display
1000w 12v=95k
1500w 12v=105k
6kva(5000w)-24/48= 260,000
7.5kva(6000w)-24/48= 280,000

Keye 1.2kva/12v(without charger) 13,000
Keye 2.2kva/12v(without Charger) 18,000
Keye pure sinewave series
Keye 800va/12v 45,000
Keye 1.2kva/12v 55,000
Keye 3.5kva/24v 150,000
Keye 3.5kva/48v 150,000
Keye 5kva/24v 170,000
Keye 5kva/48v 170,000
Keye 7.5kva/48v 350,000
Keye 10kva/48v 370,000
Fangpusun 80a MPPT @ 155k
EP Solar 12/24/36/48v 60a mppt(i tracer) solar charge controller @ 135k
EP Solar 12/24v 40a MPPT solar charge controller @ 65k
Trojan 12v 200a J200re USA flooded batteries @ 129k...(limited quantity in stock)
Trojan 12v 205a agm batteries ... 165k
Trojan 6v 315a agm battery.... -------
Trojan 6v 375a agm battery ........ 170k
Trojay 6v 1225a flooded battery...485k
USA Deka 12v 210a .......190k
USA Mnspd 300 DC / AC ..... 50k
Schneider DC SPD ..........30k
AC/DC true RMS Clamp meters
UNI-T 203 ...N 20k
Suoer intelligent-automatic 30A 12V Battery Charger (MA-1230A) .... N 20k
DC display meters 0-30v...N 1600
DC display meters 0-120v..N 2200
ZHC Battery equalizer 12/24/36/48 volts..... 24k
Quanta Amaron 12v 200a vrla battery @ ...125k
Long 200a AGM batteries .... N120,000
Long 150a slim AGM battery..93,000
Long 100a AGM battery ........ 65,000
Long 100a carbon battery ..... 75,000
Superceed Batteries
12v 100ah= 40,000
12v 150ah= 60,000
12v 200ah= 80,000
Maximum power batteries
12v 100ah= 40,000
12v 150ah= 60,000
12v 200ah= 80,000
Double tech batteries
12v 100ah= 40,000
12v 150ah= 60,000
12v 200ah= 80,000
Network batteries
12v 110ah= 50,000
12v 180ah= 70,000
12v 210ah= 90,000
12v 250ah= 115,000
Flames 300w mono .... 47k
Watts meter "kill-a-watt meter" ....9k
Yachi solar panels ;
150w mono panels........@35k
260w mono panels.......@48k "limited stock"
310w mono panels........@59k "limited stock"

340w Solar world mono solar panels .... 78,000
Jinko 340w mono panel............70,000
Jinko 280w mono panel............57,000
Jinko 265w poly panel.............. 52,000
Trina solar 320w mono..............70,000
Trina solar 285w mono..............65,000
Era solar 300w mono.................58,000

Magnum 4348 USA inverter ....@900k
Victron multiplus 3kva 48v .....@600k
Schneider connect 2524..........@550k
Growatts SPF3000 plus hybrid/solar inverter...@295k
Growatts SPF 5000 hybrid/solar inverter... @325k
Canadian 340w mono solar panel"Korean cells" .... Offloading
Canadian 300w mono solar panel... 62,000
Canadian 330w mono solar panel.....@66,000 bulk price
Sunshine solar modules :
130w poly 23000
250w poly 39000
300w Mono 52,000
Quality chinese panels best price:
100w poly 18500
100w mono 19500
150w poly 23000
200w mono 33000
260w poly 35500
260w mono 39000
320w poly 45500

Mercury Industrial Stabilizer available now
10kva Single phase 100,000
15kva Single phase 157,000
20kva Single phase 195,000
30kva Single phase 300,000
15kva 3Phase in/out 195,000
30kva 3Phase in/out 320,000
50kva 3Phase in/out 830,000

Mercury Spirit Plus Hybrid Inverters are available now
2000 Spirit 2kva 120,000
2001 Spirit Plus 2kva 135,000
3001 Spirit Plus 3kva 165,000
5001 Spirit Plus 5kva 220,000
3kva Soho Inverter 185,000
5kva Soho Inverter 265,000
7.5kva Soho Inverter 300,000

Mercury 1.2kva Inverter 40,000
Mercury 2.4kva Inverter 45,000
Mercury 200ah GEL battery 140,000
Mercury 200ah AGM battery 100,000
Mercury 100ah AGM battery 55,500

Luminous 150AH/12V SMF .... 92k
Luminous 200AH/12V SMF .....115k
Luminous Blue 200AH/12V .....125k
Luminous tubular 220AH/12V..105k

Luminous 850va/12v hybrid...52k
Luminous 875va/12v Eco.......37k
Luminous 1.5kva/24v Eco.......57k
Luminous 1.5kva/24v Zelio.....75k
Luminous 1.5kva/24v hybrid...80k
Luminous 3.5kva/48v Cruise..180k
Luminous 5kva/96v Cruise ....400k
Luminous 7.5kva/120v Cruise..500k
Luminous 10kva/180v ...........660k
Luminous 15kva/240v.............1m
Luminous 20kva/360v............ ----


Prag inverter 1kva 12v ......N65,000
Prag √√√√√ 1.2kva 12v....N70,000
Prag √√√√√ 2kva 24v.......N
Prag √√√√√ 1.5kva 24v....N92,000
Prag √√√√√ 2.5kva 24v....N95,000 "Promo"
Prag √√√√√ 1.5kva 24v....N96_000

Prag Solar inverter 1.5kva 24v....N120,000
Prag inverter 3kva 24v ....N145,000
Prag inverter 5kva 48v...N250,000
Prag inverter 7.5kva 120v ....N410,000
Prag inverter 10kva 180v....N480,000

Prag 4kva 24v wall H ......N240,000
Prag 6.5kva 48v wall H....N350,000

PRAG servo & relay stabilizers ;

-Prag 3kva relay B(95-280v)..N
-Prag 3kva relay E(95-280v)..N
-Prag 10kva servo ..N110,000
-Prag 10kva servo(130-250v)..N115,000
-Prag 12kva servo...N
-Prag 15kva relay(95-280v)...N110,000 "Qty Promo"
-Prag 15kva servo(80-260v)..N220,000
-Prag 15kva servo(130-260v)..N190,000
-Prag 20kva servo(130-260v)...N230,000
-Prag 20kva relay cabinet(95-280v).. N150,000
-Prag 20kva servo(80-260v) ...N330,000
-Prag 30kva servo(80-260v)...N400,000
-Prag 30kva servo(1300-260v)..N380,000


Felicity Solar panels;
160w mono...........30,000
250w mono...........43,000
300w mono...........54,000
160w poly ............27,000
250w poly ............39,000
300w poly ............50,000

Felicity battery;
200ah .................95,000

Felicity inverters ;
2.5kva 24v.............115,000
3.5kva 24v .............155,000
4kva 48v...................165,000
5kva 48v ...............220,000 ONGOING PROMO N155,000
7.5kva 48v..............340,000

Felicity hybrid inverters ;
800w 12v ............. 125,000
1600w 24v ........... 140,000
2400w 24v ........... 150,000
5kva with pwm .....200,000
5kva with mppt .....230,000

Felicity solar charge controllers 12-48v specs;
30a pwm..............20,000
40a pwm. ............25,000
50a pwm..............30,000
60a pwm..............35,000
40a mppt..............95,000
60a mppt .............120,000


Protek 200L solar water heater... N215,000
With 30k , I can offer you a set of pro solar roof mounts to comfortably mount 4 units of 250 to 350w solar panel's including kits like ;
2 qty solar mount rail "4200mm" ,
4 qty rack end clamp,
6 qty mid clamp,
6 qty L feet with rubber & special screw....
Same goes to angle positioning solar kits;
- Adjustable front leg
- Adjustable rear leg
- Rail splice kit
- Grounding lug

WHATSAPP::: https:///2348170385620

All our prag products comes with reliable warranty
All our products come with 1 year Warranty
All our products come with 1 year Warranty.
For best affordable prices contact,
The number 1 credible online store,
Smartcell Global Services,Lagos Nigeria.
Simply call Sir Frankie "08135031951" for purchase,fast delivery and waybills .. Thanks !!

Frankie My friend and dealer.

I am pressed from the sidelines to read the ugly comments of readers on other rooms regarding your posts and pricelist, perhaps the frequency of your post may have culminated to that.

Your frequent pasting on every page here too is worrisome and derisory to your image and accrued goodwill which is bad for your business. Many may feel you are desperate and implicitl have their judgement in dealing with you.

I know you are quick to temper but just my honest view though.


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 5:36pm On Feb 16, 2019

1) 1 roll of 2.5mm copper wire -red (panels to knife switch)
2) scrap length of 4mm black and red copper cables (knife switch to CC)
3) 10mm multi-strand copper cables (CC to 200 amp 24v battery bank)
4) 100A knife switch
5) 30 amp MPPT EPSolar CC - bought second hand from Bigrover years ago!
6) Aluminum pipe ( left over from window construction) to serve as base for the solar panels
7) 6 nos 100w panels =600 watts

Instantaneous yields of between 18.5 amps to 19.9 amp around noon . approx 19A×24v= 456W using scrap materials.
Start with whatever you have; upgrade as quickly and as soon as possibly; you don't have to break the bank to enjoy Solar.

1. Marvellous!

Using your "19A×24v= 456W" or 19A/25A is equal to 76% PV yield,
particularly at this dusty weather is impressive.
Also, you definitely enjoy the advantage of easy cleaning at will.

2. Yours in bold above is well spoken.

3. Advert - advert- almost on every slide is making the room so boring.
Pls let's rejuvenate this forum with reviews and pix.

Though- Just my piece


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by efuro(m): 1:54pm On Feb 14, 2019
Thanks sir, grounding as been done.sharp sharp!

I just hope that the unit will not khaaa-put soon as it is struggling to power estimated load of 3kw (both inductive and resistive ).

Yeah, poor isolation within those devices hence you get jolted if you touch some parts of the chassis - also the control board is very prone to damage due to lightning/surges so you better earth the inverter and do so fast so that all your problems go away in one fell swoop.

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