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Politics / Re: 2023: With Osinbajo-zulum Ticket, APC Would Win Election Before 12 Noon by emmykingzy: 7:20pm On Sep 24
Osinbajo is a weakling and a feeble man. A man that can never stand for the truth and never in support of his immediate constituency because of the fear of the canals.
Is he not the VP of this Colossal Nuclear Failure called Buhari? And you want to support him for President?? God forbid it. God forbid.
Infact, what has he done outstandingly that qualifies him to be President?? Please, I want to know.
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen: Oyedepo Describes Buhari’s Government As "Bloodthirsty" by emmykingzy: 9:52am On Sep 02
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, I think its time for the federal government to swoop in on this man before his actions and utterances undermine national security. Move him to DSS head quaters in Abuja and put him in an under ground cell. The Bible admonished we Christians to give what is due to Cesar to Cesar and also respect constituted authority. Calling our government blood thirsty is highly inciting and insensitive. Despite our attempts to demonize Muslims you will never find any northerner especially speaking ill of the government with divisive statements as this. Oyedepo is very arrogant and too aggressive to be a true Christian. There is nothing Christ like in the man and I wonder how he managed such follower-ship with his Talibanistic Christianity sad

Liar! You are not any born Again Christian but Fulani vagabonds and Buhari supporter. You are an ardent supporter of evil. Go and arrest him for speaking the truth. Are Nigerians not confirming what he is saying? He said this same thing 2015 but you lots called him a PDP pastor. Yet, still because of your evil heart and selfishness you still support evil. I don't blame you but docile and foolish Nigerians that like suffering and smiling and keep supporting evil for their selfish again.


Crime / Re: Gunmen Invade Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church, Abduct embers by emmykingzy: 9:08pm On Aug 31
my bible let me to know that oyedepo adeboye kumuyi suleman are the fathers of anti christs... and they will lead includin u to hell... criminals

Please can you point the verse that says
Oyedepo,Adeboye and others are anti Christ ? Please, can you tell me the scriptural meaning of anti Christ? Your Bible also taught you how to hate and wish evil to innocent people because of your haterd towards Oyedepo and other men of God. You Bible also taught you how to lie and bear false witness and support killers called Fulani vagabonds?
This is your bible is a real Bible o.
You, This evil man, you are a demonic human agent of the devil. Wicked sympatizer and support of killer Fulani vagabonds, an evil Muslim lying to be a Christian. You will taste in full what you wish others, mark my words.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Invade Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church, Abduct embers by emmykingzy: 7:51pm On Aug 31
you are brainwatched just as i was once brainwatched by him...
thank God, i regain awareness after reading the bible critically by myself.....
my bible let me realized that oyedepo is a microphone fraudster....
my bible let me know that oyedepo is the father of anti-christ.....
my told me that oyedepo is a demon who also will lead many to hell fire through is anti christ preaching....

i no longer follow oyedepo, but i now follow bible

No, you are the fraudster,a liar and a demon. Coming to a faceless forum to spew your lies and deceit. You can deceive yourself even others but not those that can discern who you are.
Your thoughts and heart is very evil. Bearing false witness, hauling insults and hatred can never come from a spirit filled and word rooted believer. I have met so many members of Oyedepo church and they are faith filled, sound, Bible rooted Believers doing excellently well in their endeavours. You see them going out for evangelism and winning many to Christ. Sharing the Love of Christ to others.
And you are here lying and claiming to have been brainwashed just to paint the Man evil. I didn't know Oyedepo succeeded to brainwash millions of his members around the world causing exploits in their endeavours. Wow, what a brainwash. I will love that kind of brainwash. I have already told you, whenever you start seeking solutions to your calamity, remember your lies and evil heart here is the cause.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Invade Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church, Abduct embers by emmykingzy: 1:33pm On Aug 31
oga, how dat 1 take cum concern me na?
my concern is that oledepo, the microphone bandit must release money by fire by force....

Thief go and steal it. You are very evil and a devils advocate. Your haterd will be your doom. You wish innocent people evil because you hate Oyedepo. Your misfortune will be too mighty and when it happens remember that this your actions is what caused it.
Go and ask your father Satan about Oyedepo. Even him can't stand before Oyedepo talk less of confronting him.

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Invade Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church, Abduct embers by emmykingzy: 8:27am On Aug 31

Fulani vagabinds need to visit Oyedepo’s headquarter not these village to see who will go blinf,dead sccording to his yeye prophecy.

You devil keep promoting evil. It will never work. Even your Father Satan knows where not to go. If you like send all your human agents of Fulani vagabond to the Hq, you will all be disgraced. The evil you wish others will befall your generation

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Invade Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church, Abduct embers by emmykingzy: 8:04am On Aug 31
The end is near

The fake man of God

Man of Satan oyedepo will be punished

You this small devil, what are you doing here?
Just watch how God will disgrace your Father Satan.

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Politics / Re: Willie Obiano, A Disaster Circumscribed In A Champagne Bottle by emmykingzy: 11:41am On Aug 30
Do you have any evidence to prove this allegations?
Politics / Re: Soludo Insists Anambra Too Complex For WAEC Cert Holder To Govern by emmykingzy: 2:41pm On Aug 24
Degrees doesn't translate to good leadership

I am sure your very good Friend Sai Baba Buhari agrees with you
Politics / Re: Who Is The Worst "President" In Nigeria's History by emmykingzy: 12:36pm On Aug 20
Buhari nuclear Failure
Politics / Re: "I Will Not Exit Office As A Failure" - President Buhari Vows by emmykingzy: 10:17pm On Aug 19
Buhari, you are a Nuclear Failure with disasterious consequences on Nigeria for years to come. Failure
Politics / Re: The Presidency- Yemi Osinbajo Vs Peter Obi by emmykingzy: 11:12am On Aug 11
Tribalism is a big problem of Nigeria. Imagine still supporting a VP of the worst government in the history of this country against someone that liberated and transformed a state to its current glory today. A state formerly known for lawlessness, backwardness and godfatherism to a frontline state in every aspect today.
The same VP has kept mute, subdued and just following as a zombie in the face of all the negative happenings in the country even to the point of denying that these situations exist. A member of the economic team and others yet Nigeria is experiencing a Nuclear Failure of a government.
Please, it's high time we choose the right people for the job and leave tribalism and sentiments aside for the sake of this country.


Business / Re: Simple Secret Of Buying Stuff At Idumota Market Lagos by emmykingzy: 10:35pm On Aug 03
Please guys, we can I locate wholesalers and importers of biscuits at Island?
Politics / Re: Jerome Ezeneche: Why I Am Called King Of Six Nations – Igwe 10 - 10 by emmykingzy: 2:01pm On Jul 21
Guy has a large heart. Some one to connect with.
Kingship is purely a call to serve your people and not some of our so called Self seeking and money grabbing First class and last class kings in Nigeria, Lording it over their people the should serve.
His Royal Highness Jerome Ezeneche is a true Leader. Respects Igwe.

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Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 6:26pm On Jul 03

IPOB mugu grin

BUHARI Ass licker grin
Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 2:51pm On Jul 03

Try saying that again without crying. Foolish IPOB youth. cheesy

You are the one that's very foolish and a despicable troll. Its Ipob matters that will land you in a psychiatric ward this time bound with chains and tied to a bed. keep Chasing shadows because you have data to type rubbish. don't go and get a life. Every thing and everyone is IPOB for saying the truth. Go and take your medicine and getaway from quoting me. angry
Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 1:37pm On Jul 03

The liar has been caught naked. Foolish IPOB youths with empty threats and boasts shamelessly denying himself after he was called out.

Guy it seems you have lost it. If I claim to be IPOB will beat me, abi you stop my daily bread. Tell me what you can do to me about it. I can see you very foolish.
FYI, I can never be IPOB, I'm too occupied for that.
But I noticed you sound incoherent and looking for issues where there is none. perhaps You missed your morning psychiatric medicine. Please go take your medicine and STOP QUOTING ME.
Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 12:42pm On Jul 03

Lol two-faced IPOB denying himself. Maybe you should go through your own post history to see your antecedents.

Okay then, please go and hug a transformer, you really need it.
Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 11:13am On Jul 03

Before you said this MNK can't be captured. Now that he has been captured and your boasting shown to be meaningless you are now claiming the next one cannot be contained. Anything that makes you feel better is accepted I guess. But reality is different from empty boasts. If MNK is killed nothing will happen. And if you do anyhow only the southeast will be made desolate. Nothing more.

Mr Man, stop quoting me if you have nothing to say. Do I look like Ipob or have you seen any where I supported Ipob? So saying the truth makes me a supporter, abi.
Okay, they should go ahead and kill MNK and see if more deadlier MNK will not rise up.
In the first place, who was MNK if not that this nuclear disaster of a government made him popular.
They should also go ahead and make him a Martyr and see this agitation go out of control. Will many die yes but that's how it starts. Go back and read your history books if you still have one. There are far better ways of handling such situations. But Buhari will not do it because BUHARI IS A NUCLEAR DISASTER.
Politics / Re: DSS Wants To Kill Nnamdi Kanu With A Poisonous Vaccine – IPOB by emmykingzy: 9:48am On Jul 03
If anything happens to MNK, there would be a serious problem for Nigeria.
The next MNK cannot be contained.
Hmmmm. This Biafra thing is now like a revival. Caution must be applied.
Politics / Re: 2023: North Must Give Power To South – Shettima by emmykingzy: 9:44am On Jul 03
People should stop hyping the North.
The North is a minority without the North Central. If the South can unite in majority with the North Central, the Hausa/Fulani is nothing.
Please stop the hype.

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Politics / Re: 9 Richest Tribes In Africa 2021 by emmykingzy: 9:35pm On Jun 27
I will give number 1 to the Igbos.

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Adverts / Re: How To Make Money Selling Ebooks You Didn't Write by emmykingzy: 6:25pm On Jun 17
Politics / Re: Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again by emmykingzy: 5:43am On Jun 11
Na wa o! Which Kain wahala be this?

Are these people mad?

Wetin concern them abeg? Is twitter the only platform through which people exercise their right of expression? Don't we have others? I don't understand this madness anymore o!

The US has never shown concern over any issue as they are showing on this twitter ban. It's obvious their s some conspiracy against this country.

Thank God we ve got a government with ballz. Even though we go running to them for financial aids and all, we can't be controlled by the hypocritical whites..

A day or two ago, they asked our government authoritatively to lift the suspension..Now, it's a milder tone....

Buhari is the man of the moment!

A Government with balls you say. Hypocrisy of the highest order.
Just watch and see how your President with ballz will begin beg and suspend the ban.
Now let me remind you of the kind of slaving government you have.
A President that always carry his balls, run and beg US and Uk for MEDICAL TREATMENT.
A President and HIS Government with ballz that always run and beg UK,US and China for FOREIGN AID AND SUPPORT.
A President and his Government with ballz that will always run and prostrate for them for FOREIGN LOANS.
A President and his Government with ballz that always run and beg them for scrap/outdated Weapons to buy in the name of fighting terrorist.
A President and his failed government with ballz that always run and beg US,UK for release of our looted money only for them to loot it again.
If you think that your President and his beggarly government have ballz, you better think again because na shame you go carry the go las las. Hypocrisy.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Has United The Niger Delta People by emmykingzy: 8:27pm On Jun 10
I don't understand all these tantrums in this thread. Or is that people just choose not to understand what the Ibos are saying.
From what I understand they are saying their are many Igbo communities who were cut off from their parent states in the south East and added to other States in the South South states. These are Igbo speaking people. And, this is the Truth.
And so ,it makes absolute sense that if the Igbos are going to leave Nigeria and form Biafra, then, Their brothers in the South South states should be given opportunity to follow them. That's absolutely logical.
Going through most of their statements, I never saw or read where the claimed to force any attachment with the South South people.
Most of them say they want an only Igbo speaking people in their Biafra. So why the noise and misconceptions.


Politics / Re: Buhari Falls Into Nnamdi Kanu's Trap. by emmykingzy: 2:23pm On Jun 05
And Nnamdi Kalu succeeded excellently.
He brought Buhari The Dullards head to whole world to see.
#Check mate.


Politics / Re: Military To Launch Major Operations Against "Insurgency" In South-East by emmykingzy: 1:38pm On Jun 02
What's wrong with this Fulani government?
Nnamdi Kalu [/b]was birthed by Military Operations.
[b]IPOB[/b]was birthed by the same military operations.
[b]ESN[/b]was also birthed by Military Operations carried out by Fulani herdsmen.
By these Military Operations [b]BIAFRA[/b]may now transcend to become [b]THE IGBO PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION
then it will become unstoppable.
When will these wicked leaders learn?
Military operations has never been the answer. Its best to dexscalate this problem.
Nigeria cannot survive another civil war/ genocide, not in this present century.
Adverts / Re: How To Sell Second-hand Solar Photovoltaic Panels To Make $100,000 by emmykingzy: 10:38am On May 25
Politics / Re: Reply To Ndume: North Is Obviously The Parasite. by emmykingzy: 9:21am On May 25
This comparison of NORTH Vs SOUTH EAST is absolutely wrong.
I believe it should be a NORTH Vs SOUTH comparison or you break it down to North west Vs SOUTH East/ North East Vs SOUTH East/ North Central Vs SOUTH East.
This way it will be clearer who the parasites are.
Politics / Re: A Northerner's Opinion: Why Our Next President Must Be Igbo Or Yoruba by emmykingzy: 7:21am On May 22

Being a Pro Nigeria is a very bad thing esp with what PMB started.
You'll be a pro Nigeria, one ethnic group will be using cows to destroy your farms and you'll not be able to do anything.
Is that reasonable?

OBJ govt didn't benefit us. In South west we have a blue print we followed, we have a roadmap of regional integration and development.

BTW, Yorubas are yet to have a President.
We shall produce one in 2023.

Oga, you are confusing people here. According to you, Obasanjo who is a pro Nigeria is bad because he didn't play tribal politics abi but Nigerians apart from Yorubas benefitted abi??
Then President Buhari who is a tribal bigot personified who has destroyed Nigeria and Nigerians by playing pro Fulani agenda is also bad and therefore,
you prefer a Pro Yoruba President with a Yoruba agenda I just don't understand

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Politics / Re: How Did Abubakar Shekau Die? Here’s What We Know So Far by emmykingzy: 7:44pm On May 21
Why do people buy all this tales by moonlight stories. This one reach to act better action movie.
What is the source of this information? From a terrorist!!! angry
Why so many sides to the story?
where is the proof of his death? undecided
And you believe them. shocked

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