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Education / Re: This Disable Man Crawls Half Kilometer Every Day To School In Niger State(photos by Epiphany(m): 10:20am On Oct 11, 2019
Before buying the wheelchair, are the roads from his house to the school passable? You will find out that the wheelchair will not even work unless he has paved access most of the way. Good idea but think of the infrastructure that supports the wheelchair.

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Education / Re: This Disable Man Crawls Half Kilometer Every Day To School In Niger State(photos by Epiphany(m): 10:19am On Oct 11, 2019
Before buying the wheelchair, are the roads from his house to the school passable? You will find out that the wheelchair will not even work unless he has paved access most if the way. Good idea but think of the infrastructure that supports the wheelchair.

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Business / Re: TY Danjuma Quits As May & Baker Chairman, Daisy Danjuma Takes Over by Epiphany(m): 3:02pm On Oct 03, 2019
Life sha. Some persons are just extremely rich while others barely have something to eat. Abi nor be same God create everybody? Some persons will say it’s hard work, so that mechanic in your street or that old carpenter isn’t hardworking? Some will say Grace, so some persons are not qualified for grace hence the reason for them being poor? Others will say you should draw nearer to God, so you mean Mayweather and co are closer to God than that old female evangelist in your street? This life sha, e get as e de go

Brother, be like say you dey inside my mind. Been thinking about this for weeks now because I just taya for the hustle.
Romance / Re: Meeting His Parents For The First Time: How To Win Their Heart Easily by Epiphany(m): 12:27am On Sep 19, 2019
What about the guys, when meeting the ladies parents

Observe the same rules or very similar ones.

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Politics / Re: Ajijola Ajimobi Graduates From University Of Warwick, United Kingdom (Photos) by Epiphany(m): 11:38am On Jul 23, 2019
For those 'complaining' that she studied history and sociology, may I remind you that this is just her first degree. She will return to school to study for a law or economics degree and eventually end up as a legal or financial professional.

Funny enough, a lot of UK prime ministers studied history and philosophy in school and see where they ended up. As politicians. When you are from a prominent or rich family, what you study in school does not matter. Just get the degree.


Education / Re: Thread For PHD Students by Epiphany(m): 12:23am On Dec 20, 2014
BSc - Elect/Elect Engineering - Nigeria
Post Grad Dip - Research Methods - UK
PhD - Strategic Management - UK


Travel / Re: Our Experience At Nigerian High Commission London by Epiphany(m): 10:14am On Aug 09, 2014
Yes sir i agree, but the signature is not the only thing that you had issues with, was it? Apart from that, other comments and opinions about the high commission necessitated my contribution.

If i have offended you, i apologize.

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Travel / Re: Our Experience At Nigerian High Commission London by Epiphany(m): 9:28am On Aug 09, 2014
Pls permit this long message. . . .

In the last 3 years, with my last experience occurring just a few months ago, i have had cause to visit the Nigeria High Commission in London. Having gone through two different services (getting two new passports for my children at different times as well as renewing my old one on a third occassion) I have to say that my experience all those times was VERY VERY SMOOTH. I never had a problem with anyone esp after having followed the instructions on the website to the letter. All the staff i came across were polite, helpful and willing to assist especially if you came in with all the required documents which show that at least, you made an effort to follow the online procedure.

Lets all be honest with ourselves. Nigerians (and in fact, any other people) with strong pre-conceived ideas and solutions to their self made challenges are not the easiest people to deal with. While I was in the building, I noticed that a lot of people came into the building with the hope that they would be able ‘settle’ someone for one or two of the things they could not do online and continue with their passport applications. Others came into the building probably hoping that the staff in the High Commission would respect their haughtiness, abandon their stations and dance to their tunes to effect what I would call, a ‘personal or VIP service’. In other words, they came into the High Commission with the ‘abandon - your - daily - duties - and - come - and - walk - me - through - the - whole - process - because - I - cant navigate - the - website’ attitude.

My own contribution to this discussion is simple: First, settle down and patiently go through the online instructions. Honestly, from personal experience, you WILL NOT understand the process the first time you browse through all the tabs but lets face it, how many of us understand anything the very first time you try to? Like my academic subjects, I had to get a pen and paper and jot things down when I was reading through the site just to gather the more important instructions.

Second, after filling out the forms, the payment thing with credit or debit cards was a bit confusing and yes, the first time I had to call the help-desk number which is in the US I think. Believe it, someone answered this and took me through the process step by step ad even sent me an email to tell me that my payment had gone through. It was only after this payment that an appointment day could be booked.

Sometimes the site may be down so there is the need to visit the site on other days to see if the portals work, so the need to apply for passports early enough is sensible. As expected, when you are rushing and in a hurry, you will misunderstand some of the rules and directions and of course, will become irritable. Once you carry this attitude into the High Commission and the staff see that you are already irritable, do not have complete documents and are only our to either make trouble or prove a point, their own defenses go up and words are then traded.

Once again and lastly, the High Commission is not a difficult place to visit. On all three occasions, I was in and out in less than one hour.

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Properties / Re: New Dimension To Nigerian Architecture (construction Of 4 Bedroom Twin Duplex) by Epiphany(m): 5:29pm On Nov 20, 2013
. . . . following!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Work In An Interest-seeking Bank by Epiphany(m): 10:55am On Oct 11, 2013
Kei144: Jobs in interest-seeking banks are for Christians. Muslims keep off!

. . . . my broda, even if you wan follow christianity, you are not supposed to charge interest from your brother, if you loan him any money.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Work In An Interest-seeking Bank by Epiphany(m): 10:40am On Oct 11, 2013
I am not a muslim but this is an interesting thread. I don't want to judge anyone, but people like Fola Adeola, Kola Abiola, Sanusi (CBN Governor) and other high ranking muslims who own banks or have been top officials in banks comes to mind. It will be nice for someone who has links to them to ask them this kind of question. . . . esp someone like Sanusi. I hear he is an Islamic scholar of some sort so he should be able to provide a very good answer.

As for me, I am a bit amused myself. My own question will be for muslims (and even christians), if you decide to follow the Quran (or bible) to the letter, you will just end up sitting at home doing nothing. There are just too many rules to follow and if you really decide to follow them to the letter, it will be hard living in this world and doing business with anyone


Autos / Re: MOST EXPENSIVE PRE ORDERED SUV IN 2013 ( By Akin Alabi From Inspired Autos ) by Epiphany(m): 5:23pm On Sep 14, 2013
I just started following this thread and my heart is in my mouth already. Pls, what car is this and where are the pictures. If inspired continues this kind of suspense, he needs to be warned o. some of us have high blood pressure issues
Politics / Re: Uyo - City Of Peace And Beauty (Pictures) by Epiphany(m): 4:28pm On Sep 04, 2013
Nice. These are beautiful pictures
Crime / Re: Daylight Thief Caught In Action In Delta State (Pictures) by Epiphany(m): 4:50pm On Jul 31, 2013
His being taken away by soldiers is still bad enough. They will use him for some torture practice and he may never be seen alive again.

I see no reason why we punish the 'small theives' and leave the big ones to get away. Why not enter the Delta State assembly, government house or better still, march to Abuja and do the same to ALL politicians?

Anyway, Animal Farm has taught us that all animals (people) are equal, but some are more equal that others.

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Properties / Re: Lagos Family Houses (Pictures) by Epiphany(m): 1:22pm On Jul 26, 2013
Beautiful pictures. . . Lagos, Nigeria, no be poor country o!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Deadliest Black/African Warriors!!!! by Epiphany(m): 12:11pm On Jun 02, 2013
nice read!
Family / Re: The Michael Adebowale’s Tale: Why London Is No Place For A Young Black Man by Epiphany(m): 10:25pm On May 31, 2013
Insightful message.
Literature / Re: Flora Nwapa, First Female Novelist by Epiphany(m): 12:10pm On Feb 28, 2013
Good write up again, Iyaniwura. Although i never got to read any of her books, I had access to many of them growing up. I rather read books by the other 'greats' like Saro Wiwa, Ekwensi, Soyinka, Achebe, Ngugi, etc etc.

My opinion also, is that this write up will not mean much to the modern adults of Nigeria, especially those born in the late 80's and 90's. Why? I sometimes think they did not have access to such books and the culture of reading was not really emphasized in many schools anymore. The era of staring at screens (computers and TV) had started and the publishing of novels such as the Pacesetter series, African series and so on had stopped.

Pity, pity, pity. Hopefully, we will get back there someday.


Celebrities / Re: 25 Interesting Things About Carlos Slim Helu (World's Richest Man) by Epiphany(m): 2:52am On Feb 27, 2013
Interesting stuff
Celebrities / Re: Things You Never Knew About Mike Adenuga, Nigeria’s Second Richest Man by Epiphany(m): 2:44am On Feb 27, 2013
Nice write up about an interesting man. Good or bad, he has left his mark for many years to come.

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Sports / Re: Burkina Faso Vs Ghana - AFCON 2013 - (3 - 2) On Pens On 6th Feb 2013 by Epiphany(m): 10:08pm On Feb 06, 2013
. . . But if BF wins and meets Naija in the finals, the match na die o. Maybe we should be hoping Ghana wins. The chances would be better for Naija. Lol
Politics / Re: 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings by Epiphany(m): 5:28pm On Jan 31, 2013
Lovely thread bro! Na this kin thing we supposed dey see for Nairaland . . . I have learned some new things today


Travel / Re: When Going Back To Nigeria Is A Death Sentence: The Story Of Rose Akhalu by Epiphany(m): 3:14am On Jan 21, 2013
I was heartbroken just reading this. Sad story that can happen to anybody. This is why i sometimes understand people when they fight with all they have in them, to acquire foreign citizenship for themselves or their kids.
Celebrities / Re: Mike Adenuga Relocates To Banana Island Office by Epiphany(m): 4:53am On Dec 29, 2012
Sisi_Kill: Being Babaginda's Butt boy...errr...man sure is a position (pun intended) that keeps on giving.

By the way, what's with the gold? Hasn't anyone told him how tacky it is? If not then he obviously needs to rethink the kinds of people he surrounds himself with.

Ever since this guy came into the limelight, he has been known as IBB's boy. True or not, I think its about time we give him some kudos, after all, even apprentices sometimes out do the master. After all these years, he has shown enough initiative to be given his freedom. Lol
Travel / Re: HOW DO YOU LICK A MAN'S PRIVATE PART by Epiphany(m): 6:48pm On Dec 17, 2012
I wonder whether there are no nigerian immigration lawyers on here who can answer your question because now, I am getting interested also!
Travel / Re: HOW DO YOU LICK A MAN'S PRIVATE PART by Epiphany(m): 4:39pm On Dec 17, 2012
To answer your question, based on all the episodes of that documentary i have watched, the UKBA cannot deport you unless they find some form of identification to point them to the right embassy to approach for travel papers. There are situations where the people that have been caught have NO IDENTIFICATION whatsoever and what the UKBA agents do is to 'free' these people. They often tell them to report to the UKBA maybe once a month or so, until some form of identification can be got from somewhere. Often times, these people 'disappear' again and end up not reporting to the UKBA once a month. Where they can get some form of identification for that person, they keep the person in detention and await the respective embassy to provide emergency travel documents. In some cases, e.g. for some Chinese or Asian people, the preparation of these emergency documents sometimes takes months to get so the illegal immigrants often spend those months behind bars.

That is as far as i know from these documentaries.
Travel / Re: HOW DO YOU LICK A MAN'S PRIVATE PART by Epiphany(m): 4:25pm On Dec 17, 2012


I dont know if you have seen these already, but watch them on youtube. There are a lot more of them on there. They will give you some information on how the UKBA finds, prosecutes and deports people.

Also, google 'nothing to declare'. That is how it is done in Australia and its very similar to the way it is done in the UK.
Travel / Re: Moved Back To Nigeria.. Miss The States..help Me by Epiphany(m): 7:45pm On Dec 11, 2012
@Poster. . . have you thought of the fact that maybe you are in the wrong place? I mean, if you are in Enugu, your choices are limited and your ability to attract the kind of people you want to be with or hang out with is virtually non-existent.

First of all, what kind of business is it you are supposed to be running? Why cant you run that business out of Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt and if need be, travel to Enugu once or twice a week? Better still, organize your days the way lots of pilots do. 10 days in Enugu and 10 days in Lagos/Abuja/Port. Probably, with the kind of money you are supposed to have, you can blend in easily with the upper echelon, and begin to feel at home.

I sorta understand what you are saying and how you feel because you cannot spend so much time abroad, mix and date your exotic girls and return to a village-like environment where you stick out like a sore thumb.

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