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Family / Re: My Marriage Is Falling Apart And My Wife Wants To Sabotage My Job. by Exmay(m): 10:08am On Jan 09
My wife and I have been married for over 3 years now with a beautiful daughter who is 2years plus but things are falling apart everyday.

Whenever we had arguments she will want to sabotage my job. Couple of months ago, we had an argument and I was to give update to my team via teams meeting (I work from home)..My wife keep raising her voice, I left the living room and went to bedroom lock the door behind to continue with my meeting but surprisingly to me, my wife went through the window and started the drama again.

Just yesterday there was another drama and she picked my phone unknowingly and call my overall boss.

Note: it is from this job am sponsoring her Masters in one of the centers in Uniport and also feeding the family. More than 70% of my monthly earnings goes to her. I am not a social person..I don't drink and either spend lavishly.

My wife is a very proud person and she has this obvious non challant attitude which are all seen by family members. Everybody keep talking about her but she's not changing. Although I have my own differences as well but she believe I can't control her. She's not submissive at all...I can say that over again and again.

Even while she's doing her masters, I was the one taking care of my daughter at home (thanks to covid)..in fact all my team members knows my daughter as my second colleague. I believe we all know how working from home with kids is like.

Please I need your advice. I am already thinking of divorce but the fear of loosing my daughter to her custody is my biggest challenge.

I am loosing my mind.

Please push to FP!

So sorry to read about your travails. I can see that the fear here is that you may lose your daughter in a case of divorce. To prevent this, you need to show evidence that you are the one caring for the little one plus show that she is the violent one. to do this, you will need to invest in some covert recording devices, preferably video recording devices. start recording her from now anytime she starts misbehaving. Should you have enough incriminating stuff on her, it can be tendered in court during the divorce process. also keep a record of your spending with receipts if possible.
Your mental wellbeing needs to be guarded selfishly.

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Romance / Re: The Girl I Had One Time Fling With Is Pregnant by Exmay(m): 11:30am On Dec 09, 2021
I’m 25 and I met this lady 25 as well some months ago. We aren’t dating.

To cut the long story short, we had sex once that was three weeks ago, during the process, condom broke. I made sure she took a contraceptive immediately.

Yesterday, she told me she was pregnant. She said she went to the lab to do a hormonal test, which indicated she had a high prolactin level. It prompted her to also take pregnancy test which she said was positive. She showed me the hormonal test but not the pregnancy test result.

I thought she was lying about the pregnancy but then she asked me to get a misoprotol drug which I have gotten. She doesn’t seem worried or bothered about the whole thing. I don’t even know if she’s truly pregnant or if I’m the one responsible because she’s has been with different men according to her. I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

Her story is not adding up Bro. Hyperprolactinaemia is actually seen in infertility, when there is termination of pregnancy (either via delivery or abortion), tumour etc.
So her story of confirming pregnancy just after her prolactin level was revealed to be raised is suspicious. Plus, prolactin level is not routinely checked. So wetin carry her go check am. Abeg ni buy market wey no be yours ooo.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden To Transfer Power To Harris While Under Anesthesia For Colonoscopy by Exmay(m): 8:22pm On Nov 19, 2021
Where things work, the President’s health is open to all. You can not expect millions to trust you with making decisions that affects their lives and yet you keep hiding information about your health from them.
Nigeria government needs to take a leaf from this.


Romance / Re: gegtgv by Exmay(m): 11:02am On Oct 02, 2020

Is this a time of emergency? Like I said, there's a provision for that in the code of ethics of practice. People that put the provision there are not stupid or do you think they are? It's a different thing in emergency situations when the person is unconscious. Some people are not comfortable having their private parts examined by a personnel of opposite sex while they're conscious. It's exemplified in the ethical principle of autonomy.

There are times when the hospital only have male Drs, thus the provision you are taking about won’t apply.
What can apply is the need for a female Chaperone to be present during the examination.
Alternatively, the woman can decide to go to another Hospital where they have female Drs.
Travel / Re: UAE May Reverse Visa Restriction On Nigerians Today Amid Airline’s Ban by Exmay(m): 2:04pm On Sep 21, 2020
What I want to ask is Nigeria an Arab country?
What concerns us with issue of UAE deal with Israel that we have to pick side with the Arabs.
They can fool simpletons with Corona and other nonsense as their reason for banning Emirates but we know the truth, it has to do with Israel and UAE deal

Your comment would have been sensible if Nigeria had no diplomatic relationship with Isreal. However, we do have a very good relationship with Isreal.
So my advise for you, I try to conduct your in-depth research before commenting on NL. We are not dummys.
Politics / Re: Diezani: Setback In Extradition Moves Over Dominica Republic Citizenship by Exmay(m): 9:02am On Jun 06, 2020
This is the same woman who abandoned President Jonathan immediately the election result was announced. She tried getting close to Buhari by all possible means.
She knows the way the international community runs and she has fully utilised it.
I hope all young Nigerians supporting her over here or anywhere are aware that if she truly has nothing to hide, you don’t go this mile to hide. Her loot is our inheritance. Let’s condemn what is bad and leave politics out of this.

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Properties / Re: Sending Money Back Home For A Project: What Has Been Your Experience? by Exmay(m): 11:57am On Jun 05, 2020
The reason I believe most people in the diaspora uses Family and Friends as contractors as against employing professionals is the availability of funds.
Most people send in the money for their projects in piecemeal. As a result, it takes years for completion of such projects.
I don’t think most firms will have that patience/accommodation in their terms, thus the reason why F&F continues to be employed for diasporians’ projects.


Education / Re: Sexual Harassment: You Will Pay Dearly If You Discredit Us, ASUU Warns Nigerians by Exmay(m): 11:12am On Feb 18, 2020
I believe what Prof. Ogunyemi is saying is that there is no need to do a knee jerk response to the issue of Sexual abuse in our Universities. What they(legislators) should be focussing on is wholistic review of laws surrounding sexual abuse in Nigeria.
All sectors have gotten it, but most are too oppressed to have a voice.
You don’t just look into education sector alone and leave sexual predation in civil service, defence etc.
We know of sex for marks in University, I’m sure we are aware of sex for Jobs, sex for promotion, sex for contract etc.
So should the other evils be downplayed?
What we need is an wholistic review of the set law.

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Politics / Re: PDP leaders protest at EU, French embassies by Exmay(m): 4:41pm On Feb 11, 2020

Human rights is not an internal issue??


Seems you are getting me wrong.

If you see Europeans protesting in front on Nigeria’s Embassy in their country on account of Human right related stuff, what they will be complaining about is poor Human rights activities going on in Nigeria and not that which is going on in Europe.

In other words, we blacks need to handle our problems by ourselves and not always defer to some ‘superior entities’ in Europe.

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Politics / Re: PDP leaders protest at EU, French embassies by Exmay(m): 4:36pm On Feb 11, 2020

Hate them all you want, one thing is certain: Those guys are miles smarter than us.

The simplest example I will give you is to compare what happens on Nairaland to that of Quota.

Afterward, you understand that despite education, Nigeria is still in darkness.

I’m seriously trying to understand how my write up is related to your response.


Politics / Re: PDP leaders protest at EU, French embassies by Exmay(m): 3:59pm On Feb 11, 2020

They do...at least at the citizen level.

Back in the day,and even now, there are protests in front of many African embassiesin the EU by EU citizens because of human rights abuses among other things.

EU governments protest via their ambassadors in the said African country.

So PDP protesting at the embassies is not necessarily out of order.

Just wandering if you saw the part I wrote ‘internal issues’?
People protesting about your poor human right record in front of your embassy does not come under there own internal issues.
Just to give you an example: imagine Democrats in US going to Nigeria Embassy to protest about Trump.
That is internal issue.

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Politics / Re: PDP leaders protest at EU, French embassies by Exmay(m): 2:45pm On Feb 11, 2020
One sometimes wonders why we blacks are failing to progress. The fact that we fail to move beyond the colonial era is very saddening.
Have anyone seen any of these EU countries protesting about an internal issue in front of any African country’s embassy.
So you believe that by reporting to ‘your’ superiors change can be enforced?
I’m just wandering if they were expecting France of all nations to send troops to Nigeria to help offset the sitting government.
PDP needs to get their game right. These is opposition devoid of common sense.

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Crime / Re: Boko Haram Executed Ropvil Daciya Dalep, University Of Maiduguri Student by Exmay(m): 2:50pm On Jan 23, 2020
crossing state boundaries in search of knowledge

it should rather be crossing stupidity in search of death coz its definitely clear he finally chose death sad

Why are some people so insensitive?
Not all thoughts are to be broadcasted.
Wisdom is profitable to direct.
Sports / Re: 1000 Viewers Storm Anthony Joshua’s Family House In Sagamu, Ogun State by Exmay(m): 10:14am On Dec 08, 2019
AJ no mention or acknowledge Nigeria in his post fight, in-ring interview.

after all the hustle for streaming links wey we do,

AJ, your real papa.......

This is a wrong assertion. Not only did he enter the ring with Femi Kuti’s song, he went further to acknowledge Nigeria in his post match interview.

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Sports / Re: John Fashanu: I Earn N5 Million Monthly As Ex - England Player by Exmay(m): 1:08pm On Nov 22, 2019
Over £10,000 monthly... Haba.
This is complete lie. Uk don’t just dish out cash like that.

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Education / Re: Leaked Sex Tape: Why Babcock University Reserves The Right To Expel Student by Exmay(m): 11:54pm On Nov 20, 2019
But imagine if Babcock came out with a press statement saying they will be taking court actions against people who leaked the video and support the lady in question to justice against those who are using it to shame the lady.

Imagine they say although they hold morals in high regard, they also understand that she did it on holidays and they will make sure they set an example of those who are hiding to cause trouble and shame the woman for something that is not a crime.

Not every time try to remove yourself; sometimes shake and break tables. Show support and strength and stand for justice.

Sometimes be remembered for staying on the side of justice instead of triggering your flight emotion

but if they don't, it is still okay. They have a right to protect their name, identity and brand

I am very surprised anyone will think it is the duty of the Institution to go after whoever leaked the tape.
What right has the school got over the tape content for them to be the one seeking justice for its leak?

No crime was done by having sex during the holiday. But the fact that it was recorded is the stupidity involve.
I don’t think it is the duty of the institution to amend stupidity.


Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Blasted By Doctor Harvey Olufunmilayo After Wrong Medical Advice by Exmay(m): 11:11pm On Sep 05, 2019
The doctor is trying to trend by jumping on the tweet.The controversial Ibadan based self acclaimed investigative journalist was on point and masterfully engaged skillful language to pass her unsolicited medical advice.

I stand with Kemi for trying to help people that have such problems who may not be able to seek medical help.

I recall wizkid accusing one blogger for having such a challenge and I wouldn’t know if she had gotten rid of it assuming it was true.

On point with wrong medical advice?
You need to be more objective.

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Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Blasted By Doctor Harvey Olufunmilayo After Wrong Medical Advice by Exmay(m): 11:09pm On Sep 05, 2019
the medical doctor is arrogant and pompous. obviously the olunloyo woman was trying to be modest by not saying vagina smell so she said body odor but then quantified it by saying vaginosis so we can understand what she is talking about
I see nothing wrong in the way the Dr put Kemi in her place.
Please do remember that Kemi trained as a pharmacist, thus some people will see her as an authority in health matters. If you want to give health advice, you have to be explicit. Plus, it is bad practice to encourage over the counter antibiotic use.


Celebrities / Re: Ibinabo Fiberesima And Daughter, Zino In Matching Outfits by Exmay(m): 8:57pm On Jun 24, 2019
Has she served her prison sentence?


Phones / Re: Best Phone To Get On A Budget Of N100,000 by Exmay(m): 12:56pm On Jun 17, 2019

SAMSUNG S9 PLUS 128GB or 64GB, 8-32gig RAM.
6.2 inches.

I believe the required price range was mentioned in my post. Even though my Dad worths more than £450(price of samsung s9 plus), it would be a waste to buy that for him on account of 'underusage'.
Phones / Best Phone To Get On A Budget Of N100,000 by Exmay(m): 12:34pm On Jun 17, 2019
I need to get a Phone for my Dad and I need your help in making a selection.

preferred features:
- Good battery life (most important feature)
- Screen size 5.5' and above
- Budget: min 60k - max 100,000k
Romance / Re: My Long Distance Relationship Of One Week Just... by Exmay(m): 12:33pm On Nov 26, 2018
Smh..Everybody shouting it's too early for her to ask for money.. There's no right time to ask for money or sex in a relationship. I once dated a guy, I started dating him in the afternoon and that same evening, I asked for some money and he gave me. He was even happy I asked him for something..
Incomplete story. Kindly tell us how you show your appreciation following the cash ‘gift’?
Also tell us how long the transaction relationship lasted?


Politics / Re: Nigeria Loses $6bn From 'corrupt' Oil Deal Linked To Fraud by Exmay(m): 8:35am On Nov 26, 2018
I cry for the youths of my country. To read has become a major issue for them.
The article clearly states that this deal was done 2011. That means GEJ was the one in power then. So why are they referring to the current government in power

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Politics / Re: Video Of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Acknowledging Biafra Genocide by Exmay(m): 6:38am On Oct 26, 2018
Why are People like this? A language none of you understood was spoken, nobody translated it, yet everyone is jumping into conclusion as to what they believe this is...

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Health / Re: Aisha Edward: Sickle Cell Advocate Decries High Hospital Bill, Illegal Detention by Exmay(m): 11:33am On Oct 12, 2018
In as much as I empathise with this woman and all Sickle cell warriors, let it be known that the cost of caring for a patient shouldn’t be the responsibility of the hospital. The hospital have rendered service to you for treatment, the honourable step afterwards is to pay up. Sentiments shouldn’t be brought in.
For any Sickle cell warrior out there, my advise for you is to get yourself a good health insurance. This will help you get the best of treatment at any point in time.
And to all those about to start a family, please know your genotype.

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Romance / Re: "No Man Ever Get Severe Stomach Ache From Not Having Sex" - Nigerian Doctor by Exmay(m): 1:31pm On Aug 30, 2018
Monks are celibate yet they molest underage children and threaten them not to speak out, chiooor
Last time I checked this discussion is not about the misconduct of some Catholic monks.
Plus, where did you put Buddist and Hindus and other religions? Or did you think the reference to monks is limited to the Catholics alone?
Romance / Re: "No Man Ever Get Severe Stomach Ache From Not Having Sex" - Nigerian Doctor by Exmay(m): 11:38am On Aug 28, 2018
Whew! so many quacks out there, prostrate cancer reasearch and findings shows that risk increases by ass 200% in men that rather not have sex. so whats this one talking about not having have no damaging effect on the body

Actually there is no research that proves that there is any increase in the occurrence of prostate cancer among monks who are celibate. This as negate all the myths surrounding Prostate Cancer and lack of sex.

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Nina Gets Awarded For Most Talked About Personality Of The Year (Pics) by Exmay(m): 11:55am On Jun 16, 2018
I thought the year is only half spent. So who declares a winner just after first half in a Football match

What do I know...


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 200,000 Youths About To Become Jobless As November Approaches by Exmay(m): 10:52am On Jun 15, 2018
Remember, the contract between the federal govt and npower volunteers ends by this November, 5 months time, and over 200,000 youths will be out of pay .

Now to think, 30,000 is enough to make savings from is suicidal, unless those living with relations and feeding from them.

What is your opinion on this?

Should these 200,000 volunteers be ousted after 2years of service?

pls, give this a wider coverage. Thanks.

What is the aim of the training in the first instance? the stipends being paid to them is what it is not something to continually live on. they are supposed to apply their newly taught skills into fending for themselves.
there is no economy in the world that prosper by the government continually expanding the civil service.
let there be other beneficiaries too.

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NYSC / Re: Should I Resign From My Current P.P.A? by Exmay(m): 10:41am On Jun 15, 2018
Good evening everyone, pls i really need your advice on this issue.

I was posted to an NGO for my service year in February, they got me a house without pay. In April we had a project on HIV and AIDS and I was paid 20k. Ever since, I just go to work and sit down from morning 8am till 5pm doing nothing, I started and finished Game of Thrones from 1 to 7.

Before I was posted in camp I always dreamt of teaching in a secondary school, because that's were my passion is and, I have an ambition of being a lecturer.

Now, I recently saw a school were I can teach for twice in a week, but my current ppa closes by 5pm, which means I only have my cds on Wednesday free to teach, I have taught twice, and I really love it and want to continue.

The problem is how do I tell my Director at my NGO that I want to leave? He has been good and nice to me and they rely on me to do a lot of clerical work in the office, but inside of me I'm not fulfilled and don't have time for myself.

Its 6 months into my service and I'm not feeling like I'm impacting any live or my community.

I want to summit my resignation letter by the end of the month, and focus on my students especially in economics and accounting, if I leave I will also leave their accommodation, that means I will be coming twice a week from my uncle's house which is far (N500) daily to the school.

I've been praying about this for a month now, and even discussed it with my mum with her giving me her blessings to leave, today my Director during a meeting said teaching profession is the best ever, I was wondering if that's a sign, and I'm also planning on visiting my grandma in August when schools are on break, an opportunity my NGO won't give me.

Guys, what's ur take?
Leave or stay?

Actually, since you will only be teaching in the school Twice a week, i will advise you to run it alongside your PPA. You will be reporting late or not at all on some days to your PPA, and be going to the school for teaching. once you are done for the day, you just go back to your PPA. just tell your immediate boss that you are doing some personal development stuff.
in light of this, you may need to put in extra effort at your PPA e.g by going to work after your weekly cds meet. but overall, its very possible fopr you to keep two jobs as a corper.


Health / Re: Help! My Skin Is Becoming An Eyesore by Exmay(m): 10:45pm On Jun 05, 2018
Even without his face?shocked

You remove the face if publishing in a medical journal after taken consent from the parents/guardians.
Posting on a public forum like this is a no no. Plus we talking about a minor.

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Health / Re: Help! My Skin Is Becoming An Eyesore by Exmay(m): 3:15pm On Jun 05, 2018
Share before and after pics of the little boy here PLEASE

That is against medical ethics

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