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Celebrities / Re: Manu Dibango Has Died Of Coronavirus. by felixation123(m): 2:44pm On Mar 24
There is no legend in Africa. If there was, we won't still be groping in the dark.
Back in Nigeria ... All past and present politicians should be stripped of all National merit Awards. None deserves it, they all only looted and destroyed Nigeria to the useless extent we see today.

Well said worthy brother
Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad, How Do You Cope With The Coronavirus Issue? by felixation123(m): 1:08am On Mar 24
Am still wondering how Nigerians resident in Italy and other areas ravaged by this deadly virus are coping.

So if you are outside Naija kindly educate us on how you guys cope with this deadly virus.

Things are grinding to a halt here And we all have to be 2meters away from each other ,shops have sold out of many things because people are panicking..these are difficult times !!!
Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad, How Do You Cope With The Coronavirus Issue? by felixation123(m): 1:07am On Mar 24
[quote author=Keziehenry post=87702206]Am still wondering how Nigerians resident in Italy and other areas ravaged by this deadly virus are coping.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad, How Do You Cope With The Coronavirus Issue? by felixation123(m): 1:06am On Mar 24
Am still wondering how Nigerians resident in Italy and other areas ravaged by this deadly virus are coping.

So if you are outside Naija kindly educate us on how you guys cope with this deadly virus.
Romance / Re: Is It Bad To Date My Sister's House Help? by felixation123(m): 11:58pm On Jan 04
Am a fresh graduate that just got a job with a private organisation. Last month I was transferred from our headquarters to one of our branches here in Akure, Ondo State.

I stay in my elder sister's house right now cos I moved in last year December but have met with an agent who promise to get me a good apartment soonest.

To cut my story short, my sister has a house girl/lady which was so caring to me. Am 29yrs and still single not that I have never dated before, just that it never worked well while I was in school.

The house maid of my sister is 25yrs and a school cert holder but due to some reasons she couldn't further her education but still willing if she can get help.

She's a pretty, caring, very neat and also intelligent. And my sister also takes her as a sister not an house help.

Lastly weekend, my sister came back from an event and saw me and her catching some fun (I mean gisting and playing games) in the house and she got provoked.

She called me in and asked what is the relationship between me and her but I told her the basic truth that though we are just friends but I wish I could date her and my sister shouted on me NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even when am alive.

Now I keep asking my self some question;
Is house help not a human being?
Is it a crime in dating/marry them?
Is it a crime for a graduate to marry non graduate/illiterate ?

Please help a brother cos am in love with her.
Thank you.

House help??is that her name??
Romance / Re: My Sister Is About To Marry An Osu Man, About To Commit A Serious Taboo by felixation123(m): 9:12am On Nov 24, 2019
This is my opinion though but Fück your stupid caste system, she should be free to marry anybody, if any problems arise then she'll face it afterall it was her choice, if I Was your sister I would cut ties with such backward family members. You shouldn't be bothered about such things. I don't know why people always see the need to classify people and then hate them for falling into that class. You're black, I hate blacks, You're white I hate whites, You're Igbo I hate Igbos, You're Hausa I hate Hausas, yada yada You're from Kaduna I hate Kaduna, You're Nigerian I hate Nigerians, Fücking stupid every individual is unique if you want to hate, hate that individual don't hate a whole group because of one individual. God I've said too much but it's so annoying seeing people spread hate everywhere. Thank God I grew up in a city where your village classification doesn't matter, be a Prince or be a Pauper nobody will be asking you where you belonged to in your village. If my village had such traditions then I would deliberately find a girl in this class, and give everyone who opposes the middle finger. Emancipate yourself from traditions that discriminate against other people

Yes tell them brov
Religion / Re: Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are The Most United And Peaceful Religion In The World by felixation123(m): 9:02am On Nov 24, 2019
is Jehovah witness a different Religion? this diversity we have in Christianity is a big problem.
you see christians trying to convert other christians into Christianity again... because they worship in different Churches.
You see christians competing with Christians over supremacy like some kind of street war.

Great,sincere honest ,modest and open minded set of people ,I live in the Scandinavians and I have met couple of them And I have some of them as friends ..they are the true Christians and the best anywhere in the world

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Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Stunning In New Photos by felixation123(m): 10:41pm On Jun 13, 2019
You are such an unfortunate animal !!
Lone Wolf


Politics / Re: Osinbajo Visits Pa Olajide Olabode, Former Awolowo Driver (Video) by felixation123(m): 9:10am On May 11, 2019
Impressive !!!
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: Olakunle Churchill Is A One Minute Man by felixation123(m): 7:24pm On May 01, 2019
Idiot !!
Education / Re: Ilesanmi Adesida, First African To Head University of Illinois, Public Ivy in US by felixation123(m): 9:49am On Apr 30, 2019
Much respect and admiration sir !!!you are indeed a true son of Africa !!nigeria government will never honour people like this !!they prefer to honour bbnaija winners �����jokers lol

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Celebrities / Re: Sexy Steel Insulted By Lekki Toll Gate Cashier by felixation123(m): 2:16am On Apr 07, 2019
[quote author=lakesguy post=77287446]don't b surprised.. That's how they are programmed to be.. Have u ever had a female boss? Trust mi.. U don't wanna experience them.[/quote

You are damn correct bruv lol
Celebrities / Re: Helen Paul: I'm A Product Of Rape by felixation123(m): 9:24pm On Apr 05, 2019
Congratulations to you dear sister ..I am indeed proud of your achievements !!
Celebrities / Re: Sexy Steel Insulted By Lekki Toll Gate Cashier by felixation123(m): 2:13pm On Apr 05, 2019
Too bad !!thats how they are especially those at the BRT outlets selling tickets they can be so stupid/mean towards you...

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Crime / Re: Soldier Seen Beating A Man Who Told Him He’s The Next In Line At An ATM Booth by felixation123(m): 3:23am On Mar 31, 2019
Useless security officers everywhere

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Politics / Re: The 11th Ahmed Bola Tinubu Colloquium Holds Today @ ICC, Abuja [Photos] by felixation123(m): 6:39am On Mar 28, 2019
Superfluity of nothingness and celebration of a grandmaster in corruption and gross impunity. Nigeria, I hope it would not be wriitten against her epitaph at the close of age that, "Here Lies A Country That Choose To Celebrate Mediocrity"...... Here is a man called Mr Integrity, celebrating a conman, Tinubu, who pocketed the entire resources of a whole State as Lagos for the past 20 years yet human beings here will bare their teeth eulogising these demons. Rest in peace Nigeria, only God can help your predicament now if only you are ready to change.

Gullible and uninformed citizens !!!thieves and looters are been worshipped and celebrated!!of what importance is his colloqium to the development of nigeria??selfish leaders been giving foolish speeches again in 2019!!no single tangible achievement !!!wake up Nigerians we re the least developed nation in the entire world !!we are so backward!!

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Romance / Re: How Can I Stop My Friend From Bringing His Girlfriends To My Apartment? by felixation123(m): 3:54am On Mar 27, 2019
In 2019??na your own problem be this����
Crime / Re: New Zealand Massacre: Alabi Lateef, Nigerian Imam Who Saved Lives, Speaks by felixation123(m): 3:56am On Mar 18, 2019
Human beings!!we are just our problems !!
Culture / Re: Olori Ajoke, Alaafin Of Oyo's Last Wife, Stuns In New Photos by felixation123(m): 3:54am On Mar 18, 2019
Her royal highness indeed lol
Celebrities / Re: Abounce Knows Xavier Is 100% His Son - Yvonne Jegede Denies Paternity Rumour by felixation123(m): 8:15pm On Mar 06, 2019
Lol like you owe the world anything ??���
Politics / Re: Atiku Will Lose His Polling Unit Tomorrow, As Usual~adamawa APC Secretary by felixation123(m): 1:18pm On Feb 22, 2019
Lol tomorrow is here ����

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Politics / Re: Buhari Showing His True Colours With Death Threat – Atiku by felixation123(m): 7:01am On Feb 19, 2019
Set of useless and selfish leaders (rulers)

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Romance / Re: Guys If You Don’t Have Up To 500k You Don’t Deserve Sex – Nigerian Lady Says by felixation123(m): 6:55am On Feb 19, 2019
Naija Naija lol that’s why anyday anytime I Have no respect for most babes (hustlers) from Nigeria lol especially the moment they notice you aren’t based in Lagos hahahah you are automatically the best guy �����
Family / Re: My Wife Is Not Interested In Sex Anymore by felixation123(m): 6:52am On Feb 19, 2019
Too bad
Phones / Re: What's The Best Midnight Data Plan Available? by felixation123(m): 6:48am On Feb 19, 2019
I still can’t understand why internet network provider companies in Nigeria extort Nigerians !!what is midnight /afternoon plans nonsense all to extort poor Nigerians
Politics / Re: Yekini Nabena: Saraki Betrayed APC, He's A Traitor & A Double Agent by felixation123(m): 8:44am On Jul 16, 2018

No Nigerian politician presently deserve any accolades.

we'd soon leave them to lead themselves.

Well said my brother!!they are all bunch of pretenders!!!animal in human skin!!
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Sent Her Nude To A Married Father Of 2 In US by felixation123(m): 8:21am On Jul 15, 2018
Pls house, I don’t know if am being stupid or not man enough but I just have to share this with you guys just for an advice.. it might be long as I really want to express myself pls.

I have been dating this girl going to 2years now and we are planning to settle down probably next year. I have known this girl for a very long time because we have dated before when I just got admitted to university but we ended after short period.

So After few years that we’av graduated, we met again and fortunately we were both still single ,so we decided to start dating again and this time we are more serious and planning for future, I realized she must have dated many guys when I left her because it was a long time ago, so I decided to change her phone number just to avoid any connection with any guy from her past since am planning my future with her now, but after awhile I noticed some of these guys still chat her on FB and Instagram and she replies, and one even sent her money and I was totally mad at her but later we resolved it.

So back to the main issue that just came up recently . I don’t know what took me to her Facebook profile and I decided to go through her messages, I noticed one of the guy she claimed to be her uncle was a man friend she has known from the past, this guy Is married with 2kids living in US. I noticed my girl sent her nude to him and they were having sex chat, so I acted like I didn’t see anything and I invited her to my house the next day and tell her what I saw, then she started crying, immediately I gave her 3 hot slap and asked her to leave my apartment but she wouldn’t leave but kept crying on the floor and said she’s ready to swear with death if such ever happened again, that she was just stupid.

Well I dragged her out of my house, and since then all her family from different places have been calling me pleading on her behalf except her Mom and Dad which she can’t tell about it. I noticed she has changed her phone number and delete her Facebook account after what happened, but I told her it’s already late when her aunty called me...

Honestly I still love her, because she’s the only girl I ever fell for but won’t I look stupid if I accept all the pleading and continue with her? And can such girl make a good wife? She’s too vulnerable, too emotional and she has dated a lot of guys in the past, so it scares the hell out of me to settle down with her, so that man no go die untimely death..

Her aunty said she wants to come and meet me this weekend but I told her I will get back to her. Do you think I should let her come?

Pls mature men in the house don’t abuse me, just advice your guy abeg.

Give her another chance bro!!!just make sure you don't rush into marrying her now!!take more time to know if truly she's changed and if you are convinced enough then go ahead...just no worry bruv na so our sisters be for here even the married men are going through hell lol
Crime / Re: Lasisi Oluboyo: Khadijat My Daughter Was Killed & Buried By Boyfriend For Ritual by felixation123(m): 9:15pm On Jul 09, 2018
if politicians steal, you will complain, if they don't steal you will mock them...what is wrong with a student riding a bike to school from the hostel

Well said my brother!!you see our problem as Nigerians so those ones riding okada aren't human??
Celebrities / Re: #"About30' Concert: Adekunle Gold Sells Out O2 Indigo In London by felixation123(m): 7:52pm On Jun 30, 2018

what da fvck did i just hear, who are those that buy the ticket

With his unfashionable,non substance and local kinda of music

What's your own definition of local musicDekunle Is one of Africa 's pride pls!let's learn how to appreciate our own pl!

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