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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by gbeseun(m): 8:54am On Aug 15
Hi guys pls I just bought redmi note 10 5G and a dual SIM phone.glo data isn't working on it at all.even at 2G still not working pls what can be the issues
Phones / Re: 5 Cheapest 5G Phones You Could Buy Today by gbeseun(m): 8:22am On Aug 15
Redmi note 10s 5G is a crap.th phone is a dual SIM phone but Glo network is t working on it at all.be it2g,3g,4g and 5g.miss buy for me
Politics / Re: Osun Governorship Elections: PDP Claims Victory by gbeseun(m): 10:16pm On Jul 16

We won't allow APC to steal Adeleke mandate like they did in the last governorship election

Osun people are more than willing to kick the useless APC of poverty out of The State Of Osun because APC only stands for poverty and destruction

Eyin melo?
Phones / Re: Do More With Your Mobile Phone. by gbeseun(m): 5:13pm On May 22
Pls kindly add me to the group if truly its free sir.thank u.08152057911
Romance / Re: Should I Go On With The Marriage Preparation? by gbeseun(m): 8:48am On Jul 11, 2021
Send her awsy or you will regret marrying her in life.
Romance / Re: I Need A Man by gbeseun(m): 1:27am On Jul 07, 2021

And who told you I don't have a job
U dont.
If you have you wont be misplacing priority.
Go get a job
Romance / Re: My Marriage Is About To Break Up Because Of Org8sm- Pls Advise by gbeseun(m): 1:11am On Jul 07, 2021
Bros,dont kill yourself because of woman.i sensed 2 things here,your wife is cash loaded so you are afraid to let her go,and thats ehy she had the gut to finger elsewhere and tell you.
Secondly,you will.just die like rat and the woman will go back to her so called ex and continue her olosho duty.
Pls dont die for your mama,release her and let her go
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Celebrates Herself On Father's Day (Photo) by gbeseun(m): 8:23pm On Jun 20, 2021
Weldone mercy.i saluye your courage.
Waa jeun omo
Romance / Re: My Girl Replied Her Ex Boyfriend's Compliments Of The Season. Now She's Begging by gbeseun(m): 10:28am On Dec 21, 2020
You see these words "my ex is not my enemy " has destroyed so many marriage and relationship.

Exes are biggest threat to every relationship and marriage, yes they are not your enemy but they are something one needs to avoid then if you two meets by chance then you can greet ,gist and walk away.

Many women with such mentality "my ex is not my enemy "therefore I want to go to his place and invite him to my wedding, from there" can I get a last hug?

That was how they ended up in bed, from ordinary hug it turned to kissing, this is how many married woman got pregnant for their exes.

Many will be saying that they are matured spiritually to handle such, but forgot what the Bible said in 1 Corinthians 10:12 ...

Men on the other hand usually have the same mentality too, she is just a friend this and that...they forgot most times we fall in love with someone you didn't intend falling in love with by simply spending time with them, it may start as casual friends ,colleague e.t. c by spending time together you start seeing the beautiful qualities of the person that you don't know, from there intimate feeling can start building up.

When you are in a relationship/marriage you should respect your spouse feelings, and stop all this "we are just friends.

Yes that you are married or in a relationship doesn't mean you aren't allowed to make friends but know your limits..

Have this in mind �
What a man doesn't want to eat he shouldn't take it close to his nose, because the nice aroma might be tempting to resist ��
God will bless the womb that conceive u.
God will.bless you the product
God will.bless what you will also produce.

I dont know we have good thinker more in nairaland again.
The lady cant do away with her ex,so she sh ooi yld move on to the ex side and the op should stio spending his money on someone who has flair for her ex.i dont take nonsence,if u can face me face ur ex.simple


Romance / Re: We Ain't Dating Yet - Should I Get Her A Phone? by gbeseun(m): 7:13am On Aug 07, 2020
Did her phone spoil before or after you met her

E get why I dey ask grin

God bless the woman that born uou and the man that does the night work.
Politics / Re: 2023: How El-rufai Confirms Amaechi Will Be The Presidential Candidate Of Apc by gbeseun(m): 12:17am On Jun 25, 2020
Skip tribalism and read this:

1. Amaechi whom Buhari loves so much (appointed & reappointed him minister of one of the biggest ministry despite oppositions from senate and co), Buhari’s loves and trust for Amaechi is more than any politician in the South. Amaechi who wants to be President and knows people are clamoring for Igbo presidency for equity and fairness, has come out to declear himself as an Igbo man ahead of 2023 even though the Ikwerre people has always made it clear they are not igbos for decades now. A recent visit to Port Harcourt by the Oba of Benin, also confirmed their stand as the Oba said his visit to Port Harcourt was to unite the Benin descendants in Rivers state quoting the Ikwerre people as one of them.

2. With the clamor for power to return to the South for fairness, If Apc gives Rotimi Amaechi the presidential ticket, as an Ikwerre man from Rivers state with the second highest number of voting strength in the South after Lagos) he will win Rivers for Apc, the entire Niger delta, plus all the Igbos in the South East who see him as an Igbo man closer to them than anyone in Nigeria, will all support him, and don’t forget his wife is an Igbo woman from imo state, and with the Apc structure in the South West, there would be a more united South to support APC more than a Tinubu candidacy whom the South South and South East do not support.

3. Babagana Governor of Borno state may be considered deputy from the North East bringing him who is from the state suffering more from Boko haram attacks closer to the presidency which will definitely help in eradicating Boko haram with his first hand informations and experience as a governor of that state.

•• El-Rufai happy birthday wish to Rotimi Amaechi confirms his love, trust and support for Amaechi with his northern cabals in Apc.

Recently Amaechi has refused to make his opinion known to the public on the ongoing crisis in Apc to save his presidential ambition in 2023.

Even his Ikwerre brother Gov. Wike is no longer fighting him or probing his administration as governor.

Amaechi also has the Age advantage compared to Tinubu his secret rival in the South.

Let’s assume Tinubu Is out of the race, who can stand Amaechi’s popularity and acceptance across the South? None

I see Amaechi-Babagana 2023 what do you see??

And u think 6 south west states will vote for amaechi abi?
Let them.be plotting while we are also plotting.
2023 no far again
Politics / Re: PDP Lists Tough Conditions For Obaseki by gbeseun(m): 9:42am On Jun 14, 2020

I will likely be asked to drop his deputy governor and accept the leadership of the party at state and local government level. Basically, he will only get the party ticket without getting to control the party structure.
Which the deputy gov will not like,
That dep gov is the one killing obasek career self

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Politics / Re: Obaseki: I Won't Appeal My Disqualification From Edo APC Primary by gbeseun(m): 5:16pm On Jun 12, 2020
It's just like Amaechi appealing to a panel that has Wike as chairman.

grin grin grin

To all those wailing that Oshiomole made sure he stopped Obaseki from contesting,

Do you also remember that Obaseki deployed all the resources within his disposal to remove Oshiomole as APC chairman?

You tried to remove food from my mouth and you failed; then I remove food from your mouth and you are lamenting??
God bless the womb that gave you to the world.
U can't plan to take food from my mouth and believe i will fold hands looking at you.
And all his plans will be push aside by federal power
Properties / Re: Please Help. My Apartment Is Being Haunted By A Ghost. by gbeseun(m): 11:54pm On May 23, 2020
Buy turari and burn it,she will.run away

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Politics / Re: Obaseki: APC's NWC Has No Power To Decide Mode Of Primary In Edo by gbeseun(m): 11:54am On May 23, 2020
he has ball, tell him to conduct the indirect primary na

Abi na.sebi e get balls.
E should.go for it


Politics / Re: Obaseki: APC's NWC Has No Power To Decide Mode Of Primary In Edo by gbeseun(m): 11:49am On May 23, 2020

Obaseki isn't a coward like Ambode...This dude got balls.
We will.see where the balls will.carry him.na.
I pray pdp get their acts right so they can claim edo state and their eyes will come.down.
Travel / Re: Lagos BRT Buses May Withdraw Services Next Week by gbeseun(m): 4:48pm On May 22, 2020

definitely they are looking for bailout. is BRT bus is many than yellow buses. why yellow buse are not complaining. if that is the case they should subsidies the BRT buses
Yellow buses increase their fares cos they carry less passengers now

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Travel / Re: Lagos BRT Buses May Withdraw Services Next Week by gbeseun(m): 4:47pm On May 22, 2020
The level of tribalism on nairaland cannot make people comfortably air their views. Primero is owned by Tinubu's relative, how then do you want the organization to function well? With the high population in Lagos, I think it's disgraceful that they can't pay for diesel, the money must have been looted.
I reside in Abuja and whenever I pass through Transcorp Hilton hotel I have tremendous joy on how that place (formerly Federal government managed) is being run. Kudos to the Hilton's on that one.
Government should always ensure that they are transparent in giving out contracts and avoid awarding to cronies to avoid issues like this.
I am forever proud of the work of Nasir El Rufai during his tenure as Bureau of Public Enterprise Director General. He always ensured that the best got government contracts and bids.
No tribalistic bigot should quote me, I won't reply.
So they should carrying same passengers in a bus that has the capacity of taking 71 at a go and at same price and u want them.to continue abi?
Is the buses free or for social servixes or for making profit.and why is it that whenwver u hear somebody to be tinubu,they are always related ro jagaban ?
Leta put people in our shoes.
These buses are meant for profit making amd not for social services and unless they increase their fares,it wont reflect new realities on ground at all

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Family / Re: My Fellow Married Women And Mothers, How Do You Deal With A Husband Like Mine? by gbeseun(m): 10:23am On May 12, 2020
It is obvious you are not the talking type but the writing type, we have read your version, how do we get your husband's version? There is no smoke without fire!
Epic reply.
Women can do report well.
Can we teuly get ur hubby side of the story?

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Politics / Re: Promise Gogorodari: Owner Of Demolished Prudent Hotel In Rivers, Speaks by gbeseun(m): 9:49am On May 11, 2020
They should enjoy their votes.

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Politics / Re: Will Governor Makinde Avert The “Impeachment” Of His Deputy, Rauf Aderemi? by gbeseun(m): 3:51pm On May 02, 2020
Hope his Deputy isn’t the man that transferred Covid19 funds to his girlfriend oh

Na him na.
That baba with tribal mark transfer 250million to woman account
Business / Re: 20 Person For 5k Each by gbeseun(m): 1:32pm On Apr 27, 2020
Oni oluseun
0106692111 gtbank.
God bless u
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Threatened To Drink Snipper If I Leave Her... by gbeseun(m): 11:55am On Apr 27, 2020
This is not a joking matter at all, I'm in love with my babe and she love me too.

But early this week, we had a misunderstanding of which I said if she cant agree to what I want we should quit the relationship, but instead she started crying alone in the room and did a WhatsApp video call showing me a bottle of snipper, she bought in the morning, which she was threatening to drink it and poison herself because I told her am quitting the relationship.

This is the issue that do happen

Bro, the issue that happened between us doesn't worth quitting a relationship, but I just decided..

What is happened is she like making Male friends of which am not comfortable with, of which I use to tell her but she wont listen, she just see it as normal stuff but I dont like it..

And I told her, if she cant do away with those male friend or making male friends, she should go and date them, I can date or keep a girl with many male friends.

I love her too, but she is doing what I hate most in relationship. She is keeping too much of male friends, which I warned her, but she refuse to change.

But after much begging and assurance she didn't drink the snipper, but she said she will keep it till the day I might say am not interested in the relationship anymore and she will kill herself and leave a note.

But she swear her life that any day I call off the relationship she will poisoned herself with the snipper she want to keep for other time.

She is a C&S girl she said, she love me and ready to marry me and she can do or undo to marry me, if truly I would marry her and she will stop making male friends or close male friends.

Pls what can I do about this?

Go to police station and write statement for them to keep,should in case she carry out her threat,u will have back up.
Secondly,go to her parent and report same to them?
Pls do voice recording of all this reports.
Go to ur parent and do same as well.
Lastly call her close friend and ur close friend and do voice recording of ur report to them on same issues.
Finally call her and ensure she also threathen u with same snipper drinking issues while u record all this.
And give her last warning and see her die,then you will.be free.no be you kill her na her eye kill her
Romance / Re: Magun Or What? by gbeseun(m): 11:44am On Apr 27, 2020
I actually created this new account for This.
I met a lady on a dating site the type you basically meet different type of runs girls.
She was 30/fair/tall/Curvy.
After chatting and negotiating for Short time we finally agreed on Something.
I quickly went and booked a room somewhere around and called the lady to come over.
Mind you,I was about getting it done with as quick as possible so I can rush back to my gf who has been at my place since the lockdown.
The lady came within 15mins coz I asked her not to waste my time and hurry up.I already had my Condom so we went straight to the business of the day.
I'm this kind of old school guy so I just liked banging em missionary style.
So As she laid I just did my thing while caressing her breasts.
I later released and laid on her for like some secs then I tired pulling out but it was too tight when I struggled to pull out it became painful then I think I heard her laugh a little like "hehehe" but when I looked at her face she didn't look like she laughed.I then shouted,What's this na.She Equally started shouting I should do and come out ooo.I told her to try and see if she came remove hers from mine.she couldn't.I tried even more forcefully but It felt like my penis was going to cut off.Out of too much pain and confusion I laid on her there on the bed.We laid there for like 10mins then started trying all over again,all to no avail.It was pain upon pain and shout upon shout.I just laid there on her praying,God which kind wahala nah.How I come find myself for this kind condition?Asked her what she did,She said nothing.Asked her if she was married she said yes.Asked where her husband was she said,he was a useless man and she's the one hustling and doing everything at home.We talked more,and she said she was into renting of chairs and canopies for occasions and events but because of the Covid-19 Lockdown nothing was coming out of it again.I said and your husband she said he was at home.I just weak.
I asked her to help me and pray so we can get out of it and leave,all these while we have spent more than an hour ontop each other.
Since the hotel room was 3500 per night I had paid for it with the intention of not staying tho.
Little did I know.
We were stucked for two hours then i started reaching for my fone and called a friend to come help me oo after explaining the whole scenario to him on fone.
Just 15mins later I started feeling something like snake from inside her cunt that was unfreezing my dick,I then felt it on the tip of my penis like cockroaches walking on it or tickling it and also heard sounds like condoms bursting.Then I tried pulling out but it was still very painful,she felt very dry and hard.She even beg me to continue to pull and try harder.I tried harder to pull out this time with tears running down my cheeks.The pain was unbearabele then I thought it would have been better for me to go home with half dick and explain to my gf my dick fell off than to be caught in that Shameful situation.That alone made me force my dick out in tears and pain.Suddenly,my dick was out and we were free.
I had promised my Stars I won't Fornicate again if i was freed and it happened so I was so excited and happy.I quickly gave the lady her money but she started acting funny and asked me to keep it that she doesn't want it.I was like why? She said no nothing. She said I should better go and pray,this my Kini wey no dey stay one place according to her.I became confused and told her she was possessed but I couldn't stay any longer as I had to rush back home so i left her there with the money on the bed while she was still forming very weak as she went into the bathroom to clean up and started bathing.
Met the friend I called outside the building and he wanted to hear the full gist again and see the lady I just showed him pictures of her.
E shake head say "na very fine woman ooo".
Abeg this story no be formings ooo or fable.
Na true life story.
Na only God know wetin I see ooo.
Moving forward,I have totally repented even though I couldn't go to church on Sunday coz of Covid.
My question now,na which Kind Lady I go Carry from Badoo abeg?

Better go and pray well.
They have used ur glory in the marine kingdom.
You beed very serious deliverance else.
Romance / Re: Should I Marry A Second Wife? by gbeseun(m): 8:21pm On Apr 17, 2020
Send me her number pls.
I wan ask her for help urgently
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by gbeseun(m): 9:46am On Apr 17, 2020
We started as friends. We were so close she could do anything for me and I could do anything for her.

She had a boyfriend who was a serial cheat and treated her like trash. It got to a point they broke up and he left. She was heartbroken.

I gave her my shoulders to lean on. I was there for her throughout those turbulent times and made sure she was never sad again.

She moved on. 2 months on we started dating. It was all fun and rosy. I'm not the type to fall deeply in love or should I say, women don't tickle my fantasy, I'd rather be with my goons than be with any girl.

But this girl came into my life and I don't know what she did to me to make me so in love with her. I loved her, she loved me. It was a heaven made match and a relationship anyone would wish for. On my birthday she got me a really expensive gift and I fell even more for her.

3 months on, her birthday was close and I was planning to make it special for her. Then I heard her ex came back in town, I wasn't troubled, "she loves me so much and she won't bat an eyelid for him anymore" I thought.

And then it happened. She left me for her ex who came back for her. I heard from a reliable source that before he came back, they'd been communicating online and the guy told her he's coming to take her back and he did take her from me.....

I am broken.....
I shall rise again in no time, and when I rise... I AM GOING TO BE A HEARTLESS MONSTER.
These hoes... non virgins or virgins, young or old, I shall toy with their emotions and break them....


Babyish act.
Cos you are initially blindfolded with expensive gift to the extent you cant see btween the lines of LOVE AND LUST.
the lady in questuon outplayed you and you should deal with it.
Your rants are just from a painful soul because as you have ur plans to break emotions they also have plans to deal with ur emotions as well.
Am sure if tge lady come beghing today u will still.forgive and take her back.
My advice is,
First search urself and get ur act right and in no time u will see a better ladies that arw worth dying for.
Romance / Re: God Did Not Only Butter My Bread, He Added Fried Egg On Top by gbeseun(m): 9:40am On Apr 17, 2020

Just a letter of employment?? You never see salary and you don propose.

Your mama carry you for 9 months still come feed you. Your papa hustle , suffer so that you go fit see University.

Your Local Government Chairman work Npower Slot give you make hunger no kill you that time.

Baba God come pick your call and the only thing you remember is to propose and invite a liability into your life?

Not even a year of savings and planning?

May God not give us Kids like Op who will disgrace us over the internet.

Wicked soul.
Make the guy enjoy the moment na abi.
However,he still need to plan the future paripassu so he wont leave any stone untouched.
Marriage is overhype guy.
Take care of ur parents, ur sibling so they wont bcome liability upon ur success.
Women will come.and put barriers between u and ur family oo.


Romance / Re: A Good Kind Person Should Help Me With A Laptop Pls by gbeseun(m): 4:49pm On Apr 16, 2020
this guy . once you send him any working laptop he will sale it and use the money to smoke
Leave him with his conscience.
Thats his problem.
Assist and do ur part.
God will be judge


Romance / Re: A Good Kind Person Should Help Me With A Laptop Pls by gbeseun(m): 4:48pm On Apr 16, 2020
This person is an ungrateful being he does not deserved to be helped
I told him once the lockdown is over will waybill it to Abuja but he expects me to use my money to waybill it
Bros if u really want to help this guy,close eye help him and believe you will real ur benefit somewhere.
The guy is so broke that he cant aggord a 100naira recharge card.
Be kind and am syre God will not forsake u as well.


Politics / Re: Akin Alabi Rejects Coat Of Arms Made By An Artist That 'Looks Like Winch' by gbeseun(m): 9:39am On Apr 08, 2020
because the artist is looking for monerary gift after delivering this shit/winch to akin.
E be like say art is not this guy calling o
Romance / Re: 5k Cash For First 30 People by gbeseun(m): 11:07pm On Mar 28, 2020

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