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Career / Re: NBA President Akpata Absent At Body Of Benchers’ Meeting by HRSweetness(f): 9:11pm On Jul 26
Is he back from honeymoon?
Education / Re: Easy Ways To Identify Intelligent People by HRSweetness(f): 11:09pm On Jul 23
Lol, anyways, learning fast is not a product of being genuinely curious, some people don’t just care, yet they understand perfectly, I think it comes with gene, and most talkative are intelligent.. I think being wise is better than being intelligent and sharp, if u don’t understand this statement yet, then calm down, u will soon

I agree. It is wiser to pursue wisdom rather than intelligence. Intelligence can get you in certain places, but wisdom will keep you there and take you farther.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got A New Job by HRSweetness(f): 9:19pm On Jul 23

are you for real??
should I sent my account details

union bank

Yes I'm for real Emmanuel.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got A New Job by HRSweetness(f): 2:41pm On Jul 23
yes some months ago I came here to complain of my joblessness

some Nairalanders even mock me because I commented on some posts..I don't know. Im just happy. Is actually a security job at a Catholic church. The pay is very good plus accommodation and three square meal every day..

Thanking God

Awwww, you are a grateful person. May God keep you. This is the least you'll ever be.

Celebrations are in order. Can I buy you a tall glass of smoothie? Account details if you don't mind.


Crime / Re: My Elder Sister Is Working With Criminals To Extort Money From My Company by HRSweetness(f): 9:20am On Jul 16
yeah he edited it .... Haha I guess he meant to use conniving. But as the volume of the matter was high .. baba just collide the words anyhow. grin

oh, I see. He probably meant to use colluded.

LOL at collide the words anyhow.

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Crime / Re: My Elder Sister Is Working With Criminals To Extort Money From My Company by HRSweetness(f): 8:43am On Jul 16
She collided with them? .. hope she is ok sha. The people that collided like this last week ehn. 3 kpai two are in hospital and the Honda and korope destroy totally. Kai.

I use to tell drivers to stop driving rough it can lead to collision.

Hahahahahaha. But did he use the word collided? You've succeeded in eroding the essence of his post. cheesy
Romance / Re: Man Pranks His Girlfriend Before Giving Her A Surprise Marriage Proposal by HRSweetness(f): 9:58am On Jul 14
I guess love is blind, otherwise her hair colour is a 'red flag'.

Actually, him choosing violence as a prank before a marriage proposal, is a red flag.
Travel / Re: Guys Smash Cars In Road Rage At Ajah (Video, Photos) by HRSweetness(f): 5:31pm On Jul 03

Anger is the dangerous most destructive form of mental illness

Now for some stupid rage, their panel beater and spare part dealer would chop their money as no insurance company would pay a dime for their stupidity


Insurance company you say? I can bet 50 naira that those cars aren't insured.

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Travel / Re: How Can I Get Date For Appointment by HRSweetness(f): 10:54pm On Jun 04
Please don't let anyone deceive you, the US embassy only started processing visa renewal applications for a limited category of non immigrants visas in March this year. So imagine the back log.

For fresh applications, only Jesus can make that happen.
Health / Re: Help My 3 Year Old Son Has Developed Drop Foot After Malaria Injection by HRSweetness(f): 1:49pm On Jun 04
----Advice needed-------

My 3 years old son took an injection for malaria yesterday. After about an hour we noticed he was walking funny and he complained about discomfort on is left foot (I guess peripheral Nueroapathy)

We rushed back to the doctor. He said the nurse may have injected my son on his sciatic nerve causing my baby to have a "drop foot".
Prescribed vitamin c and Nuerolite (or something, not sure the name) and he asked us to just be hopeful. That time will tell if it is permanent or not.

Doctors in the house, form experience hope my baby will be able to eventually walk normal. I am a little worried. Please help!

I don't understand.

Just look how the doctor addressed the issue so casually, as per na naija we dey, where anything goes.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Most Abused Phrases On Nairaland by HRSweetness(f): 1:31pm On Jun 04
Simp angry

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Phones / Re: Relocating Soon Abroad What phone Should I buy by HRSweetness(f): 11:54am On Jun 04

I'm scared of doing a package and being in debt from the get go , once I get there and also feel it would be cheaper here compared to there too.

How can it be cheaper buying it here?

I make such purchases directly from the US and always been cheaper for me.

Why not go for the iPhone 13 pro?
Crime / Re: Business Partner On The Run With My Money by HRSweetness(f): 8:27pm On Jun 03
lol @ the hard stuff grin grin
Was just playing jarey,didn't miss you one bit angry


I know you didn't mean it wink
Crime / Re: Business Partner On The Run With My Money by HRSweetness(f): 1:34pm On Jun 03
Hi,how are you?
As hard as it is to admit,I've missed you.
And you scared me sha .What happened?

Hey ST smiley

I'm good, thanks for checking. I've been caught up with lots of stuff.

It's good to see you admit the "hard" stuff. grin
Crime / Re: Business Partner On The Run With My Money by HRSweetness(f): 7:51pm On Jun 02
When you see a mature looking man striking such a pose for a photo, you should be highly suspicious.

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Romance / Re: Husband And Wife-To-Be Captured Frowning During Their Wedding (Picture) by HRSweetness(f): 7:14pm On Jun 02

No, it's not and this forum isn't for news alone.

I only asked question Sir

Honestly, It's annoying reading that question all the time. There's a genre of news called entertainment news.

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Health / Re: Premature Ejaculation Is Severe Dealing With My Relationship by HRSweetness(f): 7:05pm On May 01

Don’t take any drugs.

Sex is 80% mind and 20% physical.

First, don’t feel afraid before you start. Sex is not a competition. It is a means of communication.

You dont have premature ejaculation nor should it be your concern.

Are you trying to impregnate? Only couples can complain of premature ejaculation.

Your own complaint might be that you reach orgasm before your partner does.

Practice this sequence.

When you start, make your mind focused on making the girl happy. You have no other job. You are not there to impress with your pounding skill’s . You are there make her feel happy.

Focus on making easy and intimate movements. Kiss her slowly. Run run your fingers across her body. Explore. Follow her signs. If she touches your hand, it means she wants you to touch her hand. ..etc

Slowly make her blend into you.

If you feel like you want to climax, slow down, pull out and use your fingers or tongue. Dont be in a rush

If you climax, its not the end of the world. Just dont stop.

If you go limp, clean up, and focus on her. You will get aroused again. The second round would be longer.

Practice taking three orgasms in a row without stopping. Soon each session would get longer and better.

Don’t listen to kids who boast of banging for 2 hours without stopping. No vagina would withstand such assault without axle grease or engine oil. ..They are all lying. Even has cut scenes. One porn video might be 3 rounds of sex joined together.

Your goal is to communicate remember? If the girl is happy and you are happy, thats all that matters

Hmm Mr truth coder, you sure did not code the truth this time around.

Please don't quote me, I'm fasting.
Romance / Re: What Does It Mean When A Girl Tells You This. by HRSweetness(f): 3:13pm On May 01
What does it mean when a girl tells you "I appreciate the way you feel for me, but let's not spoil our friendship."

She ain't feeling you the way you are feeling her.


Romance / Re: Got Cheated On And This Is How. by HRSweetness(f): 9:49am On May 01

“Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call ‘love’ is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.”-- You know who said that.

She'll come back bro, they always do but then you'd have moved waaaaaaay on.

That's just flawed mahn.

And no, she ain't going back. She's moved on. It's why he's mad.
Romance / Re: Got Cheated On And This Is How. by HRSweetness(f): 9:40am On May 01
Thanks for the reply bro, actually there was a commitment between us to end in marriage or find someone else if we drift too far apart.

There really was no commitment. How do you commit to getting married or finding someone else? Sounds like you both were just flinging. Why did you break up?

I actually think you're mad that she beat you at your game. This is just a case of a dude who got his big ego deflated. You just can't handle the fact that she ain't pining for you and she audaciously moved on.
You woulda been okay if she was alone and miserable while you strutted with your new prey. LOL. On the low, you're a narcissist.

Dude, did she really cheat on you? You know you're making up these stories to make her look bad so you feel a little good but it ain't really working.

And, stop masturbating, it should help with your DE.

Lastly, if you choose to let past bitter experiences guide your decisions in future endeavors, you're gonna be the bigger loser.

Talmabout not loving hard cos you let yourself fall for the wrong kind. undecided "Becoming desensitized to feelings in relationships", that's freaking hilarious, please come back and share how well that goes for ya. undecided

Stay fresh okay.. LOL.


Business / Re: 1-20 Million Naira Earning Accountability Partnership Challenge by HRSweetness(f): 7:07pm On Apr 23

We are now 15 in the group, its never late to join, Google Meet virtual meeting will hold once we get to 100 persons.

Hi, how's this going? Still on course?
Properties / Re: Urgent Help Needed To Evict Stubborn Tenant!!!!!!!! by HRSweetness(f): 7:05pm On Apr 21
We need fantasy to survive because reality is too difficult.

cheesy now, this is hilarious

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Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by HRSweetness(f): 9:57pm On Apr 17

Hey! Where you been?
Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by HRSweetness(f): 11:24pm On Apr 09
You just found a man who knows how to treat you in a way you would have loved to be treated.

Please make time to speak to your hubby about how you would like your relationship to improve.

Express yourself without reservations to him.

Until you are open in a relationship, you will not enjoy your marriage.

And this right here, is the crux of the matter.
Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by HRSweetness(f): 11:19pm On Apr 09

Thanks for the admonitions sir, I'll sure make use of the advice given,but I just want to ask if it's okay to tell him directly to stop calling me out?
This is the source of the infatuation or lustful feeling...

I liked him as a brother from the beginning but it metamorphosized into an unusual feeling....
I'm just in an entanglement...

Just Today again, there was a program in church, I tried as much as I could to avoid him, but guess what as soon as the program ended, just when I was about leaving, I sighted him, but avoided him only for him to call me as he often does, then I proceeded to just talking generally with him before another senior pastor came to interrupt and that's how the discussion ended...

I serious feel I'm in an entanglement ....

But one thing is sure, I'll never ever sleep or have any form of intercourse with him...

I can bet you've done this a thousand times in your head.

Why are you insistent on knowing how he feels about you? What do you intend to achieve with that information?

Please note, once you go ahead and commit this sin, even if God forgives you, you'd be disgusted with yourself cos you can't undo what you did and in your head, your moral record is not as clean as it was. That's if you indeed have high standards for yourself.

Do NOT confront him.

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Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by HRSweetness(f): 11:05pm On Apr 09

I wish you could understand the situation of things around me..
I've said it before that my husband can't leave the church because of the key position he holds in here, also the issue that my pastor and I will end up sleeping with ourselves is a fallacy, I can't bring myself to doing that shit...I will never hurt my family nor his..

I only need ways to quench this feeling ,I'm having....

Someone adviced that I speak with the reverend to stay away from me, like how would I bring myself to telling him that I'm listing after him so therefore he should stay away, what if the feeling isn't mutual, wouldn't be feel some type of way about me?

You know you actually want this to be the case.

Let me tell you the truth, if you try so hard to "fight" these feelings, you'll only keep falling. I advise you get busy. You have too much idle time. It seems you are kinda starved of attention from your husband so this attention from reverend is getting you weak in the knees.

Lastly, you keep trying to convince yourself that your body is your dignity and all that talk, if this reverend close mark you, we'll be hearing new lines grin

Babe, please go to church and hear God's word not looking for reverend's eyes to lock gazes with.
Romance / Re: Marriage;homely Girls Or Independent Ladies?which Is Better? by HRSweetness(f): 9:41pm On Apr 09
I didn't go off on you,thought you asked a question and was just responding to what you asked.
I'm sorry if you feel that way.

smiley not gonna derail your thread okay... wink
Romance / Re: Marriage;homely Girls Or Independent Ladies?which Is Better? by HRSweetness(f): 9:31pm On Apr 09
First off,I didn't runaway from you.We went pass small talks obviously, I think we were curious to know more of each other, I asked we talk on phone,you weren't sure about it,I could also not keep talking in public,then things got hard.
I didn't and still don't know what exactly it is you do,so there's no way I will run from you for being a succesful career lady.
And if you notice,I didn't say all career women are bad,was looking at things from my experiences and want to know from other people's experiences.

Ahn ahn, small poke and you went off on me. cheesy just joking with you mahn undecided

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