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Romance / Re: How Long Have You Been With Your One And Only? by IAH(f): 9:16am On Nov 05, 2007
Been together for 3yrs and still going stronger by the minute. When we get married, i'll throw a mini party for NLanders because we met right here!

@Whitelexi, that's cool. cool
I'll really like to know how many couples met on Nairaland lol. wink

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Family / Re: What Are Your Views On Divorce? by IAH(f): 11:18pm On Jul 26, 2006

I hope and wish I never get a divorce. My parents have a wonderful marriage and I hope I have the same. When I was younger I used to find this really annoying and sometimes I still do, cause they act like they just got married or something even though they been married for gazzillion years. These days, I pay attention to them though, to try and find out what makes the marriage works and hopefully, I too can have a long-lasting union like that. (So far i've concluded that humor and the ability to laugh at themselves and at difficult situations and even dumb things is a key ingredient in their union). Also, maintaning a good level of trust and respect between each other.

Wow! I loff this part of your post. kiss kiss

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Literature / Re: Photo Comic Adaptation Of 'African Heroes' Movie *updated* by IAH(f): 11:12pm On Jul 26, 2006
Wow! I like the concept. It's really nice. kiss kiss
Family / Re: Can You Marry A More Successful Woman? by IAH(f): 8:21pm On Jul 26, 2006
don jazzie:

how about this topic" how do ladies feel gettin married to a man less succesful @ their status"

Feel free to start the topic and we'll surely reply. cheesy
Literature / Re: Cindy Rella: A Story by IAH(f): 3:05pm On Jul 25, 2006
Neoteny, I think Seun did the worst in helping you to space and paragraph that crap you call your story.
You must really be a joker to be expecting much praises with that utter rubbish you posted as a Story.

Na yoke me too I just dey yoke o! grin grin grin
Webmasters / Re: The Traffic Rank Of The Most Popular Nigerian Websites by IAH(f): 6:07pm On Jul 24, 2006
I see. Thanks for the info. smiley
Literature / Re: Damsal's Scary Tale by IAH(f): 5:49pm On Jul 24, 2006
cheesy Damsal, I love your story. It's 'sweet'. Permit me to use the word 'sweet'. Maybe it's the use of Nairaland characters that makes it sweet. cheesy cheesy

Please continue. kiss kiss
Webmasters / Re: The Traffic Rank Of The Most Popular Nigerian Websites by IAH(f): 2:35pm On Jul 23, 2006

The most popular Nigerian blog is Sokari Ekine's Black Looks http://www.blacklooks.org

Yeah but is it anywhere near any of these sites listed above?

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Webmasters / Re: The Traffic Rank Of The Most Popular Nigerian Websites by IAH(f): 9:41pm On Jul 22, 2006
Hmm well is there any Nigerian blog as popular as any of these?
Romance / Re: Girl Giving A Guy Gifts And Money: Bad? by IAH(f): 8:05pm On Jul 22, 2006
Nothing wrong in buying gifts for the one you love. Just make sure it's reciprocal i.e. not only you doing the giving giving all the time! tongue
Literature / Re: James And Esther: A Story by IAH(f): 7:15pm On Jul 22, 2006
So funny! Hahahaha I love this. grin grin

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Over 20? Then Sign In Here by IAH(f): 11:56am On Jul 22, 2006
White lady:

White lady is 18 years older than her nephew, Dean. In ten years time, she will be twice his age. How old is White lady?

We did this in JSS2 grin grin grin
Let x = Dean's age and y = White Lady's age
y = 18+x
y+10 = 2(10+x)
y+10 = 20 + 2x
substitute 18+x for y in equation 2
18+x+10 = 20 + 2x
28+x = 20 + 2x
28-20 = 2x-x
Therefore Dean is 8 years old and White Lady is 26 years old

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Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 7:57pm On Jul 20, 2006

To round off my talk, in defence of my past 'unseriousness', I will like you to know that I was a year older just 9 days ago.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! cool You didn't tell us on Nairaland.

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Literature / Re: 'Torn' - A Story by IAH(f): 7:36pm On Jul 20, 2006

oh come on, people! watever happened to your collective sense of humor? why must everybody take tings personal? ok then. k2dac, im genuinely sorry. diddy4, im really sorry and same for you too IAH. ok?

Well I never ever take people like you seriously. So I didn't take it personal. Kiss. cheesy cheesy cheesy
Literature / Re: 'Torn' - A Story by IAH(f): 7:32pm On Jul 20, 2006

and, um, IAH stands for I'm A Ho, right?

Yeah, you are right.grin Sure you can't take a joke but you want to throw it at people. How selfish is that?!
Literature / Re: 'Torn' - A Story by IAH(f): 7:22pm On Jul 20, 2006
KC Dear, don't mind him jare. Imagine someone bashing another person's story. Go and see the crap he posted here https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-18389.0.html

No capital letters, no comma, no full stop, no paragraph. KC, could you manage to read that? Buhahahaha! grin grin grin
Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 8:42pm On Jul 19, 2006
Thanks. I do understand what you are saying too. I do. cheesy
Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 8:29pm On Jul 19, 2006

Erm, truck pushers in Nigeria are those who put trash in their trucks and recycle it, right? If I'm right, I'll continue.

cheesy I thought you knew because you cited the example. Anyway, you are right.


Now, how's a hardworking mother not intelligent? That's something I'll love to know.

My point here is that a hardworking mother is not automatically or necessarily intelligent.

Now do you agree that you sometimes wash plates, clean, etc. and your mind won't even be there? You would be on a manual work yet your mind is elsewhere. That's not intelligence, intelligence involves the mind. It tasks the mind.

From dictionary, Intelligence "the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree."

Being able to scrub the floor, wash, push truck etc. is a manual skill, it involves more of the hands(or legs) and less of the brain. Intelligence (intellectual reasoning) involves the mind and brain. Not that you don't use your brain to wash, clean, push truck but you use very little of it. You can't be said to be intelligent when you are only using little of your brain. I would have loved to tell you how the brain itself works in these things but let's save the story for Jesus. cheesy

Hope I was clear enough?

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Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 8:04pm On Jul 19, 2006

You need brains to be a truck pusher. Why is intelligence always associated with reading and writing?

No, it's not associated with reading and writing, it's associated with reasoning. When you are pushing a truck you are simply exerting force, energy, work - moving an object from point A to B. Of course, there is the natural intuition/instinct that helps you to know where to move the truck from and to, it does not need any intellectual reasoning.
So instinct is all a truck pusher needs. The higher level is intellectual reasoning. smiley
In short, Brain is different from Power and there's my native proverb that says "Brain is better than Power".
Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 7:52pm On Jul 19, 2006

a woman taking care of kids and working a full time job doesnt make her intelligent. no, it makes her hardworking.

Diddy was very correct. @Retro, you can't equate being intelligent with being hardworking. They are two different things. Brain is not the same as Power.


If i cyber-slap ypou this thread starter angry, which kain equality?
oya run into the kitchen nana nana grin

*hurries off to the kitchen to prepare pounded-yam and Egusi soup for her Lord* angry angry



so maybe you should visit a western forum and you might see an increasing female contribution to "serious" threads.
According to Seun, 60% of Nairaland members are based abroad. So what's your point?

Actually I would say my posts are more than yours in those so-called serious threads e.g. Technology, Business. But since you said you are speaking in general terms, I take a bow out. smiley

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Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 12:08am On Jul 19, 2006

Take Nairaland for example; no particular gender is restricted to any board at all. But then, all serious-minded boards are usually occupied by the males more.

Ouch! That was harsh but true lol. angry cheesy

Like Wesley said, things are changing. In my former school, we females in my class outnumbered the males! cheesy That was Medicine. It was actually a record because it had never happened before.
I think it's only engineering that females are yet to really break into. For example, we are only 5 in my present class.

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Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 10:45pm On Jul 18, 2006

However, since strength (in all ramifications) is usually possessed more by a man.

Please back up your claim. How is strength in all ramifications usually possessed more by men? As far as I am concerned, it's only physical strength you men possess more than some (not even all) women, this doesn't count much anyway.
Is it Strength of Character?
Strength of reasoning?
Strength of will?
Strength of excellence?
Emotional Strength? (hmm maybe you are right about this one wink)

or is it Shear Strength, Tensile strength, compressive strength, strength of materials (just pulling your legs here cheesy).

Please clarify the strengths you men possess more than women with good back-ups.

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Family / Re: Men And Women Are Equal! by IAH(f): 2:07pm On Jul 18, 2006

Seun, it's ironic that you, out of all people, would comment about unattractiveness based on low opinion of self. Of course, you are the same Seun that feels that nothing is worth dieing for. The same Seun that does not believe in loss of life for the betterment of tomorrow. If all Africans were like you, we would still be in colonies. Your views are the most disgusting and hideous thing I have ever come across. My stomach turns in disgust every time I watch you attempt to rationalize your views which I can only describe as whoring to the highest level. Whoring for the preservation of life. Lets not forget where we stand before we go about criticizing the opinions of others.

Show your courage, my friend. Don't delete this post. cool

On my thread? Vegetable Kingdom! shocked
This is offtopic and reeks of personal grudges. And you don't want it deleted? It sure is going to be deleted or what do you expect? It's just like slapping someone and expecting him/her to look on like a dummy without taking any actions, especially when the issue DID NOT concern you in the first place before you jumped in. cool

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Sports / Re: Zidane's Head Butt In World Cup 2006 Final by IAH(f): 9:02pm On Jul 17, 2006
Ok that was so funny. Lol cheesy cheesy
Career / Re: Do You Work Well Under Pressure? by IAH(f): 8:41pm On Jul 17, 2006
I don't like it all. It does my head in although I can endure it. undecided
Education / Re: OAU-Ife Students Thread: Great IFE! by IAH(f): 2:59am On Jul 17, 2006

4th - 6th yr was still in Fajuyi, we had special rooms then so we didn't need to go
to Moremi, they were only too happy to come to us!

@Shagari2, were you a Medical Student? Sure yes, I don't even need to ask. What years were you in Ife? I was also a Medical Student before leaving. I might just know you, you know.cheesy cheesy Greatest IFUMSITES! grin grin grin
Music/Radio / Re: K1 D Ultimate,obesere And Adewale Ayuba!who's D Real King Of Fuji Music In Naija by IAH(f): 6:43pm On Jul 14, 2006
K1 D Ultimate - Please who is this?

Obesere - Very 'razz' musician! angry angry

Adewale Ayuba - Now that's what I'm talking about! cool I love his music kiss. He's the only sophisticated Fuji musician out there. All the others are just illiterate wannabes!
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Nigeria Girls In The U.S: Cute Or Ugly? by IAH(f): 10:59pm On Jul 12, 2006
Amobi 1:

Some time i feel like immigration hand pick only the ugly girls from naija.

This sentence got me beside myself with laughter. grin grin grin
Literature / Re: Love Story: Kate And Godwin by IAH(f): 6:39pm On Jul 10, 2006

@ the whiners
the definition of a critic is someone who doesnt know how something ought to be done but THINKS they know how it ought not to be done.

@Babadee, I think critics are highly needed. They help one to improve or what do you think? undecided
Romance / Re: Why Love Doesn't Last In Relationships? by IAH(f): 6:17pm On Jul 10, 2006
I don't agree with you guys sha. Although Compatibility is important but Love is also very important.
Sports / Re: France Vs Italy: W.c. Final. Who Gets The Gold? by IAH(f): 11:45pm On Jul 09, 2006
WoooWoooo to France grin. They didn't deserve their first goal anyway. tongue tongue

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