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Crime / Re: Two Young Men Confesses To Rape And Murder Of Joy Ogochuckwu In Benue (photos) by igbowoman: 2:11am
Men can be so wicked .It looks like the average man is very sick upstairs.How many more of these stories are we going to read?
A story about a negative paternity test comes up and the men pour in and abuse women like its the worst crime on earth
What is more wicked than luring a young innocent girl, raping and killing her.
We read these things so often and it makes me sick.
The scary part is that many men reading this post are just like these killers
Celebrities / Re: How Tonto Dikeh Forced Me To Love Her After Destroying Her Husband - Kpokpogri by igbowoman: 2:09am
This man is giving men from urhobo /itsekiri a very bad name.
A man that talks like a teenage girl in JSS


Travel / Re: Meet The Nigerian Who Built Nigerian Village In USA, And His Reason For It by igbowoman: 2:01am
But I didn't see any chickens or goats or nwa bingo walking about
Politics / Re: Buhari Is 16th In The List Of 500 Powerful Muslims In The World (Photos) by igbowoman: 1:47am
Terrorist president made terrorist list

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Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Swear That She Does Not Cheat by igbowoman: 7:35pm On Oct 22
Good day my fellow nairalanders. Pls pardon my typo errors and will just make this brief as i can. I need your inputs in this scenerio that is giving me some sort of concern.

I have been married for close to five years now and have two kids to it. My marriage to my wife has been ups and down but have always tried my best to be a responsible husband and also father. I ensure I take care of my home financially to my capabilities.

My wife happens to be a good wife though with her own flaws as she is not perfect. She always has the notion that am cheating on her and have a side chick. But to be honest to you guys, i have never had sex with any other woman except my wife ever since i married her. Though at times the temptation might come to catch some flings out there but will later decline such thought and abort any action have made to do it on the long run.. At times my wife will read chats I do have with some random girls and have the notion that am cheating. I know i have been wrong in this but attimes a man will want to be a man but as i said earlier, have never had sex with those girls. Just random chats that all and it doesnt go further or lead anywhere.

So it happened that me and my wife had a very serious misunderstanding recently that resulted to verbal abuse and also almost physical violence from the two of us. The last time i intended to have sex with my wife, she denied me and this had been in my mind and got me so angry towards her. So it happend that she needed my help for something and did not help, she started shouting and nagging and this got me angry and i almost hit her but i didn't. During those heated moment she started saying things about my cheating and so on. She said if am not cheating that i should swear with bible but i refuse to swear that night. Upon the following day i decided to even swear with bible that i have never had sex with any woman ever sinced i married her. I know i was innocent and i truely swear that very day to make her change her mindset and perception about me.

After the swear, something happened that makes me confused till this very day, I ask my wife to also use the Bible to swear that she had not cheated or slept with any man ever since she got married to me. Could you imagine that despite all my efforts to make my wife to swear using the bible, she refused bluntly that she will never do such. I asked her why but she insisted she is not going to swear.

This got me concerned and was asking myself why is this woman refusing to do this if truely she is innocent and doesnt have any skeleton in her compound. Her excuse was that she cant use the world of God to swear but mind you she is the one that prompted me to do such at first. I even seized her phone that if she doesnt swear i wont return the phone to her but despite my threat, my wife didn't not.

This lasted for hours and I later gave up on the quest. Ever since then have not being myself and have been thinking alot. My wife doesnt look like someone that can cheat on me cos have not seen any traces as such but with this her action, its making me to have a rethink about her.

Pls house i dont know what step to take as i need your mature advice on way forward on this issues troubling me. Every input will be well appreciated especially from married and experienced people.

Your head correct so?
Politics / Re: FG Blames Nnamdi Kanu For Murder Of Akunyili’s Husband, Gulak, 184 Others by igbowoman: 7:26pm On Oct 22
FG is now a gossip blog
Family / Re: Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets After 11 Years Of Marriage (Photos) by igbowoman: 7:21pm On Oct 22
I hope people are not sitting around tapping into this miracle instead of asking who the fertility /IVF doctor is

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Religion / Re: Pastor David Ibiyeomie Celebrates His 59th Birthday by igbowoman: 7:09pm On Oct 21
I pray sir that you encounter the Lord Jesus on this your birthday and receive him as Lord and savior and begin to preach the gospel
I pray you stop merchandising, story telling, greed ,covetousness and milking your ignorant followers of the meager resources in Jesus name.
God is merciful and calls you to change your ways.

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Celebrities / Re: Charles Okocha Destroys Friend's Car For Taking His Teenage Daughter Out by igbowoman: 5:42pm On Oct 21
I didn't kidnaper your daughter

You didn't caught me defiling your daughter

You didn't see me sexually harassing your daughter

Your daughter was not declared missing and later found inside my car

Them no born that person well make he destroy my car like that and go scot-free. Never!!! .

Na this kind case I de always like. By now my lawyer go don de cook ho we go take sue the man ASAP

Try that on a 15 year old with normal parents you wont find the fingers to type rubbish let alone the eyes to see what is being typed.
Rape apologist
Politics / Re: Tayyip Erdogan: Terrorists Who Tried To Oust Me Are In Nigeria by igbowoman: 7:03pm On Oct 20
Bubu is a terrorist so he created a haven for terrorists
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: Batches A And B Make Ready Your Login Details by igbowoman: 2:16am On Oct 19
What is N power
Bubu don carry una enter nama kingdom.
N for Nama
Family / Re: Man Kills His Daughter After Finding Out She Was Not His Biological Child (pic) by igbowoman: 1:46am On Oct 19
At this point, I will advice all man to do a DNA on there children because this women are wicked

I will get a DNA done on all my kids to be sure I've not been fooled

2 men beat an innocent child to death, strip her corpse naked and this is your response ?.
Who are the 278 efulefus that even liked this post?
Where is your humanity?

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Education / Re: See Photos Of Game Contestants Claiming To Be 12 And 13 Years Old by igbowoman: 1:36am On Oct 19
They learned from Tinubu
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by igbowoman: 2:32am On Oct 18
With such large size, this peanut-sized man and his brothers from the North are still searching for space for RUGA in the South.

Thank you
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by igbowoman: 2:30am On Oct 18
And so freaking what !!
Religion / Re: Which Is More Potent? Fasting Or Midnight Prayers? by igbowoman: 3:15pm On Oct 17
Which Is More Potent? Fasting Or Midnight Prayers?

In my spiritual life, fasting has proven itself to be by far more potent and powerful, even though i still observe both.

A times I may be doing midnight prayers for months, but certain things I pray for wouldn't materialize.

But once I just fast for a little while, immediately the solution would just come out of nowhere as though it's been waiting for me to fast.

This has happened on several occasions that it's made me to take serious notice, and to begin to rate it more than midnight prayers, even though I also receive a lot of answers from prayers, because fasting seems to have a significant edge over it.

I first noticed how effective it was when during my fasting at a point when I was still struggling with sexual lusts, how the inclination just seemed to disappear during the period I was fasting, it felt really strange because this was something that I found very difficult to contain regardless of how much I prayed and when I prayed.

Even when it comes to dealing with those of the powers of darkness, fasting has shown itself to be more much powerful than midnight prayers.

For instance, despite that i had been told I had been given authority over the demons, there were yet some NL witches that were proving very stubborn even after and when I did midnight prayers. But once I just fast, the way they suddenly go into hiding is mind blowing. I mean they literally disappear for a long time and only come out after a while.

This is perhaps the reason Jesus said that there are some kind of demons that cannot come out without fasting. Mark 9:29 (KJV)

I don't know about you, but fasting has proven itself to be a very effective and useful weapon in my spiritual life, that even things I thought were impossible and beyond my reach, it helped me to achieve. It seems to speed up the process of my getting solutions and answers.

I recommend fasting to you, even if you do midnight prayers. It may provide the much needed boost your spiritual life has been crying out for.

God bless.

What you need is not fasting or midnight prayers but a total mind shift.
You need a renewal of your mind
Crime / Re: Why I Slept With My Daughter - 45-Year-Old Suspect by igbowoman: 3:08pm On Oct 17
Sadly quite common in that part of the country.
The evils in polygamy
There is no connection to the kids
He sees the girls just like he sees their mothers.
They are mere objects of sexual gratification.
See as the last wife comes and goes. Na so
A polygamist is a wayward man that can sleep with his own mama sef
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Does One Answer This Strange Interview Question by igbowoman: 11:59am On Oct 15
This was an opportunity to show the interviewer who you really are,what makes you tick, your passion,your humanity.
But always stay in the center because you don't know the leanings of the person asking


Foreign Affairs / Re: 5 Dead, 2 Injured In Norway Bow And Arrow Attack, Suspect Is A Muslim Convert by igbowoman: 12:27pm On Oct 14
Anti Islam reporting, I've read this news on dailymail.co.uk since yesterday but they didn't report that he was a Muslim at first because they where not sure of his belief. But if he ended up being a Christian it won't be reported that Christian man kill people. Violence has no religion

Because nothing in Christ motivates one to kill but rather to love others like you love yourself unlike this other religion.
His religion teaches him to kill those who oppose his religion and kill to convert others to his religion.

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kidnap Father Geoffrey Mark Chimezie In Umuahia by igbowoman: 3:19pm On Oct 13


It is obvious the Fulani are trying so hard to destabilize Igboland.
This is the work of Buhari's men to achieve an agenda.
If you believe this man was abducted by fellow Igbo men then you are a goat!
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 22 Suspected Yahoo Boys In Ogbomoso (Photo) by igbowoman: 3:16pm On Oct 13
IPOB at work
Health / Re: I'm experiencing Unproductive Cough That has Lasted For 7days And Loss Of Voice. by igbowoman: 10:42am On Oct 13
Go test for covid
Education / Re: Always Use These 20 Vocabularies If You Want To Sound British by igbowoman: 3:01am On Oct 13
E no go better for bubu
Politics / Re: Oyinbo Woman Wears Biafra Cloth Despite Chiwetalu Arrest by igbowoman: 2:03am On Oct 13
We have Tiwa Savage
This one na Tiwa Manage
Science/Technology / Re: Anaconda Wraps Itself Round A Deadly Caiman In Brutal Fight For Survival(Pics) by igbowoman: 1:59am On Oct 13
I just wanted to know what a caiman was

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Music/Radio / Re: Flavour - Levels (Official Video) by igbowoman: 8:50pm On Oct 12
Dry music... Tbh hip hop is not made for igbos they should continue their village igbo song

Owu is bad! You don see food chop today?
Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by igbowoman: 11:17pm On Oct 11
May God almighty bless you ma

Though i've not gotten the money @Igbowoman

I pray you meet your sister well. .
Tell her that an Igbowoman you met on nairaland says that if her husband truly loves her he would honor her parents by marrying her properly like he would want his own sisters married.
When you are able please also help someone in need .
God bless you.
Travel mercies


Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by igbowoman: 5:11pm On Oct 11
Thanks for your kind gesture ma. God will reward you bountifully

A friend who got mobilised for her NYSC around July this year said she paid 10k from Lagos to PH. I pressure coming will be within the same range also

20k will take me to and fro. Thanks and God bless

I have asked my son in the Lord to send you 25k.
5k to help with food.
Please quote or mention me when u receive it.

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Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by igbowoman: 4:46am On Oct 11
Thanks for your kind gesture ma. God will reward you bountifully

A friend who got mobilised for her NYSC around July this year said she paid 10k from Lagos to PH. I pressure coming will be within the same range also

20k will take me to and fro. Thanks and God bless

Still waiting for the details

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Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by igbowoman: 5:05pm On Oct 10
Thanks for your kind gesture ma. God will reward you bountifully

A friend who got mobilised for her NYSC around July this year said she paid 10k from Lagos to PH. I pressure coming will be within the same range also

20k will take me to and fro. Thanks and God bless

Do you mind dropping your detail?
Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by igbowoman: 2:39pm On Oct 10
I'm a Yoruba while the man is an igbo man from Imo state

I would be grateful if you can support us with the transport fare. I and my elder brother will go see her and hopefully sleep over in the church before coming back to Lagos because i don't think my dad would want us to sleep under the man's roof for now


How much will it cost for you to go to PH and return.
Good idea not to sleep in his house please.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Bans Rearing, Consumption Of Cows In South-Eastern Nigeria by igbowoman: 2:30pm On Oct 10


I actually support this.
It will force breeders of Efi Igbo ( igbo cows) to expand their business.
Then fulanis will have no need to bring their nama to Igboland

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