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Romance / Re: What Do Women Think When They Do This by InfinityFabric: 11:49am On Nov 25
don't waste time on women they ain't worth it
Are you gay ? This is gay talk you are talking ooo

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Romance / Re: You Catch Your Woman Cheating?, Don’t Fight That Man, Simply Do These 7 Things. by InfinityFabric: 10:19pm On Nov 22
No trust can be rebuilt, women knows this. That's why when they cheat, they've already checked out.
The only moving forward is to marry another.

Don't be a SIMPly CUCKED man

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Celebrities / Re: Saheed Osupa Graduates From University Of Ibadan by InfinityFabric: 9:16am On Nov 16
I don't understand
He wants to go into Politics, now you do.
Celebrities / Re: I’m Being Pressured To Get Married – Yemi Alade Cries Out by InfinityFabric: 9:00am On Nov 09
She will just get belle like her auntie Linda. Girls like these have near 0 value in the sexual market place.
A village 18yo will always comes before her

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TV/Movies / Re: DSTV Hikes Subscription Fees For Second Time In 2023 by InfinityFabric: 8:43pm On Nov 03
Not a problem if you neither have TV nor watch that virus hehehe. Wahala for TV bots.
Romance / Re: Nothing Affects A Man's Finances Like Sleeping With Multiple Women. by InfinityFabric: 10:22am On Oct 24
I don't think this is a strong argument against fornication and adultery.

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Romance / Re: Nothing Affects A Man's Finances Like Sleeping With Multiple Women. by InfinityFabric: 10:20am On Oct 24
grin grin u never try sport betting
No mind am, maybe one of his brothers/uncles got rekt by Nnena, na why he dey lament online be dat.
Romance / Re: Why Do Most Older Single Ladies Have Anger Issues by InfinityFabric: 9:37am On Oct 24
Because they've become masculine, they want to act like men... which always end in tears.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Most Older Single Ladies Have Anger Issues by InfinityFabric: 9:34am On Oct 24

Well, its not easy for them especially in Nigerian culture and contexts that frowns at older single women not to even talk about family pressure, societal pressure, fear of menopause etc.
Their frustration no dey just tie wrapper, he dey follow wear cover shoe.
But what were they doing between the ages of 18 - 25 ? 26, 27, 28 ? Dem all dey coma ?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Iceland's PM, Katrin To Joins Strike, Demands Equality Pay For Women by InfinityFabric: 9:08am On Oct 24
Just ban all of them from working. Let them work from the kitchen.
They do mostly useless jobs anyways

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Travel / Re: JAPA: 10 Sets Of People Who Shouldn't Travel To The UK by InfinityFabric: 6:58am On Oct 23
There is still a lot of job openings in the social care sector here in the UK, especially working with children and young persons though the recruitment process is very detailed with firms that know their onions.

E be like say those whey come visit you for Aro neuropsychiatric where you are admitted, sneaked in a smartphone for you, reason you have gone ga-ga. cheesycheesy cheesy

"Housemaid work" that after tax, insurance and pension have been deducted for working 160 hours a month, the net salary is equal to that of 80 Nigerian working and earning the minimum wage of N30k. cheesy cheesy
But the money you end up with is still useless in UK.
Romance / Re: Why Is it That Some Men Don't Wanna Marry Virgin Ladies by InfinityFabric: 9:00pm On Oct 22
[quote author=Vision101 post=126525780]@InfinityFabric

It's an attack on National Security to compare to VIRGINS to (part-time) HOES.

Attack on national security grin grin. This guy wants to kill me with laughter. When did virgins become national guardian angels 😇?
I said what I said hahahaha.

Tell me: who doesn't like a smooth expressway? No obstructions!!
That smooth expressway was once blocked, but the difference is when you marry a virgin you're the one that opened, inaugurated and most likely the only one NOW using the road.
The other road have been used and still be used by others - Okafor's Law.

Yes, our virgins are National Emergency. Somethings we can't say for used hoes.

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Romance / Re: Who Would You Choose?!! by InfinityFabric: 2:56pm On Oct 22
Wrong and invalid question.
A man, is advised, for the sake of his sanity to stay away from women when he's NOT financially stable.


Romance / Re: Can A Man's Perfume Scent Make A Lady WET? by InfinityFabric: 10:22pm On Oct 20
Give the perfume to KESARI and see if it works. Dey play.
Utter rubbish, absolute nonsense, refined crap.
Romance / Re: Can A Man's Perfume Scent Make A Lady WET? by InfinityFabric: 10:21pm On Oct 20

Minus the touch, can perfume really turn a girl on and make her wet

If the perf can get her wet, then ur touch will get her pregnant with quadruplets!
Romance / Re: My Sex Encounter With A 16 Yr Old Girl by InfinityFabric: 10:16pm On Oct 20

OGA mi, the older you get. The more you will understand what I felt..
Forget matter, I will pick a 16 -17 yr old girl over a 25 yr old anytime twice on a monday
Fornication and Federal crimes...

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Romance / Re: Why Is it That Some Men Don't Wanna Marry Virgin Ladies by InfinityFabric: 10:13pm On Oct 20

I've been asking people same questions but they seems to prefer used girls than the untouched ones due to they are not perfect or rather they are wicked.

Virgin Mary listen. Overstayed virgin is like a hard big dry firewood. A lot of sweat is required to break it. A lot of guys will rather allow another guy to do the hard job for them.

Virgins are usually naive in bedmatics. They require a lot of schooling and brush up to be done. Who get time. Etc etc.
Guy, the job is not that hard, and the rewards are immeasurable. U've never met a VIRGIN before, just confess.
You don't have enough pull to get one nor are u confident enough to reject used goods. Don't be a CUCK.

It's an attack on National Security to compare to VIRGINS to (part-time) HOES.

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Romance / Re: Why Is it That Some Men Don't Wanna Marry Virgin Ladies by InfinityFabric: 10:10pm On Oct 20
[quote author=Tayorshd87 post=126505640]

Yes used girls are better in marriage than virgin because
1) virgins lack experience and maturiyt to handle marital problems
How do you account for your grandmothers and their ancestors being virgins ? You mean they couldn't handle marital problems ?
Most of them lived together for over 50, 60, 70, 80... years.
You lose
1 - 0

2) exposed ladies have an edge to solve marital problems only if they are ready to stay and make d home work.
You go explain tire... NO EVIDENCE
Again, how do you explain how women of the old married younger and were virgins.
If anything, not being a used hoe helps the society, 'cos... less degenerates.
2 - 0

3) Been a virgin doesn't mean she is a wife material meaning if there is a little conflict between then she might want to leave to test another suitor since she is inexperienced.
Spoken like someone who has never met a virgin.
What about the used good u are carrying up and down, she got her exes on speed dial.
3 - 0

Lastly ask yourself why do people prefer to buy second hand tokunbo product rather than new one 🤔
Because they can't afford to buy new ones.

Then the reason will be clear to you
Yea, it's clear that we need to start asking for refund from some schools.
In fact the elders must hear about this, you have clearly abused them.

Man, hold the L.
Romance / Re: Is It Right To Gift A Married Man Perfume? by InfinityFabric: 12:49pm On Oct 20
She's looking for approval to become the man's side chick or second wife, heck, even the only wife.
You know exactly what is happening and what you're doing.

Let the elders rest today, dollar just turned 1000+
Education / Re: 20-year-old UNILORIN Student Commits Suicide After Lending ‘online Lover’ N500k by InfinityFabric: 3:56am On Oct 20
If you actually had a brain, you would know the difference between stupidity and naivety which is what I was talking about.

A normal 20 year old who has enough experience about life and human nature will never hand over 500k to an online stranger she has never met and will never meet.

Only a naive, sheltered, inexperienced childish 20 year old would do such a thing.

It doesn't a genius to figure this out.

Explain what happened to the women of The Tinder Swindler.
Women are stupid, I said what I said.
Education / Re: 20-year-old UNILORIN Student Commits Suicide After Lending ‘online Lover’ N500k by InfinityFabric: 10:14am On Oct 19
🥺 You see, this is the problem with living a sheltered life where you don't get any exposure to the outside world because of your unreasonable religious beliefs.

You may think you're doing a female child good by building a physical wall around her and forcing her to wrap herself up like an Egyptian mummy, but if you don't allow her to mingle with her peers so she can learn to be a good judge of character, you're just raising a giant toddler who will easily fall victim to the first scammer who comes her way.

It's unfortunate that this particular episode ended in a tragedy. I've known cases where the result is an unwanted pregnancy because the sheltered teenage girl allowed one sweet talking cassanova to turn her heart upside down.

You be mumu man, have u heard of The Tinder Swindler ?
Women are just generally stupid.

Plus if she was truly religiously trained, she will NOT be having such affairs.
You've written a whole bunch of nonsense, didn't even take much to refute.

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Romance / Re: Ladies- Crossing Age 30 without A Spouse Is Not The End Of The World. by InfinityFabric: 2:18pm On Oct 17

Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You guys on this forum are just impossible!🤣🤣

It's the "it is the end of the world" for me. Lol.
Me wey don forget say I write anything.
Family / Re: What Would You Do If Your Partner Goes Out Against Your Wish!? by InfinityFabric: 6:57pm On Oct 09
She cheated before
You should be reported for stupidity. Obviously, this is an attempt to just have ur post on front-page.
Or are that dumb ? Keeping a cheating woman ?
Family / Re: What Would You Do If Your Partner Goes Out Against Your Wish!? by InfinityFabric: 6:55pm On Oct 09

I don`t know the nature of her work but at work I don`t get to gist with my colleagues/friends a lot because at work we work. wink If we want to spend some good time togther, talk and laugh, we meet after work or on a free day.

If you don`t trust her, then you guys have much bigger issues than what has happened today.
Women helping other women to stay single.
Science/Technology / Re: Wema Bank Unveils Top 25 Finalists For Hackaholics 4.0 Grand Finale by InfinityFabric: 3:32pm On Oct 05
This should have been televised not like bbnaija nonsense.
So that youth can have sense ? Nah, we don't do that in here.

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Family / Re: After Dna The Child Is Not His. by InfinityFabric: 10:31pm On Sep 22
Nobody is above mistake.

Biko, just forgive and leave everything and move on. Can’t you see how catastrophic the economy is How do you expect a nursing mother to pay you back when she also has a baby to cater for

Learn to forgive!!

May God help us.
True talk, you are well versed in the "Book Of Whores".

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Career / Re: How Do You Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work? by InfinityFabric: 2:41pm On Sep 18
I get this alot,and thankfully lately it has reduced.
Days ago I was forced to step up to him telling him sternly it has to stop and I would no longer tolerate his nonsense acts.

Man got the message and has started avoiding me.

I later got to know that I wasn't even the only person he has bn harassing.
These are lowly men, they were never taught attraction can't be forced.
Career / Re: How Do You Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work? by InfinityFabric: 2:40pm On Sep 18
- Men and women cannot work together. Separate them or keep having these.

- Even female bosses sometimes will frustrate the life of a young man she wants to be penetrated by hahaha.

- 9 times out of 10, women in workplaces are FREE FOR ALL BOSSES - willingly or not.

- Maybe you should start covering your whole body like the Muslims hehe. It's hard to get harassed in full hijab, no ? Don't dress like a part time runs girl to work.


Romance / Re: Abusive Husbands Didn't Fall From The Sky, Someone Raised A Boy Wrongly. by InfinityFabric: 5:56pm On Sep 16
I sha blame women for abusive men cheesy...
And I'll prove it angry...

You'll agree with me that the average child spends more time with the mother than with the father, correct? undecided...

If the child spends more time with the mum, its logical to opine that the child is prolly learning lots of things from the mum ba?

I mean, if you spend time with wise people, you'll be wise ba? And vice versa grin...

So since the child spends more time with the mum and is learning loads from the mum, if he turns out to be abusive, shouldn't we hold the mum responsible? grin...

I mean...
Women have been claiming to be "the life of the home", "the soul of the family", "the home makers" grin...

Women have been saying that "A man can build a house, but it takes a woman to make it a home" grin...

So if the home is not well made (children becoming abusive and uncouth), shouldn't we hold the "home makers" responsible? grin...

I rest my case cheesy...
This kind of sense will not kill you, but (f) gender will come for you tho.

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Romance / Re: On Socialmedia A Tall Black Guy With 6 Pack. But They End Up With Pot Belly Men by InfinityFabric: 2:47pm On Sep 09

My issue with you is not because you're daft. But because you don't know that you're daft.
So you are FAT ?! C'mon man, u can't use 24hr to work. Reduce the nonsense u are eating, spend time with exercise.
It's better for your body and mind.

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Romance / Re: 9 Ladies Share Their Cr@zy One-night Stand Experiences ;thread � by InfinityFabric: 2:46pm On Sep 09

Oga what good for goose also good for gander,......u want guys to have recklessly life and ladies not to have. Why? And the same time, you want man to do away ladies who have past...... who will marry ladies you have reckless past with?

u want guys to have reckless past and still continuing enjoy future, why ladies with reckless past to remain unmarried in future

What a selfish way of reasoning.

What stop both to have reckless now and still married in future or both to leave clean life now and enjoy clean partner in future

If men were God.

You can cry all u want, but in the end female chastity is valued more. It has always been that. Seethe!

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