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Celebrities / Re: DSS Confirms Chiwetalu Agu's Detention, Says Justice Will Take Its Course by Jake420: 7:45pm On Oct 09
if you have a little brain you would have known that soliciting of help for a terrorist organization is a crime.
Crazy, you can get arrested for your choice of attire now without saying anything? The military must be begging for some work cause pure joblessness but love how you support it though, you must be really educated to support such a constitutional act.
Celebrities / Re: DSS Confirms Chiwetalu Agu's Detention, Says Justice Will Take Its Course by Jake420: 3:16pm On Oct 09
Very good DSS. The useless old fool must die in prison.
Lmaooo, na for this matter I dey see people that get empty brain.


Politics / Re: Chinwetalu Agu Showed Old Age Doesn't Come With Wisdom Sometimes by Jake420: 10:48pm On Oct 07
He is a foolish man.

I thought his foolishness ends in Nollywood not knowing it is natural.
Replying to this so whenever I see your name somewhere I'm constantly reminded of your stupidity.
This whole thread lacking braincells SHA you hear a man is dragged to a cell by the military for wearing whatever he pleases to yet your mind clouded with hate has made you lose all reasoning to see unconstitutional abuse of power as good. Wonders shall never end


Politics / Re: THE IGBO LANGUAGE (facts You Should Know) by Jake420: 6:59am On Sep 08
IKA traditional attire
I'll be very grateful if you can find some pics for ahoada (my people cool ), very glad you mentioned it even before some uneducated people come and start yelling south south isn't part of ndi igbo

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Politics / Re: THE IGBO LANGUAGE (facts You Should Know) by Jake420: 6:57am On Sep 08
the most useless tribe in africa....
The hate must be troubling you so much that you enter an entire thread about them ,see the nonsensical reasoning?

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Education / Re: ASUU Fresh Strike Threat Causing Panic, No Agreement Yet – FG by Jake420: 6:34am On Sep 07
Imagine federal government saying let them be pretending? Fg no go pay anything ASUU keep waiting for insults before strike commence
Travel / Re: 10 Top Happiest Countries To Live In The World 2021 by Jake420: 1:56pm On Sep 02

South Koreans live under constant fear of nuclear bombing from the North. Plus they have very high suicide rates due to academic, work and social pressures. I really didn't expect to see them here.

Portugal has had a bad economy - they're migrating to Angola and Mozambique now.

The Japanese don't strike me as happy people given their economy hasn't grown for 2 or 3 decades and they can't keep Prime Ministers - the average lasts around a year or 2 (Shinzo Abe was the rare exception).

Only Canada qualifies in my opinion.
The Japanese also have the highest rate of suicide and loneliness

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Full List Of UEFA Award Winners. by Jake420: 8:46am On Aug 27
Look at how Chelsea dominating sef. With this Lukaku transfer ontop they rocking this season


Politics / Re: Before Giving Fulanis Land In The South, Visit The North And Count The Graves by Jake420: 9:29am On Jul 29
What is this nonsense I'm hearing of? Why would they even consider such? I fear that as it's already been brought up it will pass and there's nothing citizens can do against it, would be a turbulent time for Delta. There's no one with sense in the south that doesn't know the scheme of the Fula people that don't even originate from Nigeria.
Politics / Re: This Crazy Mansion Is One Of The Wonders Of Anambra Young Billionaires (photos) by Jake420: 12:04am On Jul 20
Thieves everywhere
Common behaviour of the misfortunate to allocate any form of wealth to crime since they can't comprehend a way to ever acquire such.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: There Is Not Going To Be Any Trial - Alloy Ejimako by Jake420: 9:18am On Jul 18

Unfortunately, the real world does not work like that.

Just because you announce on radio or TV that you renounce your citizenship does not mean any thing.

Below is the process of renouncing your citizenship (according to section 29 of the constitution) and guess what? He president still has to approve of it else, you remain a Nigerian

The last option is disgusting and will give way for the inhumane practice of child marriage to continue in the Northern States where it's evidently prominent. Is this such a backwater country that no one cares about the constant child abuse wild spread?
not related to the topic, just venting no vex

Politics / Re: Reason Why We Of Benue Don't Want To Be Part Of Biafra by Jake420: 10:39pm On Jul 13
No Igbo man wants Benue people in Biafra. Only IPOB habour such dreams.
So don't flatter yourselves. You are not needed in Biafra.
Biafra should for all intents and purposes be a strictly Igbo only country. cool
Please don't forget me ooo I'm an ekpeye of rivers and we're igboids so surely we shall join Biafra, rivers is certain on that except for the barbaric ikwerre I suppose.

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Politics / Re: What Is Afrocentrism? by Jake420: 11:47pm On Jun 25
I know the first human life seen outside of Africa was in Georgia, Europe. By the way do you a Nigerian consider yourself black or African? Just a question been on my mind on whether people of African heritage without any white population should accept the term black if was used by a foreigner
Politics / Re: Who Is The Best Leader Nigeria Ever Have? by Jake420: 9:01pm On Jun 21
I'm a southerner but I'll even say Yaradua, fuel price was 85, things were still 5 naira, boko haram was low, dollar was still 150 and it remained that way for long, and he was all around a good and smart man
Politics / Re: How Alex Ekwueme Created The Idea Of The South-South Zone. by Jake420: 11:29am On Jun 18
As someone said earlier you should learn not to use “We”. That's one thing that pisses me off with some of you. Are you speaking for me from Rivers who's people have never hidden their intention to join the South-East. Are you aware that we clamoured different times for Port-Harcourt state from the 1980’s to 1990’s but when it wasn't feasible our fathers began clamouring for Orashi state to add. ONELGA to Imo west. The same applies to the Anioma who's intention was to add them as the 6th South-East state.

While Naptu might be firm with his analysis of the geo-political zone creation, he wasn't upright with is description of how Ekweme envisaged it.
Another brother from rivers has spoken now they can't deny it
Politics / Re: How Alex Ekwueme Created The Idea Of The South-South Zone. by Jake420: 11:28am On Jun 18

Which part of Rivers are you from?
Ahoada East L.G.A ,
Politics / Re: How Alex Ekwueme Created The Idea Of The South-South Zone. by Jake420: 8:56am On Jun 18
thieves want to unite with the south south because of oil but are refusing to unite with the north
Isn't this one stupidity?
They refuse to unite with the north? Cause Google every igboid group in South South and Google how many are in the north, then ask if we're not trying to ask all of them if they simply want to join or not?
You people are acting like they'll storm your land and kick you out when they're just asking you to say your stance officially, what are you guys so afraid of? You know the igboid ethnic groups will last last join if referendum takes place so you against it with every fiber of your being.
Which state are you from sef? Say it instead cause my rivers is Biafra wike is a fool is not today we know but don't tell me you're from one of the states where the governors told buhari they're part of the dot which is the Biafra you hate so much?: cry
Politics / Re: How Alex Ekwueme Created The Idea Of The South-South Zone. by Jake420: 8:49am On Jun 18

Who is backstabbing you? When people resist your devilish idea, it's no backstabbing, it's an appropriate protest. If you want Biafra, go with your 5 states and stop disturbing people who have no interest in it. Is that too hard?
But me from rivers and my people want to join said Biafra so who are you to speak for the whole south? That's the whole reason a referendum is needed because believe it or not, the igboid groups of South South (except a select few) will join Biafra so let the referendum show the people's opinions, anyone who's against a referendum is all for silencing the people, if the people don't want Biafra let them LOUDLY say no with their votes.

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Politics / Re: Biafra Republic Versus Igbo Republic by Jake420: 8:35am On Jun 18

Should we keep on arguing?

Some of this things can be researched, you have phone.

Or better still make offline researches.
Don't sit in a corner and conclude
Idek his point when rivers is one of the most igbotic states in the south south, these Niger Delta people here are so concerned with their greed and oil money that Will never reach the hands of citizens they rather remain in this country that has failed them since the moment they were born. To the point that some people say they don't want us again, if it comes to that abeg abandon them but we the igboid groups of rivers must be with Biafra. It's only here you'll see stupid people knowing they're fully igboid in nature and still refuse to be in a country where they'll be together


Politics / Re: Ekpeye Kingdom In Rivers State Declares Eze Ekpeye Logbo Stool Vacant by Jake420: 12:26am On Jun 16

Ohafia is looking at you
Abakalaki would be like am I a joke to you ?

The nsukka go just shake head Waka commot

Ekpeye is very understandable to owerri speakers
Can confirm
Politics / Re: Biafra Republic Versus Igbo Republic by Jake420: 12:25am On Jun 16
Rivers, ekpeye here, I'm for Biafra. A referendum should be nothing to be afraid of the people simply decide whether they're for Biafra or not when it happen we see the results

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Crime / Re: 15-Year-Old Boy Beats 14-YearOld Girl To Death For Refusing To Be His Girlfriend by Jake420: 7:33pm On Jun 15
Too bad. RIP young one. If you had accepted the offer , your life wouldn't have ended tragically.

Moral of the story.

If man toast you, no dey do shakara.
Are you insane?


Politics / Re: (LESSON TO Niger Delta) by Jake420: 1:39pm On Jun 15
Why this write up. The whole world knows that Biafra is an Igbo insane expansionist Niger Delta land grab. Don't give it any merit. We have filed an objection to the proposed map of Biafra at the UNPO. As at now there can be no Biafran referendum. All parties will be invited to validate the basis for their referendum. As of now only Yoruba Nation and the old Midwest region has established any basis for an undisputed rational reason for a referendum. The Second Midwest referendum will come before all others and it will pull the whole anger Delta out of Nigeria.
First as a Niger deltan from rivers I'm telling you we are with Biafra. Secondly go and see what your leaders told buhari earlier
Politics / Re: South-South Leaders Berate Buhari Over "Dot In A Circle" Statement by Jake420: 1:28pm On Jun 15
At least now those fake profiles on nairaland can stop saying south south isn't part of Biafra even when the leaders THEMSELVES say it is
Politics / Re: There Are Igbos In Bayelsa by Jake420: 5:27pm On Jun 13

Where in Ekpeye are you from?
Ahoada east, have you heard of the ihua family? Distant cousins of the ideozu and the family of the eze

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Politics / Re: All South- South States Is Biafra Not Only Igbos by Jake420: 7:19am On Jun 13
who's WE . Speak for your tribe only and let others decide their fate.
I swear o, which we? Niger Delta Republic will never come to fruition, there's no unity at all. I'm from south south, rivers and I'm for Biafra, the rest that don't want to come can stay and suffer in this country alone, because of greed instead of you to liberated and blossom in a new country without fear of being killed indiscriminately by our so called neighbors.
Akwa ibom and cross River too= Biafra
The rest can decide their fate.
Imagine how stupid people on the site are saying things like Niger Delta Republic or akwa-cross country
Politics / Re: There Are Igbos In Bayelsa by Jake420: 8:03pm On Jun 12
Shock when I entered this thread and saw ekpeye we don't get much recognition lol, was scared when I saw eze dead sha but that's of the west, I'm from the east.
As far as I'm concerned we're with Biafra for sure, my only fear for rivers not joining our brothers is the ikwerrres that would rather die than claim to be Igbo as well.


Politics / Re: Europeans Did An Amazing Job On Nigerian's by Jake420: 7:43am On Jun 11
Swear if I ever come a billionaire, my money is going into development of this country but with how corrupt it is, what can a billionaire even do?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Has United The Niger Delta People by Jake420: 4:22pm On Jun 10
Frankly speaking I as an ekpeye indigene of rivers sides with Biafra and rivers will follow suit due to majority being igboid groups and not joined together simply based on geographical boundaries, Infact I know my people are closer to the Igbo people than they are to deltans. A Niger deltan state is something no one advocates for except online and there's been no actual movement of the Republic. Doubt it'll come to fruition. Simply my perspective you're free to disagree.


Politics / Re: SECESSION: Where Does South South Stand by Jake420: 3:50pm On May 31
Ekpeye, Rivers state indigene but live in Delta myself and Igbos are my brothers. As far as I'm concerned rivers and Delta are fully part of Biafra it's only online you see some of these people bringing division

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Politics / Re: This Travel Advisory For Nigerian States Will Make You Weep by Jake420: 3:11pm On May 31
I thought delta would be safe

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