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Politics / Re: "You Have Done Worse To Us" - Ghana Info Minister Replies Lai Mohammed by javalove(m): 6:49am On Aug 31, 2020
No be una fault.

It is our federal govt that is even wasting time and stooping low to be exchanging letters with you.

By the time we sponsor rebel movements to destabilize your country and scatter that your ''peaceful society'', una eye go clear.

Tiny country feeling funky.

This is a very stupid post and you should delete it.

#Javalove... Unless otherwise stated...!
Car Talk / Re: Volkswagen Says Goodbye To Iconic Beetle (ijapa) With This Emotional Video by javalove(m): 4:49pm On Jan 04, 2020
In the year 1982 I could remember driving that makinna grin

Amarigna ale endeee?

Javalove... Unless otherwise stated...!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Drawing A Picture Of The Prophet, Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam by javalove(m): 9:43am On Nov 01, 2019

So all those pictures of Mohammed in various mosques and homes of Muslims means disbelief in Islam?

We dont have his pictures in our homes or anywhere my sister. We don't do images smiley

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!


Sports / Re: AFCON: How Egypt Reacted To The Defeat Of South Africa By Nigeria by javalove(m): 9:57am On Jul 11, 2019
These Muslim people like revenge.
I know the would support Nigeria.
I'm glad Egypt got kicked out.
Now thier fans would come out to watch other teams play

even in Sports, you find it hard to hide your bigotry... how i ended up sharing the same country with your likes still baffles me....werey

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Francophone Cameronian Army Attack Southern Cameroon With Guns by javalove(m): 6:42am On Mar 22, 2019
There's Serious Conflict Going On In Cameroon

Christians In Southern Cameroon Hide on the Ground For Safety As Gunshots fly all over after Soldiers Attacked Their Village in Buea.

The English Speaking Part Of Cameroon "Sourthern Cameroon" has been Under siege and attack for months now by the Francophone Cameronian Army and Their President, Paul Biya who has been in Power for 36 long years!!!

People are been Massacred by the army all over southern cameroon All because southern Cameroon wants to be on their own and they are asking for Independence, The President has Managed to keep all his Atrocities away from the world because he is in control of almost all the entire Media outlets in Cameroon.

Watch the Video below

Gist from Praizenews ; http://www.praizenews.com/francophone-cameronian-army-attack-southern-cameroon-with-guns/

It's sad bro...
To the bolded statement....please do not attempt to give a religious lens to this... the whole world knows the cause of the crisis...

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!
Programming / Re: Easy Signup On Nigerian Online Business Forum by javalove(m): 8:57pm On Feb 08, 2019
I see you used forum �

#Javalove....unless otherwise stated..!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Will He Be Rewarded For Listening To The Qur’aan Without Understanding It? by javalove(m): 10:01am On Jan 25, 2019
Can't you read??

Salam alykun brother. Just answer him and don't be insultive. I haven't read it myself.

He may be non Muslim just wishing to know.

And Allah knows best.

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!


Politics / Re: Saraki Reacts To Peter Obi's Performance At VP Debate. Ogundamisi Laughs by javalove(m): 11:41pm On Dec 14, 2018
Obi slapped Osinbajo around with data all evening long. Osinbajo was playing the APC blame game only.

But I wasn't surprised Osinbajo continental to clutch at straws

The sheets of certificates obtained by Obi in administration alone will be enough to sew agbada with matching cap for Osinbajo

look at this goat....which data? you are those type of people that get bamboozled with data...even tho they are fake....yeye

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Education / Re: Children's Book Filled With Sexual Innuendos (Photos) by javalove(m): 4:03pm On Nov 04, 2018
What is the writer trying to achieve here. He's really mischievous.

Children with clean mind will read it without connecting the dots.

thats why it's called innuendos hanty....

#Javalove....unless otherwise stated
Culture / Re: How Many Languages Do You Speak Fluently? by javalove(m): 5:12pm On Mar 23, 2018

Awo ye Addis Ababa Newark negn. . .ere gobez neh. Alchalkuhm



Check your email...
Culture / Re: How Many Languages Do You Speak Fluently? by javalove(m): 6:24am On Mar 22, 2018

Betam yigermal, endet new yetemarkew?

grin grin grin

Betam salamnew...yetenish ahun? Yetenew sefer a adiss ababa new?

#Javalove..unless otherwise stated...
TV/Movies / Re: What Happened To TSTV? by javalove(m): 2:03pm On Feb 22, 2018

What nonsense do u want to learn about your so called holy prophet that the herdsmen are not teaching u? They have been raping women and children, terrorising peaceful communities, loving cows more than human and all manner of vices that the Arabian sex addict was good at.
Abeg we don’t want them on our TV jare

dude that guy is not muslim please...

Javlove...unless otherwise stated...!

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TV/Movies / Re: What Happened To TSTV? by javalove(m): 1:55pm On Feb 22, 2018
The federal government should please ban DSTV, GOTV and startimes. Those stations are polluting the minds of Muslims in this country and their programs are anti Islamic. The only channel we want nationwide is the Islamic channel to learn about our holy Prophet (pbuh) and holy teachings of Allah so that gradually everyone will become Muslims angry

actually its foo.ls like you that need to be banned. anyone reading will think you are of the islamic faith but you damn know you are not. you intend to cause troubles and further poison the minds of people towards islam.

God will judge you.

Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!

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Religion / Re: Catholic Reverend Sister & Muslim Sister In Hijab Hug In Jos.see Reactions(pics) by javalove(m): 4:23pm On Dec 11, 2017
The Rev Sister is seriously taking risk, darkness and light have nothing in common.
If they want to massacre, they don't have second thought.

Suicide bombers everywhere.
Trust terroristsss at your own peril

Actually your types are the problem we have in this country. Sadly there are millions of you...smh...

#Javalove....unless otherwise stated...!

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Sheikh Jamiu AMI OLOHUN - Who Is He? by javalove(m): 12:32pm On Nov 16, 2017

My brother I don't believe your a Muslim .... Is clear in holy book that , not everyone that will believe or follow my prophets even if Jesus comes back today some will follow him while some will step back... And its going happen as it happen during Prophet Nuu ....so believe it or leave it... This kind of blessing cannot come out from your family ...Sheik Jamiu was gifted by Allah and no dough about it.

Dude you're a joke. I can't even comprehend what you are writing.

Islam is not christianity ooo where men and women are almost equated with Allah (Auzubilah min zalik). Islam is all about humility and obedience to Allah. Islam has no monopoly of truth... The Qur'an, hadith and sunnah is there for us all to follow...

Why are we yorubas like this for Allah's sake....Sheik Jamiu jo....jamispata ni...lol

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!
Music/Radio / Re: Who Is The Best Nigerian Rapper? by javalove(m): 7:35am On Oct 05, 2017


You still dey Nairaland!!

As soon as I saw the be Javalove, one little cricket chirped in my brain loudly!

I was like gaaddem... I know I've heard of that username before from way...way.. back when Nairaland still made sense!!


No need to tell me..

You go don get plenty gray hairs by now!!!

Lmàoooooooooo grin grin grin grin!!


Those were the days sha!!

Unlike now wey dis place don rotten finish!!!

I'm still here and I'm sure the others from the past are here as well. I just read more... I don't post.

Javalove.... Unless otherwise stated...!

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Music/Radio / Re: Who Is The Best Nigerian Rapper? by javalove(m): 6:28pm On Oct 04, 2017
It depends what you looking for... So many things make a good rapper... Lyrics, delivery etc. For me a rapper who writes better wins it for me.

For that reason.... All hail the super lyricist Modnizzy!!!!

Delivery I'll give it to mi tho his lyrics are very wack.

Ruggedman is the wackest tho...

#Javalove.... Unless otherwise stated...!
Politics / Re: Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim: Wife Of Senator Whose Video With 2 Women Leaked by javalove(m): 9:12pm On Jul 04, 2017
so her fathers name is Bakura Abba Ibrahim abi ?

shebi Christian ne, cause i know for a fact married muslim women are supposed to keep them fathers name & not husband.

To all the muslim ladys in the house NEVER DROP UR FATHERS NAME IN FAVOR OF UR HUBBY. that is against Islamic teachings.

You are supposed to be addressed as the daugter of so so person. cause you will only have one father in dis world while u might have several husbands, are you going to keep Changing ur name to thiers?! grin

your ignorance stinks to high heavens. Please show me anywhere in the muslim books or hadiths that says a woman MUST keep her father's name. What Islam says is that its not compulsory for a woman to drop her fathers name...she can choose to remain with her fathers, choose to take up her husband's name or combine the two....

Please read before posting and stop embarrassing yourself... smiley

#Javalove...unless otherwise stated...!
Islam for Muslims / Why I Propagate Islam - Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi by javalove(m): 9:33pm On Feb 22, 2017
SEEN mostly in TV series, beautiful actress, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi has confirmed that she is a silent devout Islam practitioner.

This was confirmed during the week at the eighth day Fidau prayer held in honour of late veteran actress, Zainab Bukky Ajayi, when the actress was being introduced by popular producer Tunji Bamishebi.

Also confirming it, the actress during an interview with the press, noted that the late icon always asked her to use her status as a public figure to propagate the religion.

“She (Bukky Ajayi) was an inspiration. She always encouraged me to propagate Islam as a religion and make it a part of me, especially as one is a public figure,” she said.

Funlola, fondly called FAR, asides acting, also has several other artistic interests. www.iamfar.com, her website, has become her latest project. It is a platform where she airs her thoughts and opinions on issues about the entertainments industry.


#Javalove....Unless otherwise stated...!


Religion / Re: Apostle Johnson Suleman Speaks About DSS Arrest, Issues Threat (Video) by javalove(m): 8:10am On Jan 25, 2017
Speaking right from the sitting room of Governor Fayose, The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman shared how the DSS came to arrest him in his hotel room before Governor Fayose came to move him out to the Government House.

The Apostle also declared that if he spends a day in custody of the security operatives, the damage that will happen in Nigeria will take one year to be fixed! (Not sure of what that means, but the Apostle have spoken)

Watch Video Below:-

SOURCE: http://www.chuzzyblog.com/2017/01/if-i-spend-day-in-security-custody.html


This man is a big fool.....yes i said it...sue me...

Buhari and his useless attack dogs or is it Elrufai that may be behind this....THEY ARE WRONG no doubt

which one come be threat again from sule suegbe.....if you spend one day...OGA apari..nothing will happen...shishi...shingba...yu will even spend one year....

This government also needs to stop attacking anyone that in the name of witch hunting abeg...
Religion / Re: 2017 Prophecies By Pastor Joshua Iginla by javalove(m): 3:28pm On Jan 03, 2017
Are you effing kidding me? For real?
Politics / Re: Photo Of Bola Tinubu On The 'wall Of Fame' As An Outstanding Alumni In America by javalove(m): 3:01pm On Nov 06, 2015
So Jagaban is actually a community college alumni undecided, no wonder he's so street.
Community colleges are like vocational training schools for dropouts and never do wells who couldn't finish High school and whose highest qualification is a GED. Nigerian Polytechnics are even better.
Doesn't change the fact he is an effective politician albeit a very corrupt one at that.
Just Saying

So after writing all this. Where is your father today and where is bola tinubu?

#Javalove... Unless otherwise stated...!


Poems For Review / Re: NPC Collaboration Poetry Competition Season 2: The Renga Fiesta by javalove(m): 8:07am On Nov 03, 2015

I could decide to pick a prostitute and “sex” it away
I could decide to get a wrap of ganja and smoke it away…
Or visit a “pharmacist” to sniff it away
I could decide to spend all day and night in a bar drinking it away
At least I know, like my friends say
The bottle doesn’t betray

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Music/Radio / Re: Hot!!! Modenine Ft Canibus - Super Human by javalove(m): 3:49pm On Jan 09, 2014
Mods. . .please this should be on the front page!!!!!!

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!
Music/Radio / Re: Baddest Beef In Nigerian Hip-hop by javalove(m): 3:56pm On Dec 18, 2013

and it takes a truly wise man to identify what Nigerians prefer and give it to them.... how can u sell beef to a vegetarian and u claim u are d.o.p.e?

Nope. . .its called "not dumbing down". You dont do things cos everyone is doing it. Modenine said in one of his tracks

"I'm doing this first for the love/
The for the Greens/
Then for my peeps cos Mode is an underground king"

Its the satisfaction you get from doing something that matters and he is obviously satisfied with his style and the fans (tho not many) he has pulled. And even at that, he's the most successful underground rapper cos no one ever thought doing what Modo does in naija could get you endorsements (Glo), tours and shows. . .but he proved US (me included) all wrong.

He will forever remain relevant as Naija has not produced any rapper that writes more intelligently than he does.

Bro, follow your heart.

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!


Music/Radio / Re: Baddest Beef In Nigerian Hip-hop by javalove(m): 3:46pm On Dec 18, 2013
Modenine and Rugheady Mama. . .and Mode killed him. . .here are a few lines

"My fame spreading like a pandemic break out
To hell with all the beef-in, this is a steak out"

"You dont write, its why ur pen shun paper/
quit rap, here's ur pension paper"

"Here's the sweetest part, this baba that baba/
You not the father/
You got intellect myopia
So when I diss a baba (Addis Ababa)/
Its not Ethiopia"

For the hiphop dummies, mode does not sing. .. he raps. . .hiphop culture or not, Modenine has millions of tracks with bits and pieces of local lingo in them. . .so ur point is?

He's not doing badly with his life. . .except when he came to your parents house to beg for money. . .get it??

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!


Music/Radio / Re: Dobale- Modenine Ft. Gentle by javalove(m): 3:41pm On Nov 04, 2013

He still comes hard. . .punchlines, funny lines. . .abeg. . .Modo anydayy

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Liz Anjorin Converts To Islam, Changes Name To Aisha by javalove(m): 12:37pm On Oct 18, 2013
CHAI. . .E dey pain some people ooooooooo. . . I love reading your whining posts anytime someone converts to Islam. . .smiley

Sister Aisha. . .welcome to Islam. . .if only you knew how lucky you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!

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Sports / Re: I Knew I Would Score –emenike by javalove(m): 4:19pm On Oct 14, 2013
Funny enough, I told hom he would score three goals on saturday when I went to watch them train. . .

My voice is just coming back. . .we made so much noise and shut down the stadium!!!!
Sports / Re: Ethiopia Vs Nigeria: Player Ratings by javalove(m): 9:12am On Oct 14, 2013
Jarus: That was a fantastic performance from the Ethiopians. I salute them. They were just unlucky, they deserved a least a draw from that match. They had superior play, but inexperience on the part of a defender that committed unprofessional foul, and 2 moments of brilliance from Emenike, cost them the game.

I think Saladin Said and all their midfield and forward players deserve a 7.

Also, the altitude obviously told on our players. I saw a jet-heeled Musa strggling to run, an Oboabona panting as early as early 2nd half, a Moses so tired. Not a good game from Nigerians (except Emenike), but I can pardon them.

See, I know them very well as I live with them. The Ethiopians cannot do better than what they did against us. They play beautiful carpet football but it all ends there. They get tired easily and I remember at one time, their goal keeper threw the ball out of play for them to drink water. We even thought something was wrong. . . If we meet 1 million times, we will always have victory while they can have the ball possession and other stats. . .the the scoreline will always be in our favor. . .

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!
Sports / Re: Ethiopia Vs Nigeria: Player Ratings by javalove(m): 9:08am On Oct 14, 2013
Mazi_Omenuko: FANS

[size=28pt]Nigerian supporters club:
Adorned in the country's green and white apparel, they ensured they kept the hopes alive by singing and drumming all through the match

Couldn't do much as they were all state dignitaries and sat with hands to their jaw as they watched their team being beaten by the super eagles.

Ethiopian supporters club
Was much lively during the first half and roared like thunder when the antelopes scored their first goal. They soon went to sleep after the eagles equalized and notched in the winner.

CAF officials
They observed with awe as the goal bound ball was cleared off by Obuabuna, making them to wonder when and how best to implement the goal-line technology. They had a wonderful afternoon as they were silently praying for the eagles to go through.

Ethipian ladies
This is where the action attraction lies. The coaching crew of the super eagles where seen glancing over there shoulders almost all the times, looking at those beautiful faces with pointed nose. Emenike, the goal scorer had to run past all the green-white colours of the eagles fans to celebrate his goal in front of the ethiopian ladies. Words on the street is that he planned winning them over with his performance on the pitch. They kept the stadium alive, and gave the home fans viewing from their sitting room something to watch out for whenever the ball passes the sidelines for a throw-in.
Since no Ethiopian player passed the average rating, yours sincerely has decided to make the Ethiopian ladies his official women of the match.



#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!

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Islam for Muslims / Re: How Do You Feel Being A Muslim? by javalove(m): 6:47pm On Oct 04, 2013

#Javalove. . .unless otherwise stated. . .!


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