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Celebrities / Re: Stop Insulting Women While Making Excuses For Men Like Ooni - Faithia Balogun by jtofineme(m): 3:37pm On Feb 12

Mugu. So because a man is sexually irresponsible by nature he should be pardoned for it.
Men are generally irresponsible and stu.pid. and if a whole recognized ruler depicts this irresponsibility then that means Nigerian men are the worst.
The worst thing that can happen to a black woman is to marry a black man. They are the most worthless egocentric beings ever.
guys done really show this one pepper
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Is A Liar, Tithing Is Very Scriptural And Was Approved By Jesus by jtofineme(m): 9:27am On Dec 16, 2018

My neighbour is not your responsibility per se, hahaha, Come and see a Christian.

Commonsense is profitable to direct.
love ur neighbour as u love thy self

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Romance / Re: I Caught My Best Man With My Wife Two Weeks To Our Wedding. by jtofineme(m): 6:31pm On Dec 13, 2018
Hmmmm. I think you should call off the wedding or delay it. You need to be sure that your wife loves you and she isn't in love with Charles
she's in love with Charles. her body language prior the incident explains it
Education / Re: NOUN Graduates Will Now Participate In NYSC by jtofineme(m): 11:36am On Dec 08, 2018
yelss o tel them oooo lol haters re going to die now. this is gud development why the discrimination before. Afterall NOUN is better than all ths mushrooms uni around. Kudos PMB @least u achieve this great one even if I'm not apy wit ur regime.
which noun are u talking about? keep consoling yourself
Crime / Re: Prostitute Loses 4-Year-Old Son To Client After All Night Sex Romp In Delta by jtofineme(m): 7:52am On Dec 07, 2018
hmm dis one strong
it might be a psychological disorder
Romance / Re: Slay Queen Reveals Why She Dates Only Married Men (Photos) by jtofineme(m): 11:55am On Nov 05, 2018

Lol...yes we are cheap to the extent that we don't do broke ass like you. We don't care what you think about us cos we refuse to live by your standard cos you are of the male specie...you don't like it PARA E!!!!
madam how much do u worth?
Religion / Re: Would It Still Be Tithe If I Pay It To Someone In Need Rather Than The Church? by jtofineme(m): 2:53pm On Nov 04, 2018

He's not the one speaking. its the holy spirit speaking through him. don't blaspheme my GO because it carries same consequence as blaspheming holy spirit. be warned
u have been brainwashed, I pity u. mental slave
Romance / Re: I Am Thinking Of Quitting My Relationship, Please Advise Me On What To Do by jtofineme(m): 5:27pm On Oct 16, 2018

Choi...girls don deal with this guy too ooo....their by resorting to self loathing. Pele, enjoy what suits you!! Please don't marry ok
see mumu

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Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: "Kumuyi Shaking Buhari, I Am Ashamed" by jtofineme(m): 7:50am On Oct 04, 2018
I don't think it is a crime to meet the president...
I see it as an opportunity to sound some sound Wisdom in the Ears of the President...

I see it as an Opportunity to tell the President face to face on the feelings of the Church towards the killings and Burnings...
but did he make use of that opportunity to tell the president anything of such?
Family / Re: Husbands Urged To Do This For Their Wives So Their Marriage Could Work. Photos by jtofineme(m): 1:03pm On Sep 15, 2018
If a man is called "woman wrapper" just know that they are having a peaceful home.
Yea and his wife controls him
Crime / Re: Man Arrested For ‘rupturing’ Ogun Prince’s Anus During Gay Sex (Pic) by jtofineme(m): 7:49am On Aug 31, 2018
Afonja blessed with ak47.

Thats why Chioma won't let Davido rest.
the fucker is okon Bassey. na calabar man burst afonja anus

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Foreign Affairs / Re: I Now Understand Trump's "Shithole" Comment About Africa, Uhuru Kenyatta by jtofineme(m): 8:07am On Aug 30, 2018
Haters, wailers.....oya, get your handkerchiefs ready.....
It's about to start raining tears!!!

How would you know that Patience Jonathan mama is currently spending billions of dollars even while in the grave?
How would you know that Saraki kept N1.4b to himself from Paris Club refunds and is richer than Kwara state?
How would you know that $2.1b was shared by ATM Dasuki among ranks and files?
How would you know that Wale Oke hide N4b raw cash at Ikoyi's apartment?
How would you know that someone abandoned N400m at Kaduna's Airport without looking back for the fear of EFCC?
How would you know that over N1trillion was shared every year by the subsidy cabals yet you still had fuel scarcity?
How would you know that Tompolo was paid over N43b to protect our water ways by Jonathan?
Tell me, how would you know that over N240b was spent to import rice every year thereby leaving the local farmers poor as church rats?
How would you know that Deziani embezzled billion of dollars not to talk of the 56 choice property recently forfeited to the Federal Government through the court?
How would you know that Jamb who had over the years remitted N3million now remitted N8billion to the Federation account within one year?
How would you know that Fayose collected N4.7billion from Jonathan through Obanikoro to fund his Ekiti state election?
How would you know that Nigeria Customs can generate over N300b within first quarter of 2017 compared to N3b remitted over the years?
How would you know that Atiku and company (Intel) has been stealing from Nigeria government through the NPA for past 17years?
How would you know that some judges and lawyers are encouraging corruption through perpetual injunctions and what have you?
How would you know that Stella Oduah used her maids to launder N2.4b?
How would you know that Patience Jonathan also used her maids to launder over N13b even own Hotel worth N11b in Bayelsa?
How would you know that the unscrupulous ones hide billions of dollars on farms, grave hards, suckaway pits, tanks etc.?
How would you know that Deziani bribed INEC officials with N23b in the last 2015 elections to achieve victory for Jonathan and his cronies.
How would you know that Femi Aluko (Deziani's boy boy) bought a Yatch (Boat) worth N32b.
Hmmm, how would you know, how would you know...? if not for the Best President of our time.

Like Oliver Twist, we are surely waiting to know more even if the National Assembly refused to pass the bill you sent to them (The Anti Corruption and Special Court bill) to Prosecute the corrupt elements in our midst besides our constitution which shelter the unscrupulous elites... the high and mighty ones in our society.
We all know that the House of Assembly/House of Legislatives are part of the rots in our country and we are eagerly waiting for them comes 2019.
We also know that their end is near because the lives of innocent people that died as a result of their callous ways will hunt them down.
PMB, God bless and guide you for us.
so now where is the looted money? Nd how many of the looters have been prosecuted?

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Politics / Re: IPOB Woman Collapses In Owerri Court. Rushed To Hospital. Photos by jtofineme(m): 4:28pm On Aug 20, 2018
[sup][/sup]why do you hate to hear d truth sir ??can dey hold d Bible and tell us dat no body pay dem to do dis and if dos women dead which I dnt pray to happen dia husband will marry other wife and d woman will take over dia children
if there die for protesting abi? Hmmm God create people oo
Health / Re: Is It Possible For The Vagina Not To Have Any Odour? by jtofineme(m): 8:28am On Jul 22, 2018
This your friend should create a thread for herself na.
she is the friend
Romance / Re: Man Slaps His Girlfriend For Wanting To Fry Four Eggs For Herself (Pic) by jtofineme(m): 3:13pm On Jul 18, 2018
Uhmmm in a country where 4 eggs is luxury.
Please you guyz really need to get exposed.
In the USA eggs is almost free so you can fry a crate hence why most of us travel out there .When we return we are always chubby.
This is the height of POVERTY.
Am happy for her...because if they were to be married he would have poured acid on her.
Lesson to be learnt.
My dear its better to be single and hardworking than to die because of marriage(with a poor minded mentality dude). No wonder the rich dont allow the poor marry their daughters. Omo na die o!
And perhaps you feel like fighting face your guy mate.
If na so God dey hit una..no body go remain for earth you know.
the girl have got issues too. she's not suppose to throw the eggs into the sink. Am sure that's the reason for the slap. and who tell wuna say if guy dey beat girl, that kind guy no fit fight him fellow man?
Family / Re: 'If You Love Your Mother More Than Your Wife, You Made Your Wife Side Chick' by jtofineme(m): 2:37pm On Jun 29, 2018
[quote author=HeWrites post=68920314] undecided

If my wife has everything I need in a woman, I will sure love HER more that my Mum.

Don't quote me to say Ladies are hoe and will Cheat.

All I know is I will LOVE my WIFE more than Mum.[/quote see mumu]
Crime / Re: SARS Officer Escapes With Bullet Wound After Gun Battle With Armed Robbers. PICS by jtofineme(m): 5:45pm On Jun 17, 2018
Why didn't the armed robbers blow his head off. Since they're both in the same category
maybe the arm sars wanted to rob the arm robbers.
Religion / Re: Lord's Chosen Member Catches Owl In Church In Enugu State. Photos by jtofineme(m): 9:30am On Jun 15, 2018
Those people na mumu full their congregations.
and the congregation of fools shall be destroyed
Romance / Re: This Is Why Rich Guys Don't Marry Poor Ladies by jtofineme(m): 1:03am On Jun 14, 2018
Poverty is infectious

Broke poverty-stricken girls would tear the OP to shreds today. Meanwhile, they should forward their frustration to their fathers at home.

Any poor guy who decides to marry a poor mannerless girl like these ones insulting the OP has ruined his lineage and corrupted his genes.

The rich man is teaching his children boardroom politics, international business and political diplomacy while the poor man is in his wife's kitchen licking moin-moin leaf.
or in the bed room having sex to give birth to more children
Crime / Re: Cultist Shot Dead By Rival Gang Members In Cross River State. Photo by jtofineme(m): 1:34pm On Jun 12, 2018
Boki has been hot since last year.
Cultist in Boki is like a tradition.
There're times a community will give the Fulani herdsmen land to fight the other community.
Each of those communities has given at least 10% of their land to the Fulani's.
The Fulani has been killing them based on their requests...
The Fulani killed the DPO in that Area sometimes in February...
How dumb a community could be.
shut up. and stop saying what u don't know. am from Boki, kakwagom precisely. u said boki gave their what to fulanis? and who killed the Dpo? maybe na ur papa give him land to fulanis. some communities in boki where fighting and killing themselves over oil palms estate. Where fulani from come enter this matter. hmm some people ehh!
Crime / Re: Cultist Shot Dead By Rival Gang Members In Cross River State. Photo by jtofineme(m): 1:26pm On Jun 12, 2018
All These Egede men and Bergers self undecided

Say no to Cultism
is not egede. the clash is between klans men and vikings(baggars) the two deceased are members of the vikings confraternity. it happened in my community.

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Webmasters / Re: ₦26 Trillion Net, Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Pictured On The Street Of California by jtofineme(m): 12:53pm On Jun 10, 2018

cheesy cheesy You are right you know

Dude lacks fashion sense

Simplicity or not
u when no lack fashion sense how many designer dress u get for ur wardrobe?
Romance / Re: Must I Give Her Transport Fare Every Time She Visits? by jtofineme(m): 6:38pm On May 26, 2018
Nwanne, you are taking stinginess to a whole new level..

u think so? u buy clothes for her, pay for her hair, some times u buy food stuffs for her, and some other things u do. yer when she comes visiting u pay her transport. haba!! so why are u dating her?
Politics / Re: Mass Burial: Osinbajo, Amaechi Weep In Benue [PHOTOS] by jtofineme(m): 10:37am On May 23, 2018
If you like cry from now to 2019, you and Buhari are going back home!! We Can’t wait for that. Please youths, get your PVC ready, they can't keep on deceiving us. Buhari is going back to Daura come 2019!!
and how sure are u that the political prostitutes will not join the wining party?
Romance / Re: "Your Boyfriend Deserves To Know Your Body Count" - Joro Olumofin To Ladies by jtofineme(m): 6:16pm On May 09, 2018
when I wanted to disclose everything to my husband, he said no, he loves me for who I am and the past is past let's enjoy now and face future. .. not all men are interested in that ok
Family / Re: Delta Corper Welcomes Conjoined Twins (Photo) by jtofineme(m): 3:22pm On May 03, 2018
God is great ohh
ben carson where are thou......

less i forget.. you can call for your blog content writing 080971128
Ben carson no dey do dis one. he is a neurosurgeon


Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Reacts To Davido’s Birthday Car Gift To Chioma, His Girlfriend by jtofineme(m): 8:46pm On May 02, 2018

stop thinking like a poor man
what is this one saying? are u a rich man? the guy just said the truth
Crime / Re: Two Prostitutes Fight Publicly In Enugu Over Male Customer. Photos/Video by jtofineme(m): 9:49pm On Apr 27, 2018
And the guy will be feeling like a champion cause of this, still will always ask how do men sleep with prostitutes, having sex with a lady who other men do same with is quite irritating
u dey follow ur babe know wetin she dey do?
Politics / Re: FFK: "Osinbajo Is A Pernicious Liar, Sanctimonious Self-Serving Dwarf" by jtofineme(m): 5:20pm On Mar 30, 2018

grin mynd44 lalasticlala pls wetin be the meaning of Pernicious and Sanctimonious?
pernicious is an act of causing harm in a subtle way. while sanctimonious means pretending to be better than others, in an hypocritical way.
Events / Re: Man Celebrates His Girlfriend's Birthday In A Benin Night Club - Pics by jtofineme(m): 4:30pm On Mar 25, 2018
poverty is truly a disease...if my girl is cool with stuff like this I will do more than the guy did.
when you've got a woman that you love you will conquer d world for her.

if you've got it flaunt it... hungry n poor people will never cease to exist.
Rubbish comments.

*continues sipping my Hero lager*
u are the biggest fool I have ever seen in my entire life, why spend such money for a woman? an olosh for that matter. that amount of money can register waec at least for two kids in his family. if Dangote, obasanjo, even Nigerian as a country still take loans to solve issues how much do u think that fools has. I pity wuna woman don use toto brainwash wuna finish. idiot

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