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Politics / Re: President Buhari Commissions Tier-Four Data Centre In Kano (Pictures) by JustforMen: 7:08am On Jan 31
you dont know what you are saying, sir!
Nigerian law prohibits public data to the cloud like so many other countries. therefore On-Prem is the feasible option.

This feels like 1980, Others are going to cloud and you are having on premise data center, make una de innovate, don’t just build because others did. Saving terabytes in a country where u have to ensure the center is constantly powered isn’t a good idea, I know this is an elephant project to milk us but if you are in IT, you will laugh over this sort of things…
Even the US high and top secret data are stored in private clouds which is way cheaper and maintained by the vendors. Na wa ohhhhh

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Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity, Naira Redesign Are Plans To Scuttle Elections – Tinubu by JustforMen: 7:11pm On Jan 25
But the government is bad na!!!


Head of Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ)---
Chris Isiguzo

Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria IPMAN
----Chonedu Okonkwo

Electricity workers association --- Joe Ajaero

Central bank of Nigeria - Godwin Emefiele

Nigerian Medical Association--Dr.Uche Ojinma

What do these critical sectors have in common ?

They are sectors that controls basic neccesities of any country

Look at the names of the heads of these institutions

They are all from one region of tge country

All of them

We all know the media has been against the pmb government since 2015

Fuel scarcity is no coincidence after 7 years of no scacity ,3 months to election it all starts .

We have enjoyed constant electricity for a long time

Now they hardly function

The Health workers go on strile just to make goveremt look bad

They are planing another strike in a few weeks

We can all see how the CBN has messed the country up

This is all not a coinsidence

Its all deliberate


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Education / Re: Help Me Choose One Among These Courses (photo) by JustforMen: 10:31am On Jan 25
I will suggest physics and the probably statistics BUT MAKE SURE YOU MAKE ATLEAST A 2.1

It is more important than the name of the course.

Physics is best, if you can bend own, study and avoid cultist or women in the university!!


Politics / Re: Naja’atu Sacked For Incompetence, A Mole: APC Reacts To Director’s Joining Atiku by JustforMen: 6:29am On Jan 24
An incompetent person cannot work with tinubu

You must be agile and effective. ..

Agile and effective like Tinubu himself?

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Burn Umuchu Police Station In Anambra (Photos) by JustforMen: 4:09am On Jan 09
Take poison and expect someone else to die.
Wise men and women from the east!
Crime / Re: Missing Person: Have You Seen Rejoice Sarima Dike ? (Photos) by JustforMen: 8:27am On Jan 08
She might be receiving a giant gbola somewhere. She will be found soon

This is coming from a woman?

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Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo's Ex, Fancy Acholonu Begs Him To Take Her Back by JustforMen: 11:05am On Dec 30, 2022
thats one of the disadvantages of the internet. you get lots of wrong information . the guys who are introducing them to this toxic redpilled angry anti women doctrine are african american men and guess what ? all the african american guys introducing them to this angry doctrine are all dropping dead in their young age. i wonder why ? within the past few months kevin samuels and sinful the p and roger alan curry all dropped dead. these are the 3 champions of their redpilled doctrine

Redpill is not anti-women. It is just pro-men and both can exist within a rational universe!
Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo's Ex, Fancy Acholonu Begs Him To Take Her Back by JustforMen: 11:02am On Dec 30, 2022
I'm Still asking o why are u pple Anti-women on this nairaland

Most rational men are not anti-women.
We actually love women that is why we sacrifice our comfort to please you.

Most women do not like taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions and a good number a irrationally entitled while a chunk have a grandeur illusion of their beauty and importance.

When any of these characters are checked or called out, some of them don't like it and interpret it as misogyny.

Men also detest the feminism envogue these days not because we dont love you but because it is irrational and very biased against men.


Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo's Ex, Fancy Acholonu Begs Him To Take Her Back by JustforMen: 6:00am On Dec 30, 2022

Na why i day always tell people something. Sometimes, when woman misbehave , allow her make she go. One fool on nairaland here day call e useless papa simp.
Sometimes,when these people misbehave, I let them be.
Let me tell you a story, I have a girl i dated some several years ago, this girl and her family punished me for no valid and genuine reason,i shock say na the girl me and her day run shows now. My current girl too don start her own misbehavior, I just use style day allow her make she day mumu day go when e clear for her eye , we know as e day go.

Sometimes, when they misbehave and do their unnecessary oversabi, let them be first. No tell them bad word,
This Chimpazee don see say good men no day outside na em she wan come back, maybe the guy hand shake small na em she day misbehave up and down. Na so e day be.

If them call their useless papa simp, show them this topic for nairaland. NA em i go day do them now.

Letting a woman go is not a simp move.


Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo's Ex, Fancy Acholonu Begs Him To Take Her Back by JustforMen: 5:45am On Dec 30, 2022
God forbid!
The last thing I'll ever do is beg a Nigerian man to take me back. Even if I'm at fault angry
Chai... see human being ooo!

This is so so sad.


Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill & Rosy Meurer Celebrate 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Photos) by JustforMen: 5:12pm On Dec 23, 2022

Something you're perennially allergic to is what you're recommending to me?

You're a clown of many colors.

What a season to witness.

Mtcheeeww ...Adieu!
Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill & Rosy Meurer Celebrate 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Photos) by JustforMen: 4:43pm On Dec 23, 2022

Says the companion of a deluded hag.

Well, the choice to get sense is very free, my sister!

Compliments of the season.
Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill & Rosy Meurer Celebrate 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Photos) by JustforMen: 3:16pm On Dec 23, 2022


You are the deluded one here.

If you imagine in your delusion that all a woman gets out of a marriage is a child then my statement holds true.

If you are a woman then I am not even surprised this comes from you!!!

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Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill & Rosy Meurer Celebrate 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Photos) by JustforMen: 3:03pm On Dec 23, 2022
You are a deluded hag..


What would a man add to her life, really? Clearly it did nothing for her. And even these two who are more in love than she was with him could still divorce one day.

The only thing a woman gets out of marriage is children. She has her son, you don't expect her to be dying when there are many men in the world. As if having a man is what will determine the quality of her life.

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Crime / Re: Mutilated Body Of Young Lady Found On Port Harcourt Street by JustforMen: 2:33am On Dec 14, 2022

Shut up. Why are you blaming girls instead of the criminals?

Talking strickly about crime, Prostitution is also a crime in Nigeria.

We know the wicked murderers will not stop looking for victims to kill but the victims can lower their chances of being murdered by being more careful, less materialistic and avoiding Prostitution.

Atleast if they don't follow every dick and Harry in the name of hookup, the chances of being available to be preyed upon becomes lowered considerably.

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Politics / Re: Arsonists Set Ablaze INEC Office In Izzi, Ebonyi State (Photos) by JustforMen: 5:51pm On Nov 28, 2022
ok sir

You are the one deceiving yourself because you don't know that the main problem is this
useless Buhari's government that criminal
Tinubu packaged to Nigerians...
Nairaland / General / Re: I Tend To Lie Unnecessarily. Please Help by JustforMen: 9:32am On Nov 28, 2022
I hope this is not another lie!

Hello house. Is there any one that has this problem? It seems there is a part of my brain that is wired this way for years now.

While most people lie to escape punishment and blame etc, i tend to lie for no reason atall. Sometimes i need to lie further just to modify the initial lie.

1. I went late to work because i had to take home some office files which i worked with all through the night. When asked, i lied to my boss that i had a compound dispute tha made me come late. Saying the truth would have earned me praises from my boss and saved me alot of stress.

2. I got injured at home. When my landlady asked how, i lied that i had a serious accident when going to work that morning.
I told her a long story about the accident scene and all. She was sympatizing with me and almost wept. embarassed

These are just few examples i can type now, there is more.

I can't help but lie most of the time i have conversation with people. Any advice?

Politics / Re: Gunmen Declare 10-Day Sit-At-Home In Enugu Communities, Order Markets To Shut by JustforMen: 3:10am On Nov 28, 2022

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Family / Re: What Is The Brutal Truth About Life After Marriage? by JustforMen: 3:08am On Nov 28, 2022
Unlimited Sex
wrongly wrong!
Celebrities / Re: Where Is Chioma?” — Davido’s Father Inquires As They Take Family Photos (video) by JustforMen: 3:03am On Nov 28, 2022
They just can’t do without the Igbo lady..

Death is real pain

This statement is ignorantly pathetic and also pathetically ignorant... haha

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Business / Re: Naira Redesign: Bags Of Damaged Naira Notes Discovered (Video, Pictures) by JustforMen: 2:59am On Nov 28, 2022
You don't know what you're talking about

Don't mind him, jare!!
Politics / Re: Arsonists Set Ablaze INEC Office In Izzi, Ebonyi State (Photos) by JustforMen: 2:55am On Nov 28, 2022
Tinubu and the APC know that they would lose the upcoming General Elections in Ebonyi State.....

Hence they have sent Ūrchins to set the place on fire....

They will still lose Woefully

If i were you, I would stop deceiving myself and begin to worry about the main problem.
Romance / Re: Increasing Lamentations Of Guys by JustforMen: 11:44pm On Nov 27, 2022
Lately, there has been an increasing number of threads dedicated to lamentations by guys with regards to their relationships with ladies whom they are dating, friending, marrying etc.

This trend is becoming worrying because it is clear we are having an increasing number of effeminate men! Men are supposed to be tough, they are meant to suck up tough situations and move on, they ought to know when to call it quit and stop taking nonsense however they come here to ask silly questions of what to do when in unhealthy relationships.

Where are these sissy men coming from?
Inspite of all the miseducations by Ubunja and co!

Last last, na everybody go chop breakfast! Including you especially in this hookup economy where dem hoes gat zero loyalty!!

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Politics / Re: Ned Nwoko Slams Wike, Says ‘you Will Go To Jail For Your Atrocities’ by JustforMen: 4:12am On Nov 27, 2022
Abeg who go help me any amount to take chop Fidelity bank 6011407259

Go and work. Stop begging to eat.
You have more dignity than this!!
Fashion / Re: Latest Trend. Our Girls Now Wear Only Pants In Public. Pics by JustforMen: 2:59am On Nov 25, 2022

You don't know the difference between prostitutes and non prostitutes again?

Why are you talking as if that's what the average Nigerian girl wears?

False dichotomy!
Family / Re: My Aunty Sent Me Packing by JustforMen: 6:58am On Nov 23, 2022

You're a fuckin slave supporter...

This is an interesting way of seeing the world!
So working in the house you live in is now slavery?

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Family / Re: My Aunty Sent Me Packing by JustforMen: 6:56am On Nov 23, 2022
My parents travelled to Ghana so they discussed with my aunty that i will be living with her for the duration of the time they will spend in Ghana..she accepted and i moved.

Anytime i return from school my aunty would begin to insinuate. My aunty expects me to be doing dishes, sweeping and mopping. That wasn't my problem but any time i work she would outrightly condemn me and say i am lazy and useless.

I reported the case to her husband and he talked to her but because of that, she sent me packing but husband is against. I'm thinking of managing with a friend.

Why won't you help around the house?

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Politics / Re: Obi Didn’t Say He Played Football With Odili, Gazette's Fact-check False (video) by JustforMen: 9:41am On Nov 18, 2022

Obi claim Peter Odili was his senior boy In school

*How exactly is a 6 year old in Secondary school to have a senior boy as Peter Obi in senior class form 5 or SS3?!

* He also used the pronoun "We couldn't have played"

Question remains how does a 6 years old in primary knows Odili a senior boy and graduating student of SS3 to use we as a personal pronoun


"We" is used to refer to the school.

The man himself never claimed to have played football with odili.

You just want to force issues.

Politics is a very nasty business, indeed!

But you don't have to show desperation to prove what does not exist.

Remember all publicity is good publicity. The more you discuss what Obi said or did not say, especially if found to be false, the more popular you make him.

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Politics / Re: Burial Of Sobur Olayiwola Olawale Omititi Who Died At APC's Rally In Jos (Photo) by JustforMen: 7:38am On Nov 17, 2022

I beg to differ, not everyone dies at the time destined for him, there's indeed an untimely death.

You can differ emotionally!!

But can you logically measure timeliness of an event if there is no known base time against which to measure?

You can only say someone is late or early if there is a known time against which you are comparing their arrival or departure.
Politics / Re: Burial Of Sobur Olayiwola Olawale Omititi Who Died At APC's Rally In Jos (Photo) by JustforMen: 5:05am On Nov 17, 2022
Life is spiritual, we live to die but not untimely death. My thoughts with his family, may Heaven grant them the fortitude to bear the lost.
If an event has no known time, then how can it be untimely?
Everyone dies at the time destined for them.
Music/Radio / Re: Burna Boy Bags Two Grammy Nominations at 2023 Grammys by JustforMen: 10:46am On Nov 16, 2022
Wetin d guy dey sing self. Wallai I'm not sure say I don listen to one song by this guy.
na jass d guy dey use, abeg.
Abi na bribe im dey use

bad belle... go and listen to Love, Damini
Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden: It Is ‘Unlikely’ That Poland Missile Was Fired From Russia by JustforMen: 6:26am On Nov 16, 2022
What if it was an act perpetrated by Ukrainian govt to draw NATO into the war.

Very possible


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