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Education / Re: FG To Present Certificate Of Registration To CONUA (Breakaway ASUU Faction) by khadaffi(m): 2:29pm
The reason why lecturers are demanding a better welfare is because they are under paid. Government owned schools are not completely free. Allow state government to manage tertiary institutions within their domain. ASUU should be decentralised.
Each state government should be accountable.

If allowing state run tertiary institutions is the problem, even state government tertiary institutions are also on strike. This strike did not affect only federal University.
Religion / Re: Is Hot Leather Jeans Right To Wear To Church? by khadaffi(m): 11:27am On Oct 02
It's not compulsory to wear any cloth to church. If God wanted us to wear clothes he would have brought you to this world with special clothing. You are free to go to church naked if you are comfortable and OK with it.

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Politics / Re: What Wike Told Atiku In Fresh Meeting On PDP Crisis by khadaffi(m): 10:44pm On Sep 30

The south doesn't have a slot if it's not micro zoned to the south-east. The last PDP president was from the south south. So, why should wike want the presidency to himself instead of supporting a candidate from the south east. Why is it only convenient when he wins but bad when others win? What happened to his brother Secondus, why is Secondus not in the mix if not for wike's miscalculation and selfishness. He should learn how not to fight with his brothers from the northern PDP guys

If there is any PDP guy thinking along this line then I say it's pure miscalculation and foolishness on their part. This is no longer about Wike but about the party's chances in the south. Anyone with a brain knows there is no way the south will support a party whose structures are made up of the north. Considering the marginalisation they have suffered under this present administration especially regarding employment. If they want to fool themselves that this is about Wike they can wait till Election to learn their lesson. Ask yourself if APGA present a presidential candidate today, do they stand the chance of winning in the North? Why?
Politics / Re: What Wike Told Atiku In Fresh Meeting On PDP Crisis by khadaffi(m): 9:55pm On Sep 30
Atiku is much like wike in terms of saying one thing and doing a different thing. Recall how wike openly said he would support whoever emerges as the candidate irrespective of whatever happened on that day. Recall, too, how wike promised to go back to his house should he lose the election because according to him he was not in the race for the position of vice presidential candidate.
Today he nor only dey struggle to be vice he also say he nor go support the candidate.
In the end, they are all same just that wike is loud.

I don't blame Wike for anything he is doing today. If Atiku was in the position of Wike, he would have done worse. In fact when Atiku was in this same position around 2014 or 2015 he left the PDP with his gang, Saraki and the others. How do we logically think PDP will campaign and win in the south? If you collected their presidential slot, collected the chairman of the party slot. An average southerner already sees the PDP as a northern party. If they are not careful, this action might end the party as it is clear the south is OBIdient and the APC still have looted funds to help them sustain some positions in this election. Anyone who understands politics knows Wike is fighting for the PDP to win because he had helped his own guys to obtain senatorial candidate and other positions and if this action by the PDP which is already angering the people continues he and his people will loose out big time
Family / Re: Parents Who Share The Same Room With Their Kids, Do You Feel Okay? by khadaffi(m): 6:50pm On Sep 30

Marriage is practical and I know what it is! cheesy If they cope well sleeping away from you when they visit relatives, does that not give you an insight?

I didn't say they don't cope well when they sleep alone. If you read what I wrote you will see where I said they slept on their room before I changed strategy. Don't worry, from the way you sound you don't have a child. You are still talking based on what you read. Like I said when you start a family you will see how what you're saying isn't practicable. Even Bishop Oyedepo once advised against sleeping in different rooms with your kids. Now look at an example of something that happened one day. There was a little hole in the net in my passage. My room is opposite my children's room. Somehow a bat squeezed itself through that hole and started flying around the passage. By now there was no power the passage was dark but there was a lamp in my kids room and a torch. At about 2am or thereabouts my son woke up to poop. He had to pass through the passage to the toilet. He saw the bat flying around and ran back to his room, shut the door and was calling for me and my wife. We had shut our door and was asleep. He kept on calling and calling till his sister also woke and joined in calling. When he could no longer hold it he had to poop in the room. I later woke around 3 or 4 and killed the bat and woke my wife to start cleaning up the mess. Do you think I was happy? Events like these always come up when you have kids at home. I just thank God it was not something that would take their life. That is how I would have woke to hear a different story
Family / Re: Parents Who Share The Same Room With Their Kids, Do You Feel Okay? by khadaffi(m): 12:55pm On Sep 30

Co-sleeping was a topic in my Masters' class in Clinical Child Psychology and the focus was helping children to transition into "owning" their own rooms and achieving sleep independence. When your children go visit relatives and have to sleep over, how do they cope?.

I don't care what you read in your Masters programme, marriage is practical and no amount of formal education can cover the challenges you are likely to face. When they visit relatives which they do always, they cope well. Except the relative in question is not a parent and personally I would not allow my kids stay over with someone who is not a parent.

I'm older than my youngest brother by about 16 years and with what he experienced staying alone in his room, I actually vowed not to allow such nonsense repeat itself in the family. It happened that my brother was given birth through CS and immediately after delivery the doctor informed my Mum he didn't cry early enough and that at the age of sixteen he might have some complication in his health. As early as 2 years I witnessed him fainting but I didn't know this was frequent when he sleeps. Because we didn't detect on time this frequent seizure that only occur while he sleeps led to schizophrenia at 16. because of this
Family / Re: Parents Who Share The Same Room With Their Kids, Do You Feel Okay? by khadaffi(m): 12:02pm On Sep 30

Whenever you want to get intimate with your spouse, how do you get your children to stay away from your room?

When you are married you will know the answer to that. The kids have their room and they know it. Must you always get intimate at night when they sleep? During the day, they are in their room playing. They only come in from 8pm till dawn. They also know to knock when coming in because the door is always locked when I'm alone with my wife


Family / Re: Parents Who Share The Same Room With Their Kids, Do You Feel Okay? by khadaffi(m): 11:50am On Sep 30
i don stop to argue with u.

we all have our individual preference.

U can stick to ur million people ways

Oga stop arguing with people. Most of those guys arguing are not married hence they say what is normal but not practicable. I stay in a 3 bedroom with two kids but I stay in the same room with my kids. I also used to have the same mindset that the kids should stay in their room but reality made me change my mind. Most kids less than 10 are always afraid of the dark and knowing the kind of country where we do not have light, if you can always attend to the kids when they need you Goodluck. But if experience teaches them a lesson then they also learn from it. I've seen a situation where robbers broke into a flat and entered through the children's room while the parents escaped through the ceiling and called for help. Sometimes your children needs you, they keep shouting and crying while you are fast asleep and have locked your door. If you can cope with keeping kids in a separate room, fine. If not don't criticize those that do. Those saying "install CCTV in the children's room", I want to ask if the CCTV will not use power. Do we have constant power to achieve that feat?


Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Committed To Nuclear Non-Proliferation – Buhari by khadaffi(m): 5:06am On Sep 30
Yeah We should try be first country in Africa to be nuclear
we can't hold that position as it has been held by south Africa.
Health / Re: Help!!! My Sister Is Having A Mental Health Challenge by khadaffi(m): 6:25pm On Sep 28
She's a Minor and an Introvert. Always indoors. Thanks for your input.

I'm not a doctor. So it will be good you see one preferably a neurologist. But I'm familiar with most neurological problems as most of my family members have suffered from it.
1. How was she born? Is it through CS or normal delivery.

2. Has she ever had any kind of seizure like fainting, epilepsy (or related illness), convulsion, etc.

Having this answers will help and I might be able to suggest what you will need to do. If your family is covered in any health schemes such as NHIS, cost shouldn't be a problem.

On another hand if she is an introvert her behaviour might just be normal since you said she talks(responds) well.
Politics / Re: Senate Steps Down Bill To Include Rotation Of Power In Constitution by khadaffi(m): 8:19pm On Sep 27
Why can't rotation of power be part of the Constitution?
Inclusion of all geopolitical zones in power will further strengthen the unity of the country.
Enough of Fulani dynasty and emilokan principle.
Single term of five years on a rotational basis would have been fair enough.

Even if it's in the constitution the politicians will not obey it and nothing will happen. Federal character that is in the constitution is not even obeyed and nothing has happened so far. Even the Federal Character Commission itself, the employment there does not follow the rules of federal character and nothing has happened. We are acting as if everything is OK. It was in Buhari's administration that the DSS employed and the list of employment was skewed to favour an ethnic group, yet no one spoke. Please let's rest abeg. The failure to put this zoning in the constitution will soon trigger a bigger problem for Nigeria.
Foreign Affairs / On 24 Sept 2009 Muammar Gaddafi Addressed The UN. This Is One Of His Famous by khadaffi(m): 12:12pm On Sep 24
Gaddafi’s appearance was his first in the 40 years of his rule at the time, and he broke protocol by stretching his 15-minute speech to 90 minutes.

The then Chairperson of the African Union – who was wearing a brown traditional Libyan outfit with a black African continent brooch pinned to his chest – was introduced as the “Leader of the Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, President of the African Union and King of African Kings”.

It took him 17 minutes to get to his main point calling for an African seat on the Security Council. Waving a copy of the UN charter, he denounced the permanent setup of the Security Council which he says encourages the treatment of other countries as “second-class citizens”.

“It is political feudalism for those who have a permanent seat … It should not be called the Security Council, it should be called the terror council. It did not provide us with security but with terror and sanctions,” he said as he ripped a page out of the charter in a show of defiance.

“Permanent is something for God only. We are not fools to give the power of veto to great powers so they can use us and treat us as second-class citizens … Veto power should be annulled,” he added before tossing the UN charter over his shoulder.

Among his demands, he called for the relocation of the United Nations headquarters to Libya to avoid jet lag and insecurity in reference to the September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda attack in New York.

Gaddafi wanted the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King to be thoroughly investigated and proposed that Israel and the Palestine be transformed into a single state called Isratine.

He supported the Taliban to establish an Islamic state and called for the trial of those who “caused mass murder” in Iraq. He questioned the origin of Swine Flu and demanded 7.7 trillion dollars as reparation for colonialism in Africa.



Courtesy: https://www.africanews.com/2017/09/19/throwback-to-former-libyan-leader-gaddafi-s-historic-speech-at-the-un-video//

Full speech:
Politics / Re: Labour Party Is The Biggest Political Party In Nigeria With Biggest Structures. by khadaffi(m): 5:28am On Sep 22
How many of them have a sense of belonging to the NLC?
Religion / Re: Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Lady?? by khadaffi(m): 8:18pm On Sep 21
your statements are illogical to my own perspective...aka illogical being,u dont have any idea of who u are making reference to.All because he is merciful remember he can take ur life now and make u non-existing,if not for jesus death on the cross God would have killed you for your transgressing,inadequate statement<full stop>

There is nothing the dude you quoted said was wrong. He said Mary was raped. Is that true or false? In the Bible before God destroyed the world and saved Noah, Angels of God came down from above and had sex with the beautiful ladies on earth hence they begat giant. So it's not new. The area of contention is that you might say Mary was not raped, but even you know that would be a lie.

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Politics / Re: Subsidy Removal: Keyamo Tackles LP, Obi Over Proposal by khadaffi(m): 4:54pm On Sep 17
Gani Fawehinmi would surely be Disappointed and rolling in his grave..

Because his Protégé Festus Keyamo has sold his Conscience for a Morsel of Bread from the Table of Tinubu....

From being a human rights activist to now become the Spokesperson for a Notorious Drug Baron that is destroying Human lives with the illicit drugs that he smuggles into the nation...

Festus Keyamo.... Shameless thing.

Before Gani died there was an interview he stated that Keyamo was already working for politicians. So Gani won't be surprised


Romance / Re: A 16-Year-Old Girl Went For Family Planning Because Of Her Boyfriend by khadaffi(m): 6:27pm On Sep 15

Do u know how foolish u sound rn

The guy you quoted asked a very potent question and I'm shocked you can't answer something you claim to know. Tell us the danger in family planning. There is no need to start shifting the goal post as to if it was my daughter or not. Tell us the danger cause from what I know there is no danger. Of there is let us know
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Is In Exile Because Of The Late Queen Of England. Picture. by khadaffi(m): 6:31am On Sep 10
Who is David hundeyin?


Politics / Re: Kemi Olunloye Warns Against Obidients' Potential Violent Rampage After Election by khadaffi(m): 3:38pm On Sep 09
If Peter Obi loses, the sufferings can only get worse and more people will leave the country while those who cannot will keep begging online or commit suicide.

A Peter Obi's loss is a huge loss to people, who for some reason, believe that there's still hope in living in Nigeria, but that won't break us because suffering and smiling syndrome is already a Nigerian identity.

To all OBIDIENTS out there, we should uphold love for country over love for our candidate.

You can continue to uphold love for your country. In the event that Peter Obi looses which is highly unlikely, my next action will be to leave the country. It's a good thing we still have people like you though.

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Education / Re: Scarcity Of Teachers In Private Schools: What Is The Cause and the Way Forward? by khadaffi(m): 12:41pm On Sep 09

So with more Graduates Running away from teaching, who will teach our children in the Future

There will always be government schools. So your kids might attend that. Before then, public schools might have improved

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Queen Elizabeth's Visit To Nigeria by khadaffi(m): 11:35pm On Sep 08
Queen Elizabeth II reviews the honor guard upon her arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe Int. Airport in Abuja, 03 December 2003.
This was her first visit since the country won its independence.

Are you sure of this info? I have a video of when the queen visited during the era of Tafawa Balewa with Festus Okorie Eboh and the rest present
Politics / Re: Opinion-No president can solve Nigeria problem without doing this. by khadaffi(m): 7:03pm On Sep 08

It is either resource control by states or regional as it was in the 1963 constitution

Try to be very clear when you write something of this magnitude. Not for you to start calling the mods to post nonsense to the Front page. What do you mean when you say regional as it was in 1963? Are we still having regions now or state? Also are you suggesting the 36 states be scrapped while we revert back to regions? Try to be clear.
Education / Re: Who Is ASUU Really Fighting For? by khadaffi(m): 3:23pm On Sep 05

The current President of ASUU Prof Osodeke Emmanuel, his children attended school here in Nigeria, Infact the same Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) Abia State where he Lectures.

Here is an ASUU member relaxing away in US while students here are at home.

Politics / Re: WARNING!!! Dont register your company on CAC online portal is a scam!! by khadaffi(m): 10:45pm On Sep 03
It's not fraud. I did mine sometime ago. Although what I notice is that you can't file annual returns online. You will have to visit their office or an accredited agent for that. Forget what you are told. If there is anyone that has file annual returns online please let's know how you did yours
Politics / Re: The Top 10 Most Expensive Construction Projects In Nigeria by khadaffi(m): 8:01am On Sep 02
Am i the only one noticing that there is no notable project construction ongoing in the South East and South South.

Where again is the second Niger Bridge located?

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Politics / Re: The Top 10 Most Expensive Construction Projects In Nigeria by khadaffi(m): 7:59am On Sep 02
Abuja to Auchi to Benin road nko?
Benin sapele road nko?

Guess they are not ongoing and instead being used to steal money

Nothing is going on in those roads. That road just dey like Dele. The residents in the Auchi side even protested recently


Politics / Re: The States That Peter Obi As At Today will be Sure Of Winning. by khadaffi(m): 6:59pm On Aug 31
I pray so but 3 States in the North is enough to cancel out all those states you listed just that the one from the North will be divided between APC and PDP.

While the North is divided, those ones above are not. It is a one way ticket especially the SS and SE. Except Kwankwaso step down now, he will be doing the North a big disservice
Politics / Re: Nigerian Draws Shettima [PICS] by khadaffi(m): 1:42pm On Aug 29
Good job.
Meanwhile, Shettima is capable of fighting insecurity cuz he will literally tell his boys to come out of the jungle and submit their weapons.
And anyone that resists will be dealt with.
The repentant BH will be recruited into the military and used to fight the urepentant ones to oblivion.
Mark my words.
Amnesty programme loading in the North.
And that is what Gumi has been clamouring for as an end to insecurity.

Buhari himself is a Boko Haram commander. How far has he gone with insecurity?
Business / Re: Silica Gel by khadaffi(m): 12:03pm On Aug 29
Please where can I get silica gel in Lagos ? Is urgent please.

It depends on where you are. I used to sell it when I stayed there but I've relocated. You can get it at Ilasamaja bustop. Just ask for any chemical shop, they should have it. The Ilasamaja, after Iyana-Isolo bustop. That is if you are coming from Oshodi. If you are coming from Mile-2, it should be after Cele bustop.
Politics / Re: List Of Politicians That Have Gone Into Hibernation by khadaffi(m): 11:58am On Aug 29
Lai Mohammed
Godwin Emefiele
Politics / Re: The Loose Security Around Peter Obi Should Worry Us All by khadaffi(m): 10:33pm On Aug 28
Don't be jittery.. he definitely moves with DSS as a presidential candidate. Whether he likes it or not . It is constitutional to attach him with secret services

I was also about to say this. Every presidential candidate moves with security operatives, whether you see them or not. They are there.
Politics / Re: Shettima's Challenge: Check Out More Hilarious Photos by khadaffi(m): 6:14pm On Aug 23
grin grin grin I don laff tire

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