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Politics / Re: How Come Igbos Do Not Give Money To Street Beggars by kutchs: 11:10pm On Feb 16

It is you that is stupid and inhuman. When God created you, did He say it was not your job to help your fellow man in distress?

Did He say leave it all to government?

Every Sunday you go to church to pray for riches for yourself. Is that not what you Nigerian ''christians'' do? Church for you is simply an ATM to beg God for money. Is that what your bible says worship is for? Is it not for selflessness and loving your neighbour as yourself? When last did your corrupt pastors stress such virtues?

No wonder you think it's not your job to help others in distress.

In the UK a century ago, when people starved in the streets and govt corruption was rife, private citizens came together to set up charities, and 'soup kitchens' for the poor and hungry. They didn't say ''it's the govt's job, none of our business''.

They took responsibility for their fellow citizens. Those private charities still exist today, despite the existence of govt welfare programmes for the poor.

It is your moral DUTY to help your fellow man if you can, irrespective of what the govt is doing or not doing. Get that into your little selfish skull, you hear?

This is purely the emotional outburst of an insecure person devoid of any sense. No where in my comment did I suggest it's wrong to assist the need, I merely opined that begging isn't a business to be proud of. Even the Bible you're so quick to reference condemns begging when it says he who doesn't work shouldn't expect to it. I'm sure even does who beg aren't proud and happy they're begging. That's my point my dear.

Again, while it's my moral duty to help the needy, it's both a moral and legal duty of the govt to support them and take them off the street to ensure they are neither abused nor abuse others. You need to check the 1999 Constitution to see what they social responsibilities of the govt are.
There are so much the govt can do for the vulnerable than leave them at the mercy of the elements. Don't encourage govt's irresponsibility, that's my point.

BTW, keep your insults to yourself.


Politics / Re: How Come Igbos Do Not Give Money To Street Beggars by kutchs: 10:41pm On Feb 16

Do you know some beggars have mental health issues that prevent them from 'hustling' or being productive ? It's not always about having 2 hands and legs. Try to be sophisticated in your reasoning.
Don't celebrate govt's irresponsibility. Begging isn't a business to be proud of A responsible govt would identify those with poor mental health and send them to a rehab centre and not allow them on the streets where they could be abused or even abuse others.

The country has enough money to run some social services for the poor and stupid posts such as this validate their irresponsibility.

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Politics / Re: IMO: APC, Uzodinma Urge Supreme Court To Reject Ihedioha’s Request For Review by kutchs: 10:19pm On Feb 16
Way to go!

Ihedioha should stop wasting funds on legal battles he can never win. His lawyers are just munching his loots, knowing fully well he is just being stupid.

One of Atiku's lawyer built 15 ensuited storey building just from Atiku's case at the supreme Court.

Ihedioha should quit politics and go into Agriculture. Fish farming and Pigery are money spindling ventured as it stands today.
I do not see how the money and time you claim he's wasting concern you. Those commodities are his and he can use them as he wills. He has not come to you to borrow money and will never, so save your data for yourself.

Whether he wins the appeal or not, one thing he has succeeded in doing is awakening the consciousness of Nigerians to all that's wrong with the SC under Tanko Mohammed.

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Politics / Re: Why Kaduna And Kano Combined Is More Developed Than The Southeast by kutchs: 2:57pm On Feb 16
I have been on nairaland for some time now and i have seen alot of ipob people saying their region is more developed than other regions in Nigeria, so i went into some diggings and found out that kaduna and kano in the northwest while oyo and ogun in the southwest beats the whole eastern region in the following
* Infastructrue
* Health
* Education
* Security
If you doubt my point lets compere with facts and no insults please. Thank you
What do you guys gain from these pointless and needless arguments? How does Kano and Kaduna being better than the South East improve your life as a person?
Gawd! Get a life and face it.


Politics / Re: Ihedioha Should Be Very Careful Or He Will Go To Jail – Mbaka by kutchs: 11:22am On Feb 06

Mbaka is the only prophet on earth that makes me believe there are true prophet for real. I have always followed his prophecies.

Imagine a man who supported Buhari despite his region saying no to Buhari. Against all odds

Imagine Ihedioha again. Uncommon prophecy that resulted in insult before it came to pass.

I will always respect Mbaka prophecy. There is no man of God in Nigeria today that can withstand Mbaka's prophecy. You can quote me to prove me wrong
I guess you started following his prophesis in 2015. Those of us who have known him since 2001/2002/2003 know he's a scam.
I'm sure you weren't born when he swore that God told him Chimaroke Nnamani won't win election in 2003. Did Chimaroke win or not? Did he serve out his tenure or not? Where's Chimaroke now?

Mbaka is a fraud. He doesn't want Ihedioha to challenge the fraud at the Supreme Court so his useless prophesy isn't rubbished.

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Politics / Re: Ex Aviation Minister Femi Fani-kayode Allegedly Stole N4.6 Billion To Fund Ex-pr by kutchs: 2:14pm On Jan 31
You see how stupid your post is, did FFK serve under Goodluck Jonathan?
Politics / Re: Number Of Civil Servants Per State In Nigeria by kutchs: 12:24am On Jan 13
The number of people that will be without employment when Biafra actualizes.

Abia - 3579
Anambra - 3576
Ebonyi - 865
Enugu - 2695
Imo - 5825
Total = 16541

Yanminri sufferhead want enter 5th gear....
Wow! If it is only 16541 people out of a population of over 50 million that will be out of job upon Biafra actualization, then the unemployment rate will be just about 0.0005%, something Nigeria can never achieve.
Politics / Re: Pick Your Successor, Bakare Urges Buhari by kutchs: 4:38pm On Jan 06
Bakare is one of the so-called enemies of Nigeria he talked about in his sermon. Influencing who takes over from him means that Buhari will rig the election in his favour.

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Celebrities / Re: Kaffy In Nnewi, Tours Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Plant (Photos) by kutchs: 6:01pm On Dec 09, 2019
Won't she return to London
Just arrived the country as the story says.
Besides, what's wrong with her being in Nigeria?

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Sports / Re: Barcelona Celebrates 120th Anniversary by kutchs: 6:14pm On Nov 29, 2019
Barcelona FC was founded before Madrid, but Madrid dominated them.

Happy anniversary anyways
All thanks to General Franco.
But hasn't Barca been thrashing Madrid in the last 10 years?


Celebrities / Re: Timi Frank Gifts Tonto Dikeh A Luxury AP Wristwatch & Apartment In Dubai by kutchs: 2:48pm On Nov 15, 2019
the foolish Timi frank is so useless that the only thing that made him relevant is parading himself as Former Deputy Publicity Secretary of the APC.
Show me where he paraded himself as Former Deputy Publicity Secretary of the APC. He didn't write the article posted here and I'm not sure he cares for anything g APC again.
So seek for your own relevance and let the man be.


Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Much Is Achieved When Public Resources Are Used For Public Good by kutchs: 5:51am On Nov 02, 2019
The question to ask this preacherman is if his govt is using public resources for public good. Where's his boss? At whose expense is he in London and doing what there?

It's very easy to do the talking but very difficult to do the doing. Osibanjo and Buhari are classic examples of this case.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo To Egypt: Join Us In Calling The World Against Boko Haram by kutchs: 5:04pm On Oct 29, 2019
Good call VP only that your principal once said that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North. What has changed sire?
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Nnamdi Kanu's Father Eze Kanu Is Dead. by kutchs: 4:23pm On Oct 25, 2019
If Cownu has the balls let him visit Nigeria for the funeral.
Burutai will use his balls for suya.

Buratai can do that because Kanu isn't armed and doesn't have armed followers. Shouldn't Buratai be dealing with Boko Haram that's armed like him and his boys?

Boko Haram has been challenging him since 2015 he became Chief of Army Staff, what has he done to them?

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Nepotism On Steroids! By Dr.farooq Kperogi by kutchs: 7:39pm On Oct 09, 2019
have you even confirmed if what the stup!d kperoogu is saying is true. you just jump on the band wagon to start commenting trash. first of all, it is not the president or presidency that promotes Police officers but the PSC (Police Service Commission). recall what happened to Ribadu when he was given double promotion by Obasanjo? he was later demoted. now this rascal is talking of 4 promotions in 4 years and no one came out till now? TRASH.
If you think any govt agency in Nigeria today is independent of the presidency, then you are high on expired weed. What PSC are you talking about?
The truth is that Abba Kyari controls virtually every damn govt agency and what he says goes.

In any case, let's for a minute conceed that the PSC is in charge, I ask what rational justification do they have to promote an officer four times in four years? What exemplary and heroic deed did he accomplish? How has he distinguished himself from his fellow officers to warrant such rapid promotion?

Pls answer.
Politics / Re: Between Charles Soludo And Peter Obi At The Platform In Lagos by kutchs: 9:45am On Oct 02, 2019
Today at the Platform in Lagos

“...You don’t advice your principal in public or on the pages of newspapers..."

Charles Soludo.

"Building a nation is not about partisanship. All hands must be on deck when it comes to Nation Building"

Charles Soludo

"At least we have seen the blueprint of the FG and that of the APC in Elrufai panel, where is the PDP’s blueprint"

Charles Soludo

"We have no other country apart from Nigeria. That is the truth..."

Charles Soludo

"When I was named as member of the Economic Advisory Council, a friend called me, spoke in Igbo "leave their job for them", I asked why, he said "But there's no money there now, just a Committee.. That is how we reason in Nigeria......"

Charles Soludo

Part 2.
Today at the Platform in Lagos.

"Nigeria will soon collapse...."

Peter Obi

"Sell all seaports and airports to private investors. It doesn't make sense when FG builds or renovate them"

Peter Obi

"....Nigerians withdraw money paid into the account faster than any other country in the world...."

Peter Obi

"If you say there's no money, why can't you catch ALL those who steal our oil and get back d money? That's big money"

Peter Obi

"What U hear about Nigeria is poverty, poverty,poverty. In fact, in insecurity, we will be worse than Syria&Afghanistan"

Peter Obi

"They borrow, they said they are building rail, roads, bridges but we can't see any rail, roads or bridges anywhere"

Peter Obi
Your post meant to make Obi look that isn't it?
Perhaps you can start by giving us the context in which the quotes you referenced where made.
'Nigeria would soon collapse' is this the first time we're hearing that said? Is Obi the first to mouth it? Why not give us the full background and context instead of picking out the quote isolation?

Again, Charles Soludo (much as he sounds brilliant) is an appointee of the govt and would always pander to the wishes of his employers. He wouldn't want to say anything that would put his job at risk.

What we need today are men who speak truth to power, who say things they way they are without fear or favour and Obi is one of those men.
If we keep hiding the actual state of affairs from Buhari, Nigeria won't make progress.

Obi is talking like an economists, he has always been insistent and consistent with his belief that the govt (particularly the Nigeria govt) has no business running a business as they have made a huge mess of business. Give MTN or MultiChoice to the Nigeria govt today and watch them go down. That's how bad the govt is.

Soludo an first class economists turn politician won't dare say that, cos he isn't sure when his next job will come. Shameful.

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Politics / Re: Re: Re: Why Online Hysteria Against Buharis UNGA Speech Is Absolutely Necessary by kutchs: 3:44pm On Sep 26, 2019

What different would it have made if he answered the questions correctly? You guys will still fish out something that is not missing

All the world leaders speech's at the UNGA are just regular talk as usual. No actions

Your comment is Ludacris really. Aren't you ashamed that in the 21st Century, you've a president who apart from not knowing what inclusive governance is, cannot understand simple questions?

The difference it makes is that before the comity of nations we're ridiculed and will continue to lose respect until that guy leaves Aso Rock.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo More Powerful Than Buhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari –Tony Momoh by kutchs: 7:30am On Sep 23, 2019
Since 1999, there has not been a smooth working relationship between the President and Vice- President like we have now between Buhari and Osinbajo

The truth is always the truth from here to Pluto!

Don’t ever listen to the chest beaters when it comes to the country’s affairs!

They’ve never been wise, till now they’re still as dump as a man intending to catch a bird with his bare hands!
What stupid smooth working relationship are you talking about? A Vice President that has no say in the running of a good he's supposed to be the no 2 man, a vice resident who's sent to distribute money to market women when important decisions are to be taken. What nonsense?

I'll rather have an Obasanjo and Atiku kind of relationship than have my boss treat me the way Abba Kyari (never mind Buhari) is treating Osibanjo. Remember how the 2017 budget was sent to Buhari in his hospital bed to sign when there was an acting president sitting lame duckky in Aso Rock?
That to you is smooth working relationship?

Stop deluding yourself bro, the cabals have so very low respect and opinion of Osibanjo.

My pain is we never learn and we keep making excuse for the North's ill treatment of the South. The same people being oppressed are the same people making excuses for their oppressors. It's a shame.


Politics / Re: Afenifere Should Stop Dabbling Into Politics, Remain Socio-cultural -bode George by kutchs: 9:09am On Sep 16, 2019
Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos

Olabode George, a former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has bemoaned the division in Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, saying it was time elders in the group concentrated on advancing the interests of the Yoruba nation and stopped dabbling into politics.

The polarity in Afenifere has seen the faction led by Senator Ayo Fasanmi attracting only members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) such as Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Bisi Akande, Segun Osoba, and others, while the other led by Pa Reuben Fasoranti is reputed to have sympathy for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Speaking with Daily Independent, George, the Atona Oodua of Yorubaland, said Afenifere should emulate other socio-cultural organisations in the country such as Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), and the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU).
According to him, these organisations have no political leanings and speak for the interest of their sons and daughters, irrespective of their political affiliations.
He said: “I know Papa Fasoranti and I know Senator Ayo Fasanmi. Papa Fasanmi knows that Pa Fasoranti is a leader in the hierarchy as they were coming from those days.
“When you look at the people which Pa Fasanmi now leads, you will begin to wonder, what is going on here?
“The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) was never divided. Even if it was, it remains the unifying voice from the North.
“Looking back to history, the mistake was that Afenifere should have remained the cultural union of our people and not go into politics.
“But the way the Egbe Omo Oduduwa and the Action Group started, we now put politics and culture together.
“I have a lot of respect for all the leaders in Afenifere and I remember, as a PDP chieftain, I met them and I said ‘let us come together’.
“Then Afenifere was part of Alliance for Democracy (AD), and if you look, that was how Action Group and Egbe Omo Oduduwa started.
“You should be able to divorce politics from cultural matters. People in Yorubaland belong to different political parties, so we said why can’t Afenifere be a cultural union?
“Irrespective of the political party you belong, as a Yoruba man or woman, you are a member of Afenifere.
“We should make Afenifere the strength of Yorubaland, the cultural union of Yorubaland.
“Look at Ohanaeze, you can be a member of any political party, but culturally all Igbo belong to Ohanaeze.
“That is the message the elders of Afenifere have to start giving to the people. They should treat all Yoruba sons and daughters, irrespective of political parties, as their children.
“I want to appeal to the elders in Afenifere that we should assert the body as our cultural union that has no political affiliation. You can promote your party, but when it comes to the voice of the Yoruba people, it resonates all over.
“The Urhobo Progress Union is not affiliated to any political party, the same with Ohanaeze or Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), and it has nothing to do with religion. Some people are looking at Afenifere as if it’s a political party, it is not.”
George also said Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Lagos State governor and national leader of the ruling APC, would be punished for moving against Yoruba leaders in Afenifere who assisted him politically to where he is today.
He urged Tinubu to collect a Bible from his wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who is an Assistant Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and read Psalm 73 to get a proper perspective of life.
“If he (Tinubu) thinks he has money, he is mistaken because money is not everything. Nobody has ever died with all his assets buried with him. He should go and read the Holy Book, Psalm 73.
“He can borrow the Bible from his wife because she is a deacon and see what the Almighty God can do, which he did before during the time of David.
“Why is he claiming to be all-in-all? Can he be perpetual? So, sponsoring people and undermining the people who actually brought him to limelight is unfair. There is retributive justice. He will pay for it.”
Also speaking on the state of the nation, George said it was time for politicians in the country to move closer to God in order to atone for their sins.
“We have drifted badly in the wrong direction. We need to move closer to God Almighty.
“Whether a Muslim, Christian, or whatever, we need to go for a season of fasting and praying, because we have offended God.
“That goes across various political parties. We also have the same madness in our party. We need to go back to pray to God to forgive us our sins because there is nothing in life you do, you will pay back for it,” he added.
How can you possibly divorce politics from the society and culture. Does Chief George not know that the political climate/decisions of political actors affect the socio-cultural well being of the people?

It's akin to asking the clergy to stay off politics as if they are not political beings.
Politics / Re: Baheejah Mahmood: If Fulani Go On Strike For A Week, Nigerians Will Know Their by kutchs: 5:40pm On Sep 14, 2019
Cow meat hasn't been eaten in our house in over 2 years and we haven't died, in fact we have got stronger and healthier. They should start the strike this minute and let's see who suffers it the most.

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Politics / Re: Clothes Spread On Rail At The Ministry Of Finance Building In Abuja (Photo) by kutchs: 10:21am On Sep 06, 2019
Lol. Some people cannot just limit their nonsense lifestyle to their home. He done carry am go company wey he dey work.

New stock arrival! Quality UK 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade men's shirts
available for sale. Check link below for more details
How I'm sure these shirts you're advertising aren't the very same clothes hanging on the rail up there?
Politics / Re: Many Nigerians In Our South Africa Are Drug Traffickers- Naledi Pandor, Minister by kutchs: 7:49pm On Sep 05, 2019
I saw and heard a South African on AIT now speaking about how a Tanzanian shot the SA taxi driver against what's falsely reported? He also denied the claim that nothing Nigerians are into drug trafficking saying it's mainly Tanzanian. So who's lying here?

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Politics / Re: Ihedioha Pledges To Invest N3.9b In Basic Education by kutchs: 9:56am On Sep 02, 2019
Very foolish and useless occultic mbaise man. This has nothing to offer us in imo state except sponsoring the use ipobs criminals and terrorists.

Nnamdi Kanu is a bastard.
Which of these gets you angry? That he's foolish and occultic or he's an Mbaise man? If it's the first, well perhaps he can change but if it's the second, then you're in trouble and will remain so till eternity cos you can't change his Mbaiseness.
Politics / Re: “No Law Requires Me To Produce My Certificate” - Buhari To Tribunal by kutchs: 10:52pm On Aug 21, 2019

This is what the Nigerian constitution says about educational qualifications of a president;

Are you insinuating that Buhari had not been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent?

I'm not making any insinuations bro, it's up to Buhari to prove that he was educated up to School Certificate level. How does he prove that if not by presenting the CERTIFICATE he got?

Do you not think that the word CERTIFICATE there is significant?


Politics / Re: “No Law Requires Me To Produce My Certificate” - Buhari To Tribunal by kutchs: 5:32pm On Aug 21, 2019
But just how does one prove that he's educated?
Possession of a certificate is the only way I know to produce that one has received education up to a certain level at least formally which is what's required here.

That you can speak and write good English, were seen in a school compound with uniform and mingling with other students/pupils aren't enough.

It's even shameful that a president of a 21st Century country doesn't and is proud to admit he doesn't have a certificate.

Even more shameful are the host of SANs defending him.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Nation In State Of Confusion And Directionless. by kutchs: 11:37pm On Aug 16, 2019
50% of Ndigbo never knew El-zazky when PDP was in Power, other 50% never cared about him or his activities until Buhari came to Power.

I was harassed and threatened by a fellow easterner, who told me to stay away from Zazaky's matter to avoid the anger of his "igbo" colleagues who are in Abuja streets protesting for Zazaky's release.

At this point, Ndigbo have forgotten Nnamdi Kanu, their hero. Zazaky at this point have become an essential and major vendetta in disputing and attacking this government. While Kanu is still in exile, Igbos who agitated for a Sovereign Nation are back on the streets of the "zoo" to protest for a Muslim extremist who hails from the den and group of individuals they (the Igbos) hate so much.

How could you make friends with your "known" enemy to fight another enemy? That's confusing, coming from the same people who drove northerners away from some of their states. The question is, " what do Igbos want exactly? Fortunately for me, I have the answer right here �

"Igbos want this country to remain in abject poverty, political unrest, terrorism, tribalism, prejudice, insecurities, bad governance and habitual crimes"

You may agree or disagree with my answer and assimilations but, if Igbos supported PDP for 16 years and gained absolutely nothing from them apart from the money they disburse to us "only" during election periods, how could we be utterly against a man who is here to correct the mistakes of the same people that ended up killing and butchering us for 16 years? You can now see why I gave you that blunt answer.

Ndigbo have no destination, no plans, no tactics, no ambition, no political relevance. We are only wallowing in the wilderness of CONFUSION and BLIND HATRED.

Let's even assume for a minute that the Igbo has no political relevance in Nigeria, tell me how the lives of the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba who have held power since independence are better than that of an average Igbo.
How relevant is the power you exercise when you can't use it to change the lives of your people? Currently in Nigeria, the worst places to live in are the northern states and Yoruba states owing to armed banditry and kidnapping despite the president and his vice being from these places.

You may support the continued incarceration of El Zakzaky because Buhari your lord is in charge but you forgot that nothing lasts forever. It's El Zakzaky today, it may be you or someone close to you tomorrow.

Injustice is bad, join to condemn it. Even if the Igbo protest for the release of the man, they do so in protection of the rule of law and our hard earned democracy.


Politics / Re: Who Can Stop Buhari In 2023? by kutchs: 7:08am On Aug 04, 2019
I don't see Bubu doing a thrid term thing...for several reasons

1.It would wreck his party. There are too many big wigs in the party with eyes on the prize in 2023...and the last thing they want is Bubu doing thrid term....the support won;t be there.

2.Obasanjo tried it in 2006. And he 'had his ducks lined up in a row.' Did not work.

3.Bubu is not in good health. A thrid term would wreck his health even further.
Given how intolerant of the opposition he has become, do you not think that he can set his harrassment agencies like the DSS, EFCC, police and army against even the likes of Tinubu should they raise a voice?

It may seem unthinkable now but with Buhari you can never be sure.
What worries me is the complacency of the youth.
Politics / Who Can Stop Buhari In 2023? by kutchs: 10:45pm On Aug 03, 2019
Can Buhari be stopped by anyone in 2023?
This question has become quite imperative given his clampdown on the opposition. Last year Tuface Idibia was intimidated and harrassed into chickening out of his planned protest against the government. Today Sowore has been arrested and his planned protest on Monday banned by the police and Nigerians are hailing the government.

If Buhari decides to change the constitution to allow him a third term in 2023, I ask who can stop him.
He has the judiciary in his pocket, so definitely not them.
He has the NASS led by his boys, so they are out of it.
The armed forces and the police he controls.
Even the poor and vulnerable masses seem so overwhelmed.

So I ask, who?

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Politics / Re: Ihedioha Demolishes Freedom Park That Okorocha Built (Photos) by kutchs: 9:45pm On Aug 01, 2019
But how come nobody here has posted a video showing the destruction by Ihedioha? Are we saying there ain't people living around Freedom Square who could have taken photos or recorded a video of the park being destroyed?

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Politics / Re: Senate Suspends Ministerial Screening by kutchs: 2:07pm On Jul 24, 2019
Screening? Just a waste of time and resources.
Not until presidents begin to assign portfolios to ministers nominee so that the Senate is guided in asking them questions will we have a true and proper screening exercise.

Nominees are supposed to be thoroughly grilled in the areas of assignments to determine their capability and qualification for the job.

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Politics / Re: Cabinet Delay May Send Nigeria Back Into Recession – Experts by kutchs: 2:01pm On Jul 21, 2019

Buhari just wouldn't learn his lessons.

At times what we wish for eventually becomes our downfall

Feel free to disagree but politely..

1. If Buhari had never been a civilian President, he would have been longed for...held in high esteem.

2. If Fatoyinbo wasn't so well-known, the degree of shame wouldn't be global....

3. If Bukola Saraki didn't surpass his dad, his descent from grace might not have been so drastic.
I respectfully disagree with no 3. There's nothing wrong with surpassing your father because we're supposed to be breaking new grounds and not letting our incapacitations limit us.
Again, there's no well a man who rose to the office of the Senate President be said to have fallen from Grace. Yes he lost election, but is he the first to? Will he be the last to? Losing election doesn't translate to loss of grace. For one thing, Nigeria will remember Saraki led NASS as perhaps the most formidable and one that stood neck to neck with the executive which is how their relationship ought to be in the first place.

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