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Education / Re: World Teachers' Day - Share Your Experiences With Your Favourite/worst Teacher by LadyCherish(f): 11:28am On Feb 25, 2019
FGGC Bauchi too? Which set o?
Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Gandoki, Basketmouth And Klint De Drunk by LadyCherish(f): 5:18am On Feb 25, 2019
[quote author=freemanbubble post=76085853] Loved that series
Education / Re: World Teachers' Day - Share Your Experiences With Your Favourite/worst Teacher by LadyCherish(f): 10:33pm On Oct 05, 2018
Mallam Galadima. Government teacher FGGC Bauchi. God bless and reward you
Awww... my Alma mater. which set please?
Education / Re: Richard Akindele: Monica Osagie Sent Nudes To Me, Why I Demanded 5 Rounds Of Sex by LadyCherish(f): 7:01pm On Jul 06, 2018

Romance / Re: You Cannot Be Dating A Lady And Not Be Willing To Support Her - Allison Hyacinth by LadyCherish(f): 6:53pm On Jul 05, 2018
Nawa for you oo Meshach
Celebrities / Re: Korede Bello: How I Graduated From Nigerian Institute Of Journalism by LadyCherish(f): 9:53pm On Apr 24, 2018
Congratulations Korede #Godwin

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Events / Re: 48.1Kg Fish Caught At Jigawa Fishing Festival 2018. Photos by LadyCherish(f): 9:30pm On Apr 24, 2018
Nice one
Literature / Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by LadyCherish(f): 9:13pm On Apr 19, 2018
++++++++++ Chapter 5 +++++++++++++


It has now become the trending topic on everybody's lips that a lecturer is dating a female student. This made Kunle to have so many thoughts about him and Blessing. The truth is that he don't really love Blessing, he only planned to get under her skirt like he normally do to all the female students that falls under his trap but the outcome he's getting now is not part of the script he had written. He don't want to be see as a weakling man that's why he told Blessing that he will make their relationship official.
"You can be inside the river and be complaining of cold, if a man runs aways from war, what should a woman do? Help me!! Help me!! Is not an anthem for a soldier man" these are the watchword that Kunle usually use to encourage himself whenever his mind drifted to relationship between him and Blessing. He later concluded that he do everything so as to make sure that Tunji never win.

Blessing also on the other hand seems afraid because of the people Tunji were working with or rather say working with Tunji, most of them are into cultism and they all have connections inside and out side Lagos and the worst of it was the letter they received few weeks ago. The letter was pasted on the school notice board
It goes thus:
From The House Of The Big Boys
Hell Road,
Street Of Thieves
Abuja. Nigeria
To Prof Kunle
This is letter of greeting from us to you our honorable professor, we are using this medium to warn you to desist from the secret affairs you're having with one of the students we put under you.
We knew when you started your affairs with Blessing, we were quiet watching you maybe your ancestors are with you but you proved to us that they are dead and gone. The end of the line you're threading is dangerous and we're begging you to back off or else!!!
" A Word they say is enough for the wise"

Yours' Truly

Blessing slept in Kunle's house that very day, they went to club where one of kunle's friend was celebrating birthday. Tosin was also with Segun. So none of them slept in the hostel room. The time was already after 2am when Blessing and Kunle got home. They started another merriment and later slept like log of woods

Don't forget that neither Blessing nor Tosin slept in the hostel room. Nobody will kuku ask them where they were coming from.

Ademola, Fela, Olusesan and Daniel were the one who wrote the letter that was sent to Kunle and Blessing. They pasted one at Blessing door post and did the same to Kunle door post and they pasted the last one to the school notice board. They did the job during midnight with the help of some of their buccaneers members

Like I said earlier, Blessing and Kunle slept like log of woods that they don't even know that the time was far spent. It was John the house boy the knocked at their door to tell them about the parcel he received. Kunle came out wearing his nighties, he collected the parcel from John and opened it. He saw the letter and read the articles inside. He shivered, his countenance changed, he caused the first day he met Blessing
Family / Re: My Fiance Has A Child Out Of Wedlock. But Kept It A Secret From Me. by LadyCherish(f): 7:07am On Apr 18, 2018
That's the female hostel of ABU Zaria, sir.
yes o. Amina hall

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Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Murder Family Of 6 In Takum, Taraba (Graphic Photos) by LadyCherish(f): 9:16pm On Apr 04, 2018
Stuûpid country...

This is not a 'God Forbid' matter.

The moment this kinda stuff happens to someone I hold dear, the whole country will know my name.

Must we wait for it to happen to our loved ones before we react??
Now is the time to speak up and defend ourselves.
One Nigeria!!!
Romance / Re: Nothing Is More Painful Than Seeing Your Girlfriend Dating A Rich Guy. by LadyCherish(f): 7:02pm On Mar 24, 2018
HMMM This One Knows Me..."Who Are You Pls?
Human being ��
Celebrities / Re: Stephanie Coker’s Bridal Brunch In Greece Last Night (photos) by LadyCherish(f): 7:00pm On Mar 24, 2018
Would you like us to connect you?
to what?
Romance / Re: Nothing Is More Painful Than Seeing Your Girlfriend Dating A Rich Guy. by LadyCherish(f): 10:58am On Mar 24, 2018
Meshach I see you bro
Celebrities / Re: Halima Abubakar And Susan Peters Wash Their Dirty Linen In Public by LadyCherish(f): 12:46am On Mar 21, 2018
Translation of the Hausa oooh....biko
no comment, I hail una
Celebrities / Re: Umar Waragis Rasuwa Dies Of Stroke & Terminal Disease In Jos (Photos) by LadyCherish(f): 6:12pm On Mar 14, 2018
with his name he's already a living corpse. how can someone bear rasuwa
Gaskiya fa
Business / Re: Fatima Dangote And Jamil Abubakar's Pre-Wedding Dinner Photos by LadyCherish(f): 9:37pm On Mar 12, 2018
Circle of the elites continues. Allah ya bada zaman lafiya.
Sports / Re: Shehu Abdullahi In Tear As He Bids Farewell To Anorthosis Famagusta by LadyCherish(f): 9:11pm On Jan 21, 2018
Before opening this thread, I taught he was just cured from one deadly disease.

The club name Anorthosis Famagusta sound like an infection or virus that has terrorized civilization for decades. Please I don't mean to offend any of their supporters here in Nigeria and abroad.
My thoughts exactly...
Family / Re: 9 Children Die In Fire Outbreak In Baccha Village, Plateau (Photos) by LadyCherish(f): 2:49pm On Jan 16, 2018
Today is a black Tuesday In Mambilla,Plateau as 9 children died in fire outbreak in Baccha village,a suburb of Njuge community in Titong ward, along Mayo -Ndaga road.The cause of the infernon is yet to be ascertained

Their funeral prayer & interment took place today in Gembu,the Head quarter of Sardauna LGA of Taraba.

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2018/01/black-tuesday-in-mambillaplateau-as-9.html?m=1
Rest in peace
Celebrities / Re: Debie Rise Visits Her F.G.G.C Kabba, Kogi, Presents Them With New Guitar by LadyCherish(f): 7:49pm On Oct 02, 2017
I thought green is the colour for all Federal Government schools? Abi the FGGC is not a federal school......... See all of them, hungry children. I remember FGC make I no mention the area before some children yab my school.
Nope, green is not always the colour for Federal Government Colleges. I went to FGGC Bauchi and Ox blood was the colour of our uniform.
Romance / Re: Why Is It So Hard To Find A Caring, Supportive, Loving Boyfriend Nowadays? by LadyCherish(f): 6:41am On Aug 14, 2017
whenever a lady says guys are not always there or not caring, here are the possible scenarios

1. The guy is not responding to her manipulative antics
2. The guy she is love struck for is not a prototype of the fallacy the society has conditioned her mind to expect of guys
3. The guy is an authentic alpha male
4. Most times, the only asset the lady brings to the table of progress is enhanced beauty. No financial or intellectual value. The dude's spider senses picks this up and he as a consequence responds by chopping, cleaning mouth and then runs away as though he was powered by nitro boosters.
5. The guy noticed that the girl is not really passionate about him but after his material possessions and perceived prospects. Trust me ladies, there are guys who see through these things.

In reality, every guy just needs four qualities from a lady

1. God fearing: This is beyond being born again. You must respect the provisions of scripture as the final authority as it relates to courtship and marriage.
2. Submissive: ladies, if you want to experience a blissfull relationship, this is the key. If you want unlimited access to your partner's mumu botton, this is the key that arrogant women may never find. It is true that some men are tyrants. Granted. But one can only judge disobedience when your own obedience is complete.
3. Sacrificial and hospitable: guys, don't date a stingy lady. Dont continue with a lady that has never expressed financial commitment. A lady who cannot give sacrificially is a disaster. A wise man said, giving is proof that you have conquered greed. I was invited for a wedding and was amazed at how matured slay queens were rushing to select fanta, some 7up. Some where rushing to feel the bottlee for the coldest. The scene was comparable to broilers scrabbling for feed. I was embarrased for them at their public display of immaturity.
4. physically attractive: This transcends beyond looks. your holistic outlook should give your man confidence, do not go around falling your hubby's hand looking inappropriate and in worse cases engaging in conversations void of common sense. Intelligent conversations add to your physical attractiveness somehow.

In order to balance things, ladies do not date someone that

1. is not God fearing
2. Does not submit to an earthly figure: In the event of crisis, there has to be a reputable figure that can stand or mediate between the two of you. One whose counsel has a positive track record.
3. is not passionate about you
4. is not responsible: This means that he must be aware of the cost implication in a relationship which includes the financial costs, time etc.

credit to Apostle Joshua Selman (ENI).

wow... Apostle Joshua Salman always on point! Thanks for sharing this piece
Celebrities / Re: Stephanie Coker’s Bridal Brunch In Greece Last Night (photos) by LadyCherish(f): 5:44pm On Aug 12, 2017
No that babe wey de speak fone for Hustle?
Lol...na she oo
Education / Re: Nine Courses That Can Make You Cry In Nigerian University by LadyCherish(f): 1:07am On Aug 12, 2017
happy birthday dear. We're birthday mates too.
Pm me let's celebrate it in a euphoric style
wow for not replying earlier, have been offline. Happy Birthday to you in arrears and thanks for the wishes birthday mate
NYSC / Re: Types Of Pressure Unemployed Graduates Face After NYSC by LadyCherish(f): 9:54pm On Aug 11, 2017
story of my life!


NYSC / Re: I Need Advice On What To Do With My N300k Savings From Allaweee by LadyCherish(f): 9:37pm On Aug 09, 2017
300k? Did you serve the nation for 5 years?
I wonder oooo
NYSC / Re: I Need Advice On What To Do With My N300k Savings From Allaweee by LadyCherish(f): 9:33pm On Aug 09, 2017
Ogbeni ,300k,u no chop at all during service grin
As in...
Politics / Re: Throwback Photos Of El-rufai As A Young Man by LadyCherish(f): 9:57pm On May 20, 2017
He be the ones that were stood in them middle.

and he always luuk as a illitinrait
What are you saying?

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Education / Re: Nine Courses That Can Make You Cry In Nigerian University by LadyCherish(f): 3:40pm On Mar 18, 2016
Lolz, u forgot to include d second most challenging course in d world after almighty MEDICINE AND SURGURY...... I PRESENT TO U "ARCHITECTURE" u go buy material for semester projects, u go wan cry..... If ur drawing pen fall Bros no boda to pick am ooooo, na to go buy another one shaparly...... Abeg I can't fit shout.
hahaha Architecture a course like no other...twas so stressful that I almost gave up
Education / Re: Nine Courses That Can Make You Cry In Nigerian University by LadyCherish(f): 3:35pm On Mar 18, 2016

Peeps cry on Jury day as their work is being torn apart after many weeks of sleepless nights...especially ladies. 3 design projects per semester takes all your time and money and you still have to cope with other theory courses. Looking back i think its ignorance that makes courses seem difficult. Most of the things we stress on don't really matter few years down the line. We ignore the important things only to find out later that those things we ignored are actually more important.
[quote author=idu1 post=43867221][/quote] well said tushboobo, you sounded like an abusite.
Education / Re: These Courses Are Difficult To Have First-class In. by LadyCherish(f): 1:44pm On Oct 16, 2015
Op I'hv seen some1 that started with a GPA of 4.0/4.0 in architecture but he is currently at 3.94
Is 4.0 first class I remembered back then in school we change the name of our course from Architecture to ArchiTORTURE .
Romance / Re: 10 Shameful Acts&Immaturity Guys Display After Getting Under The Skirt Of A Lady by LadyCherish(f): 4:40pm On Oct 06, 2015
What do you expect after cleaning your ear with a cotton bud?you put it in your pocket abi?
Besides who enjoys the process of ear cleaning,the ear or the cotton bud?
Mutuwa your name though..
Celebrities / Re: Mavin Singer Di'ja Teaches In A School In Kaduna,Donates Books To Them(pics by LadyCherish(f): 1:38pm On Sep 17, 2015
Basani Basabo

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