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Romance / Re: I Stopped Replying A Girl I Used To Like Because Of This Text by Lastanza: 6:48pm On Sep 14
These small boys too like totow.
ASUU do una real bad.

Giving a lady money to buy food is nothing bad. Please if you cannot finance dating a girl, just keep off totow and concentrate on your studies.

A lady who agreed to sacrifice her pride for you should be respected and cared for.

Call me a SIMP if you like.

You are not just a simp but a simp Lord.

Lord simp!

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Education / Re: Scarcity Of Teachers In Private Schools: What Is The Cause and the Way Forward? by Lastanza: 5:47pm On Sep 09
Everyone here talking about paying the teachers the right salary. How many of you are ready to pay the right school fees. Even those that are paying peanuts as school fees are talking.

What I've come to understand about nigeria is that most people don't wants to go through the rigors of entrepreneurship. They want another person to take up the enormous challenge while they prefer to get employed by the same entrepreneur and paid well(soft life)

Even those that have the wherewithal to establish a factory or company would rather go for importation and import the same products they would have rather produced locally(same soft life and easy route)


Career / Re: 620k Job In Nigeria Vs Msc In UK? Please Advise by Lastanza: 3:03pm On Aug 21

I only said he should notify the company he's already applied for M.sc programme, no company is going to wait but is best they know

And when he comes back his salary will quadruple. There are people with PhD in that his field and that are better than him in this country without job or with far less pay. Nobody is indispensable.
You say MSc from UK university? Then companies will be rushing him. Seems you are not current
Career / Re: 620k Job In Nigeria Vs Msc In UK? Please Advise by Lastanza: 10:37pm On Aug 20
Left for me i would say go 4 M.sc In Uk u can tell the company that u intend going for M.sc that the job can wait, when u re done with M.sc u re given 2yrs postgraduate Visa extension to look for job there and luckily if u get job u would be happy with the pay but if u don't when u come back to Nigeria with ur M.sc from a UK university, ur salary will quadruple, the 620k u re shouting would end up to be 2.4m monthly pay, tell d company offering u the job that u av already applied for masters program in UK but if they want they can keep d job opening till u return,

See human being reasoning. Tell the company this,tell the company that. Thay they should keep the job for him till whenever he returns. As per he is the only one in the entire whole world that can do the job.

Some people can overestimate themselves sha


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Liverpool FA CUP (2 -3) On 16th April 2022 by Lastanza: 6:52pm On Apr 16
YNWA. The trophy is already in the bag. Chelsea are our wife. Crystal palace no reach.
What do you mean by Chelsea being your wife?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Bombing Leaves Ukraine’s Kharkiv In Ruins (Photos) by Lastanza: 10:10pm On Mar 17
And still the Russian army cannot occupy this city after almost a whole month ? So they just bomb and bomb and bomb but the soldiers are too scared to move in because they know they face complete annihilation by the Ukrainian army.

The Russian army is overrated.

I hate Russia for this but the Russian army is not overrated. There are different approaches to war and this is like a Carabao cup(in military approach)

If Russia wants to level Ukraine in a week, they can but this is a strategic fight where they target only military and government formations. If Russia rolls out main weapons for a full blown war you will be saying a different thing.

I hate Putin!
Crime / Re: Unknown Gunman Set Ablaze At Ifite Awka In Anambra State (Disturbing Photo) by Lastanza: 5:13pm On Mar 15
chaaai.....wetin go de dt kain mind as e sit foe ground n dm tie e hands for back knowing dt death awaits....dis life na 2 secs..
I dnt know wat he did bt jungle Justice isnt d way forward
From the explanation above, there is a 90% chance that this guy has killed before and he was even the one that killed the vigilante guy so what justification does he have to live.


Celebrities / Re: Lupus: I Have Five Years To Live ― Kemi Afolabi (Video) by Lastanza: 11:09pm On Mar 11
lupus is not a death sentence . Over 70% have a normal life span

quality healthcare is key
What of the remaining 30%
Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Attack NDLEA Operatives In Ebonyi, Kill 1, Razes Van by Lastanza: 8:26pm On Feb 20
This government is the most useless and ineffectual administration I have ever seen. Even the almighty America negotiates with terrorists and do prison swap if the need arises but one gworo chewing dingbat keeps massaging his egos by not doing the needful.

Not in any way in support of ipob but if releasing Nnamdi Kanu on what ever condition will douse the tension and stop all these needles Killings why not do the damn thing.
You are loosing security personnel on a daily and you just keep mute like nothing is happening (not even when the so called security agents can't defend themselves)

Very bad!


Travel / Re: IELTS: UK Money-Spinning Venture Rips Off Nigerian Visa Applicants by Lastanza: 7:37am On Jan 16

It is, Sir.......

Why are people writing the exam, to migrate and remain.... If something was not attracting them......

People don't migrate for economic reasons alone. There are UK citizens studying and working in US/Australia etc so in this particular topic, it's not entirely about the economy.

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Travel / Re: IELTS: UK Money-Spinning Venture Rips Off Nigerian Visa Applicants by Lastanza: 7:09am On Jan 16

What is dis one saying bayii again? Use Waec to enter UK school as Par UK na capital of Nigeria… do u even know what Waec stands for? I’m not sure they even accept that nonsense exam in SA self u are talking about UK… that nonsense exam na only west African countries abeg

Some of you claim to be educated but can't prove your education. What's all the ranting and talking down on waec for. That waec is nonsense?
Nigerians always talking down on their own to feel fly and posh.

Let it be known to you that many high school students of those countries will fail waec if they take the exam.


Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Sent Out Of Benin For Asking Oba Of Benin To Marry Him (Video) by Lastanza: 5:58pm On Jan 09
Look how beautiful she is tho..I guess the king
really forgave her ..
She can go live her life where it's acceptable..cos Benin no dey joke with their kingship oo..
But on a more serious note she was being ignorant she never knew it was gonna escalate..I do hope Nigerians are gonna understand she's also a human and should be accepted into the society..

Which one is she, she all over your comment. Na wao
Health / Re: Staff of Jos University Teaching Hospital Celebrate Exit of "Tyrant" CMD (Video) by Lastanza: 10:15pm On Jan 02

If I can't complain boldly wen one is in power

When the person leaves I let the person go in peace

I don't know what you do but if you work in a place where you have a boss or superior, can you walk up to him and tell him that you don't like his way of leadership?

Do that and lose your job.
Crime / Re: Zamfara Police Arrest Sani Mati AKA Mai-Yanmata (Notorious Bandit) by Lastanza: 11:54am On Dec 30, 2021

angry angry angry The way these dirty rogues are beginning to get glorified by the media is so nauseating . Turji, Kachalla black, etc.

Some arse wipes that should be flushed out of existence are being described like heroes.

No be their fault, I blame the lack of support from the political elite in those places for the Nigerian Army.

It's not the media o. It's the police. Every criminal they catch(even a pickpocket) is described as a notorious gang leader. They seem to have a template for reporting crimes. The same way a crime in Zamfara is the same way is reported in rivers and every other parts of the country.

The ones they didn't catch always escaped with gunshot injuries
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 10:59pm On Dec 29, 2021
Shake my head! You are living in a patriarchal society, the reason you write this way.bGo and reach that saner clime and commit any sexual offense.. na prison get you..

I'm not in any way condoning sexual harassment but let it be known to you that R. Kelly and his like are in prison today because of laws and order not your slap him, batter him and report him narrative and mind set.
Many of R. Kelly's victims have access to gun(as you know is obtainable in US) and other forms of violent but chose law and order hence he is in prison now. I advise you not to let your emotions have the better part of you when ever you are provoked because it doesn't always end well

We are not even talking about what would have been the girl's reaction if the guy is rich and well to do(another discussion entirely)
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 7:54pm On Dec 29, 2021
in saner climes, they did kill you for anything relating to sexual offense; be it the family of the victim or even the judge. They don't joke with it. Go and harass a woman and in return the woman slaps you and then report it, saying you got slapped by a woman to whom you sexually harassed. We would know who will be in prison for too long. For any little mistake you make in society, your past record will be used against you. I laugh at you all. I keep saying this, I hope it is your mom and sister they did this to so you know how it feels .

For your information, I am not moved by this your "My mom or sister narrative" so you can keep making reference to that for as long as you want.

Like I told you earlier, don't assume from this very scenario here that the next person you slap will spare you like this guy here. You may not have your eyes intact or even be alive to pursue the case when the person returns the favor immediately. And also as I said earlier, stop making reference to saner climes because you are absolutely bereft of what is obtainable there.
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 9:54pm On Dec 28, 2021
borrow sense too. If that girl was to file for harassment irrespective of she having to slap him or not, that guy will go in for it big time. You do not know how irritating and annoying it is for someone to dehumanize you, commodify you and you expect the girl won't react. Even your sister and mother will react if I say something like that. Imagine you telling me trying to commodify me, I will punch you and report you..

When you were making reference to saner climes I thought you were speaking from an informed mind point of view. Don't make reference to what you don't know about next time because in saner climes they don't go about punching people in response to verbal provocation. There are laws and orders

Now you just unearthed the Nigerian thuggish part of you. And for your information, not everybody you punch will just be looking at you like that guy. Some people will make sure that they return the favor immediately whereby you may not even survive to make your so called report.
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 6:05pm On Dec 28, 2021
the guy accepted the slap cause he knows he is wrong. Stop your trash talk, in a sane climate, once you are guilty for sexual harassment, whether she slaps him after or not you will serve time and no employer will employ you. Like I said, you do not know how it feels because your mother or sister has not confronted you with such a disgusting situation. You think it is normal because of the society you live in but this is not right.

You are writing balderdash. No body is disputing the guy being wrong but does two wrongs make a right? In your saner clime reference do they go around slapping people for wrong doings.

Yes the guy is wrong but would she have slapped if the person is older and more mature than her. In saner climes there are laws and order and you don't go about assaulting people for wrong doing(that's taking laws into your hands). It's now OK because it's a guy and termed gender based violence when it's the other way round.

Let me ask you do you know what some wifes say to their husbands on a daily? But they don't go about slapping their wives

Borrow sense
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 2:28am On Dec 28, 2021
Shake my head! We all want a better country. That is sexual harassment. I hope someone offers to pay your mom and your mom in return tells you about her ordeal with a man who used thar phrase on her making her uncomfortable. Only then, you can understand what this means.

And slapping the guy is the best response from your "we all wanting a better country" statement?

Hell would have let loose all over internet with gender based violence tag but it's right and normal now because it's a man. Real guys are still representing sha no matter all the noise


Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Boy For Asking Her How Much She Charges For Hookup (Video) by Lastanza: 2:12am On Dec 28, 2021

What shock? She already threatened to slap him. He should have been prepared to reply her before that simp came to take her away

I thought as much but the guy played safe for his own good. Those guys in there may not spare him and that would be bad for him.

Even the lady slapped him because she knows she has cover. On a very good day she won't try it one on one.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Newcastle - (3 - 1) On 16th December 2021 by Lastanza: 9:41pm On Dec 16, 2021
Link please eeeee
Nairaland / General / Re: What Calms You Down Whenever You Are Angry? by Lastanza: 5:43am On Dec 15, 2021
Mine is silence o. It's been working for me and it helps me from making statements that I would regret later
Celebrities / Re: Banky W, Simi React As Court Declares Marriages At Ikoyi Registry Illegal by Lastanza: 7:12pm On Dec 14, 2021
So marriages conducted there should be dissolved?

Nigerian judiciary is a MESS
Nigerian judiciary is not a mess on this one. The federal government has been usurping the powers to the state and local government from time immemorial

Every tier of government has their roles and powers explicitly spelt out in the constitution but no, the federal government would rather leave their functions and go down to villages to be conducting marriages.

Like Falana said, restructuring is already taking place through the judiciary and it's just a matter of time before every sector of the country will be restructured

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Romance / Re: I Asked Her, Can't Your Parent Provide Basic Needs? Are My Wrong? by Lastanza: 1:39pm On Dec 05, 2021

It's not too late, at least trying to push her to press her parent to be at least a bit responsible

Mr man you keep mentioning her parents, her parents. Would they kill themselves because they gave birth to a girl? Her parents are legally responsible for her upkeep till the age 18 when she becomes an adult.

Is this girl in question not human enough to fend for her daily bread even as a student? Boys and other girls her age are doing one thing or the other legally to earn a living and you are here talking about her innocent parent as if she is crippled.

From my observation you spoilt the girl from the beginning.

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Health / Re: Nairalanders Help! Don't Know What Is Happening To My Skin! by Lastanza: 2:30pm On Nov 14, 2021
That's cream reaction. I've once had that. Change or stop using the cream or soap you are using now and it will go away
Family / Re: Is It Wrong To Cook In My Married Brother's House? by Lastanza: 11:17am On Nov 10, 2021
You cook okra soup for only yourself or for the entire household? undecided

Did you also purchase your own ingredients or did you use groceries already in the house to do this? undecided

Is your brother an extremely rich man or does his house also operate on a food budget like most homes do? undecided

And lastly, did you at least clean up after yourself or did you expect that his wife will clean up for you? undecided

The way I see it, there isn't nothing wrong with cooking even if in a friend's house. However, there could be everything wrong with how you do it. undecided

Let me tell you her gross. Non of those things you mentioned their is her reason for being angry.

Women have this feel or belief that kitchen is exclusively theirs. That is out of bound to even their husband. They will be craving for gender equality but feels bad Wen a man enters ''their'' kitchen to cook.
Travel / Re: Edo Mother Of 4 Falls & Dies In A Septic Tank While Walking Through It (Pix) by Lastanza: 6:07pm On Nov 08, 2021
That house should be marked for demolition!

Like Play like play four children have become orphans.

Rest in peace to her.

How are they orphans. Na you kill their father?
Career / Re: I Need Your Advice by Lastanza: 6:40pm On Nov 05, 2021
This guy sef. 85k plus side hustle doesn't pay your bills. And you are just 26 and single.
Brotherman, you have a problem with managing money and that is what you need to work on.

Forget about all this ur ''I want to travel out. I want to do this do that but no money. Everybody has an idea of one thing or the other they want to do but finance is the challenge.

Work on what you are spending money on.

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Properties / Re: Ikoyi Building Collapse: Onyinye Enekwe Dies One Month To Her Wedding by Lastanza: 9:10am On Nov 04, 2021

Her time has come, it has nothing to do with her profession

And it is avoidable. She and other people could have still be alive if things were done right.
How many time have you heard of buildings going down any how if not for natural disasters.

What I'm saying is that some human errors are avoidable
Politics / Re: Army Warns Solders Against Taking Pictures & Videos During Operations by Lastanza: 9:00am On Nov 04, 2021
So that all their evils will be concealed and they can easily deny

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Education / Re: Video Of Ghanaian Female Student Smoking Hard within School Premises by Lastanza: 9:50am On Oct 30, 2021
3 & 6years Old IG page available for sale. Contact @ rilleyellis6060@gmail.com

Criminal. Keep hacking people's accounts for your days are numbered
Crime / Re: Joy Onuh Ogochukwu Raped & Killed In Benue State (Photos) by Lastanza: 7:56pm On Oct 21, 2021
I'm losing my mind already because of the kind of system we run. This was almost the same scenario that played out in the case of Akwaibom Iniobong.

A case of emergency will be reported to the police and they will tell you to wait till 24hrs before action will be taken. What fvcking kind of archaic system is that.

Even with an obvious evidence of a life under threat they will tell you to wait till its 24hrs. What sort of shithole are we living in here

Pathetic. Fvcking pathetic!!

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