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Romance / Re: What A Girl Did After I Stopped Giving Her Money by lilyheaven: 4:16pm On May 19
Wahala ooo 😁
It means you will be scared of me, if you’ve known me in person .
I see that as an insult to my personality.
Anyways, I think some people are experts, when it comes to begging. While some don’t know how to ask.
Secondly, when you don’t ask or complain... people tend to think you have it all .

I go fear lady when nor ask for money unless I know she doing something or her parents is supportive

Giving a lady money or not doesn't make a lady a good person

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Romance / Re: What A Girl Did After I Stopped Giving Her Money by lilyheaven: 10:11am On May 19
Na waoh!
So ladies don’t work again,
Or do business?
Lady ask for money, problem
She didn’t ask for money, problem.
Make una the calm down small, haba!

The simple fact, and most guys live on the denial that they don't

They don't even ask themselves how the said babes that don't ask for money care for themselves
Romance / Re: What A Girl Did After I Stopped Giving Her Money by lilyheaven: 10:08am On May 19
Go and marry her ooo
Stop wasting her time.
If you don’t want to marry her, tell her now, let her go and settle down with a serious person,
Before your follow human beings will start calling her evening news paper.
E be like say na only me get gf wey hardly ask me of any financial favors but keeps disturbing me with marriage talks grin


Romance / Re: Why Do I Find It Difficult To Forget Him? by lilyheaven: 11:23pm On May 13
There’s nothing you can do about it.
The memory is already imparted in your brain.
Your lucky , you are not seeing him in your dreams.

Each time the feelings come, think about it, and enjoy the moment.
Don’t try to fight it, because the more you try to fight it, it will be behaving as if , it’s so important, it will keep coming.

Just relax and let it flow, gradually it will fade away.
But the truth is, once in awhile, it will just flash in your brain and disappear .


Family / Re: My Wife's Family Calling My Son Another Name by lilyheaven: 7:56pm On May 13
You are a trouble maker 🤣🤣
Na them know the real papa
Romance / Re: Why Are Most Nigerian Girls Not Technically Savvy? by lilyheaven: 10:36am On May 13
Passive exclamation!

😂 What's sme sme....are you from the South?
Agriculture / Re: Basket Of Tomatoes Now Costs N58,000 by lilyheaven: 10:11pm On May 12
Na carrot stew , I dey now.
Na wa o...

Na to convert all cookings to concoctions...laced with red oil..

cheesy grin cheesy grin

On a serious note, it's time we embrace the local tomatoes, especially in the southwest...go for the southwest grown tomatoes and not the ones from the North..yes, the northern ones are better , fleshy and less watery..but then, situations like this...no kill yourself...Yoruba tomatoes is equally good. grin cheesy grin

It's well
Romance / Re: Why Are Most Nigerian Girls Not Technically Savvy? by lilyheaven: 10:08pm On May 12
It can be annoying !
They should get there acts right then.
Your gender people can't be forming feminists and at the same time delegating skilled roles to men.
Like someone said up there.
45 years old aunty begging 15 years old boy to fix bulb for her in this age and time

Romance / Re: Why Are Most Nigerian Girls Not Technically Savvy? by lilyheaven: 9:34pm On May 12
It’s not their fault, it’s because someone is getting it done for them.
Many times it’s upbringing too.
Don’t touch it , don’t it.
They will grow up with fears.
My momma no send us , while we were growing up, we took care of our responsibilities, like bathing eating, wearing our clothes, etc
If you like don’t eat, nobody cares, na stream we dey go bath sef .
I started climbing trees when I was small, even coconut trees.😃
Come to plumbing work, I fix .
Small small electrical work at home, I fix them.
meanwhile , my husband who is a man that should be doing all these things , will be doing sme-sme-.

I have visited a woman once, they had power supply ooo... madam switch on TV , she said she doesn’t know how to do it, she’s waiting for her husband 🙄
I just weak for her.
I wanted to dismiss this thread as another nairaland redpillers stunt but sadly it's true.
Our girls are very poor in technology.
Simple home machines hard for them to manage.
Most of them can't operate ordinary water pumping machine at home

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Family / Re: How Our Nigerian Parents Prevented Some Of Us From Enjoying Our Childhood by lilyheaven: 8:56pm On May 12
When you retire from service, you can play games tire, since you are hustling for more money.
for now...
But me ,,, any small time I get, I play game with it .
When I’m waiting for sleep, I just play game .
Romance / Re: Man Beats His Wife Blue And Black For Putting On Trousers During Sex Hours by lilyheaven: 4:49pm On Apr 21
Divorce means you are granting her wings to fly.😀
She’s not going anywhere
good one, me divorce straight

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Romance / Re: Man Beats His Wife Blue And Black For Putting On Trousers During Sex Hours by lilyheaven: 12:37pm On Apr 21
Why will I rent another apartment because my wife denied me sex ?
I will bring the chick to my house.
Some foolish single mother that does not understand the joy of marriage are here calling the man broke ..that's why their life is pathetic . I don't support the domestic violence but married women denying her husband sex for God knows why is worse than a log of wood .. d few idiot nairaland female were blind to the fact she was collecting money from her ..

If you wife deny you sex , do not ask her for sex again, rent another apartment get another woman that's ready to satisfy you and go there . You will only take care of your kids and do anything for her when you feel like.

These same set of nairaland oloshos will be the first to complain if the man cheated .. women don't love men, average women are selfish, so far their needs are met , they don't give a Bleep about their husband .. women's love for you is conditional it's only a man that can love a woman without expecting any ephemeral gain..

The said man will face justice for not being smart , next time stay away from any woman that. Deny you sex , that's a divine sex from above you need to be satisfied elsewhere , but do it with wisdom

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Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy: FG Begins 40% Pay Rise For Workers April Ending by lilyheaven: 4:26pm On Apr 18
Private sectors have to increase salary too.
While prize of goods will increase.
And what happens to those who ain't govt workers?
Family / Re: Does Money Really Give TRUE Happiness? by lilyheaven: 1:43pm On Apr 18
You are not a materialistic person.
I think you will be a natural person.
Try going on adventures,
Take a vacation to where you can climb mountains, water falls, village streams climbing mango trees 😂 that kind places will make you happy.
You can come take along because I love such things a lot.

No, It's not ingratitude. In fact, I think it might be too much of gratitude and contentment but I'm not sure. I am very comfortable and appreciative of where I am, was, and came from. I used to be so ambitious but not anymore. The desire for more is now nonexistent yet what was already gotten isn't as exciting as one would expect. A part of me thinks it's because I am not materialistic.


Family / Re: 5 Bedroom Country Home Design With Basement. by lilyheaven: 1:31pm On Apr 18
That’s back view, not front view
Daft design,a basement supposed to be hidden. Oponu
Romance / Re: I Slept With 155 Prostitutes by lilyheaven: 11:11am On Apr 18
Correct guy!
Just try listen to your spirit.
They are addictive. I lost my virginity there. I keep count too, although mine is just 16. I havent patronise them since this year. Yesterday, i went to see the house i intend to rent and the girls i saw gave ashewo vibes. I becamep sceptical. A part of me wants to end that lifestyle but my canal man is urging for sex, after all like they say body no be firewood.
Romance / Re: I Slept With 155 Prostitutes by lilyheaven: 11:10am On Apr 18
Arrange deliverance prayer 🙏 for him.
It's controlling power of sexual immorality that has taken hold of you need to submit your life to Jesus and you need deliverance in the name of Jesus.
Romance / Re: I Slept With 155 Prostitutes by lilyheaven: 11:09am On Apr 18
😆😆 his an accountant,
He doesn’t need the judgment book at the last day, because he has already taken notes of all his actions and inactions on earth.
lots of guys sleep with Prostitutes but what worries me about your case is that you are keeping the score........like why?!!

even tracking protection and non protection.

Maybe you need therapy.

on the flip side what about them has you hooked?
Sports / Re: Achraf Hakimi's Wife Filed For A Divorce, But Found Out He Got No Property by lilyheaven: 11:25am On Apr 14
Real man indeed.
Let her go and hustle for her money 😂🤣
Correct man.

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Romance / Re: Palmpay Has Sent My Friend Into Depression (pictures) by lilyheaven: 10:52pm On Apr 12
But waiting 20k fit buy for birthday sef
Some people are just crazy . If he cannot afford 20k, what is he doing with celebration?
So U no take loan take buy food stuff or even settle important bills, Na for show off u collect loan for, u wan impress the street that’s nice, as u don enjoy the accolades, use that same energy to enjoy the disgrace fool
Health / Re: What Are The Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement, My Babe Is Complaining Of My Siz by lilyheaven: 5:29pm On Apr 12
To achieve enlargement , but it shouldn’t be overused.

Why are they recommending vacuum pump for treating erectile dysfunction?
Anyway, Oga OP that your woman is a demon looking forward to your death. If her kpekus dey make noise please enjoy the noise. Make your babe go find man wey get NEPA pole size of preeq. You better flee from her as she has a man with a bigger size doing it for her.
Family / Re: Marriage Has Failed Me! by lilyheaven: 5:27pm On Apr 12
Your right.
A man can’t just watch his soul mate insulted for no reasons, without him taking an action to put a stop to it.
I feel they don’t respect their brother too .
You're right but when faced with two evils, it's safe to choose the lesser one.

The lady in question here is married to a family full of manipulations and if care is not taken, she may lose her sanity.

Her husband is neither here nor there which is why she is currently going through emotional trauma.

When family members treat their son right and treat his wife wrong, there is monkey hand in the soup. I don't trust her husband, that's my point.
Family / Re: Marriage Has Failed Me! by lilyheaven: 12:43am On Apr 12
Please it’s not good to marry a bad husband 😂
You saw the red flag and still went ahead with the wedding. That's your first mistake.

It's better to marry bad husband in a good family than marry a good husband in a bad family.

For the records, I don't trust your husband. He either is a weak man or he was involved in this somehow. His recent lovey dovey with his sister when you are clearly hurting is questionable. I don't mean his sister should be his enemy but a good man should try to resolve your issues with his sister before doing what he is currently doing. I personally see it like they are both mocking you, I could be wrong.

Right now, the ball is in your court. If you can survive the emotional torture, then enjoy your marriage but if you can't, well...
Family / Re: Marriage Has Failed Me! by lilyheaven: 12:39am On Apr 12
This one na small thing.
Please focus on your husband and your daughter.
Go get another job please,,
Put your body and soul together.
You see all these once worrying your peace of mind, they are just passing times... one by one they will grow old and die. And it will just be a memory

Sincerely I think I over-tolerated them from day one, I saw a family who never wanted their son to get married, because in their terms, they want to enjoy his money first. I wasn't the first he introduced to them, the first girl wasn't working and from all indications she'll be relying solely on him, so she was out rightly rejected. I later found out I was accepted by them due to my status, but they dreaded the fact that he was extremely in love with me and that's where the whole jealousy and envy started.
It doesn't make sense to me that I should be insulted by you consistently without provocation just because I'm getting married to your brother. My closest brother, my mom had just the 2 of us before she died and we're very close is also married. It has never crossed my mind to hate or disrespect his wife. I do call her to check on her and she does same. Why is my own case different?
Marriage from my side is very expensive but I pleaded with my dad to be considerate with them since my hubby wasn't gainfully employed then, my dad got angry and kept asking me why him?
I have supported him with all I've got. I never said my money is my money. So what exactly is their problem?
For a Christian family, I never expected this. I just wish I wasn't blinded by love from the onset. I sincerely regret my decision.
Family / Re: I Don't Want My Mother To Come For My Omugwo by lilyheaven: 8:07am On Apr 11
You don’t eat?
Because of kitchen utensils.
Is kitchen utensils the only work at home.
She never complained she can’t take care of her kitchen.
And who told you she’s not working?
Your ego is too much, bring it down.
Wicked soul.

Y'all pathetic lot. Love seams to be one sided thing for you myopic lot. Wait o. U womenfolks sef no fit do everything for una husbands since y'all claimed to love him.
Even if you no fit do kitchen works employ housemaid nah..

So going to work and providing for the family is not love abi? Until I wash kitchen plates that is when you will accept it is love abi. I no blame una. I blame those weak men responsible for this nonsense.

Look enh lemme address your properly.
I live in Nigeria. I was born and raise up here and I am proud of my heritage.
I won't say much but if you expect a man like me to do extra at home after all that stress from work then you in for a long thing and if perhaps let assume a Western or white woman wish to be my life partner. I will laid own my rules and regulations and she must comply to it. I'm that kinda dude that turn a woman into anything I want her to be...

So quick talking and go pick up your dilldo sexxx toy


Family / Re: I Don't Want My Mother To Come For My Omugwo by lilyheaven: 9:53pm On Apr 10
I’m sure you are living in Africa.
Your wife will divorce you abroad , with this ideas of yours

When you marry a wife you love dearly, you will do everything for her

Nah man wey una wan kill una dey find.
U no wan make the husband go work again? You don think about the stress too?.
Come make I dash u belle wey i go reject make u know how the things dey be.

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Family / Re: I Don't Want My Mother To Come For My Omugwo by lilyheaven: 9:46pm On Apr 10
Hehe 😉 thunder is not firing any body.
Federal government has approved 14 days maternity leave for fathers 🤩

Thunder wey go fire u still dey do press up ...
If a man don't work to have money will any woman marry him in the first place. E be like bomb dey ur head
Family / Re: I Don't Want My Mother To Come For My Omugwo by lilyheaven: 9:44pm On Apr 10
Yes ooo!
In many cultures outside of Africa, na husband and wife dey take care of all that fa! undecided
Health / Re: UK Stops Recruiting Healthcare Workers From Nigeria, 53 Others (Full List) by lilyheaven: 1:35pm On Apr 10
African leaders , see what you have reduced your citizens to, object of mockery
Almost all African countries

Family / Re: I Don't Want My Mother To Come For My Omugwo by lilyheaven: 11:00pm On Apr 09
Your third child? and you are saying you can barely take care.
You and your husband can perfectly take care of your new born baby.
What if your mom is not there? Won’t you take care of yourself?
When you deliver, tell her about it, but it won’t be necessary for her to come for omogo.
You don’t have to create issue about it.

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Family / Re: Why I Chose To Distance Myself From A Sibling by lilyheaven: 10:09pm On Mar 31
Please don’t stay child free, your case maybe different

Please ehn, when it comes to your parents remove your eyes from the sibling who is not performing or under-performing and do your best for your parents, while they are alive.

I am not impressed by your sister either but I don't want to dwell on her too much, because I don't have the full picture of her life in Canada, she may or may not be struggling financially.....

However, I hate nonsense and stupidity when it comes to aged parents who deserve better but don't get better, from selfish offspring they gave birth to. Children like your sister are one of the reasons I am staying child free for life.

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