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Travel / Re: Usa Visit Visa by lovelynk(f): 5:38am On Feb 01, 2015
Hello everyone, my friend came to US on a visiting visa a few months ago. Surprisingly, I found out that no duration of stay was stamped on his visa. The entry date was clearly there but no departure date. Does not mean he can stay as long as he wish?
Thank you.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by lovelynk(f): 4:01pm On Nov 15, 2013
What is bsm please?
Travel / Re: Usa Visit Visa by lovelynk(f): 5:26pm On Nov 16, 2011
my mom is a business woman but its just a small business.
Travel / Re: Usa Visit Visa by lovelynk(f): 4:55am On Nov 16, 2011
Hi suxes,
I just had a baby and i am planning for my mum to come help with the baby via visting visa.
Can u put me through with the requirements?

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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports by lovelynk(f): 11:05pm On May 22, 2011
Pleas help with this vin


Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports by lovelynk(f): 3:47pm On Apr 16, 2011
good day.
pls knidly help with this VIN no---JTEGH20V720052674
Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports by lovelynk(f): 1:15pm On Apr 08, 2011
pls kindly help with the VIN report for this vehicle
Autos / Re: Chassis Number Or VIN Is Recommended On Every Listing by lovelynk(f): 1:13pm On Apr 08, 2011
hello mastro,
pls kindly help with the VIN report for this vehicle
Family / Re: C-section Versus Natural Childbirth by lovelynk(f): 3:23pm On Oct 30, 2010
Tolu did u say another one is on the way?u sure are doing a good job popping dem out one after the other.i wish i had such strength.i have just one and am not so keen on another.more grease to ur elbow.


Mrs Sienna,

Congrats again on your newborn, I bet u and Sienna are enjoying Baby Sienna tender Moments, Much love to u guys.

I have 3 kids 4, 3 years old and a 8 month old with a new one on the way, so I guess I am experienced, hehehehehe, seriously I had Natural Birth with all of them and I won't change that. But my friends had CC and it wasn't so bad I was told.
Family / Re: Hey, My Newest Addition To The Family Arrived Yesterday. by lovelynk(f): 3:59pm On Sep 07, 2010
congrats poster.she is so cute.
Chaircover,maybe u should try having anoda one naw.
Family / Re: Culture, Is This Right? by lovelynk(f): 5:15pm On Aug 30, 2010

Do you know somthing . . . .  you come accross more and more each day as those MIL's from hell.

i thought i was the only one to observe this.
In the other thread about a sick mum in law mutter said  this" i became a mother in law six years ago and i assure u its not an easy task,esp if the woman is difficult to handle?
now why will mum in law be such a hard task?if u give the couple thier space and come in to give some motherly advice it will surely not be such a hard task,and why will u want to handle ur daughter in law?If u have to handle her then u have got a big problem on ur hand.
I surely wont want to be handled by anoyone , and trying to to dat will create some problem.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 2:11am On Aug 30, 2010
Good for u,ur son and ur daughter in law.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 12:02am On Aug 30, 2010
thanks Mutter.
u advise ur daughter in law with love and patience,u assure her she is a part of the family no matter,but in this case of another family the only advice u have is for the girl to be kicked out.in other words she was never a part of the family.why dont u advise ur son to kick his wife out when she errs?i think that will be a permanent solution to her erring.he will get a perfect wife that will never err.

I have nothing whatsoever against a mom in law going to her son either sick or in good health,what i fault is ur jumping to the conclusion that the wife should be kicked out.It is not the best advise here.if we all walk out of our marriages and kick out our spouse at each provocation no one will be married.But like mentioned wt love and patience all things could be worked out and if they arent worked out then we might begin to consider such drastic measures.
if u still insist the first thing to do is to kick out/walk out fine for u.i will never follow such advise because u come here to give such advise but go to ur house to advise ur kids to work things out wt love and patience.u want to kip ur childrens homes intact but want to break other peoples homes.
It wont work.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 8:08pm On Aug 29, 2010
most people here are not aginst a sick mum in law coming,but what we fault is mutter saying the man should kick out his wife.
we are all saying it could be worked out and thast just it.
i dont think this is a reason for the husband to go on a kicking spree simple and short.
Issues will always arise in marriage and can always be resolved,kicking the spouse out is never the 1st thing to do,simple.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 8:06pm On Aug 29, 2010
u are really a sick woman.
why not give me a direct answer and tell me i should have walked away cos no man is worth it.
again remenber as women we all depend on our husbands financilally as it were according to ur theories,now if that theory holds wen i walk out of my marriage how will i get money to take care of her medical bills .i will have to use my buttom power to raise money to take care of my mum.
do u think my mum would have loved that?
u need to go and sort urself out and stop saying rubbish.over my dead body is satement and people do make it,ok.i am sure u must have heard it before or are u hearing it for the first time here.
wen ur kids marry i hope u go around advising them to kick their spouses out for u.Selfishness
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 5:08pm On Aug 29, 2010
still my question remain unanswered.
i just need a simple and clearcut answer like the one given to the original poster.

Mutter,its a pity u reason and speak the way u do.it is women like u that make young married women swear not to have their mum in law stay or visit  them.when u think that u are everything and your children should probably live for u.
u are the type of woman that will go to her childrens house to cause havoc for them.u wil tell sons to kick their wives at the least disagreement and  daughters to give their husbands ultimatum that will never be complied with hence they will need to walk out of their marriage.Who will welcome such mother in law?

Well,i didnt walk out of my marriage and i still did help my mum and she is proud of me till date.the fact is that bringing her into my house is not the only way i could help in this case.there are other means which i explored and everyone was happy and my marriage is still strong and healthy.I have had her visit a couple of times since den and we are all happy,including my hubby.the fact remains that they could work things out but in your mind the only solution is to end the marriage and  u kept repeating that,even saying the man is a fool if he fails to kick the wife out.
So much for someone who says a woman should stay irrespective of anyhting for the sake of the kids and financial assistance from the man.
obviously while the woman is enduring all sorts of things u will go to the man and tel him to kick her out  despite wat she goes thru because d woman aint worth anything.
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 10:35pm On Aug 28, 2010
u didnt answer the question.should i have walked out of the marriage because of that?
answer me,whether i helped my mum or not is not the issue.the simple question is should i have packed my bags and walked out with my kids ?
Family / Re: Why Do Married Ladies Hate Their Mother-in-law So Much? by lovelynk(f): 8:09pm On Aug 28, 2010

is dat the best solution to dis?
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by lovelynk(f): 8:42pm On Aug 27, 2010
Mr kunle,pls help with this VIN no:1HGCG16531A051734
Family / Re: Funny Things That Children Say by lovelynk(f): 2:58am On Aug 23, 2010
My four year old niece onec asked me to buy something for her.I asked her waht she wanted she said a car.
i told her i will get it when i have money.Next she said aunty,wen u buy the car i will use it to jam people!!!
Family / Re: Nigerian Sweet & Caring Mother by lovelynk(f): 2:51am On Aug 23, 2010
Aloy emeka na wa for u.
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by lovelynk(f): 5:58pm On Aug 14, 2010
Good day Mr Kunle.
Pls can you help me retrieve the VIN report for this VIN number:JT2BF22K0Y0282288.
Thank you.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by lovelynk(f): 7:25pm On Jul 23, 2010
thats good to hear.Most
nigerian men will want a son that wil bear their name and bla bla bla.Even my hubby said so.
But the moment he saw our daughter he fell in love with her and till today monoplises the girl.Me sef i dey jealous her.lol
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by lovelynk(f): 6:45pm On Jul 23, 2010
Congrats once again arlington.
I cried listening to the song too even though i never experienced TTC

As for the pool,well,i am not raising for either sex,will wait till Monday to hear it.But right now i can only raise my mouse in celebration of Gods wonderful and precious gift to you.
Congrats and God's grace.
Travel / Re: Dv Lottery .needs Your Advice by lovelynk(f): 6:29pm On Jul 23, 2010
Just like the previous poster said,it is gonna be tough thats if u get the visa at all.
The info on the eDV hasto correspond with the information on the visa application forms. Unfortunately in ur case this is not so.
I even doubt if the suggestion to reverse it will help,it will complicate issues further in my own opinion.
And again u cant claim u just got married cos u must have stated the date of ur marriage in the forms u filled b4,stating a new date will be a no no.

I know couple dat were denied cos the wife answered one thing to a question and the husband said anoda thing.anoda couple was disqualified cos they gave contradicting date of marriage :the wife gave the traditional and the hubby gave the white wedding dates.
the key to getting the visa is consistency in ur documentation and answers.Unfortunately this is not so in ur case.
Travel / Re: Canada federal skilled workersProgram, by lovelynk(f): 1:37am On Jul 19, 2010
Pls is it possible to sen the application direct to canada and have it processed at the ghana office?
Travel / Re: Canada federal skilled workersProgram, by lovelynk(f): 1:19am On Jul 19, 2010
hello all,
pls is it possible to send application direct to the central office in Canada and have the case processed at the Ghana office/embassy.
Also,wat are other fess are involved apart from the application wc i understand is 550 canada dollars?

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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by lovelynk(f): 2:50am On Jul 18, 2010
Congrats Masido.
The Lord will be with you.U will have a healthy pregnacy in Jesus Name.
Pls just relax,he dat started the good work is willing and able to complete it.

@all,ur testimonies are all on the way.
God is a blesser,he blesses this one today and anoda tomorrow.
There is a blessing for some one everyday and ur days are just around the corner.
Love ya all.
Family / Re: Baby Sienna's First Birthday Party! by lovelynk(f): 1:02am On Jul 14, 2010
Congrats to u both.
she shall be a source of joy to u both.A blessing to u, to her world and her generation.
Welcome sienna.
Travel / Re: COMING TO CANADA??? Choose British Columbia by lovelynk(f): 7:46pm On Jul 07, 2010
What is it about this country sef?
somebody please tell me.
I am getting really intrested.
Travel / Re: My Parents And The Us Visa Lottery. by lovelynk(f): 4:20pm On Jul 06, 2010

To piggyback on what Vicjustice said, DV is intended to bring your and fresh folks who could contribute to the growth of the US and not be a liability that’s why you have the minimum education requirement and profession cert. Although when the DV originally started it wasn’t so. They have since up the ante. Now, regarding the children being a disqualification thing, forget it. They could explain it away that since the children aren’t migrating or look for another excuse. On the other hand, they could always file for the children later. They should do this when they become citizens though. The max USCIS would do is requiring a proof which they could overcome by doing DNA tests. Meanwhile, the interview could go either way. If they’re enjoying their lives in Naija, they should stay put. I know many older folks who also won the DV but refused to take up the offer.

u definitely can not explain away the failure to include ur qualified kids while playing the lottery.the instruction is very clear and if at any time u raise the issue of having kids that u never included u will be DISQUALIFIED.
There is provision on the visa forms where u are to list all ur kids/family members irrespective of whether they are migrating with u and another space where u list ONLY the kids/family members dat are n migrating wt u.

In any case,failure to list the kids means u are sort saying u have no kids and that goes into the records.
it will den be difficukt to come back in the future to say u have got kids and all dat.
Travel / Re: My Parents And The Us Visa Lottery. by lovelynk(f): 1:02am On Jul 05, 2010
Na wao.
Browncocos this one you dey talk like this.
i said the woman finished secondary school,how can she not be able to read and write?

and talking about CNA u know very well thats not the dream they probably have in mind coming over here.
Again, for how long will she continue doing dat job?
I am not just concerned about the present but about the future and it sort of seems if their kids cant come over they have nothing to gain in the long run.

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