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Religion / Re: Gombe Muslim Students Have Put Me In Sorrow By Killing My Friend by LoverBwoy(m): 8:14pm On Mar 30, 2007

She is yoruba and if you yorubas have accepted this as your fate then thats your cup of tea,am wondering where your OPC people are these days , let them do this to igbos and onitsha reaction would be a child play,as for the so called moderates who have kept silence along with their sultan and adegbite ,we are gradually getting to know their real nature ( violence

So apart from being a tragic incident, you turned it to a tribal/ethnic issue aswell, nice and you wonder what nigeria is turning into
Religion / Re: Gombe Muslim Students Have Put Me In Sorrow By Killing My Friend by LoverBwoy(m): 8:11pm On Mar 30, 2007

No Nairaland muslim has bothered to condemn this action,
therefore I must conclude that this is the nature of Islam. What a shame.

wow you are so smart! you now decide to put the thread on the front page, you think everyone is on nairaland to discuss religion.

May her soul rest in peace
Travel / Re: America Needs To Show Thier Real Image. by LoverBwoy(m): 7:06pm On Mar 30, 2007
Why would america want to do that

NTA and frank nwanker jnr should be the one doing this wink and all those complaining of getting negative press
Business / Re: Nigerian Restaurant Outside London by LoverBwoy(m): 6:19pm On Mar 30, 2007
G-o into the universities or colleges around the area distribute leaflets with prices and delivery

-you should also be able to advertise in other afro-Caribbean foodstores

-Make sure it is in the main city centre or near

-and churches too african/nigerian churches
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Time Do You Resume / Close At Work? by LoverBwoy(m): 5:26pm On Mar 30, 2007

I do resume 7.30am without fail, and that is the only time i know. I don't have closing time, officially it is 5.00pm but until all till is balance you don't go home i love my job i lost the conciouness of time, until the job is done i don't go home. i have an habit when people ask me when do i close i tell them normal time and normal time is when all till balance. friend let us emulate Thomas Edsion he stop all the clock in his office and factory[b] let us morgage our life to work.[/b]

oh boy, oyinbo man go like you like ooo
dont you just like it when people start quoting books- what happened to being natural?
Properties / Re: How One Man Turned £500 Into £10m ( Uk Property Biz) by LoverBwoy(m): 6:00am On Mar 30, 2007
Yea read the article first
remember its the U.K and there's a[i] massive shortage [/i] of housing over here. its not speculation its real!
the money wont come flooding in immediately but in the long run it oh boy! wink
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Of Nigeria Versus Crannes Of Uganda: 1-0! by LoverBwoy(m): 2:35am On Mar 30, 2007
I didnt say osaze was the best player on the pitch, i didnt watch the match anyway. He is a very good player though!

Kanu's Goal

Disallowed Goal

when are the nigerian t.v stations going to get a website abi which kin feful dem be sef?

as for the midfield- Oruma is a very good replcement for okocha and im sure there are good midfielders in the nigeria league
Politics / Re: Ad Presidential Candidate Adefarati Dies At 76/nigerian Tribune, Online Edition by LoverBwoy(m): 1:59am On Mar 30, 2007
May his soul rest in peace
Crime / Re: Lecturers Prey On Nigerian Women, Girls by LoverBwoy(m): 1:56am On Mar 30, 2007
But with a strong African tradition of respecting one's elders, families or teachers, harassed students can rarely expect support, even when repeated complaints are made against one individual.
Investment / Re: Zenith Bank: Fixed Deposit Account by LoverBwoy(m): 1:34am On Mar 30, 2007
nice blog @ Icon
Travel / Re: Disadvantages Of Living Abroad As To Living In Nigeria by LoverBwoy(m): 12:04am On Mar 30, 2007
You cant use this line " Do you know who my Father is?!?!" you'd probably get sectioned under the mental health act wink

you cant really do the mushin olosha - Aceee Ace fine gal come mek we talk na
Politics / Re: Oil Companies Are Not Responsible For Niger Delta Development by LoverBwoy(m): 11:19pm On Mar 29, 2007

The government should tax the oil companies at the same rate on the price of the oil and gas they come accross. Once they are paying the same amount of tax on the gas, it'll be up to them to decide whether to flare it! cheesy

I wonder if you'd say the same thing if they were flaring it behind your house cheesy
Politics / Re: New Nigeria Police Force Uniforms by LoverBwoy(m): 11:16pm On Mar 29, 2007
the uniforms are not for our sake but their comfort apparently. they're saying something like its too hot so they can switch

anyway, they planning to ask "Nigerians" if they should adopt the new uniform before moving ahead with production-yea right madam got the contract already!
Politics / Re: Ad Presidential Candidate Adefarati Dies At 76/nigerian Tribune, Online Edition by LoverBwoy(m): 11:10pm On Mar 29, 2007

This is horrible news,
Did he not have a visa?
Did he not have a personal physician in the USA/UK/GERMANY/SPAIN?
Is the man not rich enough?
Why did the AD allow this to happen?
Could they not have hired an air ambulance and sent this man abroad?

I feel for the family,
I really feel for the family, I think the AD may have just proved a point, but why use their presidential aspirant?
May the good Lord keep his soul and give his family the courage to bear this irreparable loss

see questions? you my friend are a joker!
Politics / Re: New Nigeria Police Force Uniforms by LoverBwoy(m): 11:02pm On Mar 29, 2007
I saw this on the news yesterday, they look good though not the men- the uniforms
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by LoverBwoy(m): 10:23pm On Mar 29, 2007
teach who
like you taught us last year in your own stadium or they way you taught at the emirates? abegi!
Sports / Re: Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Players by LoverBwoy(m): 10:21pm On Mar 29, 2007
Yeeeah!!! shocked grin those people be winch!

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Properties / Re: How One Man Turned £500 Into £10m ( Uk Property Biz) by LoverBwoy(m): 9:51pm On Mar 29, 2007
Properties / Re: How One Man Turned £500 Into £10m ( Uk Property Biz) by LoverBwoy(m): 9:50pm On Mar 29, 2007
Ajay’s tips for the budding buy-to-let investor
Along the way, Ajay has also picked up a few tips for anybody looking to enter the buy-to-let market.
1 Don’t buy brand new flats off-plan
“People buy them and when you ask them what the yield is, they talk about the potential growth in value. This is the wrong way to look at it.”

2 Steer clear of Dubai
“People talk about Dubai as if it is the next big thing. But you won’t find lenders willing to offer a buy-to-let mortgage on properties out there.”

3 Do not furnish your flat
“The minute you start doing that, you get tenants calling up, complaining that their pillow case is ripped. Far better to allow them to impose their on character on the property.”

4 Avoid students
“They are young, away from home for the first time and they have no commitment to your property. You are getting not one set of tenants in a property but three or four separate ones. That said, if the rental yield is high - like 25% - disregard this rule. And the previous one, as student properties need to be furnished.”

5 Working tenants are not always best
“Most people survive from paycheck to paycheck. If they lose their job, it becomes much harder for them to pay the rent. But if you take a DSS tenant, the rent is stable and their circumstances rarely change.”
Properties / Re: How One Man Turned £500 Into £10m ( Uk Property Biz) by LoverBwoy(m): 9:47pm On Mar 29, 2007
The first property
In fact, when Ajay graduated from college in London in 1993, his first ambition was the music scene. “I wanted to pursue a music career, but although I was moderately successful, I could not earn a living from it,” he confessed.

So he decided to buckle down and train as a chartered accountant, working for the well-known firm, Deloitte & Touche.

It was while at Deloitte, in the second year of his three-year accountancy course, that Ajay, in common with many other twentysomethings, decided to buy his first property, a two-bedroom ex-local authority flat in Harlow, Essex.

The flat cost £49,000, of which he put up £500. The rest he borrowed from a bank.
Ironically, within a short time Ajay decided he did not like living there on his own.
“I did not really gel with the idea of having a home, so I decided to move out and live with friends,” he recalled.
“I then rented out the flat and was making about £100 a month on top of the mortgage. I called it ‘beer money’ at the time.”

The second, third and additional properties
But realising that this “beer money” was a potentially lucrative proposition spurred Ajay on.
He saved up for a second deposit and in 1998 bought a large five-bedroom house in Harlow for £53,500, which he also rented out.

Seeing how successful his efforts were, he continued saving and, one year later, bought his third property.
At that point it became increasingly obvious that, although now a successfully qualified chartered accountant, there was money to be made from concentrating on what previously had been a sideline. “I was starting to take an income of about £500 to £600 a month and it snowballed from there,” he said.

What also helped was the development of a genuine buy-to-let mortgage market.
Until now, it had been possible to go to a bank and borrow the money to fund a purchase. All you needed was a good business plan to put to the bank manager and the money was yours.
Properties / How One Man Turned £500 Into £10m ( Uk Property Biz) by LoverBwoy(m): 9:43pm On Mar 29, 2007
Ajay, aged just 34, currently owns about 150 properties, with numbers rising every week. And when he tells you that his aim is to boost that number up to 1,000 properties in the next five years, the equivalent of a large village’s entire housing stock, you find yourself believing him.

He is, after all, one of probably not more than a few hundred people across the UK who have made the transition from small-time owners of one or two homes, rented out on the side to supplement their income, to something far more spectacular.
In the process he has also build up a series of lucrative sidelines in property-related services, from maintaining a website and dispensing twice-daily newsletter tips to subscribers, writing books on how to invest in housing, to finding other people residential properties for a fee.

Yet the lessons learned by Ajay are universal. They apply just as much to people who are starting out on the buy-to-let path as they do for people ready to move on to the next stage.
Moreover, in common with tens of thousands of other property owners who became buy-to-let investors, his conversion to serial ownership of bricks and mortar was accidental, a by-product of needing to find a tenant for his own home.
Travel / Re: Dependant Visa Uk (student) by LoverBwoy(m): 9:25pm On Mar 29, 2007
dada77 prior to my respone the only information you gave was that you are studying for your Msc- you could be handing in your project for all i know
I no be mind reader abeg

Anyway Goodluck and thanks VOR for answering
Investment / Re: Stock Market Tips For Nigerians by LoverBwoy(m): 9:05pm On Mar 29, 2007
I think cashcraft is N100,000

pamit, when you say they are strong in research; what exactly do you mean?

I think how helpful they are on advising customers and also how quick they act on behalf of customers should be a good way of comparing brokers
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Time Do You Resume / Close At Work? by LoverBwoy(m): 9:00pm On Mar 29, 2007
I know that teachers and government workers generally close between 2pm and 3pm.

so what time do they start work then?
Music/Radio / Re: Nokia 'First Chance' Show by LoverBwoy(m): 8:53pm On Mar 29, 2007
is there a website one can view this show?

is there a webiste for galaxy tv or STV even? undecided
Investment / Re: Zenith Bank: Fixed Deposit Account by LoverBwoy(m): 7:07pm On Mar 29, 2007
I think you'll get better returns from the top 5 banks in nigeria in a year.buy bank shares or cement companies

i heard something about oceanic pearl account, they give 30k a month on 500K >thats what i read in here some time ago<
Romance / Re: Chat Up Lines! by LoverBwoy(m): 6:50pm On Mar 29, 2007
LMAO. . .my friend uses this line he stole from Wild N Out. . .Hey baby, ah got the whole dictionary tatooed on ma d*ck, why don't you come over and let me put some words in your mouth

shocked shocked
Travel / Re: Dependant Visa Uk (student) by LoverBwoy(m): 6:36pm On Mar 29, 2007
I think she is right mr dada77
Sports / Re: Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Players by LoverBwoy(m): 6:21pm On Mar 29, 2007
I prefer playing table tennis than watching it, sometimes i dont mind watching those pros play though shocked
they have some crazy smash and return rally
Sports / Re: Lampard, Gerard And The England Midfield by LoverBwoy(m): 6:17pm On Mar 29, 2007
England and Nigeria are almost the same in terms of football, its either the coach[ they want a white coach now they got him and still complaining] england wanted an English coach now they got him n want him to leave

the players are usually good in their clubs but rubbish for their country

the media and FA are probably the only difference, the English media will hype and dump you! the Nigerian media  undecided they just talk talk and talk
Business / Re: New Celtel Advert by LoverBwoy(m): 9:40pm On Mar 28, 2007
We prefer stuffs when they are foreign

so why are you complaining?

what are the advert association doing about it? i think at the end of the day the company has the right to do the advert where ever they want. there are some adverts abroad that dont make sense too, so whats the big deal?

what if a nigerian agency picked south africa as the "location" undecided
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Reaching Out To Single Muslim Brothers by LoverBwoy(m): 5:44pm On Mar 28, 2007
i think its permissible with several "IFs" its not just a pick as much as you want permission!!

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