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Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by madgoat(m): 11:19am On Oct 17
Price 12k ...is actually semi synthetic bought mine in asaba
Its N9600. Try and be getting it from Mobil Filling Station

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Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by madgoat(m): 10:58pm On Sep 28
I need replacement straps for Mi Watch.
Plz who has?
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by madgoat(m): 4:17pm On Sep 28


You still dey Nairaland shocked shocked shocked

Yes na ... E go tey before i die grin grin grin

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Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by madgoat(m): 7:20pm On Sep 27
My Redmi 7 3/32gb variant of 2 years about to go on sale.

*OrangeFox recovery installed
*Xiaomi.eu MIUI 12.5.1 rom flashed
*Power button almost getting removed, held with a pouch though.
*Slight unnoticeable crack at the uppermost right hand corner

If you love the rom as it is, let me know. If you don't, let me know so I'll flash the stock ROM back to it.

No fixed price.

DM with the best price you can offer and I'll see what I can do.

Location: Zaria, Kaduna State

My Redmi 7 is also still alive grin. I use it just for playing music on my car audio auxiliary.
Romance / Re: My Neighbor Damaged My Expensive Electronic During Romance. by madgoat(m): 1:55pm On Sep 16
I bought a smart TV and everyone knows how costly a smart TV is these days. I have good relationship with my next door neighbor but though he's a very nice guy but he has a flaw which is that he lies a lot. He's single.

He had a small get together in his mini flat so he begged to use my sitting room cos its bigger. I let him and went about my job.

I rarely watch my TV cos I'm very busy with work and come back late tired, eat, shower, browse and sleep. So it was only a week later that I finally got the chance to switch on my TV and behold its damaged and can't display anymore. I never allowed anyone in my sitting room except the day my neighbor used it which is a week ago. I also live alone for a month now and never had visitors of any kind.

I'm filled with madness but don't know exactly how to confront him since he codedly never told me. My main worry is that he will outrightly lie and deny it even if I confront him.

What would you do in my situation??

It may not be ur neighbor that damaged it. Could be a factory fault
Family / Re: My Neighbor Has Been Cheating On Her Husband With A Bike Man by madgoat(m): 12:45pm On Sep 15
Okay sir, I shouldn't right, until she kills her husband someday out of desperation and shame to cover her tracks...?
I hope u have a hrt attack with the way u are carrying another person's problem on ur head. Its none of ur business so face ur own life.
Family / Re: My Neighbor Has Been Cheating On Her Husband With A Bike Man by madgoat(m): 12:43pm On Sep 15
Good morning guys , there's this woman in my neighborhood who has been having an extramarital affairs with the bike man that normally use to come and pick her children to school in the morning, she has two kid, a boy and a girl, but her cheating spree is out of this world...

Her husband is a nice person and works in one of the big bank in the country on the island, due to his nature of his job, he leaves for work early and return very late...

This crazy woman has been using this to hit her children's bike man on severea occasion, there's was this day I was at home working on my laptop early in the morning, the window of her bedroom shares the same as mine only a fence blocking us apart, I kept hearing heavy moany and repeated thrust sound coming from the bedroom,

This man in question is a cool headed gentle man, easy going in the estate and doesn't deserve this kind of trouble and heart wenching action the woman is taking him through, I don't preay he finds out and I need help on how to tell the woman to stop doing this and at the same time I don't want their marriage to crash....

After knacking, this woman goes to her shop and pretends as if nothing happens.....

Whats ur business with her personal life. Busybody.
Is it ur problem she is Knacking someone? I dont know why Nigerian neighbors cant mind their business.
Mr Man, plz mind ur business. Its of no concern to u who she knacks.
Car Talk / Re: Motorists Driving With Earphones Risk Six Months In Jail – FRSC by madgoat(m): 10:11am On Sep 04
grin grin grin
Properties / Re: Is It A Bad Practice To Fill The Holes In Foundation Block-Works With Laterite? by madgoat(m): 10:08am On Sep 04
Another building about to collapse grin grin grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: Samsung Blocks TVs Looted By South Africans, Making Them Useless (PIX) by madgoat(m): 9:01am On Aug 27
Nonsense..... If i had stolen a TV, i wont connect it to the internet. tongue
Travel / Re: The Funeral Photos Of 7 Female Wedding Guests Who Died In Accident In Delta by madgoat(m): 12:10am On Aug 26
grin grin grin
Health / Re: Family Of 7 Die After Eating Suya In Abia Community (PHOTOS) by madgoat(m): 12:09am On Aug 26
grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Haiti Earthquake: 227 Dead, With Many Still Missing by madgoat(m): 9:56pm On Aug 14
Sad One

Nothing sad about it. Its part of life. Disasters happen every day undecided
TV/Movies / Re: Old Tweets Of JMK Trolling BBNaija, Wizkid, Laycon, Tacha, Erica by madgoat(m): 8:04am On Aug 09
Nonsense angry
Politics / Re: Bukola, Gbemisola Saraki Re-Unite For Morenike Saraki's 86th Birthday by madgoat(m): 8:41pm On Aug 08
No matter what, blood is always thicker than water..

According to prophet TB Joshua(of blessed memory), "let love lead"...
You mean that same man who orchestrated fake miracles on TV
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by madgoat(m): 12:46pm On Jul 11
Plz who has protective case for MI NOTE 10 LITE?
Silicon, leather or hard case.
Romance / Re: My Younger Brother Is Dating A Married Woman. by madgoat(m): 1:18pm On Jun 29
He is my business sir. Can't watch him bring destruction upon himself. even if he fails to take my advice, I'll keep pushing till I exhaust all my options.

If i am ur brother and u disturb my peace and fun or report me to our mum, just know that u have made an enemy for life even if we are blood brothers. Better think well before u do anything foolish.
You better mind ur business.
Politics / Re: Fathers Day: Phillip Shaibu Leads Altar Boys During Celebration by madgoat(m): 10:11pm On Jun 20
See them... Be like say na altar servers full this thread.

We full ground oh. Na cross bearer or thurifer i be most times due to my height. All those short boys go serve acolyte grin
And na we dey chase girls pass for church especially choir girls cheesy
I miss those days as a mass server. My best years so far.


Politics / Re: Fathers Day: Phillip Shaibu Leads Altar Boys During Celebration by madgoat(m): 10:07pm On Jun 20
Chai. I miss serving mass very much cry cry life wasn't this had den

I swear i miss mass serving so badly. Wish i could go back to my teens

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Religion / Re: How My Husband Died — Evelyn, TB Joshua’s Wife by madgoat(m): 8:43am On Jun 08
I hope there will be an autopsy report also released to the public even if via select journalists so we in fact learn the Ttruth of the Man's medical condition at the time of his death. undecided

Someone that died of cardiac arrest. Is it not obvious?
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by madgoat(m): 12:05pm On May 13
Who has Mi 11 and cost?
Religion / Re: RCCG In Alapere, Lagos On Fire (Photo) by madgoat(m): 3:16pm On May 09
Seems Adeboye's secret will soon be revealed grin
From one bad luck to another grin
Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by madgoat(m): 12:23pm On May 09
So it is a normal thing abi.

Oh God may I never meet such family oh.
This is not normal please. Your brothers will be healed God willing .

Is malaria normal, is hypertension normal, is asthma normal? Etc.
These are all illnesses just the same way madness is an illness. And yes, madness can run in a family just like hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.
Nothing is normal about an illness and thats why its an illness but we should stop ascribing spirituality to it.

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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by madgoat(m): 11:38pm On May 08

Has your intelligence ever failed you?
Did you see me here all these years seeking for solution?
I went science way because I knew it's in the gene but then, I found that it's not the best because of the generations after and so I began to seek permanent solution.
Something must have triggered it because my mom's ancestors had no record of such.
So if it started along the line, something must have influenced it. This is why I'm out here looking for a fix. Not the kind of fix drugs do.
Something higher.

I'm intelligent my dear, but right now...I really do not know.

You dont seem intelligent at all if u are thinking along this line.
I guess u will be happy when ur brother goes completely mad after u have spent money and wasted time looking for spiritual help.

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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by madgoat(m): 11:31pm On May 08

Since birth. We were born here.

I don't want to go through the medication way for him, I've done that for my elder brother for years now.
I pity u. Your brother will get worse and will almost be impossible to be treated. You better take him to a psychiatric hospital and forget this foolishness of it being spiritual.

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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by madgoat(m): 11:29pm On May 08
I am from a family of three. I have two brothers. One older and the other younger than me so I'm the only girl in my family.

I grew up seeing my Mom mad.
By my teen age, I got admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University alongside my elder brother who was to study Engineering. By the time I was in my finals, my brother was getting ready for IT. One day, his roommate sent for me, he said they couldn't sleep the night before because my brother was talking to himself. Before we knew what was happening, my brother was getting violent and so we took him home and he never got back to finish school.
I proceeded with my education and finished. Went for NYSC. While serving the nation, My Mom died. When I got home, she'd been buried.
But my brother was still mad.

I later got job, took my brother to a Psychiatric hospital and the doctor after examining him said he is Schizophrenic. He was asked to stay in the hospital.
I paid. He then stayed there for one month. When I came to visit him, he pleaded with me to take him home that he didn't like it there.

So I took him home. Every month, I buy drugs for him and he gets injected. He usually puts up a fight but with the help of my younger brother, neighbors and a certain nurse, he receives the injection, forcefully and against his will.
Often times, he pleads with me not to inject him, the very time I obliged him, he scattered things, didn't allow the neighborhood sleep, talked throughout some nights and wouldn't eat sometimes. He looked really sick then but with the injection, one will hardly know he's not normal.
I told him that I won't let him miss his injection ever again.

Now, on Monday, my younger brother woke up and was unusually quiet. He normally wakes up and begins to play music with his phone or he will turn to football channel and watch until I leave for work. But I didn't go to work on Monday and I noticed he was quiet, then I asked him why he's quiet. He didn't respond. After some hours, I asked my Dad if he feels he's okay, My Dad said that he wants to be quiet and that I should let him be.

Then, that night, around 4am, my brother began to talk. He was shouting and some of the things he said were not coherent. He talked out of point. I and my Dad, with my elder brother surrounded him and I couldn't help crying when my Dad was cautioning him to keep quiet and he refused.
Neighbours thought it was my elder brother's voice they'd heard that night but by the time they heard in the morning that it was my younger brother, they visited my Dad in the evening. By then, my brother was still talking and even burnt his clothes yesterday.
My Dad got a few guys to chain him because he was violent yesterday when I left the house.
I know the problem is spiritual. I have prayed, fasted for my elder brother and now this!
I'm so unhappy.

Can someone suggest a place I can take my two brothers to so they can be cured, please.

Nothing spiritual here. They both need psychiatric treatment. I have a frnd who ran mad and so did her brother. Madness sometimes run in a family. Nothing spiritual about it.
Take ur younger brother to a psychiatric hospital.


TV/Movies / Re: Do You Know The Functions Of These Remote Buttons? (Photo) by madgoat(m): 1:56pm On Apr 30
Nonsense undecided
Romance / Re: What's The Coldest Way You Found Out Your Relationship Was Over? by madgoat(m): 8:03am On Apr 07
His number became unreachable since 2013.

He died grin
Romance / Re: She Is Rejecting My Advances, Yet Wants To Know Everything About Me by madgoat(m): 8:20pm On Mar 13
Call this thread anything u want, criticize, mark error, I don't care, I just need ur honest opinion, and pls no one should tell me to go make money.

We met some months ago, I got her contact, and u know the rest of this wooing tricks, but the issue is that she is always like I'm not interested and yet, each time we get to meet, she will like to know every details about me

If we talk on phone, she likes to know my current location, she even know some information about me, which I never disclose to her.

Call me a simp, I don't care, but naturally I'm not like this, I don't do this, I'm guided by my church rules, I'm not women freak, but I love her so much, the first time I saw her, I nearly lost my balance, I started having a breaking voice, when talking to her friends, I really love her, and no one should talk about any redpill here,

But today, I got frustrated, I was like, let's define this relationship, I'm not interested in all this ordinary friendship stuff, I didn't get close to u to have u as ordinary friend, I want us to date,
She was like this is all we can have together, friends!
But still, she won't stop interfering with my personal affairs,

Now I'm scared of not getting into friend zone, if u were me, will u try more to persuade her or u just leave her like that?

And pls, nobody should mention anything like "I'm the plan B" cos I know her so much, she is this churchy type, with strict doctrine, me getting her number sef, was a miracle,

So what do u think, am i been stylishly friendzone, or she is trying to forming hard to get and yet we won't stop talking about me.
Hahahaha... Churchy type u say grin
Na them bad pass. I cant count the number of so called strict doctrine church types i have had affairs with and some of them i banged but on the surface guys think they are saints. See guy, she has someone that has caught her fancy and that shes tripping for. She just likes u as a frnd. I am just coming out of a relationship with a churchy type girl. Our whatsapp chats are so raw and explicit grin and we deep smooched like hell to the point i strip her always but she did not allow me have sex. Thats a churchy type girl that guys are afraid to approach. grin
Move on with ur life.


Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by madgoat(m): 12:57pm On Feb 25
I miss MadGoat on this thread �

Still here grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Oritsefemi's Wife Nabila Calls Out His Side Chick Who Shared Her Matrimonial Bed by madgoat(m): 1:56pm On Feb 09
Side chicks should please leave married men alone. What goes around always find a way to come around. I decided never to date a married man for just one reason - it will come back to haunt me

Keep quiet there. If u dont want to date a married man, thats ur personal problem. Let those who want to do it, do it.
God bless all the potential side-chics that make life meaningful for us.
TV/Movies / Re: TSTV Is Back As CEO Holds Press Conference And Rolls Out New Deals by madgoat(m): 1:01am On Feb 04
So much hype about this tstv ,yet dem never start operations. Maka y naa

Says who. We installed TSTV last month in my office at Ijebu-Ode. Really enjoying the channels.

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