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Politics / Re: Nigeria Must Exist On Basis Of Equality — Northern Leaders by marcondo13: 4:53pm On Jun 06, 2020
Don't forget that the Midwest broke away only in 1963. So, it is plausible for the Western region to have that quota of palm kernels from Benin and Sapele.


Oga it's impossible for Western region to produce more palm oil than easten region ...show me prove


Health / Re: Mysterious Deaths Hit Hadejia LG In Jigawa, Over 100 Dead by marcondo13: 5:58am On May 05, 2020
Yes. Kano Main Park is about 3hours from Duste, via Kachako,Takai LGA! It is a straight road!
If Kano is down, then, Jigawa is also down!

I hope it is not Covid19 again.
Because if that shit can travelled reach as far as Jigawa, then there is no guarantee it has not already penetrated everywhere into the South.
Never been so scared of my life since I was born.
BTW, does Jigawa shares a border with Gandollar's corona infested Kano?
Crime / Re: Wael Jerro: Lebanese Arrested For Offering To Sell Trafficked Nigerian Girl by marcondo13: 8:01am On Apr 24, 2020
The Nigerian passport shows only the place of birth and the city of the office where it was issued, not state of origin!
Why don't I believe this whole story. It seems scripted

How can Ufuoma come from Oyo state?
Celebrities / Re: Igosave And Iyabo Onodjayeke Traditional Wedding Photos by marcondo13: 8:44am On Jan 25, 2020
Wrong. They were childhood friends and started Mock News segment on DRTV on Saturdays. Ask any old Warri G. Even back then, nobody know AY until he attended DELSU. Gordons was still singing with DC Envoys at Pastor Oritsejafor's church!
They both followed separate paths, with I Go Die focussing on solely on entertainment.
So, it is wrong to assert that he was a mentor. Just like saying 2Face is a mentor to Face or Blackface.

I hope you guys are aware that you ruined this man's stage name? Igodie is his mentor and the person who brought him out what is the opposite of die? It's safe igosafe was his name but una use pidgin turn am to save


Yes captain pointless information saves the day again


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 1:48pm On Nov 16, 2019
It is only on Nairaland that you see people that have not spent a cent on Lufthansa that will be dishing advice about life in the German speaking world!
My advice: when it comes to immigration, when body go do you on arrival, your eye go clear!
Keep on arguing based on Internet search!


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 12:46pm On Oct 19, 2019
One carton of Orijin (mortuary chilled) for you!


You know it's not a must you will come to Germany. Look for that perfect country that will give you everything you want because you studied in their country, then by all means travel there!.. What has Nigeria offered you??..

Case closed.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 11:40am On Oct 19, 2019
I will say it over and over. If a man can not have anything to offer in terms of advice in terms of scholarship in Germany, he should STFU! Period!
Post your experience here and slink away to the other threads, praising Canada as a paradise!
A man is flipping burgers in Germany when John Macpherson is complaining that the Baker Hughes Engineering facility in Germany is understaffed? Please, give me a break!
A man with SAP, Ruby, coding, logistics,plumbing,electrical wiring skills is flipping burger? Life is tough but do not blame Germany for not absorbing everyone! No country on earth can do that except the America of the Trump era!
Medical doctors are already driving taxis in Canada,and some are expecting a paradise on arrival!
A man travelled to another land,did not read the fine print and then,turn around to blame his host?

How can a man leave Nigeria and still bring his certificate mentality to Europe? Nobody gives a Bleep about your degree,even as a European. What do you bring to the table,that is all they care about!

Startups all over Europe are looking for skilled hands and some are whining about lack of opportunities! People are investing in Udemy,Futurelearn and Edx,and some are hoping that manna will fall from the sky?
The EIT just allocated 3 billion euros from 2020 to 2024,and the money is up for grabs,no matter your nationality. Mind you,most of that money is going into creation of startups and skills acquisition.

My advice to all and sundry,myself included,is to up your game. Create opportunities or be crushed by the success of others. Sink or swim,that is the rule,even in Nigeria!

Europe nor be your papa house where your mama dey cook night food!

Nigerians and their sense of entitlement! Person open blocked account for his own expenses and he is shouting that he invested in Germany.

My younger sister's tuition fees in Canada, is more than ten times that I came to Vienna with! And I will be demanding that Europe takes care of me,amid rising inflation,unemployment and the rise of right wing nationalism? Am I crazy?

Check out the fees that Nigerians are paying in DTU and Aalto, and then compare it with your so called "investment" in Germany!

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 9:35pm On Oct 18, 2019
I'm glad ppl are now atleast asking the pertinent questions grin

I find your post amusing and irritating at the same time. There is a difference between seeking for information and wrong analysis of gathered data. You keep talking from both sides of your mouth, posting diatribes and making snide remarks. It is only a man who can not get a match ticket or purchase fuel for his generator that will demean the El Classico or the World Cup final!
It is similar to standing at the pearly gates and tell saints not to enter heaven because some sinners have been forgiven,and are already in heaven! Where you want them to go? Remain in a Nigerian hobessian society, where life is short and brutish,because Germany weeds out the smart from the good and average?
Ever read the Aesop fable of the fox and the grapes?

1. This thread is for students. Are you a student?
If yes,
2. This thread is meant for those ALREADY studying in Germany, and are sharing their experience. Are you studying in Germany? What experience do you have to share,with dates,locations,university,and course of study?
If yes,
My advice is simple: pack your bags and return to the cowlony where everybody is a criminal according to Falz, a country where all the youths are lazy according to Buhari,and the people don't know what hunger is,according to the Agriculture Minister!
Leave others to suffer in Germany. They are not complaining. They like am!
My advice to all: It is either you travel or reserve that money to pay for ransom when kidnapped.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 9:23pm On Oct 18, 2019
How do graduates of those courses cope in Nigeria, an English speaking country, compared to their fellow graduates in other fields?
You already know the truth and answer to your question! It will not be easy because, the market space is small!

Hi! Sorry to ask u. Why did you specifically mention English and Literature? Thanks

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 9:04pm On Oct 18, 2019
In every top G20 country,that is the koko of the future,but it depends on the politics too because energy transition is on going,with varying level of support from the govt. But my opinion is that the focus is more on research and innovation than on actual operations because, many companies are still finding their feet due to low subsidies when compared to fossil fuel companies.
Just my two cents.

Thanks for your write up
I researched online for needed skilled jobs in Germany and i saw IT, Electronics/electrical, nursing etc
Please i will like to ask what is the renewable market like in Germany, can one easily get a job after graduation.
I will appreciate answers from experienced people thank you..

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 12:34pm On Oct 17, 2019
It simply means that you can not sleep on Delilah's lap and expect to wake up in Abraham's bosom.
Every country have certain requirements and demand for some skills and less for others. This is the basis of skilled labour migration. You can check the areas in high demand online.


"The right course" what does that even mean lol...it's alright tho

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 6:07am On Oct 17, 2019
My brother,thank you. If I raise the issue of under employment in Canada,it will be as if I am discouraging people from migrating to Canada.
Let him ask anyone in Toronto about this saying "the safest place to have an heart attack,is in a taxi cab because it is most likely that your cab driver is a foreign trained medical doctor"!

No matter where you are,as long as you are connected to the system,and you have already signed an MOU with your village people,forget it,things will be alright though it might take time.

In the German speaking world,the only way to earn their respect,is to work twice harder them though,you may be recognized as a quarter as good as them!

If I tell you stories that I heard in the past of how African students were pampered by the university,but they messed up. We are the ones now suffering for their sins,on top of prevalent racism. This is why we are pushing to change the narrative that black African students are useless. How can a student be receiving 500euros monthly,and still refuse to go to class? Then,when the system retaliate,people will be shouting racism!

Make everybody use him head in order not to spoil the chances of those coming behind them! Nigeria don cast,and is now Buhari's cowlony. Any opportunity to learn new skills that comes to you,grab it by the balls and squeeze the hell out of it!


Bros, i have two questions for you. Very very simply questions that begs for simple answers:

1. Are you presently in Germany?
2. Do you speak out direct experience?

The Canada you made mention of, getting a professional job there is very difficult as well. Thousands of seasoned professionals throng into the country yearly through the express route and the competition for jobs is very fierce. I have colleagues who went over there with high hopes but now drive taxis to survive.

Please, a lot of us here are sacrificing a lot for this German venture. We do not appreciate discouraging remarks especially from someone whose only visit to the German consulate in Nigeria so far is probably for document certification.



Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 8:01pm On Oct 16, 2019
This is the basic problem of most Nigerians. They generalize issues. You think that Germany is bad?
Come to Austria,and I can assure you that after one semester, you will run and end up in Niger,and not Nigeria! Germany that gives you work permit on arrival as a student, is tough? What will you say about its Austrian neighbour that is unhappy on seeing you smiling on the street,after blocking your access to the job market as a student?

For your information, most of my friends are gainfully employed after graduation in that same Germany that you are talking about!

No doubt, there is systemic racism but survival is for the fittest,and only the strong will survive.

How many Nigerians do you know that were at the top of their game while in school, learnt Deutsch, took unpaid internships, published a minimum of 3 papers per year, attended top conferences every year, spent money on certifications and still did not get a job before completing their thesis? I don't know anyone! If you hear stories,you will be amazed at the toughness of Nigerians!

In the last two months, I have been in Huelva, Spain, Grenoble,France,Aalto, Finland, Leuven, Belgium and just returned from the EIT Alumni Meeting at Budapest,Hungary,all paid for by the European Union. Just google the cost of a night at Barcelo Budapest! Other Nigerian and Benin Republic students were there too.

It was all due to networking,and not because of anything spectacular about my grades!

Lightweight Professional exam cost 1400 euros,and the EU paid for me and two other Nigerians,on top of accommodation and travel expenses! You can contact Fraunhofer Institute,Bremen,and confirm the cost! If I don't move, I will not get that information.

I will advice everyone to up their game,no matter how bad things are! Take it or leave it,without networking,you are dead in Europe,no matter,how good your grade is,except God help you!

You think with all the networking you can compare yourself to Cornell or Harvard graduates . You must be joking.

If you cannot secure a job in your school of study after investing countless cash in their economy so that you get their blue card and get a pr. Mehn forget it.

You'll have been better off praying to go to canada eons ago

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 10:54pm On Oct 15, 2019
You are partially right because most German Universities are above decent in many study areas. On the flip side, every field has its own top specialists,likewise,every university has its strength and weakness! You can not compare TU Clausthal, Hannover, in Petroleum Engineering to most of their counterparts in the North Sea and North American axis.

Likewise,RWTH Aachen is light years ahead of most UK top universities in Engineering research,but in Material Science,it will hold a glass of beer for University of Manchester,who in turn,doff its cap for KU Leuven,Belgium when it comes to volume of research output!

The important thing is to look out for the top players in your field when applying for admission,but when admitted to a school that is not well rounded in your discipline, try to network with the top professors,students and alumni in conferences and social media, because it is not easy to attend a University which has all the top specialists in an area of study under its roof! That is my recipe and it has been working for me,right from Nigeria.

I can cite an example. The Montanuniversitaet Leoben,Austria is the only university on Earth offering Sustainable Metallurgy and they have more than excess funding from Austrian companies to fund their research,but they are silently figuring out a market that don't even exist yet!
That is one great feature of studying in the German speaking world,compared to the English speaking world!


Quality is alright but otherwise forget it...

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 12:41pm On Oct 15, 2019
My deepest regret and joy was reading petroleum engineering. Joy because it opened my mind to vast possibilities in engineering application and innovation,but regret in the aspect of its vast limitations when you want a cross industrial job.
I prefer saying the hard truth. If you are not from a certain area in Nigeria,or a certain region,it will be tough to break into NNPC Group or most local players or IOCs because the HOSTCOM have some say. I don't have to tell you that because if you have a degree in PetEng,you already know how easy it is to get an internship,not just a job in Nigeria,no matter your grades!
My sincere advice is this: put your petroleum degree in your back pocket and switch to an area that is applicable to the oil industry,but not in particular. Not everyone is lucky!
For example,the future of the oil industry is in data analytics and innovation. The Petroleum Engineer of the future is one who is data savvy and does not necessarily have a degree in that field.
There is so much possibilities. I know several guys who switched to naval architecture, welding engineering,coating technology, data optimization,subsea design, etc,and they are earning "blood money" with ease at top IOCs and even have their startups!
Do not necessarily rely on your first degree. It will help you to transition easily into your postgraduate studies but trust me,every new level requires you to meet a new devil! It will not be easy but if you are ready to work hard,the system abroad will surely back any hard working student. Na so the matter be!
If you can bend your back to plot a new future for yourself,companies will queue to beg you for consultancy,not even employment!
I drop the mic!


Men, thats really cool. Wish Msc program would you advise one to undergo now with a Bsc PET Eng.?

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 10:18am On Oct 06, 2019
Send am again.


Jeeeeeeeez. Chaiiiiiiiiiii.
Omo you sabi book ọ ọ ọ ọ.
Abeg I go like keep in contact with you, I will send you a Pm now.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 6:28am On Oct 06, 2019
First degree in no.1,about to complete double second degrees in numbers 1 and 2, and currently on Sustainable Materials under the European Institute of Technology.
Wetin man go do? Either you improve yourself or you perish!


Waooooooo, that will be wonderful.
You must be from any of these fields?

1. A petroleum engineer,
2. Geoscientist
3. Mechanical Engineer
4. a Chemical Engineer

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 9:35pm On Oct 05, 2019
There is still systemic racism in the German speaking world but not like in the old days,when it was combined with societal racism. I live and school both here and in Austria,(which is misunderstood and considered worse than Germany) but I can assure you that the Austrian police or the people over here, has never had any issue with the African students over here, compared to what I have experienced in Hungary and Belgium (an old woman even adviced a friend to stop asking for directions in a bus,after he thought that I was joking when I narrated my experience)! America sef na point and kill pepper soup joint!
It is just a matter of perspective! Keep your nose clean and avoid street boys!


God bless you for this selfless contribution. Germany is often perceived as a racist country (as if there is no racism in other western countries) but with all what i have been hearing from other people, you inclusive. It seems most Nigerians are brainwashed by many bad videos about Germany on YouTube.

Once again, thanks so much for clearing the racism part. Germany, just like other countries is not perfect. One way or the other, we will face discrimination. Even, in Nigeria, we do face discrimination like tribalism.

In the north, yorubas are treated like a second class citizen, likewise hausas are treated like second class citizen in the west.

No matter where we find ourselves, let's make our country proud and be a good ambassador of Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by marcondo13: 9:24pm On Oct 05, 2019
I will be there as one of the 13 paper presenters at the SPE German Section Student Technical Conference next month.

My orientation program at RWTH Aachen University
Education / Re: Dapo Akande Honoured With A Portrait At Oxford University by marcondo13: 8:12pm On Oct 05, 2019
I was taught by a Professor of Metallurgy and Head of a Chair. He was born in 1980.
God punish Nigerian lecturers.

Wow a prof already at just 46 that’s quite impressive tho!who knows he might have become a prof even before clocking 40!

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Politics / Re: Governor Makinde To Refund Tuition Fees Collected By Ajimobi To Parents by marcondo13: 12:20pm On Sep 11, 2019
Your sense dey pain you.

sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, i think this silly move by the governor is to score cheap political points and blackmail the previous Administration because it was headed by a Muslim governor. No matter how we Christians try, our religion can never be as popular as Islam sad

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Career / Re: Oil Workers Zone. by marcondo13: 4:04pm On Aug 21, 2019
This thread is still alive? Nice one!
Travel / Re: Traveling To AUSTRIA – My Experience On A Virgin Passport! by marcondo13: 5:42pm On Aug 12, 2018
Bros,nor think am! Austria is tighter than even US that everyone is wailing about. They are always two steps ahead of you,in immigration issues.
You MUST apply from your country with admission letter,which is obtained with notarised documents from Fed ministry of education and Foreign Affairs,then the Embassy!


He can register for a course and get a study visa.

What about that ?

Politics / Re: BREAKING: EFCC freezes accounts of Akwa Ibom government by marcondo13: 5:05pm On Aug 08, 2018
Stop the propaganda. All GEJ kids schooled in Nigeria,unlike Buhari.
You can Google what happened when his wife visited the daughter at the university and law school.

Never understand why this country is full of mess, we don't have bad leaders but bad citizens, yet we are calling for the head of our leaders, its because we can't think with our brains,tribalism, individual corruption is making the country to go backwards. people love to celebrate mediocrity, the last time gej wrote something on his Facebook last 3 days, people are crying, clamouring for him to come back, wat gej did for Nigeria to Make him a hero?,if not because of tribalism, every project they executes isn't from their personal pocket money but its what they must do. Nigeria is no where a standard of egypt not to talk of South Africa, all Nigeria leaders are corrupt for goodness sake,IBB is the architect of downfalls of Nigeria, but if any government try to persecute him,his people will rise and fight for him, even the one that hardly eat 3 square meal will protest and defend him,this people are living large and taken every individual citizen for granted secretly, people will even come online to defend them as well,some of their family will never defend their parent, because they are satisfied with their life's and they are living on every citizen entitlement. your family are living in abject poverty while you are fighting for them without getting kobo even the person doesn't know you or any of your family , APC are bad but the most corrupted one (PDP) Are using every tactics to come back to power and destroy it more.

Some of their allies will come online to say something good about their parties, but the myopic ones will keep liking their posts and started fighting. Even Gej or Buhari will never send their kids to best university in Nigeria here while you that are fighting for them find it difficult to gain admission into polytechnic, even if you got admission, you may end up in dropping out, while you as a graduate haven't got the job of your dream, but yet you are fond of defending this crooks and you want to move forward as a person?.. The best solution for Nigeria is for every tribes to go their way or restructuring(if its gonna work).. You will see them fighting everyday, know that they are not fighting for u or for the country, but they are fighting for their families and their family future.


Culture / Re: Prof. Paul Okumagba Crowned As Orosuen Of Okere Urhobo Warri, Delta State by marcondo13: 8:34am On Nov 10, 2017
Those strangers that are running their mouth about the Oroseun,I advice them to go to Ighogbadu Street or Idimisobo,and repeat their rant and see whether their brothers from the creeks that are claiming to be in Warri,will drive down to save them!
In the entire Warri South, there are only FOUR gazetted people: the Egbema/Ogbe Ijaws,the Itsekiris and the Urhobo have the Agbarha and Okere Uhrobo!
I challenge anyone to name a SINGLE tribal division in Warri,apart from this four!
Politics / Re: APC: The Obstinate Journey To Shame Via London - Pius Adesanmi by marcondo13: 3:18pm On Jul 26, 2017
He promised a lot but don't forget the president met an empty coffer coming into power, Jonathan clean up the treasury. Obasanjo left well over 30 billion dollars no debt, Jonathan empty it all and left with huge dept. People are quick to forget that but I condem his staying in London hospitals while Nigerian masses has no options but to use Nigeria healthcare.
Are you sure that your alcohol level was normal when you were typing or it was an error! Buhari lied and he was caught pant down by OBJ,who told the world that he met $3.7 billion in 1999 while GEJ left $30 billion! http://pointblanknews.com/pbn/exclusive/stop-complaining-crude-price-jonathan-left-30b-obasanjo-tells-buhari/


Culture / Re: THE OMUEDA - The Virgin Boys Of The Oba Of Benin by marcondo13: 7:42am On Jul 11, 2017

Cairo did, old Carthage did, the ruins of Memphis, cyrenecia, Numidia once did, so I'm guessing you were referring to sub-saharan Africa in which case you forgot Timbuktu the capital of is it the Songhai or ghana empire?
Benin was far ahead of them because the houses and streets were designed based on fractals,a branch of Mathematics which was far advanced than any nation,and was discovered centuries later as the source of their designs because it was a marvel back then. They had street lights powered by palm oil when London was still a pig sty,(the historians' words,not mine).

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Culture / Re: THE OMUEDA - The Virgin Boys Of The Oba Of Benin by marcondo13: 7:38am On Jul 11, 2017

Deny it all you want.
Bury your head in the sand!
Africa has had homosexual Kings in the past, and this story just raises my antenna.
Cultivating young boys (your very title says virgin boys) and men for the King?
Can they say no to the King if he wants to satisfy his unnatural desires on them.
It seems to me like this needs to be properly investigated.
There may be child abuse going on there.
I don't care what happened in the past. Such rubbish should not go on in this day and age.
The catholic church is paying millions now for the same thing.
If catholic priests can do it, I dare say the Oba is not holier than a catholic priest.

From your post:
Meeting an Omueda.
He smiled a lot and even tolerated all of our foolish questions. Let's call him Osaro.
Like why he decided to spend over 11 years of his life in the palace.
“I am proud to serve my kingdom” he said with so much ease.
He wore a light brown sleeveless shirt and matching shorts. Around his neck were tiny white beads, and on his ankles were metal bangles.He hasn't been outside the palace since he signed up 9 years ago.

That sounds like a sex slave to me.

Yeah,it sounds like a sex slave to your twisted and depraved mind! Instead of coming online to run naked,quietly do a better job of hiding your ignorance. The Oba of Benin,an homosexual? Do you even know the traditional punishment and curse for that act alone? If Ayelala visit you,everyone will confirm it. You can insult any traditional king in Nigeria and go free,but I will advise you to consult your ancestors before you plan to join them untimely!

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Travel / Re: WARRI: The City And The Kingdom by marcondo13: 9:58pm On Jul 08, 2017

omen.. am loving this. please come up with more fact. waje is ready to counter your claim.

It is not a supremacy contest but setting the facts right! A couple of guys whip up political sentiments to loot and share oil contract booty and turned it into a tribal warfare! I am still waiting for him to tell me the relationship between the Agbassa founding fathers (Iruowhara, Osuovba and Ijala),who settled at Ijala and later Ukpokiti within the Warri Metropolis, and the first Olu,Prince Ginuwa! Can there be a king without a kingdom? It is time that Africans learn to ask deep questions instead of relying on fables like the Oduduwa story and other African fairytales!
Travel / Re: WARRI: The City And The Kingdom by marcondo13: 9:34pm On Jul 08, 2017

another dem say postulations am sure ur dad told u all these
A typical reaction of a modern Itsekiri youth,who show a distaste for academic scholarship. Do I sound like a pimpled juvenile,who rely on hearsays Who are the founders of the different Agbraha clans? I am giving you an account and you are making an asinine comment! Why not call the oldest man in your family and ask him about the land in Warri, on which the Aghofen, the Olu of Warri’s palace was built,if it is privately owned and was leased to Wilson Gbesimi Emiko (Erejuwa 11) by Omagbemi for the Ewelofu of Ekurede-Itsekiri, or it was a property of the royal family for generations. Then,come back and update everyone on his response.
For your information,I am tied by blood and marriage to the Arubi family, Awani family and the Fregene royal line. So,stop wasting your time believing that you are more Itsekiri than me,because my grandparent's main residence was almost burnt in 2000 because the Agbarha youths even thought that they were Itsekiris. I am not your typical youth,who rely on fables of doubtful provenance. I still repeat and challenge everyone to go back and ask about the origin of the Itsekiri Kingdom! You will be shocked about the interwoven fabric of the Agbarha people and the Itsekiri nation!
Travel / Re: WARRI: The City And The Kingdom by marcondo13: 8:31pm On Jul 08, 2017
I was banned on this forum twice for copy and paste if not I would ve sent many documents why warri town belongs to Urhobos before any other ethnic groups

Difference Between Warri Kingdom And Warri Town

The word 'Warri' has its origin from Portugal that means it's a foreign name just like Lagos, Port-harcourt, Calabar, New Calabar (Kalabari).
Warri is a Portuguese word like Escravos, Forcados and Ramos. Warri is a word corrupted from a Portuguese Explorer called Aviero. It's pronounced as 'Awiero' . There's a present city in Portugal called Aviero. This same name Aviero gradually metamorphosed into Awyri, Ouerre, Iwere, Warri

This same name Aviero or Iwere was named on the Itsekiri Kingdom called Ode-Itsekiri which was made a developed Kingdom by Ginuwas sons. The tittle ' Olu' which was gotten from the name 'Oba Olua' who was actually the father of Ginuwa.

The King's that ruled over Ode-Itsekiri Kingdom were addressed as Olu of Ode-Itsekiri which was shortened to Olu of Itsekiri or Olu of Iwere. This same Ode-Itsekiri is what is called Iwere or Warri Kingdom!

Not all Itsekiri communities were under Iwere Kingdom for example Ugborodo, Ugbuwangue and Okere Village resisted the so called overlord-ship of the Ode-Itsekiri King until the 20th century. If Ugbuwangue and Okere which are in Warri town were not under the control of the Olu of Ode-Itsekiri, how could Agbarha-ame(Agbassa) an Urhobo community in the same Warri town be under the Ode-Itsekiri King?

Warri Kingdom is also known as Ode-Itsekiri and all Itsekiri communities that surrendered their sovereignty to the king at Ode-Itsekiri while Warri town is an Urhobo town that is demarcated from Ode-Itsekiri by swamps and the Warri River!
This is the truth that they will never say. The answer to the ownership of the parts of Warri lies in the true history of the Itsekiri people,which have been covered with fables,but can be found in the records of the Benin Kingdom! Ask any Itsekiri youth to explain why Otovwodo people sent representatives to the crowning of an Olu,if he will answer! They don't even know their history,which is gradually lost today because they rely on manipulated court victories and fables told by elders,who are supposed to be custodians of history. At what point was the Itsekiri nation born? They don't know. Did the Istekiri nation started with the arrival of the Prince,or he met the Itsekiri people here? They don't know. Why is the people of Ugbuwangwe always disrespectful to the Palace,despite threats? They do not know! Who are the natives that rescued Prince Ginuwa when his boat landed at Ijakpa? They don't know. What is the name of the maternal grandfather of the first Olu? They don't know! Who were the maternal Uncles of Prince Ginuwa that escorted him on his journey in the Great Canoe? They do not know! What are the names of the communities founded by the uncles of Prince Ginuwa? They do not know! I thank God that I am an Okpe from the Orhorho royal lineage,and our family history is cherished and protected from those who chose to rewrite history,otherwise,Sapele would have been lost,just like most Okere-Urhobo and Ogbe-Ijaw lands!


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