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Politics / Yoruba Nation Defenders Gave Declaration. by MayorofLagos(m): 2:20pm On Mar 23
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation: Stay Away From Ondo, Akeredolu Warns Igboho, Others by MayorofLagos(m): 2:08pm On Mar 23
Akeredolu has been told many times that he does not own any power to block any Nigerian from Ondo.

Igboho has declared he is no longer Nigerian. Ondo is an indigeneous land and territory belonging to Yoruba.

Igboho should be the one declaring Akeredolu a non-entity on the indigeneous land, not the other way around.

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Politics / Re: DHQ Reacts To Report Of Soldiers Arrested By Sunday Igboho by MayorofLagos(m): 2:30pm On Mar 21
So Nigeria army knows the serial impersonator?
Brigadier Onyuko, continue.

Serial means to do same thing repeatedly.

Impersonate means identity theft, to steal and use an authentic identity with intention to cause harm or pain, or defraud, those who without such authority will not normally grant an access.

This serial impersonator has defrauded the public and caused pain repeatedly and the Defense HQ have knowledge of him, yet he is still a free man.

Those calling for separation from Nigeria are justified.


Politics / Re: Yoruba Leaders Divided Over Oduduwa Republic Agitation by MayorofLagos(m): 2:39pm On Mar 20
By Tunde Thomas, Lagos and From Oluseye Ojo, Ibadan



You did not point out the division over Oduduwa Nation. What you stated is opinions.

You forgot to state in beginning that the gathering at Mapo Hall, which you falsely hinted to be against Oduduwa Nation, played the Yoruba Anthem to open the meeting. What does that tell you? Bloody bad belle person.
Celebrities / Re: Thelma Ukaegbu Celebrates Her Birthday With A Dinner Reception (Photos) by MayorofLagos(m): 7:53pm On Mar 17
Where is ffk??
Ibo people don get another fresh one ready for you. Come get it. grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Tinubu Lists Four-Step Solution To Farmer-Herder Crisis by MayorofLagos(m): 4:26pm On Mar 13
Tell Tinubu he is behind, we moved past farmer/herder conflict resolution. There is terrorism in the land, fulani terrorists have invaded and taking over land illegaly. We are on path to independence. What input does he have to the independence of YorubaNatiin?


Politics / Yoruba Message by MayorofLagos(m): 6:07pm On Mar 11
Politics / Igboho Issues Caution To Security. by MayorofLagos(m): 6:03pm On Mar 09
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Alleges Murder Of Fulani Leader, Wakili by MayorofLagos(m): 4:39pm On Mar 07
Wakili should have been killed, period!

His arrest is wrong.

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Politics / Bo Se'n Lo by MayorofLagos(m): 4:17pm On Mar 07
Politics / Re: Lagos, Ogun Traders, Butchers Defy Afenifere, Igboho's Anti-Beef Day Campaign by MayorofLagos(m): 7:38pm On Mar 06


Nobody said butchers should not kill cow. The campaign was to people asking them to "voluntarily" boycot cow meat. It is not mandatory. This your report show panic by cow supplier afraid of losses.

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Politics / Lessons Learnt To Governors In South That Convene Meeting With Miyettiallah by MayorofLagos(m): 9:25am On Mar 06
Read the following to see how Northern leadership frowns and disprove of Fani Kayode as an agent of intervention on issues concerning their security. The union of food distributors in North are grieved that there is no assurance of safety for their products and suppliers doing business in South.

When looked at in depth, this is other side of the coin when Southerners complain of absence of security to farmers and the willful destruction of their farm produce by fulani herders repeesented by miyettiallah. When Southern Governors make attempt to intervene they invite miyettiallah, the root cause of the problem, to the table for a meeting.

The response of Northern Elders here should open the eyes of our Governors to the reality of imbalance in relationship between North and South. What they can't accept in their affairs, they serve it to us and our Governors sheephishly accept it.

Not that I endorse the end of their food strike, personally, I want this to be the end of food supply from North so we can be self sufficient in our own food administration. However I am sensitive to the response published by Northern Elders...if Fani Kayode is seen as a threat and unqualified to discuss security of northerners in South, miyettiallah is triple unqualified anywhere in South to engage in relationship building. Our Governors need to take note.

. The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has accused the federal government of allowing private citizens “known for supporting violence against other ethnic groups” to participate actively in affairs of national interest.

In a statement on Friday, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, spokesperson of the group, condemned the decision of the federal government to include individuals, “who are supporting threats” to the security of northerners in the south-west, in the peace deal to lift food blockade to the south.

In a meeting held on Thursday in Abuja, Yahaya Bello, Kogi state governor, had helped facilitate an agreement to end the protest by northern traders who had blocked food supply to the southern part of the country.

At the Thursday meeting, Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, was also in attendance.

The blockade by the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuffs and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN) had resulted in scarcity and an increase in the prices of food items in the south — while a supply glut crashed prices in the north.

Speaking on the recent peace deal, the northern elders rejected the involvement of such private citizens, and said the federal government should have taken better charge of the situation.

“The Forum welcomes the decision of the Federal Government to address a major and prolonged grievance of transporters over multiple taxation and extortion on federal highways along the country’s eastern corridor, all the way from Borno, through Adamawa, the states in the south-east, and the south-south,” Baba-Ahmed said.

“The Forum is disturbed by the visible involvement of a private citizen, identified as supporting threats to the security of northern communities in the south-west, in the discussions preceding the resolution of the strike, and the mention of a number of people, who had been instrumental in creating intense hostility around northerners living in the south-west.

“Indeed, some of the persons mentioned as having been contacted to give assurances to northern traders, herders and transporters, have been fingered by the police as being involved in criminal activities against northerners in the south-west.

“The Forum rejects the idea that federal government or its agents could encourage the outsourcing of its duty and responsibility to protect citizens to individuals, who are neck-deep in encouraging violence and corruption of communal co-existence.

“The Forum would rather believe that the involvement of these people was contrived to render its purported intervention valueless. In any case, the involvement of private citizens, who represent existential threats to citizens, in an exercise designed to give them assurances that they could be safe, is abhorrent and unacceptable.

“The Forum recognises the pivotal role of governors in the south-west as well as other respected leaders of communities working with the federal government to improve the sense of security of all communities.”

Although Baba-Ahmed did not mention any name, Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, who was also at the peace meeting, had earlier criticised the blockade and said there would be reciprocation from the south.

In a post on his Facebook page on February 27, the former minister had said the south will also block the supply of oil to the north.

“If the north blocks food supplies to the south, the south will block the supply of oil, refined products and oil money to the north. You touch me, I touch you! You do me, I do you! You Tarka me, I Daboh you! It’s called the law of reciprocity! Never start a dance you can’t finish!” Fani-Kayode wrote.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Nigeria’s Unity Is Non-Negotiable by MayorofLagos(m): 12:04am On Mar 05
Politics / Awareness Campaign, Yoruba Readiness For Independence. by MayorofLagos(m): 5:47pm On Mar 04
Politics / Awise Ogboni & OPC by MayorofLagos(m): 5:26pm On Mar 04
Politics / Food Producers In North Are Feeling The Pressure, Looking For Soft Landing. by MayorofLagos(m): 2:12am On Mar 04
Politics / Re: See What The Northerners Are Saying (if You Need Fruit Come To North,) by MayorofLagos(m): 10:48pm On Mar 02

If you need meat come to North,
If you need fruit come to North,
If you need fish come to North,
If you need milk come to North,
If you need yam come to North,
If you need honey come to North,
If you need beans come to North,
If you need Sesame come to North,
If you need millet come to North
If you need chicken come to North
If you need tomato come to North,
If you need tourism come to North
If you need cassava come to North,
If you need cattle come to North,
If you need horse come to North,
If you need goat come to North,
If you need ram come to North,
If you need camel come to North,
If you need date come to North,
If you need maize come to North,
If you need cashew come to North,
If you need mango come to North,
If you need cotton come to North,
If you need apple come to North,
If you need peach come to North,
If you need pineapple come to North
If you need orange come to North,
If you need guava come to North,
If you need Banana come to North,
If you need gypsum come to North,
If you need gold come to North,
If you need spring water come to North,
If you need groundnut come to North,
If you need watermelon come to North,
If you need fresh air come to North,
If you need vegetables come to North,
If you need talent come to North.


If you need terrorism come to North

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Politics / Re: DAWN Commission Convenes Meeting With SW Agric Commissioners On Food Security by MayorofLagos(m): 8:19pm On Mar 02
I wish the south as a whole should boycott anything coming from North for a month five years and try to be self reliance.
Politics / Re: Niger & Cameroon Refuse To Buy The FOODSTUFFS Form The Fulani Herdsmen by MayorofLagos(m): 8:09pm On Mar 02
Yorubas in diaspora are already on the move with arrangements to flood ports with foreing produce.

Yoruba Nation in the making. I dont see why we should not abandon these backward people and start a new progressive future.
Politics / Re: Yoruba, Not My People, Behind Kidnappings In Igangan –seriki Fulani by MayorofLagos(m): 12:11am On Mar 01
In this interview with TUNDE OYEKOLA, the Seriki Fulani of Ibarapa, Oyo State, Alhaji Salihu Abdulkadir, speaks about his eviction from Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area, following allegations of killings and kidnappings against Fulani in the community

You said you have been in Igangan in the last 50 years; when were you installed as the Seriki?

I have been in Igangan for more than 50 years. I was installed as the Seriki Fulani of the entire Ibarapa area in 1992 and in 2018, the Alafin of Oyo installed me as the Seriki Fulani of Oyo state.

How will you describe the relationship between your people and the people of Igangan?

There was a cordial relationship between us; we were living in harmony. I don’t know what caused the present strain in our relationship; it is not clear to me. But what I noticed is that the Ibarapa people suddenly didn’t want to see Fulani people around again. There was no quarrel between us; but I observed recently allegations that Fulani people were behind the kidnapping of the people in the area, which is a lie. From my findings, the people in Igangan were behind most of the kidnapping in the area. The indigenes were responsible for the kidnapping of the people and it came to a point that some of the victims were escaping from them. They then resorted to keeping the victims in their homes while negotiating for ransom with victims’ relations. I then made efforts to report them to the police both in Ibarapa and at the police headquarters in Ibadan.

There was one incident in which a Fulani man was abducted. We arranged for several vigilantes who discovered the house where the man was kept. Eight suspects were arrested in connection with the crime through police investigation. Out of the eight suspects, six are still in the police custody. One of them escaped but was rearrested. He is still with the police; he has not been taken to court. Four of those arrested are detained at Agodi Prison as I speak with you.

One of the allegations against you was that you were kingpin to Fulani kidnappers in Ibarapa and you shielded them . What is your reaction to this ?

This allegation is false . Whoever said so should come out and say it to my face. The person should name the people that I negotiated with kidnappers to release . I will be happy to see such a person who can come out and present a proof that I served as a negotiator and collected ransom for the kidnapers .
There is nothing like that . I have been the person reporting cases of kidnapping of both Yoruba and Fulani victims in the area. The records are there with the police both in Eruwa and Ibadan . People should take the pain to find out . How can I be a godfather to the kidnappers ?
Majority of kidnapped victims in Ibarapa were Fulani people and if I count them, they are up to 24 . Among them were those killed after the kidnappers collected ransom. On the other hand, the number of Yoruba that were kidnapped in Igangan cannot even be up to four.

You mean the Yoruba indigenes were kidnapping Fulani herdsmen?

Yes , it was collaboration between Fulani and the Yoruba people in the area .

Was the traditional ruler in Igangan aware of these Kidnappings ?

I reported all these cases to him . Any time I heard of any incident , I made a report to him .

Did you ever meet with Sunday Igboho before he came to Igangan?

No , I didn ’ t know him but Jambele invited Sunday Igboho to Igangan . Jambele is one of the kidnappers .

Is it true that three of your boys fired gunshots while you were having a discussion with Sunday Igboho ?

That didn ’ t happen; if we had a gun that day , we would have fought back . In my house no one can shoot. My kids are educated; I have one abroad , six are university graduates . The least educated is a secondary school graduate.
But there was a claim that one of your boys fired a gunshot and you said it was a mistake .
Nothing of such happened . As I said earlier , we do not have a gun ; we don ’ t know how to use it.
Is it true that some Fulani set a cocoa farm owned by a Yoruba farmer on fire in Igangan?
There is no cocoa farm in Igangan . I have never seen a large cocoa farm since I settled in Igangan .

Did you make any effort to inform the Oyo State Government about the quit notice issued to you by Sunday Igboho ?

I did my best . Immediately the incident happened , I went to the Deputy Governor , who , I believe , is a brother to Sunday Igboho, because they are from the same community. The Deputy Governor assured me that nothing would happen to me. I also went to the Commissioner of Police who assigned policemen to guard me. But few days to the expiration of the ultimatum by Sunday Igboho, I noticed that the policemen disappeared . A day to Sunday Igboho ’ s arrival , the Area Commander invited me and told me to settle the matter with Sunday Igboho amicably. But about five hours to the arrival of Sunday Igboho and the Area Commander , the Area Commander called me and told me to come and meet them. Then a soldier informed me of the ambush that Sunday Igboho had planned for me. Before I knew it, people bombarded my house with weapons and they burnt my house and killed six people. I also lost my only brother during the attack . We were only two from my mother . My brother was killed in the attack and up till now we cannot go to the place to bury him .

Can you quantify what you lost during the attack ?
We lost seven people , including my only brother; I lost 207 cows , apart from other animals. Most of my sheep , goats , turkey and chicken were gone . I am a good turkey breeder in my farm . They burnt all my houses and nine posh vehicles , including a Toyota Venza , Lexus SUV, Toyota Camry and a pick - up truck , as well as other vehicles belonging to other people in my household .

Since you vacated Igangan and came to the northern part of the country , what has been your experience ?

All I can is that I am still alive and I eat , even though I ’ m heartbroken and depressed. The food we eat and the clothes that my wives and I wear were given to us by the people around us here .

Has the Oyo State Government got in touch with you since you left the state?

No . I haven ’ t heard from the government yet . The police came here from Ibadan and took my statement and that ’ s all. I want the Federal Government to investigate the matter . What is my offence ? I want the government to help me .
Are you the only Fulani family that left Igangan?
Only few Fulani are left in Oyo State . The few ones left are still packing ( to leave ) and I was told they are being sent back by Amotekun. So , I will say all the Fulani have been told to leave . The people (Amotekun) once visited us , killed my neighbour and two of his kids .

What do you know about Dr Fatai Aborode ’ s death ?
I know nothing about it. I was very close to Aborode ’ s father and I once lived in their house , Ile Alagbede. In fact , we have become one family . Where Aborode was killed was very far from my village . It’ s about two hours ’ drive to my village; you will pass through Igangan town before you get to where I am . It is the opposite end of where I live .

It was said that some Fulani cows destroyed Aborode ’s farm and he came to complain to you and after that some Fulani people waylaid him and hacked him to death .
Whoever said such happened should come out and say it to my face. Aborode never came to me to complain . All I heard was that he was ambushed and killed by some unknown people . Even though he pleaded and offered money so his life could be spared , his killers refused. Meanwhile , the person who carried him on a motorcycle was not injured . I also learnt that some people, including some Fulani people who were passing by at the time , were made to lie down by the assailants .

Do you think his killing was political ?
Well , I can ’ t answer that .
Do you wish to go back to Igangan if this problem is settled ?

If the government can assure me of my safety , I would love to go back .
What do you think can be done to stop Fulani ’s cows from eating up farmers’ crops?
Cows must eat grass ; that ’ s certain . But the public notion towards Fulani as kidnappers is wrong and I would never agree or succumb to that because it is false allegation against all of us , Fulani .

You said that cows must feed on grass, is that a justification for them to eat up farmers’ crops?
No , but there is no way that farmers and herdsmen would not cross each other . For instance , a driver would not pray for an accident but it is certain it would eventually happen. It is the same for cow and open grazing. It happens and it’ s sort of a mistake .

Farmers say Fulani don ’ t compensate them when cows eat their crop. Is it true ?

Anyone whose cows eat farm crops and does not compensate the owner of the farm is senseless. If it’ s a deliberate act , it is wrong . Let ’ s look at it , how many farms can cows eat from that would feed or satisfy them? Cows are never satisfied , it’ s not possible . However , I have assisted many farmers to get compensation for the destruction of their farms by cows . There was no case of farm destruction reported to me that I didn ’ t send people to go and investigate the destruction of the farms and whenever we established that it was true, I would order the Fulani to pay money to the farmer . An example was the case of the Agoro family in Igangan and many more. I have a record for the issues affecting the farmers .

What do you wish the government should do to Sunday Igboho ?
I want the government to investigate this matter and tell us what our offence is. As regards Sunday Igboho , I believe whoever kills should be punished under the law .


Was it also Yoruba that kidnapped in Benue? Was it Yoruba that kidnapped in Edo? Was Yoruba kidnapping in Enugu? How about Plateau, Taraba, were Yorubas kidnapping those people? This idi0t already know who Southerners are and their gullible minds, so he has received training in the past few weeks on how to change the story and blame the victims for fulani atrocity all over the nation. If he succeeds in this it will soon be easy and smooth to also blame Ibo, Edo, Benue, for kidnaps in their regions.
Politics / Re: People Of Yewaland In Ogun Leave For Benin Republic Over Herdsmen Crisis (photo) by MayorofLagos(m): 12:04am On Mar 01

Jonathan is to be blamed here not the Yorubas. If he was at least productive to a reasonable degree, we would have not needed to vote a dimwitted slowpoke like Buha-ri. Truth be told, Jonathan brought us into this mess.

True statement.

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Politics / Re: People Of Yewaland In Ogun Leave For Benin Republic Over Herdsmen Crisis (photo) by MayorofLagos(m): 11:58pm On Feb 28


Those pictures are taken from middlebelt, not Ogun state. Let's make sure we put accurate info on web. If you are unsure of authenticity its better not to bring it to people. The environment and type of trees also is different than the shruberry of Ogun. If the picture lies, how do we believe in the story?

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Politics / Food Embargo To SW - Omoluka Reacts And Advices Way Forward. . by MayorofLagos(m): 12:31pm On Feb 28
Politics / Omoluka: What We Must Do To Support Yoruba Returning From North. by MayorofLagos(m): 12:01pm On Feb 28

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Politics / OPC Arrest Fulani by MayorofLagos(m): 5:06am On Feb 28
Politics / Yoruba Promise Shut Down North/South Border @ Jebba/Lokoja by MayorofLagos(m): 1:38pm On Feb 27

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Politics / Declaration For Oodua by MayorofLagos(m): 4:16pm On Feb 26
Crime / See What Happens When You Litter Environment In Certain Societies. by MayorofLagos(m): 5:27pm On Feb 25
Politics / Gbagedeimo Talks About Seriki Fulani Of Lagos And Sanwoolu by MayorofLagos(m): 9:13pm On Feb 24

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