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Politics / Re: Is Ike Ekweremadu A Coward And A Disloyal PDP Man? by McKren(m): 10:39pm On Oct 29, 2015

Nope, the APC Senators on seat formed a quorum, so they could sack him

You can't sack the Senate President in on sitting
Politics / Re: Is Ike Ekweremadu A Coward And A Disloyal PDP Man? by McKren(m): 10:10pm On Oct 29, 2015
Saraki played the right politics in the circumstance by allowing the voice of the majority

PDP are right to stage a walk out. Their protest is now officially in the records that Buhari nominated a corrupt candidate and they protested

I don't think PDP were under any illusions they can stop Amaechi confirmation

But their protest is on record!
Politics / Re: Is Ike Ekweremadu A Coward And A Disloyal PDP Man? by McKren(m): 10:06pm On Oct 29, 2015
Did Ike Ekweremadu vote for Amaechi?

As deputy Senate President he can not be part of a Staged walk out

There are ways to record your misgivings without walking out.

It's ok for floor members to Walk out, but Ekweremadu is in position of authority and he can express his protest by voicing objection or voting against or voting present depending on what the rules allow!
Politics / Re: PDP Senators Walk Out As Senate Confirms Amaechi As Minister (Photos) by McKren(m): 7:46pm On Oct 29, 2015
This walk out will now get minuted and it is now on record that there was a Senatorial protest on a saint Buhari nominee because of corruption

It is now in the records book!

Nice one PDP!
Politics / Re: Why Didn't The Nominee From Enugu Answer The Question By George Sekibo On Biafra by McKren(m): 7:24pm On Oct 28, 2015
I think it is wrong to ask a ministerial candidate trying to serve the Nigerian government to discuss Biafra

He should not have been asked the question in the first place and he is very correct to dodge

If any south easterner gets asked the question they should pass on it

It is out of other. Is there any evidence that this Onyema has ever spoken publicly for or against Biafra in the past? Why is he being asked question on Biafra just because his name is Onyema while Amina or Fashola was not asked any question about Biafra or any other seperatist group?

Nigerian politicians need to be careful about what they say in the hallowed chamber.

This is Prejudice!!!!!!


Politics / Re: What Is The Fastest Way To Rise In Rank In The Nigerian Army? by McKren(m): 2:47pm On Oct 27, 2015
Marry the daughter of a general!
Politics / Re: Chai : See Lecturer Who's Now Labourer In Kwara Due To Non-payment Of Salary For by McKren(m): 9:04pm On Oct 26, 2015
Naija no easy
Politics / Re: Buhari Gives Ultimatum To South-east Governors On Biafra by McKren(m): 8:43pm On Oct 26, 2015

You clearly did not understand his post.

Ignore the guy


Politics / Re: Buhari Inaugurates Panel On Parastatals’ Reconstitution - The Nation by McKren(m): 7:48pm On Oct 26, 2015
Re-Nationalisation loading.......

Buhari about to unleash his 1940s economic ideas on Nigeria!

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Politics / Re: All PDP Governors Failed In The Last 16 Years by McKren(m): 7:15pm On Oct 26, 2015

Who says?
He is struggling and a poor economist. He would fair better as a commissioner of works or education.

Try to recognise sarcasm when you see one!
Politics / Re: Buhari Gives Ultimatum To South-east Governors On Biafra by McKren(m): 7:01pm On Oct 26, 2015
Nigeria is such an archaic country I tell u

Imagine Tony Blair or David Cameron giving ultimatums to Scottish leaders on Scottish independence?

Buhari is so backward he needs to come off his civil war mentality and start thinking like a modern Nigerian democratic President.

I as an Igbo man do not believe the proponents of cessation will win a referendum in the East on the subject if genuine devolution and implementation of the last confab report is put on the table as an alternative.

Rather than the silly tough talk which adds no value to Nation building let the Presidency and APC think outside the box and work towards a more perfect union!

Fashola is an APC man, he is an advocate of devolution or true federalism. Let APC channel the debate in that direction.

Igbos are known to own businesses and landed properties in other regions outside their own than any other tribe. Perhaps Igbos have more vested interest in the unity of Nigeria than any other tribe! Let's have a referendum and a vote and people will realise that majority of Igbos will stay in Nigeria with a promise for devolution.

If I own a business in Lagos or Kano, I doubt I will like to wake up one morning to be designated an immigrant and require a visa to continue my business just because of Biafra. But like I say more hearts and mind will be won if devolution or true federalism is on offer!

Think, honestly think. Asked to name Igbo leaders, does Nnamdi Kanu or Uwazurike come to mind? Has anybody heard or seen a true Igbo leader of thought at the vanguard of the current quest for Biafra?

Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB are free to pursue any aspirations in a free society so long as they do so peacefully, it is up to Nigeria to silence this group through providing superior ideas and alternatives rather than alienating the rest of the majority of silent Igbos!

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Politics / Re: All PDP Governors Failed In The Last 16 Years by McKren(m): 1:24am On Oct 26, 2015
Aregbesola is the best governor in the world!


Politics / Re: Igbo Are Over 70% Of Rivers , Wike Will Not Loss by McKren(m): 1:16am On Oct 26, 2015
OP is an anti-Igbo APC e-rat trying to drive a wedge amongst the people of River State

Guess what. The real voters are not on nairaland! Your scheme has failed!

Wike will upturn this kangaroo judgement at the court of appeal


Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 1:11am On Oct 26, 2015

The fact that you think Rivers elecltion was free and fair says it all.

No election in Nigeria is free and fair. Even Buhari's victory is flawed but I guess that's a debate for another day!

But the outcome of the Rivers election represents the will of majority of Rivers people!
Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 1:09am On Oct 26, 2015

I did not say APC should choose the opposition I was calling on Nigerians to do that, so please spare us the false outrage.

I did not realise PDP was a party of immigrants?
Politics / Re: My New Book Will Draw Blood, Soyinka Vows by McKren(m): 12:54am On Oct 26, 2015

On the link above is Wole Soyinka's view of Buhari in 2007

Fast forward to 2015 and Soyinka endorsed Buhari for President

Following Buhari's 6 months period in office I will like to know if Soyinka thinks he made a mistake to modify his view of Buhari on the eve of 2015 election or whether he still thinks he is right!
Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 12:45am On Oct 26, 2015
APC paying PDP in their own coin. Hehehehehehe!
Wailing continue.

APC is dragging Nigeria backward by 20years

Before some of you wake up it will be too late!

This is not about PDP. It's about the future of Nigeria!
Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 12:42am On Oct 26, 2015

Why don't you just hope and work towards a free and fair election so the people can choose for themselves instead of you or individuals thinking they speak for everyone? And you don't see the irony in calling Buhari a dictator with that attitude of yours? I don't know where you people get all this thuggish mentality from.

There has already been a free and fair election and you lost!

The basis for which the Rivers election was cancelled which is malfunctioning card reader was a nationwide issue which also affected Presidential election.

Why don't we have a re-run of the Presidential election too?
Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 12:36am On Oct 26, 2015
PDP needs to be replaced as the opposition party, they do not have the intellect for opposition. A party tried to rig presidential election and still lost; brazenly and violently rigged state gubernatorial elections and won temporary victory that has now been overturned, and has the audacity to attempt to make their loss about anything other than a correction of brazen impunity. Nigeria is so messed up that is why such public nuisance is being tolerated, if not what we really should be discussing here is pressing of criminal charges for electoral malpractice. Shameless and useless party that runied the country and wasted opportunities for 16 good years. 16!!

The real shame is that more of them are not in jail!

When did it become the responsibility of the ruling party to pick and choose who the opposition can be?

The kind of dangerous dictatorship you guys are imposing on Nigeria is frightening!

Remember this! If Jonathan wanted to be in power at all cost there is nothing APC would have done about it. PDP worked hard to modify itself and the system to a society where votes count and mean something.

APC wants to retrogress this country by 20years just because they want to consolidate power at all cost!
Politics / Re: Rise Up Against Buhari, APC, PDP Tells Its Members by McKren(m): 12:32am On Oct 26, 2015
PDP and Nwike must do everything to defend River State

However Amaechi and Buhari want it lets give it to them.

We can not lie down and accept the intimidation. If they want to spill blood just to capture River State then let's show them they will still fail.

Let Rivers and Akwa Ibom be the grounds where the fight backs begin!

No to Buhari dictatorship and his lapdog Amaechi!
Politics / Re: Amaechi Is Like Biblical Esther, He Has Shamed His Enemies – APC by McKren(m): 7:56pm On Oct 22, 2015
Amaechi nomination and confirmation represents everything wrong about Buhari and APC

APC and Buhari are the ones shaming themselves

Please spare us the talk of fighting corruption and focus on job creation

The Buhari hipocrisy on corruption has been exposed!

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Politics / Re: (MBGN) Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria 2015 Contestants: Why Always Igbo? by McKren(m): 7:52pm On Oct 22, 2015
For cultural reasons Muslims will not take part in these things

But make no mistake Fulani girls are also very beautiful
Politics / Re: #I Am Nnamdi Kanu by McKren(m): 9:39pm On Oct 19, 2015
Nnamdi Kanu should use this opportunity to reflect on his politics and broaden his horizon

He will not achieve much threatening war when he clearly does not have an army

He should instead start up a political movement seeking a peaceful referendum on what people want and give the people the option to vote for either cessation or devolution.

He can lead a political movement that will displace APGA in the east and provide a true platform that will represent the aspiration of Ndigbo

The way he is currently going about his affairs seems like a joke to me .

That said I admire his courage. It is not easy!
Politics / Re: One-sided Anti-corruption War: Presidency Dismisses Metuh's Allegation by McKren(m): 8:41pm On Oct 18, 2015
Empty defence by mr Adeshina

Still did not explain why Amaechi is a Ministerial nominee while Akpabio is hounded


Politics / Re: Why PDP Should Form A Shadow Cabinet To APC’s Government by McKren(m): 12:48pm On Oct 17, 2015
I agree with this idea

As a minimum PDP can use their various legislators in Senate or House of Rep and nominate some as "PDP Response champions" on key sections of Government so that they can support Olisa Metuh in providing alternative views to policies of the ruling government

I will like to see "PDP response Champions" in the following areas

Defence /National Security
Internal Affairs
Foreign Affairs

Using Serving Senators or House of Rep members for this role will make it easier to manage

When serious issues happen in any of the section of the economy then these people should do a joint press conference with Olisa Metuh to give the opposing views which Nigerians harbour a voice!
Politics / Re: PDP Officially Zones Presidency To North by McKren(m): 9:59pm On Oct 15, 2015
Correct move by PDP

I love Ekweremadu honestly

As an Igbo I am very proud of his politics
Politics / Re: Nigeria; The Class Captain And His List Of Noisemakers by McKren(m): 5:49am On Oct 13, 2015
Politics / Re: Finally, Diezani Alison-madueke Speaks Out by McKren(m): 9:28pm On Oct 12, 2015

Get it into your thick skull that should Amaechi go ahead and be a Minister, Buhari had just succeeded in denting his well publicized anti-corruption crusade.......

Buhari has already exposed the double faced liar he is by appointing Amaechi in the first place

I am not suprised because I saw nothing in Buhari's history to understand why some Nigerians trusted him so much
Politics / Re: Finally, Diezani Alison-madueke Speaks Out by McKren(m): 8:57pm On Oct 12, 2015
This people think nairaland is made up of home based Nigerian TUALE youths alone The part that you buy a home in America and all will be made public is a BIG LIE!

While many are public records, some can be put under trusts and the names of owners will never be revealed. And will not answer to the probate. You can even buy under people's names. So spare us the brief. She could be holding $1B worth of investment in America that only angry and cheated partners would expose.

The lawyer gave year when the alledged properties were bought

All were acquired before Diezani became Minister

Buhari should leave Diezani alone and focus on Job creation

After all Buhari's wife is yet to explain her source of wealth and involvement in Halloburton Scandal

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Politics / Re: Finally, Diezani Alison-madueke Speaks Out by McKren(m): 7:42pm On Oct 12, 2015

What did Rotimi Amaechi steal from u.

What did Diezani steal from u?

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Politics / Re: Finally, Diezani Alison-madueke Speaks Out by McKren(m): 6:51pm On Oct 12, 2015
My favourite line is when the lawyer says

...... The false stories feeds the mood of the moment.......

This is very apt. Buhari is an embarrassment to democracy and it's fundamentals which assumes that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. APC should bury their heads in shame!

Expecially when the same government nominate Amaechi for minister.

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Sports / Re: I Shall Return - Enyeama by McKren(m): 4:43pm On Oct 11, 2015
Oliseh is sick honestly


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