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Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 2:40pm On Apr 09
Why the bolded, when i clearly mentioned that my argument doesn't go beyond that. Besides, I never said people in their 20's. I said it's until 20. 20 is an the upper limit. I do apologize for making such an assumption with respect to your knowledge. That was an assumption based on past history. I clearly mentioned that. I used the first article for the 20 upper limit. You could certainly find another article that suggests an age lesser than 20, which I wouldn't argue with cos it's clear for these developmental periods are not quite specific. You will always have a plus or minus, but i would appreciate it if you post one, so we know your argument at least has support. Now there's certainly the issue of reliability of a source, which can be ignored as we don't have lots of journal publications on the subject. The second article does suggest that the catching up occurs by late high school, but does not indicate the age while another suggests it narrows. Perhaps classifying the argument as correct is a little too confident but the 20 years cap is quite reasonable, considering the age problem. For the last bolded, i cannot argue with that. It is certainly disingenuous. The guy made a lot of points, the ugly part was clearly not the only one. We could go back and forth on what his end was, but that's beside the point, cos he did make multiple points, even though they probably shouldn't belong in the same test. However, when I first mentioned you I clearly indicated which of those points I was supporting, so again bringing up the "ugly" thing is definitely not on point, but again it could have been cos you misinterpreted my initial argument.



First I have to say, when a grown man says a girl is ripe he is NOT talking about her brain maturation! Let’s be honest here. And that’s why I am confused again at you trying to win points for the man who was talking about maturity in terms of being marriageable, in terms of physical appearance.

Kids complete puberty about the same time and young men and women’s brains are BOTH considered fully matured at the age of 25.

“Meyer said boys catch up to girls in development by late high school. Males and females don’t finish brain development until about age 25”. https://shine365.marshfieldclinic.org/kids-health/boys-girls-maturity-gap/

Your source above describes “late Highschool” as the time at which boys and girls are caught up with one another re: brain development and as you said Nigerians leave highschool by 17 these days. In most countries kids are 17 & 18 upon completing highschool.

So, the sources you shared described boys and girls catching up to one another by highschool and you are using the age 20. But that doesn’t mean that either boys or girls are fully developed by highschool or even your preferred age of 20. Your previous assertion that because a 17 year old girl finishes highschool that she’s “ripe” for marriage is particularly disturbing especially when you consider her brain is 8 years away from maturing.

The Newcastle study talks about brain activity, neurons that are removed to optimize said brain activity as the brain matures... the articles then deducts “this is probably why girls mature faster than boys”. When we’re talking about maturing we are talking about better overall cognitive and emotional responses. that doesn’t mean a girl is “mature” or should be considered no longer a child or ready to marry. And again, girls mature earlier in this way but boys catch up with girls by their late teens and both take up to the age of 25 to reach fully matured brains.

Girls are raised in societies that expect women to behave responsibly. Girls as soon as disgusting predators find them “ripe” will be expected to marry soon, whereas boys will have until their 30’s even 40’s to choose to settle down. Therefore boys are usually allowed to be kids longer. Girls are pressured to *act* mature.

I’ll say again, the topic me and that guy were discussing was not about matured brains when he described girls as ripening early. That’s what pedophiles regularly use to justify preying on kids. Girls enter puberty a year or two before boys but they both complete the process around 16. They also complete brain maturation at the same age.

maybe you were just looking to argue with me, which is fine and I’m used to it, but you jumped in to change the context of what we were discussing...

On puberty

On psychosocial responses being the same at 16 between girls and boys

“But significant differences in maturity, favoring adults, were found between the 16- to 17-year-olds and those 22 years and older, and between the 18- to 21-year-olds and those 26 and older. Results were the same for males and females, the authors said.”
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 5:23pm On Apr 08

I'm a pragmatist and I deal with truths, facts and harsh uncomfortable realities of life especially our ancestral pasts
Slavery has been an historical fact for most cultures throughout civilization whether black or white cultures
Among our black ancestors we had slaves let's not be hypocritical because white men took our people as slaves, before they took them we were using our people as slaves and they also were using their people as slaves too, but our ancestors were not wise enough to develop their own society like white men ancestors, these is facts, what were they using their time for, while at the same time white men were sailing the world, developing their Societies and reaching enlightenment era while black ancestors were tribalistic primitively worshipping idols , practising rituals and engaging in conflicts among each other , why weren't they developing their Societies like white men, why didn't our ancestors leave their dogma and discover the new world, why didn't we colonize other cultures

Our ancestors were not as intelligent as white ancestors because they chose to dogmatically follow tribalistic rituals and traditions, white men had left tribalism and moved towards scientific enlightenment and progress

See the state of Africa with it's leadership and even the people , has anything changed since post-colonization , nothing ,facts is that collectively speaking even after receiving enlightenment and information age in these 21st , the tribalistic primitive instincts of our ancestors still exists unlike in Western Societies that have risen above tribalism, we still choose to be incompetent and we don't seek out intelligence or even apply intelligence like the white men , still blinded by religion and Cultural dogmas, even black women even have an inferiority complex of their skin seeing themselves as less attractive hence they bleach to become fairer

Black America communities have the worst mordern statistics with regards to social issues like family, marriage,
fatherlessness , the statistics even during segregation were better than now,and most blacks vote for Democrat whose politicians and media platforms manipulate your emotions with trigger words like systematic racism and white supremacy, police brutality when the statistics shows that all these are cultural marxist tools to polarize you from whites and make you all loose focus on more pressing issues like black to black violence , fatherlessness which are more systematic than any racism post civil rights

If black Americans like you who live in Progressive western societies , who ought to be more intelligent than us based in Africa can be fooled by leftist politicans and manipulated with racism to make you loose focus from your main community problems , then what hope do native black Africans have when our colored folks in the west are pawns of liberal elites

As I said , I'm a pragmatist and I work with data , facts and statistics, I don't like to judge people based on their group with identity politics because I believe societal problems must be solved on an individual level with emphasizes on family building and entrepreneurial creativity of individual applying practical knowledge ( wisdom) to solve complex societal problems, I don't lament about things I couldn't control like the ineptitude and incompetence of my black ancestors but rather I make use of my intelligence to Better develop myself and Society as an individual unlike most members of my society who are dogmatic with religion and culture and can't apply critical thinking and deductive reasoning to solve our current economical and political problems

First, those aren’t facts.

But more importantly... Why are you focusing on Black Americans? Look at the statistics in your own country. Look at the rates of domestic violence, rape, adultery, murder, robbery, kidnapping, starvation, female genital mutilation, child rape, child mortality in your majority Black country. The “Black on Black” crime can be witnessed in your own country lol

Look at the statistics of Black Africans in the UK, your people aren’t doing well there. 3% of the population representing about half of the criminals...

Stop obsessing over us. Focus on you.

Why should Black Americans be “smarter” than Africans? You believe Black people in a country that banned Black people from even reading for 250 years and then kept Black people for another 100 years from attending white educational facilities should be smarter and more educated than African people (males at least) who have always had access to education?

Your belief in white supremacy is astounding, more disturbing than your hatred for women...

I’m almost certain there is a white incel behind this account.

There is a difference between the presence of slaves and a slave economy. It’s sad you don’t understand this basic concept. In the West people were stolen and forced to be slaves generation upon generation upon generation... and slaves were the primary mode of production and the driving economic force of nations. Differing totally from slavery in Africa. There was no such system in Africa and slaves in Africa were more akin to serfs in Europe of the same time period.

“slavery as a mode of production was not present in any African society, although some slaves were to be found where the decomposition of communal equality had gone furthest.”

“In Africa there were social formations represent hunting bands, communalism feudalism and many positions intermediate between the last two.”

“The weakness in Africa seemed to have been the lack of a professional interest in acquiring more scientific knowledge and in devising tools to lighten the load of labour as well as to transform hostile environments into areas suitable for human activity. As far as agriculture in Europe was concerned, this professionalism was undertaken by the class with a vested interest in the land — namely, the feudalist landowners and later the capitalist farmers”

“Under communalism every African was assured of sufficient land to meet his own needs by virtue of being a member of a family or community. For that reason and because land was relatively abundant, there were few social pressures or incentives for technical changes to increase productivity” [/b]

You don’t have a basic understanding of ancient history, modern history, or science.

And who even mentioned slavery? You just ramble on like a crazed person.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 3:46pm On Apr 08

Give me statistics of mordern women who are bricklayers, engineers, miner's, firefighters,mechanics,plumbers, truck drivers ,welders,Carpenters,and other high physical risk jobs essential for the maintenance of civilization ,rather you women troop to office jobs with safety , how dear you say you built or are even currently maintaining civilization, Nigerian men ancestors were not intelligent like white men ancestors to build early civilization but we are damn well maintaining the civilization white men built

Women throughout history and every civilization are just essential for three basic things sex ( that's why they clamor for reproductive rights unlike men because they understand the agency of their pussy, but don't care about our sperm and joysticks), reproduction and child rearing,

Women are fundamentally not built for leadership and are inherently default followers that's why most ,instinctively opt for secretary and receptionist positions due to your agreeable nature,more than the average man who mostly tends to be the head or CEO of a corporation as we are less agreeable, average performance on both genders but mostly men who make it to the top of a career ladder as we are not biologically limited with pregnancy or motherly duties that can alter a woman's career path, biology limits women in the workplace

STEM data from Egalitarianistic-Equalism Societies like scandanavian countries such as Denmark, Iceland and Norway shows that the more a nation tries to eliminate so-called Patriachal cultural barriers for women via affirmative Actions, diversity and inclusivity policies, quota policies, have widened the gender differences in these Societies and they have the poorest STEM data for women than traditionally conservative Societies , these is know as the gender equality paradox, don't ever blame culture again for the lack of interest of women in STEM fields look at bloody Finland

Men and Women are fundamentally not equal blame Nature, God, or evolutionary biology, it doesn't change facts, women are drawn to people and have great social skills than men, men are drawn to things and make use of abstractions like science and logic, these fundamental hardwired psychological facts that social constructivism and Egalitarianism humanist ideologies can't Change by systematic re-engineering of cultures via anti-patriachal legislatures

Stop blaming us and our joysticks
Deal with your innate naturally ordered inferior position and work with it as Biology fundamentally made women second class citizens essentially with nothing to offer asides sex( which homosexual men can get from each other), reproduction (as men don't have wombs) and child rearing ( you are better nurturers)

We don't need you for survival only reproduction, but you need us to continue to maintain civilization as without us and our Technology you would not survive even when you're all living as a collective

So not only do you believe in the supremacy of males you also believe in the supremacy of white people.

You are all kinds of messed up.

Crime / Re: Imo Villagers Set Fleeing Prisoner Ablaze by McSquishi(f): 3:25pm On Apr 08

You may be right.
But anyone who kidnaps fellow human being and collect ransom on that person's head,
Rob and use gun to threaten and even kill another fellow deserves every form of violence people can met on him.
No time for mercy or pity.
How can u pity someone that does not believe in the sanctity of life?

Because I’m a human being. If someone raped or murdered a child, brutally tortured or murdered someone then I could sort of understand a desire for that person to have a painful, tortured death.

But regular acts of violence, one where no one was physically harmed, to me that is brutal and falls under cruel and unusual punishment.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 3:07pm On Apr 08
Point of correction my argument was on maturation and nothing more. The evidence out there clearly shows women live longer than men on average. On another note, the maturation period we are talking about continues until 20 on average, and for the most part, they overlap, only that one starts earlier and slows down while the other speeds up. So if the 20 is a reasonable upper age limit in the early maturity race, then on average by the end of high school, males still would have some catching up to do, cos in general Nigerians leave high school by 17 these days. And by that a girl is matured enough for marriage. I never referred to the 'ugly' part, which i believe was out of place, so it's unnecessary to bring that up. Stay on point. cheesy. And you made another point on the issue of pressure. Yes the society pressures women into marriage, and this has been the case for a long time because until recently having kids was a source of joy, and some would consider it a divine command, given that the major religions emphasize on the importance of kids to a marriage, and the fact that the age for menopause has recessed, the pressure is a social necessity, but there have been several medical advancements which allow women to have their own kids even after hitting menopause. Given this, that social pressure is bound to wane. Besides do not make it seem as if the pressure comes from only men. A significant part of it comes from your camp: Your peers, our sisters, and mothers.

Point of correction: your argument was that this other guy was correct to say women ripen earlier than men and you shared an article about a study that briefly spoke of *girl’s* brain’s maturing earlier than boys to help prove his point even accusing me of not doing research or being properly knowledgeable.

You’re incorrect about the differences lasting through the 20’s. I’ve told you that the maturation process where girl’s brains mature earlier than that of boys is something that happens in adolescence. By the time those kids are 17 that maturity gap will have closed.

Even physically where girls enter puberty 1-2 years earlier than boys on average, they have caught up to each other by their late teens. The terms “boy” and “girl” are used for a reason, these studies have to do with kids. Not people in their 20’s.

Both men and women’s brains are considered fully developed at 25. The gender differences in maturation are not present in our 20’s, though.

I was on topic referring to the “ugly” part because it highlights that you sharing a article that briefly mentions brain maturation was irrelevant since that’s not the point the guy was making who you were hoping to defend.

Certainly, it’s not just men who pressure women. But it’s disingenuous for any man to ask why women see marriage as a major accomplishment when they themselves tell women it is a major accomplishment for us.
Crime / Re: Imo Villagers Set Fleeing Prisoner Ablaze by McSquishi(f): 1:36pm On Apr 08

The ease at which someone will threaten people, go back, pick up a gun and really set out to kill wit that gun.
Drastic situation requires drastic action.
Don't you think so?

I’d even understand killing someone with a gun in self-defense... but burning someone alive is a form of torture that I can’t imagine one suffering for an attempted act of violence...
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 1:33pm On Apr 08

Mordern women and the blaming game
Always blaming men, society, culture, religion, Patriachy in any field they feel insecured and inferior including marriage
Ignoring evolutionary scientific realities of the clear and distinct Biological , psychological and physical differences between men and women
Men are abstractive that why they are generally drawn to things such as building civilization that's why we choose STEM(science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics),women are solipsistic and they are generally drawn to people and relationships such as marriage that why they choose arts and humanities

Women menstruous Hypergamous realities makes them desire to settle down for a long term provisioning mate , don't fight or question nature

You can’t deny my statements when there are men confirming my observation in this very thread.

There are no biological nor psychological differences that make women want to get married and men not cherish marriage. This isn’t about nature but nurture. It depends on how you are raised. And how you are raised very much depends on your culture.

What civilization have you built? You men in Nigeria can’t even build paved roads for your community, let’s be realistic lol.

The building of a civilization requires both men and women. Millions of years of human existence have relied on both men and women for progress.

Again, it’s culture that tells men they are better at math or science but since the myth has been exposed for what it is, more and more women enter STEM fields with great success...

“...The researchers conclude that early experience, educational policies and culture also strongly affect success in math and science.

Other studies suggest that when it comes to math, girls and boys are similarly capable. A 2008 analysis by Hyde and colleagues reported that in children from grades two to 11, [there was no gender difference for math skills. And in 2009, Hyde and Janet Mertz, PhD, reported that while more boys than girls score at the highest levels in mathematics, that gender gap has been closing over time. In fact, they reported that the gap is smaller in countries with greater gender equality, suggesting that gender differences in math achievement are ***largely due to cultural and environmental factors***.


Some men have to believe they are biologically superior to women because they are very insecure. Without their male appendage they would feel utterly useless because they have nothing going for themselves outside of that... and that’s sad.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 1:00pm On Apr 08
I find it hard to understand how you claim women don't mature earlier than men but claim you studied a program under the category of the biological sciences. Perhaps you only just have a degree, and you have no idea the significance of doing thorough research. In today's world you learn far more out of a classroom than in it. By out of it i mean purposeful research work. The guy was reasonably correct in saying women mature(ripen) earlier. Below is a reference to a study.

This study and others is about the brain and research suggest that girls (during childhood and adolescence) have better brain optimization in certain cognitive and emotional areas. By the time they are teenagers in Highschool, boys and girls will have caught up to one another in those areas.

This has nothing to do with people of marriageable age.

He said ripen and spoke on showing signs of aging faster which was speaking to physical maturity. He later mentioned the words “old” “ugly” to further prove he was speaking about physical appearance.

So thanks for trying to win his points for him but you’re both wrong.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 12:51pm On Apr 08
Pls cancel all the nonsense you wrote up there.

Just a simple question, between ur dad and mom, who pressures/pressured you to get married?

You feel men have time for all this nonsense relationship matter?

All those things you wrote up there are exactly what mothers/aunties/elder sisters/female peers (that married before you) do.

men don't care less... and I'll add, even Fathers

...thought she was making sense till I decided to read it.


Surely women participate in pressuring one another.

But pretending a big portion of ridicule and pressure doesn’t come from men is funny. If you’re on nairaland or even read comments in this thread you would’ve seen it.

Male pastors, motivational speakers, random men are all over the place convincing women to read this one or sign up for that one to learn how to find a husband. You haven’t seen it? Really?

You haven’t seen guys ridicule a woman saying how she’ll never get married or find a husband with this attitude or this character trait? Hmm

Neither of my parents pressured me to get married. So your point of that question is lost on me.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 6:04am On Apr 08

Well, like I said to you earlier, you can continue living in your DELUSION.


It won't make anywhere younger.

It won't make you less uglier.

It won't even wipe away the hardship you may be going through.

You may have all the wonderful careers in the world and all the wonderful certificates in the world but that will not make a man take just one look at you and conclude that this old cargo here is just way too old for me.

It is the hard truth... the hard PAINFUL truth.

Here it is for you again. Now that you’ve performed my very point in replies to me, see if you still think it’s rubbish:

It’s funny because if a woman isn’t married it is usually men who will ridicule her for it. Men push women to get married early, telling us we aren’t getting any younger. Men spread the lie that even a rich woman has no value or hasn’t fulfilled her purpose if she has no husband.

Men take time to make all these write ups and get women to sign up for courses on attracting men for marriage. Men warn women not to be too obsessed with career and education that they end up missing out on a husband

So it’s not just that women celebrate it most, women are pressured into it most.
Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 5:58am On Apr 08

Well, like I said to you earlier, you can continue living in your DELUSION.


It won't make anywhere younger.

It won't make you less uglier.

It won't even wipe away the hardship you may be going through.

You may have all the wonderful careers in the world and all the wonderful certificates in the world but that will not make a man take just one look at you and conclude that this old cargo here is just way too old for me.

It is the hard truth... the hard PAINFUL truth.

Just because you call your opinions “truth” doesn’t make it so, sir...

What’s your field of expertise because mine is biological sciences... post the scientific studies that say men naturally look younger than their age mates. You won’t find any...

Did you just call me ugly? shocked Lmao, here come the petty insults as usual.

You guys always get low and dirty when you can’t make logical & intellectual retorts...

I’ll be old and ugly and whatever else you say. Ok?

But the fact is you’re still agreeing with my initial statement. You’re actually performing my initial statement, which is a bit hilarious grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 5:35am On Apr 08

Why will you blame men for the simple and obvious fact that women ripe earlier and faster naturally?

So you don't know it that of all possessions a woman can have, her beauty and youthfulness is basically and primarily the only thing that interests a man?

How can you say that it is men who pressure women into marriage meanwhile even the blind can see that it is women who take so much PRIDE in showing off their relationship status?

Well, what else can I say?

Continue living in your DELUSION and continue looking for more ways to blame men for your woes.

Unfortunately for you, the problem isn't going to go away just like that.

You just did the thing I said men do in the first part of your statement then pretended men don’t do that thing in the second half lol

You’re confused about whether you agree with me or not.

Biologically speaking women don’t ripen earlier than men. And even if we did that has nothing to do with pressuring someone to marry early.

Men have shorter life expectancy vs women, if anything men should be encouraged to marry early since they die sooner.

And I wish the lie could stop being told that men naturally look more youthful than their age mates because a lot of you look old for your age. Women only look aged after being forced into a hard life by the man she marries. Men who pamper their wife keep her looking fresh.



Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 4:58am On Apr 08

Absolute rubbish.

Stop talking nonsense.

Must you always blame men for all your nonsense?

Nonsense. lipsrsealed

Point out the nonsense. where is the lie?

You not liking truth doesn’t make truth nonsense, sweetheart

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Celebrities / Re: Uche Ogbodo Advice Ladies To Stop Aborting Their Child, Marriage Is Overrated by McSquishi(f): 4:37am On Apr 08
She is making sense.

The women who are already fornicating with the man/men they’re with and already getting pregnant from men who don’t care enough about them to marry them... let them not abort for silly reasons

if the woman wants children and is able to care for it financially then she should have the child and not abort the child due to public opinions.

Those same people judging her will be praising her when that child becomes someone. And those people mocking will not be there to care for her in old age but that child will.

She’s making points...

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Romance / Re: Why Do Females Celebrate Relationships And Marriage More? Opinion by McSquishi(f): 4:27am On Apr 08
Hi all, it isn't news women celebrate relationships and marriage more, tends to flaunt it, and for them it is obviously a very huge milestone for them; they see it as a very big achievement.
The reverse is the case for the male folks as most are mostly indifferent and many will prefer to hide it; my question is, why do female value and put so much emphasis on relationship/marriage?

Is it because they have more to gain? Or looking for people to fleece?

Your response/opinion is welcomed.

Culture convinces women they are more valuable upon getting married or “winning” a man’s heart.

It’s funny because if a woman isn’t married it is usually men who will ridicule her for it. Men push women to get married early, telling us we aren’t getting any younger. Men spread the lie that even a rich woman has no value or hasn’t fulfilled her purpose if she has no husband.

Men take time to make all these write ups and get women to sign up for courses on attracting men for marriage. Men warn women not to be too obsessed with career and education that they end up missing out on a husband

So it’s not just that women celebrate it most, women are pressured into it most. Nigerian culture teaches girls from very early on that their main purpose, their main value, is to please a man. while boys are raised to know they have value just standing alone.

However if a man is not excited to be in a relationship/marriage and even hides it then it’s because he’s immature and not ready to settle down. That’s not a sign of manhood but childishness..


Car Talk / Re: What Are Your Funny Experiences Teaching A Woman How To Drive A Car? by McSquishi(f): 10:16pm On Apr 07
Most of these people talking about their difficulty teaching a woman to drive get around town by keke... hmmm
Romance / Re: Tough Relationship Issues, Can You Answer? [images] by McSquishi(f): 10:10pm On Apr 07

Only you FBA... cheesy

what do you mean? lol
Travel / Re: Meet 22-Year-Old Lexie Alford Who Has Travelled To Every Country In The World by McSquishi(f): 9:54pm On Apr 07
Source: https://www.euronews.com/travel/2021/03/19/this-22-year-old-woman-is-the-youngest-person-to-travel-to-every-country-in-the-world

This is a great thing overall but it’s important to note that it says she had travelled to 70 countries by 18 because her mom is a travel agent and would take her on trips.

She also financed this from “working” for her mom’s travel business since before she was 18.

A family that has the ability to travel to 70 countries with their kid are well off financially and so the salary she earned as a kid in her mom’s business would be much more than typical as well... so this isn’t what the average income person can achieve.

No one should feel bad that they haven’t managed this or even a quarter of it...

(Also a lot of travelers count countries visited by the stamps in the passport or airports landed in not actually experiencing a place)


Celebrities / Re: Anita Joseph: I Flew From Enugu To Have Sex With My Husband In Lagos by McSquishi(f): 9:41pm On Apr 07
Anita Joseph: How I Flew From Enugu Movie Set To Have Sex With Hubby In Lagos

Anita Joseph, Nollywood actress, has recounted how she left a movie set for a sexual escapade with Fisayo Michael, her husband better known as MC Fish.

The film star brought this revelation to light in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

The Anambra-born actress said she hopped on a plane and flew to Lagos from Enugu to satisfy her sexual urge and then returned to the movie set the next day with a “full tank.”


Anita’s post comes a few days after MC Fish had revealed that he washes her underwear as an expression of his love for her.

Cute marriage but TMI.

At least they are encouraging young people to be fun with each other and enjoy a healthy sex life. Better than a lot of the toxic and dysfunctional stuff that goes viral
Romance / Re: How Do I Get Rid Of This Simp Of A Guy by McSquishi(f): 9:38pm On Apr 07
Madam I didn't create story I actually met a simp if I had told him to sell is barbing saloon for my sake oga for sell am. who cares if u believe or not I came here to seek for advise how to dump him cause I want my space

You knew this guy for less than two weeks and don’t know how to dump him?

If this were real and u wanted to dump a guy you don’t care about you would just do it not seek out advice on nairaland...

“They call me miss expensive in high school” which woman talks like that? Lol. Women don’t call guys “simps” like this either. It is reading like a man behind a female account...

But ok “madam”, hope u get the advice you need cheesy
Romance / Re: Tough Relationship Issues, Can You Answer? [images] by McSquishi(f): 8:37pm On Apr 07
Tough questions about relationships, can you answer it. The rules are simple. Whatever options you picked in scenario one, you must pick in scenario two, you can't switch, so are you ready?

Scenario 1

Let's imagine you are married to a woman you love. You get along fine with her and your family. One day in your absence she gets into a verbal exchange with your mother while you are at work.

She calls to inform you before you return so you can have her back cause you are her husband. So as you get home, you wife is outside to welcome you and lead you inside, your mom is waiting for you patiently in the living room, as soon as you walk in she begins to call out your wife in your presence while your wife nudges at you to confront her on her behalf, what will you do?

(A) confront your mom and defend your wife as a lover boy?

(B) side with your mom as a mommy's boy?

(C) become the CONFUSED FELLOW and try to BEG EVERYONE like you were the cause of the fight and be seen as a weak man?

(D) rebuke everyone including your mother and wife and become the NEW VILLAIN as the disrespectful man?

(E) Ignore everyone and be termed disrespectful and insensitive, as the heartless man?

(F) Try to know who is wrong in the situation and BLAME THAT PARTY ALONE, and be seen as A JUDGE and not a CARING SON or LOVING HUSBAND?

Scenario 2.

You have been married to your husband, who has been such a blessing. One day you go to the market and before you can come back your husband calls you on the phone and started complaining bitterly about the heated argument he and your father just had at your back and that it is still on going. You quickly rush home. At the door your husband is waiting for you, in the dining room your dad is waiting for you also. And as soon as you walk in with your husband he begins to tackle him again in your presence, while your husband nudges at you to confront him on his behalf, what will you do?

(A)confront your dad and defend your husband as a lover girl?

(B) side with your dad as a daddy's girl?

(C) become the CONFUSED FELLOW and try to BEG EVERYONE like you were the cause of the fight?

(D) rebuke everyone including your dad and husband and become the NEW VILLAIN?

(E) Ignore everyone and be termed disrespectful and insensitive?

(F) Try to know who is wrong in the situation and BLAME THAT PARTY ALONE, even if it's your husband or father?


F. mostly but mixed with B. and some A.
Crime / Re: Imo Villagers Set Fleeing Prisoner Ablaze by McSquishi(f): 8:33pm On Apr 07


Wow, the ease with which people can just burn someone alive. Horrifying

5 Likes 2 Shares

Family / Re: Who Is The Head Of The Family? Husband, Wife Or Both by McSquishi(f): 8:28pm On Apr 07
we are in the age where everyone wants to be heard and everyone wants to be noticed and liked

and this has resorted to so many new trends and culture that back in the days didn't exist.

Now a woman wants equal right as a man and will say "what a man can do a woman can do better"

I'm not against this movement or trend or whatever it is called

but if a wife also struggles for equal rights in terms of leadership with her husband

then who is the follower, who gives the instructions, who is the one to submit

two captains can't lead a ship but it seems in this days of social media everyone wants to take the lead.

so who is really the head of the house?

Traditionally the husband is the head. He leads his family along their path: spiritual, moral, financial, etc. And the wife submits to his leadership.

If the husband is the captain in the marriage then the wife is his crew. smiley

a captain protects his crew and must be an example for them to follow. a captain gives the final order aboard the ship but he has assistance with everything and he takes advice from his subordinates. A good captain values his crew and understands that the ship’s operations can not be performed without his crew.

When a captain is proving himself unqualified for his position he lowers the morale of the crew, they won’t perform their tasks well and won’t respect the leadership. When the captain is dangerously incompetent he will be relieved of duty or even face a mutiny.

What many marriages suffer from today is incompetent leadership leaving the crew forced to take over the duties of guiding the ship.


Romance / Re: How Do I Get Rid Of This Simp Of A Guy by McSquishi(f): 8:08pm On Apr 07
There is a guy I met last week at a keke who paid my tfair and beg me to have my number he send me money to subscribe that same day at night when he called, he has barbing saloon for males and females, he took me out for shopping 3days ago which cost him almost 50k, bug I don't like him I have a fiancée already and I pity him cause he us just a saloon owner I want to get rid if him cause dey call me miss expensive in school, I don't think he can cope with me cause I will wreck him. pls advise me on how do dump this guy is ugliness is out of this world.

Why create more stories to give these bitter men something to cackle about?

I tire of all these Nollywood script rejects that make their way onto these boards
Romance / Re: Dwarf Man Flogs His Giant Wife With Belt VIDEO by McSquishi(f): 6:50pm On Apr 07


She should’ve picked him up and thrown him.

The way some women will do all they can to accommodate an abuser. My god.

Even a rich dwarf can’t have me looking stupid like that
Crime / Re: Mother Of Eight Stabs Husband To Death In Delta State by McSquishi(f): 6:32pm On Apr 07
International Atlanta Georgia Olosho, I prefer the village girls Toto more than yours filled with worms and incurable STD's. grin

By the way, may your mom soul rest in peace. sad

Wow, now there are worms lol

Tell us more about your childhood experiences...

You say you prefer village girls over a woman like me as though you had any choices in the matter. Stick to what will accept you and stop fantasizing about things you can never touch. You’ll be happier that way.

Anyway... I’m now bored

Enjoy your day. smiley

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