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Celebrities / Re: Mike's Wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton Happy To Reunite With Husband After BBNaija by motorola(m): 9:22am On Oct 08
So your measure of a gentleman is a reality TV show where he knows if he misbehave na divorce straight and he would loose all, please let stop being sarcastic here, give him a chance to be in Nigeria for those number of days in Lagos if he will not touch a woman. Gentle man my foot
Mike is simply a gentleman. So loyal. They really deserve each other.

Not all these ones, ordinary one week of absence, they look for a well to dig tongue
Celebrities / Re: Mike's Wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton Happy To Reunite With Husband After BBNaija by motorola(m): 9:18am On Oct 08
Well done oh spokeperson for Mike, have you heard where they give money to a rich man and he rejects it, please stop deceiving yourself with fallacy, he went there for the money because there isn’t any job he can do in the UK that would pay him N60m for 3 months my dear.
she doesn't need your. N60m she's blessed with cash since she represents Britain in sports. Her husband went into the house for Nigerians to know who he is, and I believe he came, we saw and he conquered.
Celebrities / Re: 'No Snakes' T-shirt: M.I Shades Vector At BBNaija Grand Finale by motorola(m): 8:44pm On Oct 06
Both MI & Vector musically are dead, both rappers are on the same page, lyrically and rhymes wise both spit same shit but if you want to enjoy rap music listen to Mode Nine or Illbliss those guys are top of their games


Politics / Re: FG Barricades Unity Fountain Abuja - Oby Ezekwesili Reacts, Threatens Lawsuit by motorola(m): 7:57pm On Oct 06
It obvious you don’t know what government means, who is the government if not the people, sometimes I wonder when Nigerians will understand the ignorance they portray as knowledge or wisdom, the essence of the unity fountain while it was being built was for citizens to have a peaceful gathering and not to be barricaded, what you don’t know you ask not to speak from a mouth full of ignorance
Just barking aimlessly. Seems this ugly woman is suffering from depression. Is the Unity Fountain her property or Government's own?

Losers everywhere....smh

Just looking for cheap publicity. This is someone that couldn't muster up to 500 people throughout her campaigns disturbing our BABA with over 15 million votes. Dundee United

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Politics / Re: Harrysong: Governor Dickson Of Bayelsa Ruling Like Idi Amin Of Uganda by motorola(m): 10:37am On Oct 05
The governor didn’t recognize his show hence he is crying, one of the governors that did well is Bayelsa Governor so I wonder where Harry Song whose music career is dead talking about, there is poverty everywhere in the land, from Lagos, Rivers, Delta, there is suffering everywhere but to not say the truth is what I don’t like, Harry Song you are a blantant liar
Politics / Re: Senate Wants Integration Of Almajiris Into Educational System by motorola(m): 8:47am On Oct 04
The north knows how to play Nigerians sha, imagine people that the former administration built hundred of schools for only for this present administration to look away from that development and now someone wants FG to pump in more money, more than 50% of our national budget goes to the northern region alone haba how long will these folks keep fooling us, the leaders knows that the day those folks have proper education that’s the day they will stop to have outrageous numbers in the voting quota, funny enough all other regions in Nigeria always fall for the prey of the north, I hail thee oh Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Buhari Sacks Winifred Oyo-Ita, Appoints Folashade Yemi-Esan by motorola(m): 7:00am On Sep 19
Her problem started after she exposed the Presidency on the reinstatement of Maina, whenever this FG targets anyone don’t ever think it’s a hunt of whoever does align with them, Ibe Kachukwu exposed the fraud going on in NNPC of how over 25 billion Naira are being squandered and he was not given a ministerial slot again if you think your president is working please have a rethink

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Politics / Re: Kwara Governor Rejects States Education Material With His Picture by motorola(m): 6:52am On Sep 19
Politics is still being played in Kwara it’s just that people are still blindfolded with the assumption that those new to it will do better. This governor didn’t come to improve Kwara he only used the gullibility of the people to ride to power until we decide to vote out all political class of old we will keep wailing till forever
That's a good move (if true). May God grant him the strength and wisdom to lead his people right. This is a commendable and rightg feat. I pray he's able to continue like this.

Kwara has suffered long enough in the hands of the Saraki family/dynasty. A breath of fresh air is a welcome development.

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Start Fires Around Shoprite Lekki (Video) by motorola(m): 5:28pm On Sep 03
Standard Chartered Bank isn’t a South African bank Standard Bank Group which is Stanbic IbTc is so please don’t cause another mayhem
Haha...Shoprite Today...
When are they going to Standard Chartered Bank?

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Religion / Re: Is Taking Alcohol Responsibly A Sin ? by motorola(m): 1:20pm On Sep 01
The problem we have is most folks infuse our own knowledge into the Bible, taking alcohol is never a sin, it only becomes a sin when it’s makes other people fall into sin.
Good morning Nairalanders ..

Please i want to know your stance on this topic I won't bore you with long epistle write up.

Today is sunday as we all know am a christian and I want to know wether taking alcohol responsiby is a sin.
Am asking because I have this brother from my church telling that its a sin, even when I have not taking it in a way that got me to a stupor..

Waiting for you guys..
Happy Sunday..


Politics / Re: Majority Of Nigerians Are Poor - Buhari Tells New Ministers by motorola(m): 8:45am On Aug 21
This old rhetorics ain’t you all tired but of reminding us of PDP reign and the blame game, remember APC is also using 8 years it’s obvious nothing has been done to better Nigerians except propaganda

May God give our Darling President Muhammadu Buhari more wisdom, knowledge and understanding as he take our nation from the rust he met after 16 years of rape and looting to a better country.
So shall it be.
Politics / Re: Ambode’s Lawyers: We Foiled EFCC Plot Of Planting Foreign Currency In His House by motorola(m): 10:10pm On Aug 20
My fellow Naira lander please when it comes to EFCC those guys ain’t any professionals they act like just guys with no training, it’s only the informations at their disposal they act on non of these guys do proper personal investigation.

When you want to be set-up, CCTV will see nada.

I am not saying they wanted to and am not denying it either, but if their intentions were to plant the currency, trust they will do so and the CCTV won't capture it, they are professionals nah.
Celebrities / Re: Davido And Chioma All Loved Up As Fans Await Arrival Of Baby No 3 by motorola(m): 1:19am On Aug 17
If you are a noise maker with money isn’t that a good noise making, please leave the guy alone
David makes too much noise
Politics / Re: Judge Denies Fg’s Request To Detain Sowore For 90 Days by motorola(m): 12:09am On Aug 07
Is this trash coming from a mouth or a gutter, it’s obvious it’s a drainage passage, good riddance to bad rubbish, you should collect all your school fees back

When you women hear sound of gun una go get heart attack...revolution is not the answer...it will amount to anarchy...meanwhile the gov't should keep him for 4years so that he can learn bitter lessons or alternatively exile him like Kanu...so that Nigeria will have peace...we cannot be fighting on so many fronts i.e. kidnappers , bandits, bokoharam , Isis herdsmen ....

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: I Have Never Seen An Igbo Beggar Since I Was Born Till Today by motorola(m): 11:07am On Jul 20
He is speaking for himself, he has not seen any in his lifetime till date so you saying he is saying trash is to be wrongly accusing someone of his own personal opinion, I have never seen any IGBO beggar either, so does that make me wrong, we must learn to always see issues through the lens of intellectual prowess and not sentiment, I rest my case.

Reno actually knows how to talk trash and exaggerate unnecessarily. I used to say that before but I was wrong, there are Igbo beggars.


Politics / Re: Sonia Chinonso Ekweremadu Graduates From University (Photos) by motorola(m): 6:22pm On Jul 19
I can’t agree less, you are right on point, education would have been fixed if there was a law to that effect. All good we can push it up
I think there should be a rule that said anyone who send his kids abroad to school should not be eligible to run for any political office in this zoo

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Sports / Re: Premier League Introduce 'head-to-head' Rule For 2019/20 Season by motorola(m): 11:11am On Jul 16
How many Men can say amen to this prayer. May your daughters be treated the way you treat other girls... Say Amen


Politics / Re: EFCC admits receiving petition on Osinbajo’s firm by motorola(m): 7:25am On Jul 14
God bless you, whenever I see a personality speaking from a totally different perspective I am proud to know we still have a country, thanks for this piece.
Few responses above shows that Nigerians are their own problem. A petition was written and sent to EFCC. The so called antigraft agency claims the petition doesn't comes with facts So, they expect the petitioner to do their own findings for them? You have received a petition for Christ sake, why not act on it?

Funniest thing, hungry bleaked future children above are already saying it's politics. Nigeria and Nigerians are not worth your one second.

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Religion / Re: Samuel Uche: Pastor Fatoyinbo And Busola Dakolo Rape Allegation, Foolish by motorola(m): 7:50am On Jul 13
With due respect please everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but what is wrong is you calling someone foolish for saying his mind, that’s bad, please be guarded and know those words of yours are in public glare, caution is the word for you please
Foolish prelate

To whom much is given much is expected
Religious leaders are not expected to be fooling around
Apart from collecting tithes, what else do they do
It’s a pity the situation in the country is pushing more and more people to church
Celebrities / Re: Kaffy: 'I Have Nothing Against Naira Marley But I Don't Like His Soapy Dance' by motorola(m): 9:33pm On Jul 07
Do you really think the young generations are swayed by a dance step, so many dances have come and gone, this too will pass away but to think you are matured to type that a fellow human should be isolated from others because of a dance sense he invented is totally immature and irresponsible, instead of trying to condemn it why don’t you show us whatever it is that can be done to help the young generations
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on the things that matter. You have done your part and posterity will forever be kind to you for voicing out your concern. Deviants like Naira Marley should be locked up far away from the habitation of sane humans.

He is a bad influence on our youths and one of the reasons why they're morally debased. Its a shame that young people idolize him. What's worse is the fact that he's morally-bankrupt, an internet-fraudster and a mentally deranged individual disguising as a musician, he reeks of negative influence! Look what he brought us from jail!! What else does he seek to promote with the "soapy dance" if not masturbation, indecency and sexual recklessness? I pity people that take this character as their role model.
Religion / Re: CAN To Meet PFN Leadership Over Pastor Fatoyinbo’s Rape Case by motorola(m): 7:18am On Jun 30
In as much as I love your write up and saw some sense in it I will disagree with you on so many things you outlined, if you ever followed the rape allegations in the USA Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, R Kelly etc, what do you notice these ladies barely knew what rape was, at their tender age they couldn’t come to terms with the meaning of rape infact most didn’t know it was an abuse until they spoke to someone and remember there is trauma attached to it emotional for that matter, I have not condemn any but please be guided when making statements online, it will be here for a long time even long after we are gone
Something just didn't make sense to me there.
I have no intention of making anyone feel bad here but I think there was no rape in the whole saga.

There was rather a silent attraction that gave birth to mutual conjugality.

Why be around a man for that long if you never liked him?

Why keep mute on him raping you while your sister was in the house if you never liked it?

Why didn't you shout and raise alarm when he was leaving, after the purported rape if you never liked it?

Why didn't you share the first and second rape issue immediately to your beloved family if you never liked it?

Why still go to his church if you never liked it?

Why go stay at his house to help his wife and even sought to sleep in their master bedroom if you never liked it?

Why follow him in his car to drop you if you never liked it?

Why didn't you struggle when he took the u-turn to give you the supposed second rape if you never liked it?

Why didn't you tell anyone again or even the police if you never liked it?

After the third day, when he came to find out why you didn't go to church, why didn't you refuse going to the same church when he asked you to if you never liked it?

Why didn't you show any sign of what he did to anyone? Why conceal the whole issue if you never liked it?

Are you totally innocent

Why didn't you tell us if you ever seduced him?

Why didn't you tell us if you fell for his looks?

Why did you do what you did and are still doing what you're doing to him now? Is it fair?

So because someone accused you of sleeping with pastors in the past and is accusing you of being unfaithful in your marriage now you want to pick on the pastor who was in your past just to cover up on the accusation meted on you?

Who knows if you probably seduced him to push him to that extent?

What looks did you give him when he entered your house with your nighty on?

Why didn't you rush to change?

Why allow him to come in when you were probably Unclad in a transparent gown?


Pastors are humans. Let's be fair on them and their weaknesses as human as they are.

Don't go seducing a man with your talent and beauty and expect him to act as brother Paul in the Bible when you refused to leave him and his territory.

A man will chase you and get what he wants when he knows you're interested in him.

We're not fools please

The woman should just admit that she was wrong as much as she claims that he was wrong.


Politics / Re: "Universities Spending Scarce Resource On Course That Are Not Relevant" - Ben Br by motorola(m): 6:56am On Jun 23
You need to be placed on medical care, how can you hate someone who you barely know and who hasn’t done you no harm. Hate is a very strong word, please learn how to speak in public
The way I hate Bruce en, the man just talks anyhow without sense

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Celebrities / Re: Olive Utalor: I Can’t Accept Marriage Proposal That Doesn’t Come With A Car by motorola(m): 6:46am On Jun 23
Are you ok at all? You must be out of your mind, you speak like a little kid just learning how to talk, improving yourself doesn’t correlate to changing jobs easily, she was just being stupid due to the age of social media drama we are in, how can a poor fool want a car when with all the so called movies she has featured she couldn’t afford one for herself.
I don't blame her. I blame the guy.

Jesus said, love your neighbour as you love yourself. He did not say love your neighbour more than you love yourself. Guys of nowadays are mesmerizingly stupid. You picked a girl up and trained her, and years later, you are still at the same level where you met her? (A primary school teacher) Not even a secondary school teacher

If you must buy jamb form for a girl, you should have at least had a master's degree of your own. If you must rent a self con for a girl, you should have at least built your own flat.

Love your neighbour as yourself and not more than yourself.

On a lighter note, the guy should be placed on a 24-hour watch before he takes sniper angry

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Politics / Re: Buhari Loyalists Kick Against Adedayo’s Appointment As Spokesman For Senate Pres by motorola(m): 1:53pm On Jun 20
Please they are not related, even if I don’t support nepotism but please always get your fact right

Na the brother of Abba Kyari he appointed sef...Nonesense and Iberism
Politics / Re: What APC Governors Discussed With Buhari On Tuesday by motorola(m): 9:40pm On Jun 18
Please what exactly are you talking about, seems you were freely given data
The Progressive Governors really tried. They have the interest of this country at hearts. Never again should a person like Saraki preside over the Senate. PDP and especially Saraki frustrated Buhari's first term, today they have been put to shame. Some people from a certain region just because they lost woefully in the last election, they are now praying for the downfall of this country...God pass una. Before the election it was Biafra or death, I wonder what they want now. They are even begging Buhari on their knees to consider them for SGF...it will never happen in my country. You people will wail tired. Nevertheless, kudos to Chris Ngige, the DG of VON and other progressives from that side. While true Nigerians are saying lifting up, all the enemies of Nigeria will be saying casting down.

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Politics / Re: 9th National Assembly Inauguration. Live Updates by motorola(m): 9:48am On Jun 11
The 9th Senate and House of Representatives would be a joke of the century judging from the fact how we politicize an arm of government saddled with the responsibility of making laws for the benefit of the common man and the nation at large, is it the 9th NASS of APC/PDP or of the nation Nigeria, how long would we still be cycling in this same position over and over again, Nigeria will surely be great but never with these sets or crop of politicians who are selfish no matter their party affiliation, God bless FRN, God bless Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Saraki Donates Severance Allowance To Leah Sharibu’s Family, Others by motorola(m): 7:10pm On Jun 09
Please when will you stop calling someone a thief, at least there are no proves to your statement try and be honorable with your comments because the internet is here even while you are gone so be careful with unguided statements, take care
A kind gesture from the offa born thief. Thank God he won't be in the corridors of power to steal from us again.


Politics / Re: Breaking News Independent National Electoral Commission Press Release by motorola(m): 4:10am On Jun 08
Very nice write up, I presume you understand the law better but please there are always exceptions in any rule or law guiding a nation or issues as relating to INEC & Rochas, the returning officer alleged he was coerced to declare Rochas winner so please by law it’s unconstitutional to go ahead to issue him a certificate of return base on evidence of abuse please I stand to be corrected, INEC is absolutely right until proven wrong, impunity needs to die and it always begins with a stance, I stand with INEC
What is Festus Okoye of INEC smoking?

What was this meaningless press release about?

Iberiberism or not, it was illegal for INEC to have withheld Okorocha’s certificate of return AFTER the returning officer, who the law invested with the role, had pronounced him elected! The best INEC or the losing party could have done, if considered legitimate, was to have gone to the Tribunal.

This daft press release says a lot about the level of competence of internal and external lawyers working for INEC!

A lot of us do not necessarily like Rochas Okorocha’s record as Governor, but an illegal action cannot become legal because we dislike a person involved! The law is the law! Damn!!!
Politics / Re: Makinde Reverses Appointment Of 11 Perm Secs By Ajimobi In Oyo by motorola(m): 9:06am On Jun 01
Please where is this coming from, why wish someone who is successful already bad, it’s obvious you don’t love good things, tufiakwa
Lol. This guy will pay. He'll end up as the most disgraced governor Oyo ever had.
Politics / Re: Oyo LG Dissolution: Makinde Behaving Like Military Dictator, Says APC by motorola(m): 6:49am On May 31
Your assumptions are totally wrong, your understanding of governance is absolutely myopic, he has executive orders and that’s what he used, nobody starts government with his enemies at the helm of affairs, even you if it’s you are the governor will do same thing, let’s stop this hypocrisy all in the name of politics, and your delusion about being an Oyo State indigene shows how low your reasoning is
I believe this guy is setting himself up for failure.

In a Nigeria with no proper data for an outsider coming into the government house, anyone rushing to make decisions usually don’t have much to offer.

By the time he sees the real governance(that is different from what he perceives from outside) he will realize that most of the decisions he took in a rush were rash and actually unproductive and counter productive in some cases.

Oyo state for a fact is one of the most complex(if not the most complex) states to govern in the country.

To make the matter worse, his first move is a political move(to settle the power blocks that got him there) rather than people oriented move. Of what importance is this move(legal or illegal) to the people of Oyo state. ZERO.

If you’re quoting to say rubbish I have two things for you cos I can see a slowpoke already displaying his low mental capacity down there.

1. Make sure you’re Oyo indigene staying in Oyo state

2. Even if 1 above applies to you, I don’t open my mentions cos I don’t care.

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Music/Radio / Re: Naira Marley's "Am I A Yahoo Boy" Video Hits Over 1Million Views While In Prison by motorola(m): 7:56pm On May 20
Following the comments here it is disheartening to know that the young generations still don’t know what it means to call someone a criminal, until this guy is convicted by a competent court of law he remains not guilty so you all hypocrite who has not lied, stole before, kept malice, thought evil or done anything bad should keep wagging their tongues while the search light will soon beam on your hideout of load of sins


Career / Re: My Company Deduct Pension Money From Our Salaries Without Paying To Our PFAs by motorola(m): 8:43am On May 11
First of all, please go back to your appointment letter if you were given any, read the terms of employment and make sure you understand it well, again did you fill the PFA form if so please go check with them if any money was remitted to them, again please start looking for another job before taking up any case this is Nigeria, good luck

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