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Health / Re: Lady Burnt While Answering Call Close To Her Cooking Gas, Dies (Graphic Pix) by Mrlouis: 10:11pm On Jul 05
Copper wires are used in some phones and they have high conductivity which makes them spark when hot and we all know that if you're on a long call your phone can get hot gradually. Beside the burning gas has already created a vapor in the air that smells the gas and when little spark occurs in the phone couple with the waves of telecommunications, that's BOOM!
Read what you wrote slowly. After that, Write it out, then read it much slower this time again word by word.
Health / Re: Lady Burnt While Answering Call Close To Her Cooking Gas, Dies (Graphic Pix) by Mrlouis: 9:57pm On Jul 05
No correlation between gas explosion caused by gas in use and it's user coming in close proximity with it whilst taking calls.
Scenerio 1. I think what played out here was that the lady was distracted by the call. She most certainly turned on the valve letting the gas out (without igniting it with a match) while she was on call. After some time, she forgot the room was saturated with gas (still on the phone) and attempted lighting the gas cylinder. By then the room was charged with gas and an explosion took place. Remember this is the rainy seasons so the possibility of static charges causing it is ruled out!

Scenerio 2. The gas cylinder was leaking and gas saturated the room even before she came into the room to cook and whilst receiving call, she tried igniting the cylinder but it ended in an explosion

Scenerio 3. Her village people remotely opened the gas valve 5 hours before she entered to cook and they prompted her to go and cook at the appointed time. Kaboom was the sound!
Crime / Re: 800 Police Officers Deployed To Zamfara To Deal With Bandits by Mrlouis: 5:32pm On Jul 05
Recruitment! Recruitment!! Recruitment!!! ( Blood everywhere)

Bokoharam are recruiting ..

Apply ;

first come

First serve ...

Signed management ---- bubu grin grin
If DSS pick u up now you go dey piss for body.
Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi Wanted In 47 Countries As He Lists Crime Partners - Kemi Olunloyo by Mrlouis: 6:42pm On Jul 03
Won't happen but las las hush done chop money, flex life, lived lavish, flown choppers, flown private, had the most exotic cars, mingled with celebs obtained connections, became a known international brand.

No jail can take that away from him, if he comes out of prison he will be better than most poor Nigerians because he has a platform, he has connections, he has experience, he is known and so on. He won't be starting from square 1

He can write a bestseller book, be a TV host, sing music people will buy, sell his story to American media companies, work for security organisations abroad etc

Most Nigerians live in houses worst than American prisons me typing this have not seen electricity in 42 hours straight, I paid aboki 50 bucks to charge my phone, American prisons have 24/7 electricity, gym, free TV, free laundry services, free phone calls and free food that is why black Americans even the celebs see jail as an achievement as street cred status bringer

how many haven't been to jail? you tell me as we speak many US celebs are in jail including Steven Spielberg's daughter, R Kelly, Da baby etc
Even Robert Downey Jr, Lil Kim, tommy Lee, Mark Wahlberg have all been to U.S prison
Their prison is not like our own many come out of jail looking better than they did before they went in.

Those quoting me will chose 10 - 15 years in American prison and a lifetime of living lavish for themselves and their family without thinking twice over being a poor Nigerian from birth to death.

Ask yourself what odds hushpuppi had of being as rich as he was without doing what he did? We all know majority of Nigerians will be born into poverty and will die in poverty but we all want to delude ourselves by thinking "I will be the one to make it" niggger that's what the other 100,000,000 dead Nigerians before you thought, you think every poor Nigerian chose to be poor? or they don't know your God or another one is "if he didn't do crime he would be enjoying by now!" Nigguh enjoying what exactly

Simple question please how many Nigerian lawyers do you know richer than or even half as rich as Hushpuppi? Even the celebs how many of them where as rich as hush? Only the very top 1%

Another quick question? Ask them how many years and how much suffering, and how much connections etc it took them to get that degree and then that position and if the pay for those without connection is adequate, do the same for every other profession except clergy and politicians

And decide for yourself what chance the vast majority of Nigerians have of becoming millionaires or even hundred thousandnaires ?

I'm not encouraging crime please don't do crime but let us be realistic in our thoughts and speech,

I thought if you go to school you must be rich until I was in a slum and a woman told me she did her youth service in taraba, I was surprised I was like wtf excuse me, she said yes she served in.... She didn't know I was thinking shocked thinking to myself "how did you go to school for 17+ years only to end up in this slum in this poverty" I assumed everyone in slums where uneducated never do wells, miscreants etc.

Imagine if she, like most young girls were compelled to sleep with lecturers for grades, or sorted to pass and all that thinking riches were ahead of them upon graduation only to end up in a slum without husband and children hey this isn't fiction this lady was quarrelling with another non educated woman the other day I recorded what the women were using to insult her. Her lack of husband and children she kept saying she sacrificed all that for school and her future but you decide if this is a future worth losing sleep for, worth losing meaningful relationships for


Don't worry out of respect and privacy I didn't show her face.

Extra fun fact did you know?? Nigeria made more money from Yahoo boys in 2019 than from Agriculture think about it.
Ok. So wetin you find go do for the slum wey you come balance dey record 10 minutes squabble video?
Guy, everyone will NEVER be rich. Everyone will NEVER make it. We all know that. You're stating the obvious. Hope is something innate to almost every living being hence you don't tell a man who comes from a linage of paupers that he should kill his hope of making it big (hell yeah! many stories of such abound even)
But I'll leave you be with this:
"A good name, is ALWAYS better than silver and gold"
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Hushpuppi: Who Wore It Better? by Mrlouis: 9:49pm On Jun 28

If you can make the money he made in your age legally as you claim then let me know and i will be the first to publish and praise you in social media, hater like you, go mind your business and pray for God to bless you rather than hating on other people
Balderdash! You're clearly a dolt and seeking psychiatric attention should be your top priority not displaying your demeanor here thus putting your linage to utter shame. You aren't worthy of my response again.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Hushpuppi: Who Wore It Better? by Mrlouis: 6:25am On Jun 28
I will say this over and over again, Nigerians do not love them selves at all what a hate, because Hushpuppi has now been caught everyone is saying bad of him, but i know most of you people where begging him money straight from his IG even even some of you people has filled his inbox with help request now he has been caught everyone now know he is bad,

Wait a minute Nigerians I want to ask you all a question,
Are we more dangerous in scam and fraudulent activities like white people? I guess the answer is no.... but still even if the have there own leaks in there own country they try to cover there ass and not take it to social media to expose themselves of there crimes so we will continue to see them as the good ones, yes everyone knows Hushpuppi Bleep up because he was too careless and shows off but at the same time i respect that guy so much, because I know even thou part of his wealth is illegal yet he has made it more than average of Nigeria youths and celebrities who talk rubbish about him,

Yes he is a scammer but anyone that says to make money up to this guy level legally should come out and holla me then i will know that you are good,

You Nigerians should stop this hatred and envy you always throw at your fellow Nigerians when you see them make money, pray for God to bless you in his own way that's all and stop castigating another person work, even thou is scam go find your own jooor

Shey Nigerians said the are educated but how many of our graduates can be able to go deeper into computer like this young dude even thou it was scam, yes I call that talent is not easy if you are a computer wizards as you claim in Nigeria then do half of what he does and let me see if you can make up to $500k in 1 year,

Nigerians I said it again expecially youths should try and love one another and stop this hate you people have within yourself else Nigeria will be finished because it is already doomed.

Less i forgot everyone is shouting Hushpuppi! Everywhere, what of those politicians in high seats that have stolen even what this guy has stolen have you people probe or arrest them? The most shame in this Nigerians is that your politicians steals the money you people have in your own country and still spend it on your head while having there legs suppress on all your legs as a slave but Hushpuppi does he still from Nigeria? the answer is no even thou he has not place any investment here to benefit the country out of the whole money he scammed still he does not steal from Nigerians, but your damn politicians do!

So please go and tackle the main aim that makes your economy dead today and leave the young dude for God to judge because we have no right to judge and stop hating on each other.

I repeat Nigerians stop hating on each other!!! The hatred too much joor....
Just going round and round in circles foaming and spewing crap.


Celebrities / Re: Timaya’s 'Telli Person' Warned Hushpuppi Before His Arrest – Fans React by Mrlouis: 10:58pm On Jun 26
am not against your view of the matter but pls do me a favour if not yourself and see how many times GOD of the bible forgive the bible ISREAL...not that GOD is happy with their sins,and not that ISREAL didn't hurt anyone with their actions..."we should just stop all this tit for tat or an eye for an eye thing" cos its complicating the world the more
Your brain needs brain oil. Have you got an old sick father on oxygen who depends solely on his wife's life savings which got stolen by scammers?
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Dies Of Failed Multiple Organs And Not Covid-19,lagos State Govt by Mrlouis: 11:10am On Jun 26
Hian! You pipu should stay in one place na
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Slammed For Dining With Hushpuppi by Mrlouis: 11:07am On Jun 26


Politics / Re: Magu Reacts To Malami’s Accusations: ‘No Blackmail Can Stop Me’ by Mrlouis: 10:59am On Jun 26
Magu, we hear you. But behold, a skeletal leg and hand sticks out from your wardrobe.
Politics / Re: COVID-19 A Sham! .. Minister Of State Education Makes Stunning Revelation by Mrlouis: 8:44am On Jun 24
When men don chop clean mouth already abi?
Politics / Re: Embassy Demolition: Nana Akufo-addo Phones Buhari, Apologises — Presidency by Mrlouis: 8:43am On Jun 24
Politics / Re: FFK: Aisha Buhari Is The Only Light In Aso Rock; Buhari Under A Spell by Mrlouis: 8:42am On Jun 24
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Governor Obaseki Runs To Goodluck Jonathan by Mrlouis: 8:41am On Jun 24
Politics / Re: More Confusion In APC As Police Seal,reopen Party’s Secretariat by Mrlouis: 8:26am On Jun 24

Are NL likes cashable? undecided undecided

Anyways, happy birthday to you. Have fun
Thanks. Sometimes, the things that have little or no monetary value are the ones that give the most joy cheesy
Politics / Re: More Confusion In APC As Police Seal,reopen Party’s Secretariat by Mrlouis: 8:25am On Jun 24

Are NL likes cashable? undecided undecided

Anyways, happy birthday to you. Have fun
Thanks. Sometimes, the things that have little or no value are the ones that give the most joy cheesy
Politics / Re: More Confusion In APC As Police Seal,reopen Party’s Secretariat by Mrlouis: 6:45am On Jun 24
Today is my birthday. Let's all love one another. All lives matter! Can I get 500 likes


Politics / Re: Video : Buhari Meets With Atiku To Discuss APC Crisis by Mrlouis: 2:53pm On Jun 23
Las Las, these men are all d same.. at iku grin
Career / Re: Police Rescue 600 Kano Workers Locked For 3 Months In Rice Factory by Mrlouis: 2:47pm On Jun 23
Zombies everywhere

15 Likes 1 Share

Computers / Re: Dell Latitude 7440 Touchscreen by Mrlouis: 1:38pm On Jun 18
No dedicated/discreet GPU
Average RAM (8 GB)
Old outdated 4th Gen CPU
Yet 160k

Why not sell for 200 thousand instead??
Religion / Re: William Kumuyi Celebrates His 79th Birthday by Mrlouis: 9:09am On Jun 06
Happy birthday sir... I tap into your grace


Health / Re: I Am AS And I Am Getting Married To AS by Mrlouis: 6:53pm On Jun 04
Y'all who thought this "fairy" story of the OP is real must be high on expired weed.
Nairaland amuses me these days. Wonder if these clowns writing such trash get a penny

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Business / Re: Oil Production: $4 Per Barrel In Saudi Arabia, $3 In Russia, $21.2 In Nigeria by Mrlouis: 2:17pm On Jun 02
Celebrities / Re: Davido Displays Beautiful Interiors Of His House: New Banana Island Mansion by Mrlouis: 8:57pm On Jun 01
Nothing special about the mansion. He should focus on better things. So what should the likes of Drake now do with their own mansion if this one no wan allow us hear word. You will see better interiors than this in mansions at lekki , maitama, ikoyi and asokoro.

Also, there's no proof his mansion costs 350M as he's claiming. Don't be deceived by their fake lives and what they tell you on social media. Davido can't cough out 350M easily like that without bleeding his bank account.

Okay. Well said. So how much can you cough without bleeding closing your own bank account? Dude At times it's best to keep mute and keep moving
Politics / Re: Buhari Meets With Tambuwal Over Sokoto Killing (photos) by Mrlouis: 8:24pm On May 29
Career / Re: 40.7 Million Americans Seek Unemployment Benefits by Mrlouis: 11:31am On May 29
Nigerians as well should chew with caution. The rotten tooth lingers!
Sports / Re: Paul Onuachu Celebrates His 26th Birthday Today (Photos) by Mrlouis: 4:42pm On May 28
Person just tall like goalpost...buh will never use the height to his advantage, all the time I watched him play for naija, always a sub sha.
he never impressed me, he is bad as a target man, terrible terrible at running lines,terrible ball control.
Just be blocking sunshine upandan d pitch.
But he feeds well and has a family he spends money on.
Health / Re: Who Else Has Lost Sense Of Smell And Taste? by Mrlouis: 4:39pm On May 28
I swearugod. Everyone I know are currently treating malaria fever or something similar to corona lately. It almost same symptoms like weak and joint pain. Zero sense of taste/smell and mid temperature coupled with headache.

Even me sef I've been down for 3days now. I can't smell shit. Could this be happening due to changes in weather or our China is here fully??

Now we dey drag herbal drink like food... I no won die oo
Alaye go do HIV test jare
Politics / Re: Katsina Evacuates IDPs To Niger Republic, Local Councils by Mrlouis: 4:46am On May 27
Crime / Re: Mmanti Umoh Raped: KanKan And Dada Twin Story by Mrlouis: 9:41pm On May 26
Some here are commenting trash.. how many of you that have father's whom you know and are even responsible
Computers / Re: DELL XPS 13 (9343) FOR GRABS by Mrlouis: 3:03am On May 25
Why not 1.5 million instead

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