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TV/Movies / Re: Whitemoney: BBNaija Winner's Prize Presentation by ndbest650: 4:18pm On Oct 04
Congrats to him. As a people we must think about life beyond money. Without this the agitation for Ipob, oduduwa, and arewa will remain meaningless. We all need a discuss in value.

All the best to whitemoney
very true. The agitations are just for selfish interest
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Army Unveils New Operations Nationwide Today by ndbest650: 3:32pm On Oct 04
Unknown gunmen are watching with interest. You all will die this Christmas. Just mount your useless roadblocks let's see grin grin grin
you are evil and demonic
Politics / Re: Operation Golden Down: Military Begins Movement Of Troops Nationwide by ndbest650: 3:10pm On Oct 04
I guess IPOB were the ones that attacked Damboa in Borno state some days ago and killed both the locals and Nigerian army?..

Oh, I even forgot that they've also captured Shiroro LGA in Niger state and are even recruiting indigenes into their Eastern Security Network as we speak now.

Lest I forget, I even heard they've hoisted their Biafran flags in some LGA's in Adamawa state and are also collecting levies from the locals in Kastina state before there would be any traditional marriage.

I also heard that IPOB even imposed levies and taxes on farmers in Zamfara state before they can harvest their crop's?

Something is even telling me that IPOB were the ones that killed Pastor Shuaibu Yohana in Kaduna state some days ago because his church started gaining grounds.

To be honest with you, IPOB, ESN, Nnamdi Kanu, Igbo's are the problem bedevilling Nigeria and they really need to be dealt with.
yes you and your stupid KANU are the problem
Politics / Re: Operation Golden Down: Military Begins Movement Of Troops Nationwide by ndbest650: 3:08pm On Oct 04
They have always planned to invade the south. This movement is to deploy the terrorists up north to southern cities.

That's why everyone who is discerning enough will understand their need to cause chaos in the south and blame either yoruba nation agitators, South south cultists or IPOB.

Always watch their pattern, they are using their agents in the south to kill people, tag IPOB or yoruba nation agitators, splash the gory details online in Facebook and whatsaap and also record audios to make people panic.

For all the killings they commit in the south, they will round up and shoot some innocent people and tag them terrorists, killings up north are never reported, and even if the COAS is kidnapped or his wife 'serviced' by bandits, there will never be military deployment.

Check the pattern, they assassinate one important figure on their target road, just open fire on any flashy convoy, kill as many as possible, abduct the rest and make sure they get as many pictures and videos of their crime, tag IPOB as the killers. Next week, they will quickly deploy some soldiers to that road and a brand new checkpoint is born grin

Since they control all the army barracks and man all the senior police positions in most southern states, you will be committing suicide if you point out the truth of what happened, they write the case reports and implicate any body they wish to, then they control the media, they push the news they like to their media houses to report the story they want to project, while their online lackeys operating on cheap laptops and taking #30k monthly bleat like goats all over cyberspace.

But the truth cannot be hidden for long.
foolish bigot! Everything you tribalize seems you like the ipob criminality in the east.
TV/Movies / Re: 2021 BBNaija Season 6 Finale: Live Eviction Show (Shine Ya Eye) by ndbest650: 8:33pm On Oct 03
If White money win I will give #5k give away to 10 nairalanders.
Sponsored by a friend though
white money fan
Okorie Anthony Nnamdi
Politics / Re: Chris Azubogu Kidnapped, Driver Killed Gunmen Raze Anambra Police State by ndbest650: 7:27am On Oct 01
Nigerians can be so dissilusioned, it is clear that this is the work of outside forces trying to cause the differences in the south east like they've always done. The divide and rule tactic. Lord, most Nigerians need to learn.

Igbos would never kill Igbos. They can't fool them or us. Never.

Can't you see the move. This is what happened in the coup, kill the notable ones so that a civil war would start. The civil war tactics, this government is very lame.

If IPOB comes to protect their own, they'll shoot them down, calling them terrorist. Now they are in different camps and areas governing and they want to set the fire in the east.

I'll use my spiritual powers to shit them down.
keep fooling yourself, call a spade a spade. Ipob is killing people

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by ndbest650: 6:59pm On Sep 30

I will honestly be happy if Imo can recover these 17 oil wells from River State to add to the already recovered 43 oil wells from same state. No wonder Wike is fighting Federal government led by Buhari.

It will impact positively on the lives of the citizenry if well utilized

Bikonu, welcome Mr President very well tomorrow, he might help Imo to undo abracadabra of Late Mamman Nasir, Forget bitterness and play the politics
are the 17 oil wells different from the earlier 43 or part of it?
Foreign Affairs / Re: WTO: Okonjo-Iweala May Resign If There Is No Headway On Critical Issues by ndbest650: 6:16pm On Sep 30
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. I thought that blacks hardly resign from their position. This can only happen in a saner clime and not in a shithole
my thought as well
Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by ndbest650: 4:12pm On Sep 30
First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

― Pastor Martin Niemöller
this is a powerful quote and it captures the perception of man in the affairs of his fellow man

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Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by ndbest650: 4:01pm On Sep 30
IPOB Responsible For Killing Of Late Ex-Minister, Akunyili's Husband— Estranged Deputy Leader

it is glaring that ipob killed the man except for the ipob apologists. Those who keep supporting these crimes being perpetrated by ipob would one be struck by terror. My heart is in pain seeing the senseless killings by these ipob and some people are shielding from blame over the killings. Worst of their weekly sit at home order and we seem helpless to stop them from enforcing it.

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Politics / Re: House Of Representatives Asks Buhari To Designate Bandits As Terrorists by ndbest650: 1:52pm On Sep 30
Ma gee
It is well....

Can a terrorist declare a terrorist a terrorist... What am I even saying self.... grin

They are too fast to declare IPOB terrorist group.....

I laugh and I will keep laughing, the fulanis think igbos are foolish not to know there true enemies......

Even the fulanis are now answering igbos name to masturbate on IPOB, they will be like I'm an Igbo but I don't support IPOB.. we the igbos know, you are an Igbo on nairaland...

Since you fulanis are looking for a dead person in southeast you came blame his dead to IPOB.. I have a good news for you slowpokes...
My grandfather who is 109 years just died, I want you guys to help me and spread his death and blame it on IPOB..

You slowpokes and nincompoops....
I'm here on nairaland to cash cruise ma gee...
God will continue to bless IPOB.....

Buhari is planning to declare state of emergency in southeast but he is deaf of the Benue, Southern Kaduna, plateau people killed by his fulanis brothers but you will see the fulanis coming of igbos thread to masturbate on IPOB....

Hello fulanis every trybe must not be foolish....

Buhari is a terrorist....
you are a useless human being! Keep supporting ipob and ESN one day you will be murdered the same way they are murdering people
Politics / Re: House Of Representatives Asks Buhari To Designate Bandits As Terrorists by ndbest650: 1:49pm On Sep 30
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Mourns Dr. Chike Akunyili by ndbest650: 11:24am On Sep 30
God help the South East. We once warned them about this growing monster called IPOB. Gradually it will get to everyone, and when it does, don't run go seek refuge in Lagos or Ibadan.
thank you for this. Those fueling these killings are in abuja and other cities enjoying, yet bent on making life miserable for the Igbo's . if this gets out hands and Igbo's start running to Lagos to seek refuge, chase them. I'm Igbo but we must all pay for pampering KANU and his gang of terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Umahi Condemns Killing Of Chike Akunyili By "Unknown Gunmen" by ndbest650: 11:17am On Sep 30
I read the statement issued by Emma Powerful and his IPOB that it was those that "poisoned" the late Prof Dora Akiyuli that killed his husband, really? For starters, the late Prof was not poisoned, she has been battling with Ovarian cancer for some time before she succumbed to the illness. How can Emma Powerful the "guardian" of Ndi Igbo not know this. Why would the supposedly Killers wait for seven years to assassinate the husband, even though the man had made series of public appearances in the East in the past. IPOB should find another lie to tell, not everyone is as dumb as his followers.

May the soul of the Doctor rest in peace.
thank you for this statement. Emma powerful and his gang of terrorists will never get away with this. He has made life miserable for Igbo's with his threats to main life. We must be so foolish to keep obeying their sit at home order. Emma powerful is in a civilised country enjoying himself with his children, yet ordering people to die in hunger.
Politics / Re: Umahi Condemns Killing Of Chike Akunyili By "Unknown Gunmen" by ndbest650: 11:11am On Sep 30
Gov. Umahi Condemns Killing Of Chike Akunyili By "Unknown Gunmen" | #IgbereTV

this man had been speaking against ipob and people keep labelling him asslicker and all the unprintable names
Politics / Re: Cyril Akunyili: IPOB May Not Be Involved In Killing Of Dr Chike Akunyili by ndbest650: 11:02am On Sep 30
Cyril Akunyili Releases New Statement On The Death Of His Brother

The latest message from Cyril Akunyili, the brother of late Dr Chike Akunyili, released on his Facebook wall:
Please sir don't retrace your statement because of fear. These ipob people are evil and don't mean well for the Igbo's. Those ipob and their supporters must pay for this one day, they can't get away with.


Before the new statement, Cyril Akunyili had earlier blamed IPOB for the killing of Dr Chike Akunyili.

Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Mourns Late Dr. Chike Akunyili by ndbest650: 10:53am On Sep 30
Okonjo-Iweala reacts to killing of Chike Akunyili

ipob has done more harm than good to the Igbo's. We must rise up with one voice as a people to stop these criminal elements masquerading themselves as freedom fighters. Those who are supporting these people are not doing us any good. If the had mobilised the money and channel it into building schools, hospitals etc, we would have been better. I'm sure senator abaribe and osita chidoka cannot pass a night in the east, with the current heat. They are at abuja supporting these people not feeling the heat, but if they do not retrace their steps and condemned these monsters terror would visit them.
Politics / Re: How My Father Was Murdered - Obumneme, Chike Akunyili’s Son by ndbest650: 10:45am On Sep 30
How dad was murdered - Obumneme, Dora and Chike Akunyili’s son

we have abused president buhari so much that he has chosed to turn a blind eyes to the affairs of the Igbo's. We need to beg him to reactivate security agencies against these ipob terrorist. Please mr president come to the rescue of the Igbo's before these ipob terrorists wipe us all out.
Politics / Re: FEC Approves ₦2.1 Billion For Hostels, Stadium Projects In UNIZIK by ndbest650: 10:32am On Sep 30


please president buhari help us to stop the activities of ipob, it is becoming too much. The way they unleash terror on the Igbo's in the guise of fighting for us is totally unacceptable.

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Politics / Re: How My Father Was Murdered - Obumneme, Chike Akunyili’s Son by ndbest650: 10:17am On Sep 30
All this just to make people hate Ipob yet it's not working.God will punish evil nigerians.

They first killed hundreds of eastern youths,it didn't stop ipob.Now is to kill prominent igbos for Igbos to hate Ipob.you are useless bitch. One day ipob will unleash terror on you and your family for supporting evil. Ipob is behind the killings in the south east. I'm Igbo and I can never support them. If they succeed in getting Biafra, I would rather look for a saner clime and go and settle. The only thing ipob is good at is intimidation and destruction's

Politics / Re: Cyril Akunyili: IPOB May Not Be Involved In Killing Of Dr Chike Akunyili by ndbest650: 8:22am On Sep 30
See how foolish people are angry about this statement.

It tells you what you need to know,enemies of Biafra doing everything possible for us to hate Ipob,but we Igbos are not dumb.

Why would ipob kill a fellow ipob[Mr Akunyili]?
you are a fool. What meaningful deve. has ipob brought to the east other than cause chaos. Thunder fire you! Terror will visit your home one day for supporting these ipob terrorists

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Politics / Re: How Akunyili, Eight Others Were Killed In Onitsha by ndbest650: 6:51am On Sep 30
It was sad watching an earlier video of thugs walking round the street and kids and grown women were hailing and clapping for them. What a horror! How low we have degenerated.

I was angry with Oyigboupdate on desperate his attempt to link and rope IPOB in but I have and I’m sure many Igbos have become frustrated and disappointed with IPOB, ESN or whatever appellation they come under...Emma Powerful and his band of hooligans will not escape judgement. This man will be caught and he will regret and cry his heart out.

Somebody should tell him and point him to this message if he is still under some kind of delusion. He will suffer.

I acknowledge the fact that Igbos have suffered under the law enforcement agents. Let no one argue or tell me that it happens everywhere. Igbos reject and highly condemn the atrocities of the military, police brutalities etc but these group of people called IPOB are holding Igbos hostage. There will be collateral damages but they will suffer. They had allowed criminals without souls to infiltrate them. These people are not freedom fighters. They will achieve nothing. Those who forcefully impose sit at home every week are enemies of Igbos. Those who desperately and ruthlessly enforce these are our enemies. Those who decapitate people are not working in the interest of Igbos.

An outfit like IPOB if they are organised, disciplined and strategic with a responsible and committed leadership should assess their struggle and adapt strategies. They have failed. Emma and his group are nothing but band of thugs, I diots and devilish.
They are not out to fight for Igbos. They have degenerated. They can not be trusted. They have left their responsibilities and have veered off course.

IPOB will reap what they sow...sadly some innocent people will be affected when the time comes and that time is upon us. IPOB have opened us up to our enemies. Emma will not escape this.
I am saddened by the senseless killings of these people called ipob, and we need to rise up against these people. Please let concerned Igbo's speak up against them and find a way of taming them.

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Career / Re: President Buhari Appoints Orji Ogbonnaya Orji as NEITI boss by ndbest650: 10:28am On Feb 18
Congratulations to him. For the first time the president is appointing an Igbo man to head government organization.
Religion / Re: Cancer: How God Healed My Wife by ndbest650: 11:12am On Jan 31
I need this type of miracle. I'm battling with a rare disease and I don't know what else to do. Please family always remember me in your prayers.

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Religion / Re: Cancer: How God Healed My Wife by ndbest650: 11:06am On Jan 31
[quote author=Ericsdm55 post=98599489]Testimony To The Glory Of God

I am sharing this testimony with you to encourage someone believing and waiting for the Lord to remain steadfast.

For sometime now my spouse has been battling with cancerous growth around her breast. To cut long story, she was on chemotherapy last two years and after then it was one drug to another.

Last year 2020, she started developing serious pain around her left armpit and it got worse as the runs down. The pain around her armpit was so much that we just didn't know what to do again. That evening we were having our devotion and I was led in my spirit to tell the kids to pray specifically for her. We continued like this for the next two days, laying hands on her specifically and declaring God's healing on her.

I noticed the fourth day she slept well with no complain of pain. So I didn't ask her, because at a point I just asked less, because of the emotional stress I often try to suppress. After a week she called me and showed me her chest, but the scary lumps was gone. Also, the excruciating pain around her armpit was gone as well. I am returning all praise and glory to God Almighty.

God indeed does answer prayers. I never visited any prayer house or miracle centre. I am not much of a church goer or a prayer warrior. I am not saying observing those things are bad. What I'm saying is; if you believe in Jesus Christ in your heart and confess Him as Lord and savior, then you are a child of God and have every access to God Almighty as well.

God also saves me from a serious financial burden in one of the worst time of the year 2020. I truly do not deserve this divine intervention and truly no body does, but the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevail and overcame for me and you . Be encouraged, shalom
I tap into your testimony. Presently I'm going hell due to a sickness that appears to have no known medical cure. As I am now I don't know what else to do is only God I'm looking up to for healing. I plead with this family to help me in prayers
Religion / Re: The Only Thing That God Cannot Do Does Not Exist. by ndbest650: 2:49pm On Jan 17
The only thing that God cannot do does not exist. The worse it is with men. The easier with God. In 2 hours time heaven will come down for your sake. Expect the heaven came down testimony in 2 hours time.
Please I'm battling with a rare genetic disorder and it's life threatening. It appears to be called familial dysautonomia. I have been seeking the face of God for his intervention. I need you and all to please assist me in prayers.
Crime / Re: Suicide Is Not The Answer Gather Here by ndbest650: 3:43pm On Jan 11
Please I have been going through difficult health challenge from my childhood up to this present age. The sickness affects the entire nervous systems and there was a time I wrote about it here. So let me copy it and paste here for you to assist me because it is suicidal. Here is the thread:Admin. Please post this to the front page, so as to get enough viewers. I would try to Bea's brief as possible and please ignore my grammar, as I'm not in the right state of mind typing this.

From my childhood up to my present age, I have been faced with a rare disease, which appears to be progressive and degenerative with time. with the symptoms been mild from my childhood, but as I grew up they became chronic. The symptoms appear to affect the entire nervous systems (i.e, the central, the peripheral, the autonomic, and the sensory nervous systems).

The symptoms, not limited to the following are:
1. Diarrhea alternating with constipation
2. Burning sensations with electric shock and flashes kind of feelings.
3. Chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations.
4. Severe body pain and difficulty walking.
5. Cognitive impairment and brain fog.
6. Blurry vision.
7. Intolerant to cold and heat.
8. Nausea and metallic tastes.

For the past 7 years in which the symptoms became chronic, I have visited many hospitals in which I was told to carry out a number of diagnosis. Some of the diagnosis include:
1. Blood tests
3. Stool culture
3. Chest X-ray
4. Ultrasound
5. Endoscopy
6. Colonoscopy
7. Ct scan of the brain
8. MRI, etc.

with those diagnosis done, nothing specific has been detected as been the root cause of these. So the doctors resulted to treating me symptomatically. The drugs sometimes seem to alleviate the symptoms, but at a point , they become resistant to the drugs.

I have been on a research since, and like a month ago, I came across a disease called FAMILIAL DYSAUTONOMIA. This disease captures my condition. However, the problem seem to be that; the doctors don't a have a clear knowledge of it, the disease is rare and i s not common to our people but a Jewish tribe, and there is no known cure for it presently.

with this, I am mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically depressed. So family, I need your medical advice, suggestions, and most importantly your prayers to enable over come this challenge. IT IS SUICIDAL HELP ME PLEASE.

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Health / Re: Time Is Running Out Please Help Me,i'm Loosing My Mind by ndbest650: 2:36pm On Dec 12, 2020
May God heal us all. I'm suffering something similar to this and mine is damn chronic.
Health / Re: A Nairalander With A Rare Disease In Dire Need Of Permanent Solution by ndbest650: 10:31am On Dec 08, 2020

Black seed oil do research on it... It is natural and helps with nerves, autoimmune diseases and cancer. It will revive ur system.... Find it in a pharmacy bro and be positive....
Thank you
Health / Re: A Nairalander With A Rare Disease In Dire Need Of Permanent Solution by ndbest650: 9:07am On Dec 08, 2020
If u have the means too, get Ozone oil and take. Get pi cup from Longrich, those things will improve your health.
Thank you. I thank is better to take what they call phosphate chose fine based on my researches
Health / Re: A Nairalander With A Rare Disease In Dire Need Of Permanent Solution by ndbest650: 9:06am On Dec 08, 2020
Sorry about this..... See why not try black seed oil for your situation... It's good for immune boosting and activivation of b of the systems. Take it daily
It appears I'm no longer open to supplements again, because I have taken a lot of them and nothing worked.
Health / Re: A Nairalander With A Rare Disease In Dire Need Of Permanent Solution by ndbest650: 9:02am On Dec 08, 2020
Sorry about this..... See why not try black seed oil for your situation... It's good for immune boosting and activivation of b of the systems. Take it daily
Thank you. But what is utmost now is to detect what it is, before taking medications. Why I feel so is because I have taken a lot of medications, yet the did not scratch the sickness.

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