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Politics / Re: 2023: Top Northern Politicians Pushing For Southern President by nisai: 6:43pm On Feb 21

Several mistakes were made, and to be honest, anyone including myself would never tolerate being killed or forcefully ejected from my territory without some form of resistance. However, you're right about Amotekun abandoning their duties and true targets to callously start attacking innocent traders; it definitely gave the attack an ethnic colouration and was quite inciting, further fueling the crisis.

What anyone needs to do is take a panoramic view of the whole situation, one would discover that we're just being pawns on the chessboard of wicked, selfish politicians who are deliberately sponsoring & fueling the crisis for their political gain - either through chaos to frustrate the President or for their seccessionist/separatist agenda.

The only way to collectively win therefore is to forgive one another, agree to stop peddling divisive, hateful & derogatory narratives and instead give peace a chance, support a credible 2023 candidate that would consolidate on present gains and lead us towards the Nigeria of our dreams.
Now you talk like a patriot.
Politics / Re: 2023: Top Northern Politicians Pushing For Southern President by nisai: 4:10pm On Feb 21
As I read the heading, bile filled my mouth!

Animals can't dash me human rights...Fela

Southernern leaders are dead tigers or even none at all

Unless the north gifts, nobody is permitted to take!

When will southern leaders push for strict electoral reforms that would give everyone equal opportunity and votes would count?
My sister, I tire.

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Politics / Re: Come And Invest In Ekiti!! The State Is Developing Rapidly by nisai: 1:42pm On Feb 19

It is interstate travelling I am worried about brother not Ekiti per se.
You see what we've been harping about. If we, the supposed native of Yorubaland, could be this reluctant to travel interstate, for obvious reasons, within our region, how about foreign investors sir?

We should try our extreme best to disallow barbaric entities from disrupting peace and economic progress in our land. I want the presidency but I want the forward progression of my region and people more in all positive indices.


Politics / Re: Ethnic Crisis: Don’t Attack Southerners In The North – Northern Governors by nisai: 9:51am On Feb 19

Not a single Fulani was attacked last time we checked, just poor, defenceless Hausa traders. Where is Iskilu Wakili?

Regardless of your taunt, Arewa will continue to shame and disappoint your kind that wants to the the Nation go up in flames so you can escape your inconsequential, irrelevant 2nd class status. Regardless, there are several ways to skin a cat.

Indeed you see.

Don't get carried away and crack your bony chest.

Skin a cat? You are full of arrogance.
Politics / Re: Agony As Herdsmen Overrun Ogun Communities by nisai: 5:44pm On Feb 18
Which herdsmen again? The same herdsmen that have been evicted by Sunday Igboho? I don't understand.

That aside, I don't know why some Nigerians are making things difficult for themselves! If RUGA is the solution, why not embrace it? What is common land?

Yesterday, a young man approached me, demanding I cede my 10 hectares of land to him else I won't like what would follow. I pleaded with him, but he refused, insisting he needed the land for an undisclosed business. To avoid issues, I left the land for him - for peace to reign.

So you see? It's not worth it! If RUGA is the solution, let's accept it for peace to reign. Doesn't make any sense killing yourselves cos of grass..

Nigeria go better.
See I cannot blame you for your stupidity because your stupidity is your right. However, don't try to spread, like pandemic, your stupidity to us herein the South. We are immune to that.
Politics / Re: Military Conducts Air Strikes In Orlu In Search Of ESN by nisai: 2:57pm On Feb 18
Orlu is densely populated. The Nigerian Army should leave my people alone and go face Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen
Nigerian Army is the most useless in the world. Nigerian leaders are the most senseless in the world.


Politics / Re: Ogun Crisis: 23 Herdsmen Were Killed — Sarkin Fulani by nisai: 5:55pm On Feb 17
Yoruba should stop all this SARKIN FULANI KINGSHIP that they have allowed to exist in their region.

If the fulani have any case they should go to the Oba or the police and the court to seek redress.

Allowing foreigner to set up kingship in whatever format is making the marauder to hold claim to ownership of land.
Thank you.
Politics / Re: Disturbing pictures of Fulani herdsmen that were attacked in Ibadan by nisai: 8:47pm On Feb 14
Hahaha.. grin

His mother wouldn't have any of that nonsense!

I gave him up after a brief battle.

But he's no longer here with us.

Rip Segee!
Oh, sorry about that.

I was probably on Nairaland doing tribal battle when I could have found and put the ring on your finger first. Now you don go back to East by marriage grin grin

Gandollar my madam. grin
Politics / Re: Disturbing pictures of Fulani herdsmen that were attacked in Ibadan by nisai: 6:52pm On Feb 14
I should know better after all these years.
Wa se orire. I wish you married Yoruba, honestly.
Politics / Re: Disturbing pictures of Fulani herdsmen that were attacked in Ibadan by nisai: 1:54am On Feb 14
If I tell you that the masterminds of attack Igbo property during the endsars were social media miscreants creating hashtaqs upandan to chase clouts, don't doubt.
Didn't you see the speed with which their leaders quenched the move before it even started?

That one was a social media creation. The physical yorubas out there are at peace with Igbos.
You have sense babe.
Politics / Re: Disturbing pictures of Fulani herdsmen that were attacked in Ibadan by nisai: 1:48am On Feb 14
One of the strongest buharist on NL.
. what happened to you? angry
Stop it. grin grin
Politics / Re: Bala Mohammed: South-West Doesn’t Want To Accommodate Other Tribes by nisai: 12:43pm On Feb 12
We have always been too accommodating and failed to draw boundaries between Yorubas and outsiders in our zone and that is what led us to the current situation where other tribes trespass within our region and do things that they CAN never accept from non-indigene in their respective zones.

If we are using a region to benchmark accommodation, the only region that fit into that narrative is the SW. That a Northerner can start lecturing the West about accommodation seems like an aberration to me.

Your Fulani herdsmen are killing people and destroying people livelihood and you expect us not to speak up? Are those Yorubas in your respective states not respecting their boundaries? Did the kill the indigenes and intrude their space? How many times have we even heard of Yorubas committing crimes in the news in those states when compared to how non-indigenes commit crimes in the SW?

When we accommodate you and allow you to assimilate into our folds you call us mugu. When we fail to respond in kind when you trespass your boundaries you call us cowards. Now that we are speaking up that you should desist from killing us, you say we are not accommodating.

Just give it a small time. The SW is already using the media to create the necessary awareness about this herdsmen and I know it’s intentional. We are gathering enough evidence so that when what is planned start they won’t say we killed an ant with a sledge hammer.

Verdict: YES, we are not accommodating and we never wish to henceforth!!!

Let’s see how it goes!
May the sense God gave you never dormant.


Politics / Re: Awujale Of Ijebu, Sikiru Adetona Denies Issuing A Statement On Sunday Igboho by nisai: 6:49pm On Feb 07

Maybe, if this is related to enterprise and wealth. The young, old, yellow, black, educated and illiterate of them are known to command wealth.

I'm sure you will have dealt with at least one of: Glo, Sterling Bank, Conoil, FCMB, etc. Infact if you have voted using naija printed ballot paper or used the BRT in lagos, or used a first bank, standard chartered, etc cheque book. You have patronised one Ijebu or the other.

Different regions of the Yoruba land have their expertise. Ibadan for example are know as warriors from the ancient time. The Ekiti people are known to value eduction, with a large number of professors. Similar things for other regions. But for the Ijebu's they are the olówò ishèmbayè (i.e. acient wealth)
Is Sterling bank own by an Ijebu man?
Politics / Re: Edo Youths Give Fulani Herdsmen 14-Day Notice To Quit Farmlands And Forests by nisai: 6:18pm On Feb 04
Why that long?
grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Live In Edo As Uromi Women Block Major Road Demanding Fulani Must Go by nisai: 4:25pm On Feb 03
Brave women coming out to rescue their men. The men are being slaughtered as we speak. A law should be passed to make Southern women the head of the family, as their men are too weak.
grin grin Take it easy

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Politics / Re: Igboho: Ooni Failed Yoruba By Not Telling Buhari Truth About Killer Herdsmen by nisai: 4:21pm On Feb 03

Helinues,he be like say you wan collect curse.So you like the terror the Fulanis are raining on Nigeria with the backing of the presidency in the case of Ondo state,abi?
Onijekuje ni guy yen
Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: For The North To Secede From Nigeria, Is Not A Bad Thing by nisai: 4:27am On Feb 02
i am not tired of the Yorubas ,the Igbos ,the south south people and the middle belt but I am sick and tired of the Hausa-Fulani ..If they should leave, then the rest of us will happily prepare a sentforth party for them to leave then seal our borders and ensure thier kind do not live among us anymore .Good riddance
You deserve a big fortune for this.
Politics / Re: Ogun State Government Denies Seeking Help From Sunday Igboho by nisai: 4:02am On Feb 02
Igboho Is not joking at all.
Politics / Re: Lalong Asks Buhari To Revive Livestock Transformation Plan To Stem Insecurity by nisai: 1:57pm On Jan 31
There is enough land in the north to accommodate whatever Livestock plans you have for the fulani herdsmen. There will be problem if anybody intends to give an inch of Odua land to some groups of murderous clan.

Cattle rearing is a private business and should be treated as such. It is not a national problem,it is the problem of those who are involved in the business. They must buy land and other inputs that are necessary to support their business. Any attempt to forcefully acquire land for private business of fulanis will be resisted with whatever means that's necessary.

Thee is no free land anywhere in Yoruba land and if anybody wants to foment trouble because of it,we are ready to reciprocate fully.

I just dey shock for those people my bro, especially coming from Lanlong that his region is the most affected by the farmers/herders crisis because he wants to curry favor from Buhari.

I don't care if the policy sees the light in his region but they should not bother us with their usual noise of 'Yorubas are keeping quiet' when poo hits the fan.

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Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Shot Farmers In Oyo, Burnt Cashew Farm by nisai: 9:23pm On Jan 29
[quote author=Beremx post=98543448][/quote]You are ashamed for him abi?

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Women Scold Nnamdi Kanu, Back Police Order To Arrest Igboho by nisai: 8:49pm On Jan 27
If Nnamdi Kanu calls for Sunday Igboho's arrest, they will come for his head

If Nnamdi calls for Sunday Igboho not to be arrested, they will still come for his head

Its not easy being Nnamdi Kanu grin grin grin grin grin
Who are the 'they'? Direct your rhetorics to the political jobber and stop this mental overheating pls.


Politics / Re: Dr. Tony Nnamdi Speaks On De-Constituting Nigeria by nisai: 8:35pm On Jan 27
My people, read and understand what is going on in Nigeria. Don't get distracted in other news and when fulani sneak in and assault you to start lamenting. grin grin

Southern and Middle Belt have decided to stop honoring constitution of Nigeria. The deadline is approaching.

Dr Nnamdi is a member of the alliance. It includes all indigenous people from Southern Kaduna all way to South. They all have representatives in the Alliance.

You will get these feed from different sources. We have been tasked to get these information out. Share them.

There is no secrecy, it is open and we want everyone to see to hear and to know that Nigeria will restructure, willingly or unwillingly.

There will be videos, there will be documents, there will be town hall meetings.

Prof Banjo Akintoye will be delivering a public speech tomorrow. Be on lookout.

If you agree and like what Dr Nnamdi said here share your feedback.

We are De-Constituting Nigeria! grin
Baba welcome. Me and Legenhero don miss you. grin

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Politics / Re: Herdsmen Storm Ekiti Forest Reserve, Destroy Multi-million Naira Maize Farm by nisai: 7:44pm On Jan 26
Akeredolu probably shaking his head for Fayemi's folly right now.


Politics / Re: Herdsmen Storm Ekiti Forest Reserve, Destroy Multi-million Naira Maize Farm by nisai: 7:40pm On Jan 26
Gbam !!!

At least they're welcome their and Ekiti is their second home.

According to Kahlifa Fayemi.

So no story !!!
grin grin
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Storm Ekiti Forest Reserve, Destroy Multi-million Naira Maize Farm by nisai: 7:37pm On Jan 26
The idiot Fayemi already said Ekiti is their home

"He said he loves them" in Trump's voice

I hope he pays them some money to stop killing our people in Ekiti.
grin grin

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Politics / Re: The Cowardice Of SOUTH WEST by nisai: 6:55pm On Jan 26
This lame tactics can never goad us into taking miscalculated actions. We are too sophisticated for this childish bait.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Investment Outside Southeast Worth $2trillion by nisai: 6:42pm On Jan 26

This is my mansion in Enugu.

If we Igbo decide to move our money away from circulation, 99.99% of the other tribes won’t see any money to spend again because we own all the savings in central bank.

Abi o jare. Eyan Mansa Musa. grin


Politics / Re: Igbo Investment Outside Southeast Worth $2trillion by nisai: 6:36pm On Jan 26
Wait, I don’t even see that money before.


Even the whole Nigeria economy is not worth that amount.

What amazes me is that this is coming from one of their leaders so the delusion is all-rounder whether learned or illiterate, old or young, leader or follower.

Haba o wrong nao!
grin Wahala re po. Leave them to chest beat in peace fa. grin grin

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Politics / Re: Heavy Gunfire In Orlu, Imo As Soldiers And ESN Clash (Disturbing Photos) by nisai: 10:23pm On Jan 25

ahahahahahahah grin

sebi Una still busy dey chuk eye for SW mater abi??

den go send this people to extinction just nowgrin
Stop this jare!
Politics / Re: Heavy Gunfire In Orlu, Imo As Soldiers And ESN Clash (Disturbing Photos) by nisai: 10:17pm On Jan 25

Starving women and children and setting markets and people's homes on fire but when you send them against boko haram, you will hear tales that touch the heart and excuses of under funding and how Ill equipped they are
Na so. Very useless and undisciplined group that abuses power in the name of military.

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah: Arrest Igboho Now. He Is Not More Powerful Than The Whole Country by nisai: 12:10pm On Jan 25
Sahara Reporters and its quest to tear Nigeria apart! I will never trust anything that has it as a source! Read the title and the content, you'll notice there's something sinister someone is trying to achieve...

Anyway, Miyetti Allah's call for the arrest of that terrorist shouldn't be tribalised as that's EXACTLY what Nigerians want. Sunday Igboho is a terrorist and should be treated as one... Anyone who supports his action is an enemy of Nigeria and should be dealt with as well!

Shekau, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho deserve the Bin Laden's treatment! So I don't understand why the SW media platforms are trying to portray Sunday Igboho as an activist.. That's tribalism taken too far! But that's their business. Cos that bastard will be jailed and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!


If you want your Nigeria to remain, leave him alone. A word is enough for the wise.

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Politics / Re: Breaking:yoruba Lawyers Dare, Buhari Line Up 50 SANS To Stand As A Legal by nisai: 11:50am On Jan 25

Lol. You are not fooling anyone. Obvious you are just ashamed and frustrated Yorubas are doing this while you know your own opportunist, unprincipled, dishonorable 'food is ready' people will never unite to do this.

Lol. Igbos and their perpetually hurting butts.
You got him. Weldone.

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