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Politics / Re: Which Parts Of The North Are Christian - Dominated? by OgboAto: 10:37am On Dec 12, 2020

I would love to make a correction on the issue of Kwara state as a BONAFIDE Kwara indigene.

I'm a Christian, but saying that the population of Christians in Kwara is up to 40% is not true.

among the Yorubas that occupies 12 local government area and 2 senitorial district (Kwara South and Kwara central ) + 1 local government govt in Kwara North which is Moro local government.

Kwara South has 7 LGAs (predominantly Yoruba)
Kwara central has 4 LGAs(predominantly Yoruba)
Kwara North has 5 LGAs (but Yorubas occupies one of these five LGAs )

7+4+1 = 12 Yoruba LGAs

the only Christian dominated LGAs are Isin, Ekiti and Oke-Ero (I came from one of these LGAs)
these three LGAs are the smallest in respect to population and Landmass in Kwara state.

Ilorin which is the largest City is 98% Muslim
Offa which is the second largest city is at least 90% Muslim
if you remove these two cities from kwara, then there is nothing left in terms of population.

among the Yorubas of Kwara state, the population of Muslims is 70% while Christians is 30%

now if we add Kwara north(an area which is 90% Muslims, the Nupes and Bariba people), this will reduce the population of Christians in the whole state to 15%-20%)

now to the concluding part which is also the most important part, you called yourself a northern Christian advocate or whatever, I think you should remove Kwara state from your activism or whatever, you don't create a problem where there is none, Kwara is a state of harmony, Kwara is arguably the most peaceful state in Nigeria, so don't come and cause problem here with your activism.

did you even know that Most of the popular pastors in Nigeria started in Ilorin?
from Adeboye to Oyedepo to Fatoyinbo to Sam Adeyemi and his brother and the list goes on.
here is a comprehensive list of Nigerian pastors that started in Kwara state.

though most of them left for Lagos, Ogun and Abuja for wider audience, only Rhema Chapel still had it's headquarters in Ilorin.

Ilorin is the most lively city In northern political zone and the third in Yorubaland after Lagos and Ibadan.... despite the fact that the city is 99% Muslim (indigenous people), the ratio of church to mosque is like 8:2, you would see 8 churches in Ilorin before you will see 2 mosque.

even the the last 3 first lady were Christians
Toyin Saraki never convert into Islam.
Omolewa Ahmed was even a Deaconess.
the current one two is a Christian (though I don't know much about her)

this is how we roll in Kwara state and Yorubaland at large, we view ourselves as Yoruba and Human being before any foreign Religion

so don't take your activism to kwara, it's good here, unless you want Ogun to kill you.

thank you

Good stuff but Adeboye is from Ife.
Business / Re: I Want To Start Importation Of Spare Parts Pls Help by OgboAto: 9:48pm On Jun 15, 2020

Politics / Re: Bruce Mayrock The Biafrans Hero, Died 30th May 1969 by OgboAto: 1:20pm On May 30, 2020
Abeg wetin Yoruba iconography dey do for Biafra symbology?

Politics / Re: Bruce Mayrock The Biafrans Hero, Died 30th May 1969 by OgboAto: 11:18am On May 30, 2020
While dude made himself a burnt offering, here is the leader of Biafra after willfully sacrificing 3 million future of Ndi Igbo:

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Politics / Re: Kwara State House Should Vote On Changing Royal Title Of Ilorin To OBA by OgboAto: 9:19am On May 18, 2020
Emir is english not hausa ...sarki is hausa .hardo is fulani

It is Islamic/Arab. The actual word is Amir.

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Politics / Re: Kwara State House Should Vote On Changing Royal Title Of Ilorin To OBA by OgboAto: 9:13am On May 18, 2020

We are talking about Ogun State

I see your point but there's not much peculiarity to Ogun state though. Let us not speak on Yoruba internal matters or have supremacy talks in an Osu infested forum lest we arm them with insights on our affairs & how to insult us/our Obas.


Politics / Re: Kwara State House Should Vote On Changing Royal Title Of Ilorin To OBA by OgboAto: 9:09am On May 18, 2020

I clearly stated they are both first class King but when it comes to state affairs coupled with the location of Ogun State government house, Governor's office and Alake's palace, any Governor will first consult Alake before approaching Awujale.

That's political status which you also know except if you want to mischievous

The impact of the location of the seat of government on a throne's rating is not true. See Osun, Oyo, & Ondo for instance.
Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:58am On May 18, 2020

You people haven't learned tribal insult does not pay upon all the grudges everyone has against una? Don't worry Una go learn by fire by force.

You quoted the wrong person.
Celebrities / Re: Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ –the Story Of Ignorance, Arrogance And Greed by OgboAto: 8:55am On May 18, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:53am On May 18, 2020

She had 1.4millions followers as last night, but this morning she has 1.2 million

Ibo & penchant for throwing numbers around. Where's the evidence to show that happened?

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Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:52am On May 18, 2020
The usual over reaction and over sensationalization by our Blodas yet again.

Her statement was directed at ONLY the senseless loud Igbos in the group and NOT the sensible ones among them - simple comprehension will tell you that she was NOT to referring the ENTIRE Igbo Tribe or even the whole Igbos in the group as senseles; as the jingoists among them are trying to make out.

Bro, logic is not encoded in Ibo DNA. They're all emotional people.

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Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:51am On May 18, 2020
that is rather out of the way, attacking the entire tribe.
the question is what really transpired before that response?
ni ìgbà ti esinsin n je ológòdò aye o ri, sughon ìgbà ti ológòdò wa n pa esinsin je aye n pariwo.

Don't be politically correct. Support yours if your are Yoruba or Ibo. Simple.

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Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:49am On May 18, 2020
The owner of ranthq and most of her followers are ravenous tats, was a member when d group has just over 100k members left when I felt nah this group is crappy... Folks can just exit d group enmasse and she will learn to be humble. Yoruba o, Igbo, Hausa, Idoma, Efik abeg una exit d group at least for now she go learn. See how GTB sit well when we boycotted while he was at peak with innoson

The delusion in Ibo is ingrained in your DNA. You have this false sense of importance that stems from the shame of walking around booty naked & eating people in as recent as 1910s and also the distraught feeling of losing the civil war. It is that delusion that has you thinking that withdrawing your oporoko & ukpa money shook GTB. grin

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Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by OgboAto: 8:42am On May 18, 2020
Suzan misfired and now she is caught in the web. One thing about us Igbo's is our fighting spirit. Both Suzan and her Rant HQ are going down.

The chest music production as usual.
When I see fight & Ibo in the same sentence, I remember

1. 1967-1970;
2. the Hausa casual blood offerings in the North;
3. that Ibo begged AYCF when they threatened all Ibos to leave the North;
4. the fact the the Ibo are treated like a conquered group in Nigeria; &
5. that Biafra intelligence were made to swim in & drink gutter water

The Ibo have one hell of a yam festival wrestle match fighting spirit. LMFAO.

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Politics / Re: A Detailed Analysis Of The People Of Edo State by OgboAto: 8:28am On May 18, 2020
Chai! grin grin Baba mi edakun e foriji won. Aigbon ori lo n dawon laamu.

Lool bro these people are animals.
How does a 2by2 piece of land get on the internet to daily attempt to insult another group with far more reach, population, space, base & influence if not madness? If Nigeria ever dissolves, their 2by2 land will certainly be at the mercy of the Ijaw & the Ibo. I hope they get kicked the fnck away when they try to seek help & safety from the Yoruba.

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Politics / Re: A Detailed Analysis Of The People Of Edo State by OgboAto: 10:11pm On May 17, 2020

Yeah, I remember those warnings from the Ijaws to the Oba of Benin.

And the Bini monarch actually respected himself. Wow!

Wait, the Itsekiris also once dealt with the Binis?

I could have sworn it was only the Yorubas, the Nupes, the Igbos, and the Ijaws who dealt with the Binis.

Damn bro, all these group had orgies with the Bini like something from a porn show. It was not a wonder that they all tried to run to Italy at some point.

Although the impact of the Igbo in contemporary Bini history is very very apparent. For instance, the mid western region movement was started and led by an Igbo man. The bini were weak to raise a voice against the Yoruba. I can't remember the Igbo man's name - but he started, led, rallied Bini people and achieved his aim for Bini independence from Western region.

The Igbo also invaded and occupied their lands during the Biafra war and these Bini pu55ies could not do shxt until the Federal troops came. I think the Edo/Bini are naturally scared of the Igbo & if Nigeria dissolves, best believe the Igbo would not just be taking Igbanke. The Oba may even become a subject fo the Obi of Onitsha too.

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Politics / Re: A Detailed Analysis Of The People Of Edo State by OgboAto: 9:56pm On May 17, 2020

Igbo and Ijaw lands already inside present Edo state?? shocked shocked

Kuku kee-mee!


Yes bro. The Igbanke/Ika are Igbo. They speak Igbo and they will never be passed on to the Yoruba, they belong in the Igbo country.

You didn't see the news where Ijaw threatened the whole Bini for encroaching on their lands and also going as far as stopping a major project in Bini over it?

There will be nothing left in the 2by2 Bini piece of land by the time Igbo and Ijaw are done. Maybe Itsekiri can annex the remaining parcel of land and re-colonize the Bini.

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Politics / Re: A Detailed Analysis Of The People Of Edo State by OgboAto: 9:50pm On May 17, 2020

If Nigeria dissolves today (or at anytime in the future for that matter), it is extremely unlikely that any such dissolution will be along the lines of our present "state" structure -- It is absurd to think that Nigeria will break up into 36 different countries.

What is more thinkable and reasonable is that any such dissolution will be along our present "geopolitical-zone" structure -- the smallest break-up components reasonably conceivable.

But as it stands, the Edos/Binis (who are the majority in Edo state) have succeeded in raising enemies for themselves from the S-S (the Ijaws come to mind), and from the S-E (the Igbos).

The situation is, however, quite different for them in relation to the S-W. Those who actually matter in Edo state [i.e. the leaders of opinion throughout the state] have no qualms whatsoever with the S-W (to whom their present political structure already leans more towards), or with the ancestral house of Oodua (with which their apex monarchy claims connection).

If the process for disintegration is completed today, the Yorubas -- being the accommodating folks that they are -- will gladly welcome their kith and kins from all around with wide open arms into their new country.

In the new country, the expected bitterness and frustraton from inconsequential and insignificant Bini Nairaland warriors will only remain hidden within them for some time until they decide, one after the other, to abandon delusions and begin to live in the real-world.

I should also add that the Yoruba leaders of thoughts, particularly in the traditional circles, are mostly done with the Bini and want nothing to do with them. As it stands, Igbo land is in Edo state and that will be taken by the Igbo; Ijaw land is in Edo and must be taken by the Ijaw. Whatever is left of the Bini can either form a sovereign state or hop into the sea at Ughoton port.

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Health / Re: Madagascar Records First Coronavirus Death by OgboAto: 4:37pm On May 17, 2020

Damn Niggarr

What about that their concussion??

But on the second thought, these people may be honest to an extent grin

Did you mean concoction?
Politics / Re: Sierra Leone Deny Appointment Of Laoluwa Adejayan As Head Of COVID-19 Taskforce by OgboAto: 3:50pm On May 17, 2020
Politics / Re: Federal Tertiary Institutions Staff Now Twitter by OgboAto: 8:07am On May 17, 2020
It is interesting & sad that Nigerians, particularly the youths, have drawn a line of enmity between themselves & lecturers.

It appears their argument or rebuttal to all the points laid out by ASUU particularly tries to insert lecturers at the center of accusations rather than seeing the points laid out by lecturers & working with them to save the future of Nigerian education.

It is discouraging & depressing, no wonder scholars are traveling in droves to ply their trade in better countries. ASUU can not fight this battle alone quickly except if the objectives have a mass appeal, a thing that is clearly lacking & which explanations/diplomacy seem to have failed to engender.

I would like to suggest that ASUU increases tuition fee across board & try to enforce it, this should grab the attention of parents/the masses & bring them to pay attention to what is going on with the IPPIS or force them to chid the FG for frustrating lecturers. That to me is the only way to win this battle & enforce further demands from the FG. This battle with an irresponsible FG needs a popular base of support within & outside ASUU. Jack up tuition fee abeg, it will either corner the FG to act right or bring ASUU to generate funds like NPA & PPRA like some of the posters here have foolishly asked.
Politics / Re: A Detailed Analysis Of The People Of Edo State by OgboAto: 12:09am On May 17, 2020
Gregboy & Davidnazee

Igbo own half of Edo. Ontop of that Igbo invaded & conquered Edo in 1967-1970

Ijaw also own an extension

If Nigeria dissolves & Igboid towns to with Igbo & Ijaw towns go with Ijaw. I wonder what would be left of Bini grin


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Culture / Re: Benins Are The Owners Of Ogboni Confraternity and olokun worship by OgboAto: 3:57pm On May 16, 2020

Please stop confusing yourselves. Who did you acquire territories from? Did u acquire it from other tribes? Those places are historically Yoruba due to ur large numbers and spread.. It was the Edos that acquired non Edo territories by conquest.
Anyways you are right about the current situation of things (except the ijaw and ibo part and it’s actually the ibos that are acquiring ur lands and the ijaws constantly warring and killing ur people) but if we are to go to arms now I bet u history will repeat itself..

1. Take your own advise.

2. The lands were acquired when Yoruba migrated out of Ife. Oyo acquired the most territorial space.

3. Ibo invaded and conquered you with the Ojukwu army in the 1967-1970 war.

4. Ijaw have been threatening you & your king on your own land since 2018.

5. If it comes down to it, Yoruba towns in Edo will return to Yorubaland. Ijaw and Ibo will feast on the 2by2 remnants.

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Culture / Re: Benins Are The Owners Of Ogboni Confraternity and olokun worship by OgboAto: 12:40pm On May 16, 2020

And yet the Yorubas are historically known to be a pastoral and frightened people.. and the Edos are known to be an imperial and powerful people.

Yes, I agree.

The frightened people acquired territories in 6 states + Kwara & Kogi in Nigera, Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana.

The imperial & powerful people are crammed in a 2by2 piece of land under the threat of occupation & invasion by the Ijaw & Ibo.

The Edo are indeed such a brave people! grin

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Politics / Re: Almajirai Blast Northern Governors Over 'Maltreatment' by OgboAto: 11:40am On May 16, 2020
Omo na una sabi o.
Just keep it up North or in the East that you conquered in 1970.


Sports / Re: Emmanuel Okocha: I Cried As Okocha Dribbled Khan, 6 Defenders In Germany by OgboAto: 11:39am On May 16, 2020


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