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Politics / What Will You Do Differently If You Happen To Be The President Of Nigeria by olawalepopoola: 10:22am On Oct 19
As a young person and a Nairalander, what will you do differently assuming you are the president of Nigeria. This is a discussion thread.
How will you:
1. Develop the economy
2. How will the education sector fare
3. How will you achieve true federalism
4. What tactics will you use to improve the security of the nation
5. How will you reduce rate of unemployment in the country.
Family / Born Out Of Wedlock! You Can Be Successful As Any Person by olawalepopoola: 4:01pm On Sep 23
As a child born out of wedlock, I grew up with a family that was not mine but took care of my very well. At 19 years my maternal Sister opened up to me that the man I called my father wasn't my father. I confronted him and he confessed to this. He explained that my mother who birthed my two elder siblings in his house, was impregnated by her ex-lover but couldn't allow her to take me along when she packed out. The man really took of me, he paid my bills through primary and secondary school. His extended family never for once used it against me. I go to his hometown every holidays and I can say I know his family more than his own biological children. We share the same bed even though he was remarried. At 20 years my Mother broke the news I had heard a year earlier to me. All I did was smile and accepted her apologies. Many believed it was a case I was supposed to fight till the last. I looked at them and told them I wasn't the one that drafted my destiny. The who allowed it will give me the grace to go through. This was when I got admission into the University. Both the man and woman began to make claims.
At this time, I encouraged myself in the Lord and I told myself I will become successful in life no matter the conditions surrounding my birth. I decided to do all I could to graduate with best grade in my undergraduate studies. At the end of the first semester of my first year in the University, my mother took me to my original father and I began to link up with his extended family although till date I never had any personal relationships with his children. His family already knew about my existence since my birth. I forgave every parties in the show and I moved with life.
One of my paternal uncle told me I will be so lucky to get a plastic chair, if my father eventually dies. This statement made me more absolute for success. My father is a very successful man in his own right and my mother too. There and then I decided never to depend on my parents properties. There was no time I visited him that he responded to me in a very good manner. He sees me as a shit. Hatred began to set in but God gave me the grace to stop it.
I graduated with a Second Class Upper Division in Applied Geology and among the top in my class. I served in one of the Northern States and became the best serving corp member of my batch. However, this journey didn't go well smoothly. There spiritual wars God won for me. The legit wife of my father had made a confession that I will never succeed as long as she is alive. I told God not to kill her because she must see part of my success before she dies.
After service year, I had to come to the South, I searched for job for six months. During my undergraduate days, God had revealed to me my career path. On a fateful day a destiny helper located and I got a job in a private University in Southwest Nigeria as a Technologist. As a Technologist I published 8 research papers. I enrolled for my M.Sc. in Applied Geology in a nearby University and bagged it some years later. I was converted to an Assistant Lecturer. I told myself I will not rest on my oars, I applied for a PhD in Geology in a public University in Southwest Nigeria where I spent 4.5 years for the program after being delayed by COVID-19 pandemic. A feat that had not been previously recorded by the Department. As at the day of my oral defense, 8 papers published in SCI journals had been published (those in the academics will understand this very well). I have as of today 25 published papers with 10 conference proceedings with google citations of 151and HI index of 8. Within this period I got my married to my loving wife and are blessed with children.
I called my biological father to inform that I defended my PhD. He replied via SMS that he was proud to be my FATHER!. Infact success is important.



Family / Re: People Never Accept They Have A Bad Mother by olawalepopoola: 3:02pm On Sep 23
Many mothers are toxic and over protective. My mum tried all she could to break into my marriage and destroy by using even my siblings and father against me. I stood firm and told them I would rather stand with my nuclear family than them. Today I have put her in her position and we seldomly communicate again. Mothers must be ready to let go of their kids, they can stay with you forever. They have to find the path of their own destinies.

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Education / Re: I Defended My Phd Thesis In Geology Successfully by olawalepopoola: 12:06pm On Sep 14

Congratulations Sir...

Are you a lecturer ?
Yes I am
Politics / Igbo Language As A Compulsory Gst Course by olawalepopoola: 9:29pm On Sep 13
What is your take on this?
The Alex Ekueme University, Ebonyi State has made Igbo Language as a compulsory GST course that must be passed before graduating. It takes effect from the 2021/2022 academic session.
To me it is the best decision the Senate of the University had taken in the light of diminishing interests in Nigerian languages by kids and youth of nowadays.


Politics / Re: Adamawa Orders Closure Of 30 Boarding Schools Over Insecurity by olawalepopoola: 1:28pm On Sep 05
Na north go destroy themselves

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Politics / Re: Plateau Attacks: Lalong Incapacitated, Can’t Order Security Agencies – APC by olawalepopoola: 8:05pm On Aug 29
The southern Nigeria have always clamored for state security but the north kicked against it. Now they are demanding for it. Let them dance to the music they orchestrated.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Lauds GDP 5.01% Growth In Q2 2021 by olawalepopoola: 7:07pm On Aug 26
Buhari - May you and your children experience the growth Nigeria is experiencing now in Jesus' Name

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Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by olawalepopoola: 11:33am On Aug 26

They have been lying to you, if you have sense you write that the new olu of Warri almost lost his throne because his mother came from Yoruba that is to tell the blood of Yoruba is not needed yet you call itsekiri Yoruba liar go and make consultations before you start claiming others , You people should stop this your stupid claims of others here and there
Say what you like. Itsekiris are Yorubas and that can't be changed. History class is your best bet.


Politics / Re: Inter-ethnic Relationships In Yorubaland. (the Systemic Displacement) by olawalepopoola: 11:27am On Aug 26
this is exactly what I said in the FTC
The Yoruba language MUST be upheld
I made Yoruba language compulsory in my home. All my children MUST speak it by force. When they get to school, they will learn English language as a foreign language. Most Nigerians professionals today speak their native language since childhood.
We need mentality change.


Politics / Re: Inter-ethnic Relationships In Yorubaland. (the Systemic Displacement) by olawalepopoola: 11:27am On Aug 26
this is exactly what I said in the FTC
The Yoruba language MUST be upheld
I made Yoruba language compulsory in my home. All my children MUST speak it by force. When they get to school, they will learn English language as a foreign language. Most Nigerians professionals today speak their native language since childhood.
We need mentality change
Politics / Re: Inter-ethnic Relationships In Yorubaland. (the Systemic Displacement) by olawalepopoola: 11:16am On Aug 26
I am Yoruba and I married a Yoruba. My male children can marry from any tribe as long as they are bringing in the choice of God for them and adding more children-in-law to my family. All I want for my kids is a marital bliss. My daughters can marry other tribes too, if the aforementioned is achieved. However my daughter MUST teach her children how to speak Yoruba. That is so important.
Marriage is not about tribe, it is have happiness till the end.
Inter-marriage isn't new in Yoruba land.
One of Oramiyan's wife was from Benin
Sango's mother was a Nupe


Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by olawalepopoola: 9:13pm On Aug 25
The king of Benin is Yoruba
Their name "Benin" is from Yoruba
Itsekiri speaks Yoruboid
"Olu" is Yoruba
That stupid law has been destroyed
Their new Olu has a Yoruba mother from Ogun State
No amount of crying can change that cheesy
Ife to be precise. His mum was a daughter of a former Ooni
Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by olawalepopoola: 8:52pm On Aug 25
No matter how we twist history, the truth will always prevail. Recent crowning of the Only of Warri says it all. The Itsekiris wanted to deny the new King his ancestral throne and right because his mother is Yoruba. The Yoruba monarch including the Balogun of Ibadanland and representative of the Ooni were at the meeting where they wanted to make a final declaration to discredit the new Olu of Warri. At the meeting the Yoruba monarch stated categorically that Itsekiris are Yorubas and nothing can change that. All the elders of Itsekiri present couldn't raise a voice against that. That was how the new Olu of Warri was crowned.


Politics / Re: Crisis Trails Creation Of 19 LCDA In Ekiti, As Community Writes Fayemi by olawalepopoola: 3:06pm On Aug 06
Ekiti doesn't need LCDA. How will they pay salaries and upgrade the new LCDAS while they are still struggling as a state
Politics / Re: Full Profile Of New IRT Boss, Tunji Disu As IG Removes Abba Kyari by olawalepopoola: 3:04pm On Aug 03
Bi tenikan ko ba je, tenikan ko le da. If someone's life is not ruined, another's life may not be blessed.
Politics / Re: Fulani Women , Children And Men Gathered To Fellowship On Sunday Service- Video by olawalepopoola: 2:35pm On Jul 30
Suicide bombers inside church

Ok grin kaboom
Salvation is meant for all.
Politics / An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari: Rabbi (dr) Johnson Idowu by olawalepopoola: 3:14pm On Jul 26

From Rabbi (Dr) Johnson Idowu

Your Excellency,

Compliments to you and your family

Let me first introduce myself to you properly. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria in July 1947, and I have lived the whole of my life up to date in Nigeria. Therefore, Nigeria is very dear to me and I have an abiding interest in her because I don't want to live in any other country.

I am a committed clergyman, so I am commanded by God to speak the truth irrespective of whose ox is gored.

I have never been a card-carrying member of any political party or association in my life and I have never held any political office, but I have an abiding interest in the politics of my country because the action and inactions of the political class have profound effects on the fortunes and misfortunes of the country and my life.

Lastly, I am a true son of Oduduwa, a Yoruba man to the core from Ogun State who has an abiding interest in the security, progress and development of the Yorubas and Yorubaland.

You can see that you and I are in the same age bracket so both of us have witnessed all the good, the bad and the ugly things that have happened to this country since Independence in 1960.


In one of your speeches in the build-up to the new year 2020 you were quoted as saying that you would like history to be kind to you after you leave office.

I want to assure you that history is a mirror and it reflects whatever you portray into it back to you. For history to be kind to you, you must also have been kind to history, but so far you have not been kind to history in Nigeria.


In 1983, exactly on 31st December, 1983, you sacked the civilian administration of Alhaji Shehu Shagari and became the Head of State and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces.

Most Nigerians welcomed your coup with ecstasy because the administration you sacked was so corrupt that it had emptied the Treasury and the foreign reserves of the country, and there was hunger in the land because there was no foreign exchange with which to import essentially commodities for the consumption of the masses, particularly since the agricultural sector had been neglected by the government.

There was also a serious economic problem and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) presented some strangulating conditionalities to us if they would bail us out of our self-imposed predicament with their loan.

Although you had good intentions in rejecting the conditionalities of the IMF your administration did not have a viable alternative measure to take Nigeria out of the economic morass. You then resorted to jackboot strategies.

First, you introduced WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE (WAI) in order to inculcate discipline in the masses to do things orderly by queuing up to receive service, to obey sanitary regulations etc, and a lot of people were doubled up and, sometimes, given corporal punishments by your WAI Brigade members in public places.

While this policy was good, the overbearing excesses of the military, the police and the WAI Brigade members turned Nigeria into a police state and the masses became suffocatingly oppressed.

Secondly, in your righteous eagerness to tackle the emerging menace of drug trafficking, you promulgated a decree prescribing death penalty for conficted drug traffickers, but you spoiled your good intentions by backdating the decree to before the drug traffickers then on trial committed the offence , and you actually executed them, something unheard of before in criminal justice anywhere in the world.

Thirdly, as if that was not bad enough, you promulgated another decree to muzzle free speech by criminalizing any criticism of your Government and you actually jailed some journalists for the laughable offence of criticizing your government policies and actions.

Fourthly, you embarked on a one-sided anti-corruption crusade through which you set up kangaroo military tribunals to try and convict ALL the UPN State Governors, who were the best performing Governors in the country at that time, on trumped-up charges of corruption. Even, Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin, the Governor of Ondo State (Ondo/Ekiti now) was tried and exonorated three times yet you insisted that he must be thrown into jail along with his UPN colleagues.

No single Northern Governor was jailed.

You thus revealed yourself as a tribal warlord and an enemy of the Yorubas who had progressive administration's in their states.

Not only that, you managed to throw many children in the South West out of school by unilaterally cancelling the free education scheme being operated in all the South West states and introducing a uniform levy of N20 per term per student (a lot of money in those days) which made a lot of children to drop out of school.


On the economic front you had no solution to the economic problem of the country apart from another jackboot strategy through which your administration prescribed controlled prices for commodities you did not produce or provide, and your soldiers forced open the warehouses of merchants who had used their own resources to import those commodities into the country, and your soldiers sold the commodities to the public at your administration's determined prices.

But after your soldiers had emptied all such warehouses the scarcity and suffering escalated because there was no more commodity to sell.

If you must know, it was the concerted, consistent and continuous cry of the Nigerian masses to God in churches, mosques, prayer mountains, seaside etc which made God to raise up General Babangida to topple your government in August, 1985.


You have always portrayed yourself as a strictly Fulani leader, and in 2001 you led the leaders of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) to late Governor Lam Adesina of Oyo State to challenge the perceived unfair treatment meted to the Fulani herdsmen in Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State, a claim which, on investigation, was discovered to be unfounded.


In 2003, 2007 and 2011 you failed in your bid to become a civilian President of Nigeria because the South West refused to vote for you and the progressives in the South West and other parts of the country too were suspicious of you because of your tribal and dictatorial antecedents.

However, the South West and the progressives were confronted with a big dilemma in the run-in to the 2015 presidential election as a result of the rapacious nature of the PDP government under President Goodluck Jonathan, and they needed a person who could help clean the augean stable in order to introduce sanity and accountability into governance.

In the run-in to the 2015 general elections, the South West and the Progressives needed a person who could help Nigeria clean the Augean stable created by the PDP. They eventually settled for you because they thought that your anti-corruption crusade could be moderated and properly conducted in a democratic setting, and the country's Constitution would checkmate your tribalistic tendencies. How very wrong they were!

I thought so too and I willingly prayed for your success and voted for you in 2015 because I saw you and the APC as a better option to the rot that the PDP had become. (I did not vote for anybody in 2019)


However, between 2015 and now you have revealed yourself to be an unrepentant parochial Fulani leader and have disappointed the Progressives and other liberal minded Nigerians, apart from the gluttonous self-serving politicians who are feeding fat in the National Assembly and in your administration, as a result of the following actions and events:

1. Your appointments into the positions of Service chiefs and Heads of other uniformed services were heavily biased in favour of members of your tribe, the Fulanis.

2. When your kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen unleashed terror on farmers in Benue, Plateau and the entire Middle Belt, with scattered incidents in other parts of the country, you deliberately turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards the gory sights and sounds, and not once did you condemn their wanton killings and destruction, and not a single one of them was apprehended and prosecuted, but whenever a Fulani herdsman or some of their cows we're killed or rustled your law enforcement agents were quick to apprehend the culprits.

3. You planned to establish a Homeland for all your Fulani kinsmen across West Africa in Nigeria, and towards that you proposed RUGA (Fulani) settlements in all states of Nigeria, ostensibly, as your spokespersons claimed, to solve the problem of herders and farmers clashes.

4. When the indigenous peoples of Nigeria resisted the move, you quickly put your Plan B in motion by declaring Nigeria a visa-free entry country to all Africans in order to precipitate a massive influx of Fulanis into the country.


Mr President, please note that this surreptitious Fulanilisation of Nigeria will not succeed because an influx of of Ten million Fulanis in addition to the between Seven and Ten million already in the country CANNOT overcome the over 300 indigenous tribes of Nigeria and take their ancestral lands from them.

Please be reminded that the warlike indigenous tribes of Benue, Plateau Taraba etc - the Tivs, the Junkuns, the Nupes, the Igalas, the Agatus, the Idomas etc who checkmated the incursion of the rampaging army of Uthman Dan Fodio after 1808 are still there and waiting. If you had allowed them to deal with the rampaging Fulani herdsmen in their own way there would have been a sorry tale to tell.

Also, the Yorubas who also checkmated the same incursion from coming into Yorubaland are ready and waiting. And I can assure you that the Yorubas have a plethora of lethal and non-lethal physical and spiritual weapons of warfare and we deploy whichever one is appropriate on each occasion. When General Babangida affronted us by annulling the mandate freely given by Nigerians to our Son, late MKO Abiola, we deployed the non-lethal weapon of orchestrated verbal crucification coupled with controlled civil disobedience to chase him out of the presidency.

Further, the unconquerable and indomitable Igbos of the South East are there and waiting, and so also are the war-like Ijaws, Ogonis, Binis, Urhobos, Ibibios, Itshekiri, Annang, Kalabari and other tribes of the South South region are ready and waiting.

None of them will surrender an inch of their land to the Fulanis.


If you proceed with your Fulanilisation agenda you will only succeed in disintegrating Nigeria into several sovereign states because the Nigerian Army which have not been able to defeat Boko Haram and ISWAP in over six years of fighting does not have the capability to fight a civil war on several fronts at the same time.

What is more, the Nigerian Army is made up of all the various indigenous tribes of Nigeria and if such a war occurs (GOD FORBID & ALLAH FORBID) the Nigerian Army will break up into factions and they will align with their respective regions.


Mr President, let me assert here categorically without any fear of credible contradiction, that the Igbos lost the 1967-1970 civil war, NOT because the Nigerian Army was better than the Biafran Army, No! Far from it. They lost the war because of two major reasons:

1. The Igbos of the South East, who constitute only one of the six geo- political regions in Nigeria, were up in arms against the other five regions because even the people of the South South region, who had been oppressed by the Igbos in the Eastern Region, but who found themselves willy-nilly boxed-in inside Biafra, did not share the Biafran dream and therefore worked against the Biafran war efforts internally.

2. Two major measures taken by the Nigerian government progressively weakened Biafra and led to their eventual surrender. These were:
A. The Food Blockade against them which progressively imposed hunger and malnutrition on the people, and
B. The Nigerian currency change during the war which denied Biafra of the much needed convertible currency with which to buy arms and ammunition because the former stockpile of the old Nigerian currency had become valueless externally.

In the event of a multi-faceted civil war (GOD FORBID & ALLAH FORBID) that kind of scenario will not be present and the Nigerian Army will be completely overwhelmed.


Mr. President, you can still make history to be kind to you if you will agree to do the following four things:

1. Halt the Fulanilisation agenda immediately because it is dead on arrival, because all the indigenous tribes in the entire South and the Middle Belt are already aware of your game plan and you cannot take them by surprise again.

2. Continue to prosecute the laudable anti-corruption crusade across the board without shielding members of your own party and tribe in political positions.

Reduce the tribal nepotism in your appointments into key positions in the uniformed formations and other key parastatals.

4. Make a fact of what Garba Shehu hinted, that You and APC were ready to restructure Nigeria into a true Federation. Since there is a bonding synergy between your Executive and the 9th National Assembly, please commence the process NOW so that Nigeria would have been fully restructured into a true Federation by the time you leave office in 2023.

If you do these things history will be very kind to you because your name will be written in GOLD as THE BEST PRESIDENT NIGERIA EVER HAD and THE FATHER OF MODERN NIGERIA.

God bless Your Excellency; God bless Nigeria.

Fraternally yours,

Rabbi (Dr) Johnson Idowu

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Education / I Defended My Phd Thesis In Geology Successfully by olawalepopoola: 10:32pm On Jul 15
After working tirelessly for 4 years and delayed for another 1 year by the COVID-19 pandemic, I defended my PhD in Geology with speciality in Environmental Geochemistry at the Department of Earth Sciences, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State on Monday 12th July, 2021.
My research work basically looked at the impact of Artisanal mining in the environment around Anka, Zamfara state, Arufu, Taraba State and Ijero, Ekiti State.
I collected 9 media: soils, stream sediments, mine tailings, groundwater, surface water, mine tailings, plants and rocks in all. In all, I analysed 564 samples
I won a research grant of RMB100,000 at the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guiyang, China to carry out the study. This really helped me a lot.
Six (6) papers which emanatedf from the researchers have so far been published in SCI/SCIE journal such as the Science of the Total Environment and Toxic. Review (It is not true, in a Nigerian University? It is true).

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Politics / Re: If President Buhari Appears In Your Parlour Today,what Would You Do? by olawalepopoola: 1:07pm On Jun 27
Ask for my legitimate share of the national cake ooo


Politics / Re: Crime In Nigeria Has Gone To ‘Next Level’ ― Ganduje by olawalepopoola: 4:36pm On Jun 23
Oga Ganduje, you contributed to it. So live with it

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths Should Stand Up And Seize The Political Power by olawalepopoola: 8:27pm On Jun 22
Are the youths of this country ready to lead?
Health / Re: COVID-19: Nigeria Records No Death In 15 Days by olawalepopoola: 12:43pm On Jun 20
Who tell you say COVID-19 de Naija before. Awon ole gbogbo
Politics / Names Of The 27 Newly Appointed Appeal Court Judges. - Hope For Nigeria by olawalepopoola: 8:57am On Jun 16
1) Justice P. A. Mahmoud, Benue State
2) Justice F. Ojo, Kwara State
3) Justice I. G. Abundaga Nasarawa State
4) Justice M. B. Idris, Niger State.
5) Justice A. M. Talba, Adamawa State.
6) Justices Kadi M. M. Alkali, Adamawa State.
7) Justice A. I. Adenyangtso, Taraba State.
8] Justice A. S. Umar, Kebbi state.
9) Justice O. Z. Senchi, Kebbi,
10) Justice A. M. Lamido, Sokoto state.
11) Justice B. B. Aliyu, Zamfara state.
12) Justice Ebowei Tobi, Delta State.
13) Justice G.O. Kolawole, Osun State.
14) Justices O. Itodo, Benue state.
15) Justice M. A. Abdul Gafar, Kwara state,
16) Justice D. D. Adeck Nasarawa state.
17) Justice D. G. Mann, Plateau state.
18) Justice D. G. Goji Adamawa state.
19) Justice Kadi U. B. Umar Adamawa state.
20) Justices Y. A. Bashir, Taraba state.
21) Justice Z. B. Abubakar, Kebbi state,
22) Justice I. M. Sani, Kaduna state.
23) Justice F. L. Adamu, Kano state.
24) Justice I. B. Ahmed Katsina state.
25) Justice M Y Uftsha'u, Zamfara state.
26) Justice P. O. Affen, Bayelsa state.
27) Justice O. A. Ipaye, Osun state.
Breakdown :
From the South:
South/South 2; South/West 2; South/East 0.
The same educationally disadvantaged North now has the best citizens to be so appointed.
It seems what divides us is stronger than what unites us. Let's not pretend, Nigeria can't work under a grossly polarising man, Buhari. - Hope For Nigeria

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Education / Re: Top 10 Fun Facts About Volcanoes! by olawalepopoola: 4:54pm On Jun 12
Are you a Geologist? If so, some of the terminologies were not truly described. A lava is not 100% liquid. It is molten. Both magma and lava are the same, only that the former is found beneath the volcanoes while lava is a magma ejected through the caldera to surface.
Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by olawalepopoola: 8:29pm On Jun 08
If Fulani were brave, why was it so difficult for them to overrun the old Oyo Empire. If they were truly brave, why couldn't they overcome biafra. If not for the Yorubas with the intellectual and physical bravery, biafra would have completely override Nigeria.
Of a true, the Yorubas might have fought internal civil wars, these made them stronger and more united.
The only tribe that gives Fulani sleepless nights is the Yoruba.
Never underestimate the Yorubas in every sphere


Politics / Re: President Buhari Mourns Pastor TB Joshua by olawalepopoola: 8:36am On Jun 07
Bihari should mourn for himself.
Politics / Fulanis In Nigeria Are Repeating What They Did In Central African Republic And H by olawalepopoola: 11:15am On Jun 02
*–Olusegun Obasanjo*

*Another civil war in Nigeria has become imminent and inevitable. The reason for its inevitability is simply because Muhammadu Buhari, the Northern Nigeria Fulani oligarchs and the wider network of Fulani in Sub-Saharan Africa have concluded plans to adopt Nigeria as the homeland for all Fulani in Africa.*

*Fulani have realised that the wandering and rootless lifestyle of cattle herding is no longer tenable in the twenty-first century. Fulani need to have land to call home and rear cattle and that land should be Nigeria. The indigenous peoples of Nigeria have clearly, vehemently and stridently opposed this diabolic plan and both sides are mobilising for war.*

*The Fulani won't relent and the indigenous people will not give up their land.*

The same Fulani Project, having failed so shamelessly and woefully in the Central African Republic, will not be allowed to fail this time as the Nigerian Fulani project is better funded with the massive [stealing] of the sovereign wealth of Nigeria through nationwide kidnapping for ransom by lower class Fulani and the seizure of the reigns of Government and wealth by the elite Fulani.

Kidnapping and the seizure of the institutions of Government are all for the purpose of implanting Fulani into the mainstream and control of politics and the economy of Nigeria for the objective of funding the Fulani Project in Nigeria.

The Central African Republic (CAR) has gone through exact same experience that Nigeria is going through right now in the hands of the Fulani. The country has been run down by the killings and destitution wrought by rival gangs in the fight to destroy the chokehold the Fulani had on the politics and economy of their country. Although the Fulani hegemony over the CAR has been defeated, the street gangs that defeated the armed forces have turned on one another and themselves, unable to rise above petty gang warfare to rebuild their nation.

*The Fulani have become a blight on Africa and it’s biggest country Nigeria. Unable to break out of its centuries old cow herding and wandering culture, it continues to pull down every nation wherever it has any population. Some countries in West Africa, Ghana and their ancestral home Guinea, have mastered the brutal tactics of dealing with Fulani and the Fulani have learnt the bitter lesson by staying away from these countries.*

In the CAR, the Fulani following the pattern of their ethnocentric politics, had seized control of the commanding heights of the country’s military and financial institutions, the foreign exchange trade, the mining and export of gold and above all the governing structures of Government. Mitchel Djotodia, a hare brained military officer and his Fulani faction seized power in a brazen coup by a demographic minority. All the non-Fulani military officers were flushed out of the forces, all the mineral deposits in the country were seized by Fulani merchants, non-Fulani traders were barred from trading in foreign exchange and the entire top echelon of the Civil Service were occupied by Fulani by as much as 83%.

France, the former colonial masters of CAR watched them do all these over the years and did not raise a protest. As in Nigeria, the Fulani were just 3% of the population of CAR, tucked in the desert recesses of the nation’s Northwest. No world or regional power raised a whimper even though the ethnic groups of the rich southern forest regions roiled.

*In CAR the Fulani went even beyond the provocative as they are doing now in Nigeria.*

*They started seizing ethnic lands, raiding churches and killing worshippers, the most brazen being the attack on Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a town near Bangui the capital, where dozens of Catholic faithful were massacred during mass. The Fulani used their cattle bases allotted by Government to launch attacks and gun fights on the surrounding communities for robberies and ransom paying kidnaps as is happening now in Nigeria.*
Again, as is happening in Nigeria today, the purpose of all the action of the Fulani was simple; to transfer all wealth available in the CAR by all and every means and place it in the hands and control of the Fulani.


*The same play book used in Central African Republic is guiding the actions and policies of the Buhari Government in Nigeria.*

*1). The Fulani elite are raiding the Central Bank, buying dollars and other currencies at heavily discounted rates.*

*2). Other Fulani are raiding the NNPC, ploughing through the vaults and trading Nigerian crude for personal gain.*

*3). The educated wing are mowing down governing structures, taking forceful charge and control of all commanding heights of Government and the armed forces.*

*4). The uneducated Fulani herdsmen are engaged in kidnapping for ransom and now primed to take over ethnic lands, spreading themselves across the nation in settlements acquired with public funds to terrorise indigenous populations.*


*It will be of great use to retell the story of Central African Republic so as to have the understanding of how the youth of the country removed the yoke of unremitting oppression by the Fulani. The youth formed street gangs and committed to take on the army with all their vaunted training and intimidating and deadly weaponry. The youth had locally fabricated flint guns and machetes, while the army was menacing with their machine guns, grenade throwers and rocket launchers.*

*When the fight started on that fateful day in 2013 in Bangui, everyone expected a complete annihilation of youth on the streets but the youth took the fight straight to the Guard Brigade near the Presidential Palace. By evening of the same day, soldiers bodies were seen littering the streets while some were cut to pieces. By night fall, the streets of Bangui had become the play ground and the killing field of the youth of Bangui. In 3 days of street fighting, the entire Presidential Guards of the army of the CAR was decimated, in disarray running to their ethnic base in the far north and President Djotodia, the Fulani tyrant had abdicated and run away from the Presidential Palace and Capital, Bangui.*

*Tyrants survive for only as long as the people live in fear and choose to tolerate them. The Buhari Government is counting on deploying the Nigerian armed forces against the many ethnicities where the RUGA will be sited, beginning with the minority groups.*

*Buhari's plan is to deploy Nigerian troops to subdue Nigerian people for the benefit of Fulani. Central African Republic provides a veritable lesson on how to deal with the unrelenting Fulani menace. The Niger Delta and Boko Haram if anything, have shown that the Nigeria army is not invincible in a fight with local forces. If anything, the Nigeria Army will likely disintegrate if made to fight in many fronts at once.*

*It is a known truth that the Fulani will not relent in their quest for the conquest of Nigeria until they have seized all sources of income and made everyone else subservient to their rule and hegemony.*

The Fulani in Nigeria, in nearly a century of political and economic ascendancy have acquired so much power and money that it will defeat the purpose of such acquisition if they don’t deploy it for the very purpose for the grasp for power, which is the conquest of Nigeria for the overlordship of the Fulani.

*The final stage of the grand plan to subdue Nigeria for Fulani overlordship are afoot and Buhari and his people cannot back out now. So a war has to be fought to resolve matters.*
*Our people say that you don’t strip a woman naked just to start looking. Nigeria has been stripped naked and with the RUGA monstrosity on the works, the next thing is to start the deployment of troops to protect RUGA in their various locations of development.*

It was bound to happen that the Fulani who have been taking so much out of Nigeria and have succeeded in binding Nigeria hand and foot politically and economically, will take the wrong step into the abyss one day. The logical culmination of all the rapaciousness would be the last ditch attempt at the ultimate land grab, to seize the lands belonging to indigenous communities and hand it over to Fulani.

*Internecine war in different RUGA locations and different fronts is therefore inevitable. Communities will rage to keep their land or lose it to their eternal shame and regret. Communities, particularly in Igboland will rather choose to be annihilated than lose their land to a hostile and predatory People.*

Fulani have no land in Nigeria because they are not indigenous to Nigeria. They are migrants into Nigeria.

*The decision by the Fulani to seize land by force in Nigeria can only lead to war in the many places where this seizure will happen. The people must resist as of necessity.* They have done so in the Central Africa Republic and reduced the country to rubble and they will do it again in Nigeria.

Buhari will be compelled to deploy police and soldiers to defend the settlements and war will be declared everywhere there is a RUGA settlement in Nigeria. *Fulani have no land to hold dear and protect in Nigeria. In fact, Fulani have no stake or investment in the project called Nigeria and will not care if Nigeria burns, in fact Fulani will be very willing to let Nigeria burn if the people are not willing to submit to their overlordship.*

So they are minded to adopt a scorched earth policy to obliterate Nigeria. They have nothing to lose. They did it in CAR and they will do same in Nigeria. *It will be the responsibility of the indigenous people of Nigeria to find common grounds to protect the land of their ancestral inheritance and prevent the Fulani from putting a knife on their unity and their need to bind themselves together in one nation, but they cannot do this without first containing the Fulani. Fulani will try to divide them.*

*Buhari and the Fulani oligarchs are counting strongly on deploying the armed forces to quell insurrections that will arise from this massive land grab,* but that will be the Achilles heel of their grand plan. Once soldiers are armed to put down these insurrections, they will turn against their commanders to defend their communities. Nigerians should therefore await the great unravelling of their armed forces.

Do the Fulani have the firepower, the men and the capacity to fight? *In the entire history of the Nigerian armed forces, the Hausa/Fulani officers and enlisted men have always been promoted far beyond their qualifications and competencies.* The capacity to fight and man the different departments of modern warfare will be put to overwhelming test in any ensuing encounter.

*The Fulani never fight an enemy in a frontal war. They attack isolated and undefended villages. In any direct confrontation, they run away. It was evident even in the battle of Bangui. Well armed Fulani soldiers could not take on street gangs with flint guns and machetes.* It has also shown in the war against Boko Haram. The poor performance of commanders of their ethnic stock is a bad joke among soldiers in the front.

Hausa/Fulani soldier had to be sorted out and protected from slaughter by Boko Haram forces. This is not to talk of unending betrayals of their Christian colleagues and commanders in the battlefront.

*Buhari, a Fulani irredentist, will use to his advantage and for the benifits of his agenda to divide, the ethnic and religious cleavages among the people of Nigeria. But the people ought to know that the Fulani are friends to no one and that a Fulani friend today can become an adversary tomorrow. You are only friend to Fulani for as long as you continue to serve a purpose in their overall plan.*

Let the talk cease and the battle begin.

Copied! Please share widely to the whole south west, south east, south south and middle belt because there is nothing like north central according to the 1994 constitutional conference.

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