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Travel / Re: Lagos-Ibadan Train Schedule For The Festive Period (Photo) by orbgoblin: 8:51pm On Dec 24, 2021
please do you know the boarding point in Lagos?

There's one at ebute meta and another at agege . Depends on which one is closest to you .
Pets / Re: Caught A Green Snake And I Want To Keep It As Pet by orbgoblin: 8:43pm On Dec 24, 2021
That could be a boomslang . And it is venomous. Just because it's green doesn't mean it's harmless . This is the male or those brown snakes you see. Be careful

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Travel / Re: If You Have The Opportunity To Go Back To Jan 2019, What Would You Do Differentl by orbgoblin: 9:22pm On Nov 30, 2021
Put 4million on cardano.


Health / Re: How Can I Treat This Boil? (Graphic Content) by orbgoblin: 7:31pm On Nov 23, 2021

No jokes, I took it around 5pm yesterday. By 11 they don burst. Rn, e don dey dry.

Glad to know it worked . I wish you good health .
Health / Re: How Can I Treat This Boil? (Graphic Content) by orbgoblin: 7:29pm On Nov 23, 2021
Health / Re: How Can I Treat This Boil? (Graphic Content) by orbgoblin: 12:58pm On Nov 22, 2021
If you're sure the only issue is boils, use lincomycin . It should get rid of this one and others aspiring to come out .
Celebrities / Re: Video: My Life Is In Danger, They Want To Kill Me - Nigerian Actress Cries Out by orbgoblin: 1:48pm On Jul 22, 2021
Some boys from where ?
Phones / Re: I Think My Phone Has The Weirdest Problem In The Whole World by orbgoblin: 8:25pm On May 27, 2021
Change the screen .
Crime / Re: Nigerian Involved In Arms Supply To Terrorists Nabbed In Cameroon(pics) by orbgoblin: 2:59pm On May 20, 2021
They should give him an enema with that RPG.
Crime / Re: Doctor Allegedly Poisons Colleague’s Water With HIV Blood by orbgoblin: 2:16pm On May 10, 2021
most likely a quack doctor, else he would know hiv cant be transmitted through drinking water
my thought exactly . Doctor that doesn't know HIV can't be transmitted through ingestion .
Programming / Re: Is C++ Still A Relevant Programming Language Today? by orbgoblin: 10:26pm On May 07, 2021
C++ is relevant o. Many ooerating systems and big budget video games are written in C++.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Just Found Out My Dad Ain't My Biological Dad by orbgoblin: 4:12pm On May 06, 2021
Biological one might be your father , but he ain't your daddy. Be grateful to the one that adopted you as his own cos the fact that you're just finding out about it proves he did a decent job in making sure you do not feel like you weren't his .


Crime / Re: Italian Police Arrest 30 Suspected Nigerian Gang Members by orbgoblin: 9:52am On Apr 27, 2021
If they were arrested here , you'd hear they say things like Nigerian economy pushed them . I wonder if Nigerian economy still affects them there .
Science/Technology / Re: Fishermen Trap & Kill Hippopotamus In Kebbi, Samanaji Community (Photos) by orbgoblin: 1:09pm On Feb 11, 2020
Was the skin peeled?
Hippos are very vulnerable under the sun. It's why they spend most of their time in water and mainly graze at night. The reason for this color of the skin is an oily secretion that acts as a natural sunscreen to protect from drying and sun burns.

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Properties / Re: How Much Is Bricklayer Fees For Laying Bricks And Plastering 3 Bedroom House by orbgoblin: 3:59pm On Jan 05, 2020
Can someone please tell me how these bricklayers should be paid? Is it half now and half after the job is complete ?
Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley's "Opotoyi" Song Used On Grand Theft Auto 5 by orbgoblin: 10:19am On Dec 11, 2019
Femi Kuti's song was in GTA San Andreas as well.
Romance / Re: Please Help! I Always Release Within 10 Seconds During Sex by orbgoblin: 9:34am On Oct 26, 2019
Go to a pharmacy and ask for anafranil. It should take the edge off your anxiety and your perfromance will be much better
Properties / Re: The Process And Materials Required For Fencing Your Property In Nigeria by orbgoblin: 3:07pm On Jun 11, 2019
people like you are who make nairaland worth visiting. Thanks for the detailed write up.

Ensure you fence your property after purchase and getting all necessary documents to avoid trespassers.
I will be showing you how to fence your property and putting a gate on it, coupled with the necessary building materials that will be needed for your fence.
Our case study will be on a plot of land,
18m x36m(60 feetx120feet).
Below is the Processes and their cost;

1. Site clearing:
This is the cutting and removal of bushes and shrubs within the property. This is the first operation to be done when the beacons of the plot has been set by the land surveyor.
It is done in order to prepare the site for excavation and other site activities.
The cost depends on the size of the plot, the people performing it and the equipments to be used. The cost ranges from 30,000 naira
and above.
Total cost for this stage is 30,000 naira.

2. Excavation:
This is the process of digging the soil out where the foundation of the fence/building will sit on.
The cost depends on the size of the plot, the depth to be excavated, the equipment to be used and the people performing it.
We will calculate the cost of excavating a plot of land 18m x36m(60 x 120ft)
Depth of excavation =600mm= 0.6m
Width of excavation =675mm=0.675m (i.e 3x225mm(9inches block))
Length of the plot= 18m +18m +36m +36m= 108metres
If we are fixing gate , we will deduct 3.6m (12feet)for gate
Length of plot =108m -3.6m = 104.4m
Quantity of materials to be excavated = 104.4mx0.6m x0.675m = 43cubic metres
The rate of excavation ranges from 750naira per cubic metres to 900naira per cubic metres.
Cost of Excavation = 43cubic metres x 750 =
Total cost of Excavating a plot of land 18 x36m is
32,250naira only.

3. Blinding:
Blinding is a layer of sand , granite and cement throughly mixed to provide concrete, it is placed on the ground after the excavation to provide a level surface and a resting place for the fence/foundation to sit on.
We are going to calculate the materials needed for blinding like the cement, sand and granite.
Often times concrete are mostly 1:2:4 ratio, when you see such specification, it simply means one bag of cement to four headpans of sand and eight headpans of granite.
Note that the first number represent a bag of cement which is equivalent to two headpans, hence the sand is taken as four headpans and the granite represented by 4 in the ratio is taken as eight headpans.
Going by this knowledge it is easy for us to do a calculation of materials needed for blinding a plot of land 18m x36m(60 x120ft).
To do this calculation add the sum of the ratio 1+2+4= 7.
The total length of the plot is 104.4m
Normal thickness for blinding ranges from 50mm(0.05m)-100mm(0.1m)on level ground but may vary on a sloppy land, the width of the excavation is 675mm= 0.675m
Therefore total volume of concrete required for blinding = 104.4m x0.1m x0.675m = 7.1 cubic metres
Now divide 7.1cubic metres by the sum ratio which is 7, 7.1/7= 1.01
Taking a constant, the volume of a bag of cement is 0.035 cubic metres ,
Divide 1.01/ 0.035 = 29bags of cement is needed for blinding a plot of land.
One bag of cement is 2,700 naira,
Cost of cement is 2,700 naira x 29 = 78,300 naira.
For the sand required multiply 1.01 by 2 to know the volume since the ratio is 1:2:4
Therefore volume of sand required is = 1.01x2 = 2.02 cubic metres.
If we take the volume of a tipper as 3.8cubic metres then 2.02/3.8 = 1/2trip of 5tonnes tipper of sand, if one trip of sharp sand cost 15,000 naira then 1/2trip is 7,500 naira.
For the granite use the same ratio of 1bag of cement to 4 headpans of sand to 8headpans of granite.
Granite required is , multiply 1.01 by 4 = 4.04 cubic metres , to know the volume since it is in the ratio of 1:2:4
Volume of granite required = 4.04 / 3.8 = 1.07
That is one and half trips(11/2) of granite of 5tonnes tipper.
If one trip of 5tonnes of granite cost 30,000 naira then one and half trips will cost 45,000naira.
The labour cost for blinding varies but majorly it is 800naira per bag of cement and we have 29bags of cement , labour cost is =800 x29= 23,200 naira.
Total cost for blinding is 78,300+ 7,500 + 45,000 + 23,200 = 154,000 naira only.

4. Block Laying:
Laying of blocks is the next thing to do after you must have finish placing the concrete (blinding).
Most house owners ask this question, how many blocks do I need to get my fence/building completed?
We will be calculating the number of blocks that we are going to use to fence our plot
18 x36m(60 x120ft).
Let us have these in mind;
i) The length of a block is 0.45m or 450mm or 18inches
ii) The width of thickness varies - 150mm or 6inches and 225mm or 9inches which are commonly used.
iii) Taking for a general or average purpose the blocks laid from foundation of a fence to the top is 12coaches/courses(2coaches will be buried while 10coaches will be visible)
Now with these parameters, let's calculate the number of blocks needed for a 18 x36m plot of land.
Recall our total length to be 104.4metres
Divide the total length by 0.45m(length of a block) to know the numbers of blocks needed for one coach/level/course of block.
104.4m/0.45m = 232 blocks
Therefore 232blocks is needed for one coach/level/course.
Remember we have 12coaches of blocks for a fence , then multiply the number of blocks for each coach above by 12 = 232 x12 =2784blocks.
We will also need some blocks for the columns(pillars) , the spacing for the columns will be at 2700mm=2.7metres
We will divide the total length (104.4m)by the column spacing (2.7m)to get the number of columns
104.4/2.7 = 39columns
There are 39 columns in a plot of 18m x36m, each column will take 1 block x 12coaches =
12 blocks for one column
Number of blocks for 39columns is 39 x12 = 468blocks.
Total number of blocks needed to fence a plot = 2784 +468= 3,252blocks +325(10% waste )
= 3577 blocks
A block sells for an average of 200naira
Cost of blocks is 3577 blocks x 200= 715,400naira
Cement needed is 3577 blocks divided by 50
3577/50= 72 bags of cement @ 2,700 naira Per one = 194,400 naira
Cost of 72bags of cement is 194,400naira
For the sand required, 1 ton of sand will lay 120blocks, 3577blocks will need 30tonnes of sharp sand
1tonne of sharp sand is 3,000 naira
30 tonnes will cost = 90,000 naira only
Labour cost for laying a block is 60naira per block.
Cost of laying 3577blocks is 3577x60= 214,620naira
Total cost for block work =715,400 + 194,400 + 90,000 + 214,620= 1,214,420 naira.

5. Gate :
Get a gate to protect your property, cost of gate ranges from 100,000-1,000,000 naira only.
We also need to do the columns(two of them) that would hold the gate.
We need reinforcements, about 6lengths will do and they cost 3,000 each = 18,000 naira
We need 10nos of wood (1x12) and they cost 900 naira each= 9,000
We need 4bags of cement for the concrete of the columns = 2,700 x 4 = 10,800naira
Labour for reinforcements is 15,000 naira and labour for carpentry is 15,000naira
Labour for pouring the concrete is 3,000naira
Total cost for gate is 100,000 + 18,000 + 9,000 + 10,800 + 15,000 +15,000 + 3,000 = 170,800naira .

The Total cost for Fencing a standard plot of 18m x36m(60ft x120ft) is=Cost of Site clearing +Cost of Excavation + Cost of Blinding + Cost of Blocklaying + Cost of Gate and columns[pillars]
= 30,000 naira + 32,250naira + 154,000 naira +1,214,420 naira + 170,800naira
= 1,601,470naira .

The Total cost for Fencing a standard plot of land 18m x36m(60 x 120ft) on a dry land with 12coaches/courses is 1,601,470 naira only but can be reduced by reducing the number of coaches of blocks .

The Materials we just calculated for Fencing a plot is applicable on dry lands only but will differ when the plot is waterlogged, when the height of the fence is reduced, when the land is sloppy etc.

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Politics / Re: Senator Ademola Adeleke has been declared Governor of Osun State by Wikipedia. by orbgoblin: 11:20am On May 05, 2019
funny how millions base their knowledge of history and current affairs on what they read on wikipedia.
you can edit Wikipedia if you are smart enough, there is a section there where you can edit whatever people typed, but I think you will have a username and password shaa!!!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairalander Kills A Long Black Snake (Photos) by orbgoblin: 8:16am On Apr 17, 2019
very accurate comment here. they do not exist in west Africa. most times I'm always grateful that they do not belong in these parts because that is one snake you don't want to mess with. and they are known to be the only snake that chase people in an attempt to deliver their infamous multiple strikes.
Not only that, if this snake happens to be a mamba then Op would have been a dead person now(God forbid) because mamba is very fast in such a way that it can strike twice or thrice within a second.

Very dangerous snake, besides, we don't have mamba's in this part of Africa. Mamba's are mostly found in South Africa

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Crime / Re: Gunmen In Tricycle Rob Policemen Of Their Rifle At Checkpoint In Delta by orbgoblin: 2:00am On Apr 16, 2019
Those ones and their itchy trigger fingers? chances are it won't end well for the tricycle thieves if they tried it with sars. those ones will shoot a granny for trying to reach for her glasses from her purse.
Can this start happening to our sars soon please .
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairalander Kills A Long Black Snake (Photos) by orbgoblin: 1:55am On Apr 16, 2019
it's a cobra. black mambas are grey and not black. they get the name black mamba comes from the color of the inside of their mouths when they get agitated. if it's black and shiny like what you have here, then it's most likely a cobra.

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Travel / Re: Behold This Shocking Aerial View Of A 50 Lane Traffic Jam In China (photos) by orbgoblin: 5:16pm On Mar 23, 2019
looks like art.
Kinda beautiful, if you ask me.
Celebrities / Re: Timaya Flaunts His Luxury Maybach (photo) by orbgoblin: 8:00pm On Mar 16, 2019
wow such big words from a little guy. I guess u didn't notice the previous heading.
Fool tongue
Pets / Re: Wild Civets Puppies For Sale (CLOSED) by orbgoblin: 6:33pm On Mar 16, 2019
lol I know they are not racoons. I said they look more like racoons than the wild dogs you wrote on your heading before editing it. na wa o you Don run chop dem mama. did you trap it or shoot @ it?

They are not racoons, they are civets, I still have their mother in my pot of soup. grin
Pets / Re: Wild Civets Puppies For Sale (CLOSED) by orbgoblin: 5:23pm On Mar 16, 2019
Those are African Civet Cubs and not wild dogs.. They are wild animals
you too sabi, was going to say that tilll I saw your post. they even look more like racoons than wild dogs.
Celebrities / Re: Timaya Flaunts His Luxury Maybach (photo) by orbgoblin: 4:49pm On Mar 16, 2019
that's a may Bach Benz not a Bentley.
Education / Re: How To Study Free In University Of Bergen, Norway by orbgoblin: 10:52am On Mar 08, 2019
lmao you sef see am?
NOK 116 369 (N4.8m) for someone who wants free education?
Education / Re: Ice Rain In Enugu Today. (photos) by orbgoblin: 10:50am On Mar 08, 2019
it's always an interesting thing to see. Happens in ibadan every year.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Jazz I Did That Did Not Allow People Win Big Has Expired” – Nairabet Owner by orbgoblin: 4:49pm On Mar 06, 2019
the weirdest thing is the alarming number of people that don't even realize it's sarcasm.
I hail my Naija people, you guys turn sarcasm to news undecided.

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