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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Response When Asked How To Make Nigeria Productive (Video) by ossaisly(m): 9:02pm On Oct 27, 2022
shut up

You're so shameless to be supporting a dullard

Ok agreed. So who is better than him
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Emir Of Kano Again (Pictures) by ossaisly(m): 8:47pm On Oct 27, 2022

One thing obvious here is what the amateurish politician and its politically-kindergaten followers dont know.
Politics is like a game of chess. Every move any politicians made could be analysed and interpreted not only for its significancy in the general electoral race but also the projected consequencies of such moves.

For the mathematicians, computer-scienist, biologist, the statistician, philosophers and so on. When i was in school back then, there is this topic Logic reasoning. Anybody ?

When i was in my first year, or second year in one of the aforementioned discipline. I was meant to understand Logical reasoning involves testing different sets of steps - or algorithms - to determine which sequence of rules leads to the correct solution.

It was confusing at first, until one of my prof. simplified it to me. You see, Logic reasoning really in a more plainer terms involves the relationship between A and B, and the study of the consequences of their immediate interactions.

Now back to the game of chess in relation to politics, any move is interpreted by the significance or impact it will have on the wider electorate, now this moves may involve a false or possible moves.

The relationship between A(Obi and his Eye service) and B(the northerners) is non-existence, using every steps or algorithm(Taking into consideration past alliance, interactions, influence, intersection, structure and general public followership and sympathy) to want to arrive at any particular outcome(if obi really has a chance) ... Is zero, which means we are still going to arrive at Zero Outcome.

The Significance of this visit in a chess game has little to zero impact on the wider electorate (the northern voters) and the projected consequencies of such needless visit still stands at Zero(inconsequential)

Kai, i wish somebody can see what am seeing

Post Buhari regime, i argued with people that were analysing politics in this same manner that you have just done. In my argument, i told them that it is easier to understand the European politics, it is easier to analyse the USA voting pattern and the other western world. But in Nigeria, we are too diversify and magnanimous for someone to just say this is what will play out and it comes out that way. Every political analyst that is analysing the Nigerian politics is just guessing or obviously don't want to look weak to the masses and opponent.
This forthcoming election will be the toughest in the history of this country. It wouldn't have been though for APC if the new electoral act has not been signed. The only reason why APC will find this election difficult is because of the new electoral act, if not, they have more than 65% chance of winning this upcoming election. Why...... simply, RIGGING!!!
But as it stands now, no presidential candidate can sincerely say that he has the whole northern vote. It will be almost evenly divided. Kwakwanso is no push over. Shettima has the VP candidate is no push over. Atiku doesn't look strong in the north but will get some certain percentage. As for Obi, if the elder's forum is anything to go by, he will also garner some votes. So far, he is aggressively selling himself to them. He has also quenched their fears and rumours against him. He is making them to understand that they will even benefit more from him than every other tribes or region. So with all these sympathy and Datti's factor ( His elder brother being part of the elders forum), Obasanjo working tirelessly for him and Obi visiting the relevant leaders; IT WILL SHOCK YOU

But nevertheless, we still have 4 months to go, anything can still happen.
Politics / Re: Shina Peller Removes APC Flag As He Defects To Accord Party by ossaisly(m): 5:25pm On Jul 04, 2022
Take down that picture of the guy stoned to death.
He did not die. I know his house in Fagbile, isheri-osun. I know his daughter and his room.

embarassed Good decision by him, APC has failed the country.

You know it is really bad when some BMC zombies have turned to blogging and no more waiting for their stipend.

#OBIdience 2023 is unstoppable!

For the urchins currently being groomed to cause problems on the day of the election, the patriotic citizens are waiting, thankfully this one didn't die eventually.
Family / Re: Man weeps after discovering he’s not the biological father of his child. by ossaisly(m): 5:06pm On Jul 04, 2022
Just like how LGBTQ+, this is becoming a norm to you.

It is like you are m@d. Turning this rubbish to a norm can never go well with a sane person.

Not a big deal.

Any child that calls you father is your child.

It makes no difference at all !

What's the crying for ?

Family / Re: Man weeps after discovering he’s not the biological father of his child. by ossaisly(m): 5:05pm On Jul 04, 2022
Not a big deal.

Any child that calls you father is your child.

It makes no difference at all !

What's the crying for ?

Just like how LGBTQ+, this is becoming a norm to you.

It is like you are m@d. Turning this rubbish to a norm can never go well with a sane person.

Politics / Re: Meeting Of Peter Obi Support Network Abia State (pictures) by ossaisly(m): 9:24am On Jun 25, 2022
I can see that many southern Nigerians are politically naive and uninformed. I live in northern Nigeria but I am a southerner. I recently made a trip to Lagos and the Uber man that took me to the airport, of course a southerner from the east, was trying to market Obi to me. I asked a simple question if he believed Obi could win and he answered in affirmative. I later lectured him that Obi can’t even get close talkless of winning. He became sad and dejected because he was eventually convinced that winning is a mission impossible for Obi.

In Lagos, I engaged some colleagues that I though were informed because of their level of education but there is no difference between them and the Uber guy. They also believed the noise on social media. Anyway, they also surrendered to superior arguments and became disoriented.

It is people like you that i would love to engage with. You would have probably spoken to "anywhere belle face" people or you are probably a good orator that wins most argument. Or you are probably lying to us here, i doubt if you are anyway.

One fact is, as much as the majority, in my own opinion are rooting for Obi, it is normal for people to criticise or doubt. even the best president in any part of the world have enemies.

But i can assure you that it is already too late to convince people not to vote for PO, likewise it is too late for me to convince anyone not to vote for either Atiku or BAT.

My only concern is if this man eventually wins, he will out perform any president this country has ever produced.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Apologizes To Peter Obi by ossaisly(m): 12:40pm On May 29, 2022
Reno Nugget Sense grin grin grin grin


Celebrities / Re: PDP Presidential Primary Loss: Saraki Welcomed Back To Ilorin By Supporters by ossaisly(m): 12:39pm On May 29, 2022
Can he just partner with Obi, Saraki is also a smart man


Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Crowd Of Supporters Welcome Tinubu To Kano (Video) by ossaisly(m): 8:22pm On May 19, 2022
How would a sane person be happy that tinubu would become the president.
Yes i am an igbo but i won't leave fashola, and Osibanjo to vote tinubu.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Commissions Mini Stadium, Computerised Youth Centre In Ikorodu by ossaisly(m): 9:09pm On Mar 10, 2022
Best governor of the year


Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo And Ruth Kadiri Fight Over DJ Switch by ossaisly(m): 10:57am On Dec 06, 2021
But when did DJ witch spread fake news that resulted in the burning down of properties worth hundreds of billions of naira? In a sane society, DJ witch will be in prison. The laws of Zoogeria are a huge joke. That is why someone like DJ witch can make up lies, heat up the polity and caused billions in damages and still allowed to escape to Europe for a soft landing. Anyone that tries this kind of nonsense in Biafra will face a
firing squad. We will not take nonsense.

She spread fake news? So it was after her news that rioting started? See my friend, just as you stand to gaining nothing about your opinion on #endsars, I wonder what DJ switch stands to gaining to claim that there were shooting on that day. It wasn't even one hour after the shootings but during the shootings.
I know you are been sarcastic when you mentioned biafra. But I pity you sha

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Travel / Re: COVID-19: FG Relaxes Restriction On Foreign Travellers by ossaisly(m): 6:01am On Sep 13, 2021
So you are looking at 600k monthly?

Anytime you see one, I am also interested

Which legitimate viable businesses can give at least 20,000 Naira profit daily with an investment of 2m?
I mean serious businesses and I am not interested in those forex ,Agroinvestment,Ponzi or cryptocurrency.

akintundeforgrace18 @ g mail. Com

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Sports / Re: Medvedev Beats Djokovic To Win US Open by ossaisly(m): 5:02am On Sep 13, 2021

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Politics / Re: Chigozie Okafor Arrested In Delhi India For Trafficking Heroin by ossaisly(m): 4:58am On Sep 13, 2021
embarassed lipsrsealed


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Bad Experience With Palm Credit (Transsnet Financial Nigeria Limited) by ossaisly(m): 1:51pm On Jul 14, 2021
You can't do it manually? Visit their office? You have no excuse

You must think that he is cooking it up right.

Nawa for you

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Education / Re: UNILAG TRANSCRIPT (student Copy) by ossaisly(m): 9:59am On Mar 07, 2021
One good thing with this nairaland is, no matter how old a topic is, it will always be relevant coz it is relatable.

I am facing this challenge now.

Any assistance will help.
Family / Re: Pls How Do I Tell My Wife That I Want To Borrow My Ex Some Amount Of Money? by ossaisly(m): 11:18pm On Jan 30, 2021
Why didn't this make front page? I am in the same situation now. embarassed
Politics / Re: Soyinka Laments Insecurity, Says Nigeria’s Sovereignty Taken Over By Armed Group by ossaisly(m): 5:30am On Jan 11, 2021
nutty professor
Politics / Re: Atiku Begins Campaign For 2023 by ossaisly(m): 5:14am On Dec 18, 2020
this going to be a do or die affair for him because after this election, he wont run for the office again

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Politics / Re: FCT Judiciary Launches "e-Filing", Case Management System by ossaisly(m): 5:10am On Dec 18, 2020
d1ck heads
Politics / Re: Lagos Moves Against One-Way Driving, Forms Special Taskforce by ossaisly(m): 7:05am On Dec 08, 2020
gala seller? g[quote author=olaboy33 post=96836741]Illegal parking
Danfo drivers
Faulty vehicles
Gala hawkers
Narrow roads
These are the causes of unnecessary traffic in Lagos. You'll get to the front and look for what caused the traffic to no avail
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Threatens To Sanction Contractor Over Delay Of Work(video) by ossaisly(m): 8:58am On Sep 27, 2020

I want to believe that the contractor is not as educated as the governor that gave him the contract. Governor Wike is a man that we fear and respected all over the country but his recent inability to realize that delay is not denial is really surprising.

The fact that the project is being delayed is enough reason to know that it will be of higher quality and not substandard. Slow and steady win the race. Patience is the key Mr Governor.

Besides, it's just a road project and according to Martin Luther King, he said if you can't fly then walk. If the people of the communities can't walk on the present state of the road construction I humbly think they should fly instead rather than walking.

Do you know what a project management is?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: There’s Need To Take Another Look At Amended NBC Code by ossaisly(m): 6:28am On Sep 19, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Macaulay Culkin 40th Birthday: Home Alone Star Actor Is Now 40 Years Old! by ossaisly(m): 8:14am On Aug 27, 2020
See me fooling myself thinking that I am older grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: CBN Direct Banks To Take Over Collection Of Electricity Bills From Discos by ossaisly(m): 5:42am On Aug 25, 2020
ayam not understanding o. I dont see this going down well.

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Politics / Re: $500 Million Chinese Loan Already Approved, Probe Unnecessary - Reps by ossaisly(m): 5:37am On Aug 25, 2020
this govt is evil. Loan upon loan.


Science/Technology / Re: 240-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Unearthed In China, Has Giant Lizard In Belly by ossaisly(m): 10:01pm On Aug 21, 2020
the only thing i want to learn here is how is a million year known or determined?

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Politics / Re: APC Peace Panel Gets 170 Petitions, Blames COVID-19 For Delayed Sittings by ossaisly(m): 11:02am On Jun 23, 2020
Career / Re: Fake Job Offer From UK by ossaisly(m): 12:50pm On Jun 16, 2020
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin



The process for your visa and working permit are flexible and obtainable through the British high commission (embassy) in your country or country whereby you reside if you carefully follow the given instructions and provide the needed documents

The reasons for the UK International Labor Association Certificate to be obtained from this recommended agency is as written on the article no. 3 of the job employment contract papers. That means without the UK Labor Certificate from this recommended agency branch in Senegal, West Africa that we are referring you to, the invitation letter can not be granted to us for us to send to you for your coming here to resume your job with us. For your information; this labor certificate is not to be obtained online because of the condition of things being explained in article 3 of this job employment contract papers. Therefore, if you know that you can not follow the instructions kindly ignore the job. Because it is to make things easier and faster for you and us. For your information, this is a secret between us, the British immigration and the agency, we told you this because we want to give you this job and Bring you to UK to work with us because people from your country are reliable and serious-minded people so, if any of the UK labor union member get to know, there will be problem between us and them including the immigration for travelling and working permit department. Kindly contact the agency with (your full name, home address and your telephone number) via this email address below because we
have sent a recommendation letter to them by indicating your email address on the letter to them so that they can respond to your message when you contact them.

To The Director UK International Labor Association Center Dakar, Senegal

Address: 150, 151 Rue J. Gomis, Dakar, Senegal
Email: ukinterlagency@englandmail.com
Tel: +221767536336
Fax: +221759015664

You have only 3 Day maximum starting from today that you receive this message to forward this required document to us via this same email address for our review and confirmation of your document before we can proceed for your invitation letter and working documents to come over here for the job opportunity.

Foreign Affairs / Re: George Floyd Buried In Houston (Photos) by ossaisly(m): 8:31am On Jun 16, 2020
an average Norway police spends about 6-9years in the police academy.
then about 6mnths handling firearms

Enlighten us pls, how are they doing it?

No pun intended!

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Properties / Re: 19 Buildings In Banana Island Sealed By Lagos Government Over Planning Permit by ossaisly(m): 10:17am On Jun 12, 2020
When re we going to start seeing other fruits island. We are tired of only banana,we also want apple island, coconut island, pineapple view island[i][/i] grin grin grin grin grin grin etc

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